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Star Trek : The Next Generation - Shadows : Chapter One.

Picard was beginning to get irritated, he looked at Odo as if he
could somehow blame the shape shifter for this inconvenience.
The Enterprise - the most advanced ship, and indeed the
Flagship - of the Federation was stationed just above Space station DS9,
the crew had been given some long-awaited and highly deserved shore leave
and Picard was just as eager as the rest of the crew to stretch his legs
out by the famous green oceans of Bajor.
"Don't look at me like that," replied Odo,"Starfleet sent a message
that you're to wait for their Security representative, so wait you shall."
Picard sipped at his Earl Grey tea and sighed, he wondered what the
rest of the crew were doing right now.


Deanna's ass rammed against the tree and she gave a little squeal
of pleasure. The big thick cock pushed between her pussy lips, her legs
spread wide as her firm, tanned ass rubbed against the moist bark of the
"YES!" she groaned as one large, rough hand grabbed the back of her
neck, pulled her forward and pressed his lips against hers, his tongue
pushed deep down her throat. Another hand grabbed one large breast in hand
and squeezed roughly.
Worf was fucking her hard and fast, the true Klingon style, it was
almost like animal coupling. His cock was pushing in and out of her
dripping cunt faster and faster, their body's slamming together harder and
harder, faster and faster. His cock slid up and down against the upper
wall of her cunt, as he pushed hard against her the base of his cock grinded
against her pussy and clitoris, driving her crazy with desire.
"FUCK ME!" she screamed and he continued pummeling into her, he
growled like an animal and grinned ferociously, he lowered his face towards
hers and she snapped up at him with her teeth, a large grin on her face, he
pulled back in surprise, then he began to laugh.
"Are you sure you're not part Klingon?" he laughed in his deep
voice and stepped away, his cock pulled out and she mewled in
disappointment. He grabbed her by the arm and pushed her to the ground, she
felt his large hands grab her asscheeks and pull them apart, she spread her
legs in anticipation and raised up her ass, squealing in excitement as she
once more felt his thick cock pushing into her dripping pussy, spreading her
pussy lips and filling her to the hilt.
Hands grabbed her waist and suddenly he was pushing in and out of
her again. She rammed her own ass back against his heavy hips, they moved
in perfect counterpoint to each other, as he pushed forward she moved back,
so he was always ramming hard against her.
"FUCK ME! FUCK ME YOU BASTARD!" she screamed and Worf grunted in
approval, this was the way he wanted women to act, not some meek, tiny
little thing who let out little gasps or whines, but a woman who fucked
him back as hard as he fucked her.
"YES!" he cried, banging her faster and faster, ramming against her
perfectly formed ass, pushing her forward and back with each stroke, her
tits rubbing against the grass, she cried out in pleasure and suddenly she
was cumming, her hips bucked back and forth, her juices seemed to explode
out of her, sweat dripped from her body and she let out a moan
of excitement. As she collapsed down against the grass, finally fucked out
and Worf knew it was time to cum. He stopped holding back and began sliding
in and out of her faster and faster, driving her now incredibly sensitive
cunt wild with excitement, and then he was pumping cum into her as he came,
squirting semen deep into her.
He had proved his dominance over her by making her orgasm before he
did, this was extremely important for Klingon men to do, a Klingon male was
judged on how well he could fight, how well he could command others and
also how well he could fuck.
He collapsed next to her and let a little smile run across his
lips, Deanna pushed herself up onto one elbow and ran her fingers down his
large, well built chest.
"Do you ever think about...I don't know...getting back together?"
Worf sighed, then pulled himself up onto his elbows,"We've been
through this Deanna, you wanted to change me, suppress my Klingon side, and
I couldn't do it."
Deanna lowered her eyes, it was true, she had tried to subdue Worf's
Klingon nature, make him more like the cultured and refined Betazoid men,
and he had hated her for it. Not long after the Enterprise D was destroyed,
he had been transferred to DS9, where he had met and fallen in love with
Jadzir Dax. And yet, every time they met up she struggled to rekindle the
friendship they had once had, and every time they ended up fucking in that
hard Klingon style that had once frightened her.
"This had to end," said Worf to her,"We can't go on sleeping
together whenever you show up at the Station, I'm marrying Dax soon, and I
won't betray her any more than I already have."
"We were good together," started Deanna, he raised an arm and
stopped her.
"We were, but now we can barely be cordial to each other, and
whenever we try to sit down and talk, we end up screwing each others brains
Deanna nodded, standing up she began to pull her uniform back up,
she smiled at him.
"You have to admit Worf, for a last fuck, it was pretty damn
He just stared at her for a few seconds, then he began to laugh, a
deep, good natured laugh.
"It was," he finally said, his laughter dying down,"It certainly


