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Star Trek : The Next Generation - Shadows : Chapter Two.

Marvek gripped the ladder rung, he twisted aside as a phaser
blast shot down the Jeffries Tube.
Leaping up faster than the security officer thought possible, The
Vulcan rammed one hand into the chest of the guard and knocked him back
several feet into the Jeffries Tube.
"Nice hit," said a voice behind him, he turned and found himself
facing Riker.
"Commander Riker?" he asked.
"Very funny," said Riker and suddenly Marvek noted
several differences, this Riker did not have sideburns and didn't look as
intense and serious as Commander Riker. He decided to take a gamble.
"I am sorry Thomas," he said,"My mind was wandering."
"First time I've ever heard of a Vulcan wool-gathering," laughed
Tom Riker, who apparently existed in this Universe, this supported Marvek's
theory,"And if I've told you once, I've told you a million times, call me
They heard voices coming down the Jeffries Tube, Tom motioned
quietly and he and Marvek slid down another tube.
A few seconds later several more Security Officers appeared,
crawling up the ladder and looking around.
"Sir," muttered one,"We've found Alan."
Chief Of Security Tasha Yar stared at the fallen Security Officer.
"Damn it," she growled,"I warned the Captain that they would try
something like this eventually, but no one really trusts me since Picard
went back in time to save my life!"
"We trust you sir," replied one of the Officers,"Just because
Picard went Maquis after saving you doesn't mean you're not still the best
Security Officer in Starfleet."
"Cool it Partridge," laughed Tasha,"You're already up
for promotion."
The others laughed and then they started forward, moving up the
Jeffries Tube one at a time, looking for O'Brien's spies.


O'Brien's open palm smashed into the Klingon's nose, who staggered
back a few steps, then roared in anger and swung wildly as his opponent
leaped nimbly away.
O'Brien was getting on a bit, he was no longer a young man, but he
could still fight when he had to.
Riker watched without revealing any emotion, O'Brien's loyalty had
come into question when the Klingon Korad had revealed information about
Riker's Empire was being leaked to Starfleet and the Romulans. O'Brien -
of course - had denied claims that he, as Spymaster for Riker's Empire, was
responsible and had challenged the Klingon, the response of a madman, no
human his age could stand against a young Klingon in his prime, could he?
O'Brien's fists clenched tightly and rammed onto Korad's back,
knocking him to the ground, then a foot smashed into the Klingon's belly,
making him cough up blood.
Suddenly kicks were being dealt to the Klingon's head, smashing the
thick skull, breaking his nose, smashing his teeth.
"ENOUGH!" roared Riker, standing up, O'Brien looked up at Riker and
screamed in anger.
"I DEMAND HIS LIFE!" he screamed.
"HIS LIFE AND YOURS ARE MINE TO COMMAND!" responded Riker with a
scream of anger that surpassed O'Brien's, who stood fuming for several
seconds, then dropped his head and accepted the order.
Upon beaming back up to his ship, Riker had gone to his quarters
and entered his personal logs, discovering what had happened to this false
version of himself.
Up to the point where they had released Moriaty the history of this
Universe was the same as his own, but soon after that things changed.
He and Picard had gone back in time and saved Tasha Yar after
discovering that she had not been meant to die, but that her death was a
result of meddling in the time stream by the Q. After returning with
Tasha, preserving the time stream by letting the crew think Tasha had died,
they had been called before Starfleet and held on trial. Picard had become
so disgusted with the result, that saw him being supervised in his role as
Captain on the Enterprise, that he had quit Starfleet and - rumor had it
- ended up in the Maquis. Riker himself had started a business, doing
quite well for himself until he had run into a crime syndicate that had
made trouble for him. The Riker in this Universe had fought back and
eventually taken over the Syndicate, gradually losing his morals until
finally he ran not only a business empire, but a criminal empire. He had
lost his scruples remarkably fast and became like a pirate, boarding ships
and taking them over, he soon had a fleet of ships that included
transports, fighters, Maquis ships, Klingon Birds Of Prey, a couple of
Romulan Warbirds and even several Starfleet ships. Of course the Federation
was always after him, as was the Klingon Empire, the Cardassians and the
Romulans, every bounty hunter in the known Universe was after him......and
no one could find him - despite the fact he was hidden in plain sight.
Riker found the idea of what this other him was doing disgusting,
and yet he had to keep up the pretense that he was this other Riker until
he could locate Picard and the others, or at least find Moriaty.
He stepped down and walked up to O'Brien, gripping him by the
shoulders and smiling. O'Brien smiled back and then suddenly he was on the
floor, Riker's punch catching him completely by surprise.
"Remember who pays you," growled Riker, he turned and faced the
assembled crowd, all who worked for him in one capacity or other,"Get back
to work or I'll send the Black Guard for you!" The Black Guard were his
secret police, and they knew everything that happened. The idea sickened
Riker, he considered them to be a new form of the Gestapo, but he reminded
himself that everyone he meet in this Universe was just a sprite created by
the program.
"Meet me in my private Office in five minutes," he said to O'Brien
as he got up, everyone had cleared out of the courtyard,"I want to talk
about this information leak," he turned and saw Kincaid, his personal
bodyguard, crouching over Korad, with whom he had started a friendship.
"Get him to my infirmary," said Riker, Kincaid nodded and moved
to grab a stretcher,"Have McCoy look at him," he yelled and Kincaid turned
and grinned his thanks at his employer, McCoy was Rikers personal physician
and one of the best Doctors in the Alpha Quadrant, despite the fact he was
nearly 145 years old.
O'Brien was getting back up when Riker heard footsteps, he turned
and looked around, he saw Kira staring at him, she smiled warmly.
"Make that half an hour," laughed Riker, O'Brien grinned and nodded.