Picard stared at the small cube in mixed wonder and more than a
little fear.
"How is this possible?" he said quietly, breaking several minutes
of silence.
Officer Maria Valdez smiled a little and said,"The story would fill
an epic, but the watered down version is this."
"Me and my security team tracked down a former agent of the
Obsidian Order that was selling items on the side to the highest bidder, we
threatened to expose him to his higher officers and he agreed to tell us
what he had done with the cube, we tracked down a Lithian who had sold it
to a Romulan, who had in turn lost it in a gambling game to a Ferengi on
this station."
"Quark?" said Odo, raising his eyebrows.
Maria looked a little irritated at being interrupted, but nodded.
"I thought you looked familiar," the shape shifter grunted,"You
were that trader from Earth with all that Latinum to spend, I thought your
story was false."
Maria seemed a little surprised that Odo remembered her from several
months ago, traders were coming through DS9 all the time, how could he
possibly know everyone?
"Anyway," she continued,"Quark led us to a Gardazian who tried to
swindle it out of us while we were on a shuttle trader making the Hawkins
Run, but we managed to capture him and the Cube. And now you see it before
Picard sat back and placed his finger against his chin, he closed
his eyes for a second and then said the one question Valdez hadn't expected.
"Why did you bring it to me?"
She opened her mouth wide for a second, then thinking better of
herself she replied,"Well, you did have a hand in creating him....."
Again he interrupted her with an unexpected statement,"Mr Data was
far more responsible than I," he said,"If Data hadn't asked the computer to
create a gaming opponent capable of challenging his intellect Moriaty would
have remained a figment of Arthur Conan Doyle's imagination."
Valdez smiled slightly, then began her specially prepared speech,
as she started Odo seemed to zone out, although she suspected he was taking
in everything.
And Picard listened to her begin to speak, and by the end of the
first sentence they both already knew he wouldn't like what she had to


Riker felt strong hands grip him under his armpits, as he was
lifted into the air his training took over and he kicked back, smashing
his unknown assailant in the knee, he heard a grunt and the hands released
As he fell he tucked his head down and rolled, springing to his
feet he whirled to find himself facing a seven foot tall Gunderwoman.
She grinned happily at him, crouching into a fighting stance she
began circling him, he returned the move, completely unsure of what was
going on. Then she leaped, her huge leg muscles propelling her through the
air, Riker tried to leap away but one hand the size of a human head grabbed
an ankle and swung him around so he dangled upside down.
The Gunder are a Nomadic people whose constant travel through space
had strange affects on their physiology, at seven feet tall and four feet
across at the shoulders, this Gunderwoman would be considered delicate.
As he dropped to the ground he heard laughter from the assembled
crowd of the Promenade, he wondered why nobody had called for Security.
Once more her was lifted into the air, face to face with the
Gunderwoman he stared into her large, moon shaped face, she pulled him
close, opened her mouth, letting out fetid breath, and then she.....
He tried not to gag as he felt her thick tongue pressing down his
throat, she made a deep growling noise that was the equivalent of a moan
of pleasure and then she was pulling away.
"TOMMY!" she laughed and suddenly he was dropped to the ground
He finally understood, this Gunder had mistaken him for his
doppelganger, the sometimes Maquis rebel Thomas Riker.
"You've made a mistake," he said, getting to his feet and brushing
his lip with his sleeve,"I'm Will Riker, I'm Tom's.....'brother'"
The Gunder frowned, her mind trying to comprehend this, then she
smiled widely.
"Tommy play game with Alanna!"
- Alanna? Oh God, what has he gotten me in to? - thought Will to
himself, he smiled back and replied.
"No, 'Tommy' is my 'brother', My name is Will Riker, I'm a Starfleet
Alanna frowned again, thinking things through wasn't a strong point
of the Gunders, in fact many of them couldn't even speak. Finally she
nodded solemnly and placed her large palm against his chest.
"You twin?"
"Something like that," responded Will, he wished all
these spectators would go away.
She smiled,"Too bad, Alanna have a lot of fun with Tom, you want
to have fun with Alanna?"
"Maybe some other time," he responded and she laughed.
"Brother not know what he miss out on, human hasn't had sex till
he had sex with Gunderwomen!"
As she turned and walked away, her huge asscheeks grinding against
each other in the tight fur pants she wore, a vision of having sex with her
came into his mind and he had to fight back an urge to retch.
"Commander Riker, report to Quarks Bar immediately," came Picard's
voice over the comm-badge.
"Quarks?" said Riker out loud, surprised as to the location of the
call, then he responded he was on his way and began heading down the
Promenade, while behind him people pointed and laughed.


"I was under the impression it had been destroyed in the fire at
the Leonard McCoy Research Facility in San Francisco," said Data, holding
the cube in his hand.
"That was what the thieves hoped to make us believe," said Marvek,
a high ranking Vulcan Ambassador that Officer Valdez had brought with
her,"In reality, they hoped to sell the cube for a large price, due to it's
unique nature."
"The first sentient hologrammatic character," said Geordi LaForge
in slight awe,"He fooled us all and nearly took over the Enterprise."
"It was an inspired idea to use his own plans against him," said
Marvek coolly, for some reason Picard got the impression the Vulcan didn't
like him,"Making him believe that he had been released into the real
world, when all along he was contained inside a self running, constantly
evolving hologrammatic world."
The doors to the holo-suite opened and Riker stepped in, followed
by a nervous looking Quark.
"What are you doing here?" asked Odo, who had asked himself the
same question, why was this Valdez allowing him access to so
much unnecessary information, he had a feeling he knew the answer, and it
wasn't one he liked.
"You're using my holo-suite!" muttered Quark, his eyes glancing
around at the assembled Officers, trying to discover whatever information
he could,"Without paying might I add! And I think I should...."
Valdez reached into a small bag that rested on her waist and
pulled out a handful of gold pressed latinum.
"Here," she said, tossing it to the startled Ferengi,"Get out."
Quark tried his best to look offended, then he got onto his knees,
scooped up the latinum and sped out the door.
"Very well," said Picard,"We're all assembled, it's time I told you
what Starfleet has planned for us."
The officers in the holo suite were :

Jean Luc Picard - Captain Of The Enterprise
William Riker - 1st Officer Of The Enterprise
Deanna Troi - Counsellor Of The Enterprise
Beverly Crusher - The Enterprise Ship's Doctor
Data - Scientific Officer Of The Enterprise
Geordi LaForge - Chief Engineer Of The Enterprise
Worf - Former Head Of Security Of The Enterprise, now an Officer
on DS9
Maria Valdez - Security Officer For Federation Security Special
Marvek - A High Ranking Vulcan Ambassador, here as an Advisor and
also Observer for the Vulcan Government.
Odo - Head Of Security For Space Station Deep Space Nine.

"Several years ago, Commander Data accidently created a sentient
life form on board the Enterprise D, it had been merely been a
hologrammatic sprite until then, but it soon showed us it was self-aware
and highly intelligent."
"More than highly intelligent," said Marvek smoothly, and once
more Picard thought he noted a hint of displeasure in the
Vulcan's voice,"The sprite showed it was capable of a level of intelligence
equal to or higher than Commander Data."
Picard continued,"We promised to help find a way to bring him out
of the holo-world he was trapped in, but the finest minds of Starfleet were
unable to discover how to accomplish this. Nearly a year later, Reg - one
of the Engineering staff - accidently released Moriarty and he took us
hostage, actually fooling us that he was capable of leaving the holo-rooms. Eventually we turned his own scheme against him and constructed this cube, a self running, self evolving hologrammatic world that contains Moriaty and his love, they travel around in what could be described as another Universe."
Picard looked around, most of the assembled officers already knew
this, had in fact experienced it first hand, but everyone was listening
patiently, waiting to hear what was coming next.
"We left the cube with Starfleet, who in turn gave it to the
Leonard McCoy Research Facility in San Francisco."
"When the Facility was destroyed, we assumed that the Moriaty Cube
was destroyed also. It seems we were wrong, the cube was stolen and the
fire set to cover their tracks."
"And now Starfleet wants us to check up on Moriarty," said Picard
finally,"We're to go into this hologrammatic Universe and see what's what."
"With all due respect sir," said Riker,"Why us?"
"Because Moriaty trusts you," said Valdez,"And Starfleet feels he
may be a Security risk."
Picard shook his head sadly, he still couldn't believe it.
"A security risk?" Riker exclaimed, slightly bemused,"He lives in
a false Universe, how can he be a security risk?"
"Because," replied Marvek, and now Picard thought he noted a hint
of impatience,"Over the last year Starfleet has been registering strange
energy readings, we were recently able to identify it as a sub-space
signal, it seems to be reaching right into Starfleets main database. As
one would expect, Starfleet were very nervous about this and began tracking
down the signal, we eventually tracked it to the Moriaty Cube."
"So you believe Moriaty is stockpiling information?" asked Data,"To
what end?"
"That's what we hope to discover," said Valdez,"When we go into the
Universe and find out!"