- Their were some benefits to being a mad dictator - thought Riker
to himself as Kira's mouth slid up and down his shaft.
"Ahhhh!" he moaned as the beautiful Bajoran woman sucked on his
dick,"Suck it!"
Riker had quite a large dick, nine inches long and quite thick, but
Kira took it all in without gagging in the slightest, her mouth sliding up
and down on his member, it pushed down her throat, stretching her mouth to
the fullest. Her fingers reached under her chin and began tickling his
balls, his entire cock jerked in her mouth and her eyes shone merrily, his
hands slid down and grabbed her head, his hips began pushing up and down as
he facefucked her. She moaned in pleasure, running her crotch up and down
his thigh, her pussy juices running down his leg as she continued to suck
on his dick, running her mouth up and down, her free hand gripped the base
of his shaft and squeezed as she went to work around the head of his dick.
He couldn't believe he was holding on, one had was tickling his
nuts, the other gripped his dick and ran up and down while her tongue slid
expertly around the head of his cock, his hands drifted down, he no longer
needed to face fuck her, she was doing fine by herself. He raised his legs
slightly and her eyes sparkled as it pushed harder into her dripping
"I want your cunt," he whispered, speaking in the way he suspected
that this hologram Riker would.
He moaned slightly as her mouth released his cock, her hand slid up
his length, sending a jerk through his body, she tickled his balls one last
time and then she was raising her hips up, moving towards his erect member.
She rested her ass just above his cock, he eyed her large, firm
breasts greedily and she giggled - he loved her voice, he loved her laugh
and he began to wonder if maybe he might pursue a career with the real Kira
when he got back, he had always found her attractive, and he thought that
she found him attractive too.
She spread her thighs wide, lowering down she grabbed his cock in
her hand once more and guided it as she pushed down onto him.
He moaned as he felt her cuntlips spread around his cock, as he
pushed into her his head fell back and he cried out in pleasure, her cunt
was so TIGHT!
He groaned in excitement as he felt his member slide into her hot,
depths, her cunt was tight and the walls of her pussy pressed against his
dick, as she bounced up and down on top of him, her large breasts bouncing
his hands reached up and gripped them, squeezing them, feeling their
firmness, running his fingers over her erect nipples, then he couldn't keep
his upperbody raised any longer and he dropped his arms back down, resting
on his elbows. She was grinding her cunt against the base of his member
now, feeling his pubic hair against her, he filled her completely, as she
bounced up and down she could feel him sawing in and out of her, one of her
fingers reached down and began rubbing her clit, the little love button was
erect, her juices against it, she pressed down to the base of his cock and
then began pushing her ass back and forth, his cock slid across her walls,
she pressed down, her tits pushing against his chest and rubbing her nipples
across his, she lowered her mouth to his and kissed him, her tongue darting
into his mouth.
He gripped her hips in his hands as she ground her pussy against
the base of his cock, Riker found he had to fight to keep from cumming, her
cunt was so hot, so wet, so tight, she began pushing up and down again, his
cock sliding in and out of her pussy.
"You're so big!" moaned Kira and Riker nearly came as he heard
those words from her lips. He began pushing his hips up and down, pressing
his cock into her pussy, pushing in and out of her velvety depths he knew
he could hold on no longer.
"YES!" screamed Riker and bucked his hips one last time, then his
cum was shooting deeply into Kira's cunt, as he did so, Kira's head shot
back and she gave out an animalistic cry of pleasure, her cunt tightened
against his cock even more as he shot into her.
"YES! YES! YES!" cried Kira, her tits bouncing up and down as she
and her lover came at the same time.
As she pulled of him, his quickly softening cock pulling loose and
he lay back on the ground.
"That was great," she said, pulling a robe around her beautiful,
naked body.
Riker smiled as he hopped up, he pulled his pants on and grabbed a
white shirt, it was nice not to have to wear those tight Starfleet Uniforms
for a change.
As he left his room and made his way to speak to O'Brien, Kira
shook her head and laughed.
"Ever wonder why I always seem to cum at the same time as you,
moron?" she said with a laugh, she slid her hand down between her legs and
grabbed her crotch. Then she made her way to her private quarters, where
one of the serving girls would be waiting for her.