Odo stepped out of the holo-suite, Valdez was right behind him.
"Officer Valdez?" he said,"What was the point of having me in
"I value your input," she replied,"I also wanted you to make sure
that little Ferengi doesn't pry into what's happening in here, so I wanted
you to see just how important this was."
As she turned and walked back into the Holosuite, Odo bit back a
bitter laugh and returned to his Security Office.
- I can see through your lies - thought Odo to himself - Just
because I'm a member of the race that rules the Dominion they think I'm a
security risk! - he laughed out loud to himself, he already knew they were
going to follow him around the Station, see if he made any
'secret communiques' to the Dominion.
"What are you laughing about?" asked No'Kase, still in his Holding
Cell after nearly seven weeks from when he had invaded the Station (*).
The Cardassian's thought him dead (**), and he was here until Starfleet
figured out what to do with him.
"Just you," lied Odo,"I was wondering if they would put you to work
in the ore mines when they get you back, or if you'll just be executed?"
No'Kase frowned and sat back down.


Data added the final attachment and the cube was now joined to the
Computer archway, the cube's program was now available to Station computers.
"Now remember," said Valdez,"It's possible that you Officers from
the Enterprise have alternates in this Universe, as the program is designed
to protect Moriaty from realizing he is in a hologram program the computer
may have created other yous."
"In that case," said Data,"I can program the computer to allow us
to take over from our alternates, it will store them in memory until we
have finished."
"Make it so," said Picard, he stared around at the dimly growing
grid of the holo-suite and felt an unexpected wave of excitement, this was
why he had joined Starfleet, to explore the unknown, to discover strange
new worlds and new civilizations, why, to boldly go where no one had gone
Data finished the adjustments and turned to face Valdez.
"Whenever you feel like it," he said.
Valdez smiled, then turned to stared about at the assembled
"Computer, link program to Holosuite."


Worf's eyes widened as he found himself facing a Cardassian, next
to him stood Beverly and Deanna.
"No'Kase?" said Worf, a little shocked.
"Have we meet?" asked No'Kase,"I thought I knew all my clientele?"
Worf's mind instantly took in what must have happened
and replied,"No, we haven't meet, is your name No'Kase? I was just saying
to myself that I, forgotten my briefcase."
No'Kase's eyes narrowed, he didn't often meet Klingons who carried
briefcases, then his training took over and he smiled warmly.
"Now ladies and gentleman," he said,"You've read our brochure, and
if you're ready, we can get to the machines and proceed to split your
He turned and walked away, Deanna and Beverly turned to face Worf.
"Split our minds?"
Worf frowned,"Let's go along with him for now, find out what's
going on and then contact the Captain."
They hurried along after No'Kase.


Riker's finger fired the disrupter before he even knew what was
going on, his eyes widened and he suddenly found himself facing a room
full of stunned men in suits. Before him on the floor were the burnt
remains of what must have been a humanoid figure. Riker noted that he
held a disrupter set to full power.
"This is your idea of a warning!" cried one of the men in the
A figure stepped up next to Riker, a tall, well built man with
thick, coarse features.
"Consider that your final warning gentlemen," he growled, he turned
to face Riker,"Shall we beam out sir?"
"Indeed," replied Riker, keeping an impassive face, trying to
figure out what was going on.
"Beam out," muttered the man and Riker and the man beamed away,
leaving the shocked businessmen behind.


Picard opened his eyes as the loud noise of the klaxon went off,
his room flashed with flashing yellow light.
"Captain Picard to the Bridge," came a voice over the comms line,
Picard sat up and looked around, the room was unfamiliar, but several of
his possessions were there, including his collection of ships modeled on
previous Enterprise's.
He stood up and saw that he was wearing gray clothing, he wasn't
sure, but he had a feeling he wasn't going to find a Starfleet Uniform in
his wardrobe.
He walked through the doors and found himself in a narrow corridor,
revealing that this wasn't a Federation ship.
He stepped into the turbo lift and was soon heading towards the
bridge. When he stepped out he found himself facing Valdez.
"Captain," she said quietly,"We have a problem."
Picard looked up and found himself facing a large problem indeed.
On the view screen Picard could see a very large, familiar
ship - The Enterprise E.
"They're hailing us," said the helmsmen.
"On screen," replied Picard.
A face appeared on screen, the eyes of the man widened at the
sight of Picard, then he regained his composure.
"Captain Picard? This is Captain Sisko of the Federation Starship
Enterprise, I am ordering you and your Maquis ship to surrender or we
will be forced to open fire upon you!"

End Chapter One

(*) Back in Immortal Voyagers, available upon request.
(**) In the above's sequel - Logic - also available upon request.


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