"Captain Sisko," said Picard,"I don't want a fight any more than
you do...."
"Good, so you surrender?" said Sisko quickly.
Picard frowned,"Captain, we're not doing anyone any harm here,
we're just heading....."
"Back to the nearest Starbase with us, I understand."
"You have an unfortunate tendency to always finish my sentences
Captain," said Picard.
"That's because I know what you should be saying and doing, even
if you don't," replied Sisko.
"I can't just surrender," said Picard,"I may be Captain of this
ship, but I can't command the crew to surrender."
"Of course," replied Sisko with a smile,"I understand totally, you
have two minutes."
Before Picard could respond the communication was broken off.
"Dammit," growled Picard,"What are our options."
"The Enterprise is bigger, more powerful, faster," said the
Helmsman,"We're more maneuverable."
"Doesn't mean much," said Valdez,"The Enterprise can send out a
tractor beam large enough to cover this entire area."
"We're not surrendering," said Picard, he knew it didn't matter if
this ship was destroyed, it was nothing but a sprite, but he didn't want to
take the chance that Moriaty might be on board.
"We have no options," replied the Helmsman.
"Well actually," said Picard with a slight grin,"We have one."


Tom Riker hit the wall hard and crashed to the ground.
"Come on big shot!" laughed Tasha Yar,"At least your 'brother'
could fight!"
Tom cried out in anger and leaped forward, Tasha grabbed his wrist,
twisted it roughly and drove him to his knees.
"Pathetic, you're an insignificant little worm," she said,"You make
Her eyes widened and she gasped in pain, she started to turn and
then collapsed to the ground.
Marvek released her shoulder and turned to face Tom.
"You told me you could handle her," said Marvek impassively.
"I assumed I could," replied Tom, gasping for air, he looked around
the empty corridor,"We better get under cover before another Security guy
shows up."
"Agreed," replied Marvek, he looked down at Tasha,"We need to get
rid of her."
Tom grinned happily,"I know just what to do."
"She has insulted your manhood," said Marvek,"I know what you're
"You disapprove."
"It's illogical, but I care neither one way or the other, as Chief
of Security she is the most formidable opponent on this ship, she needs to
be kept out of the picture."
"You finish up the mission," said Tom, dragging Tasha towards a
doorway,"I'll take care of Ms. Yar here."
He stepped into the room, leaving Marvek behind.
"I do not know what 'your' mission is," said Marvek,"Nor do I care,
my only priority is to complete 'my' mission."
He looked down at the hand that had performed the nerve grip, his
eyebrows raised slightly as if he was surprised, then he made his way to a
turbo lift and commanded it to take him to cargo bay 3.


Sisko sat back in his chair and sipped at some coffee, he grinned
as his helmsman told him that the Maquis ship was powering up.
"He's going to try the Picard Manouver," he chuckled
lightly,"Prepare the tractor beam."
The Picard Manouver was a technique created by Picard on his first
command, the ship was powered up to warp nine but traveled only a short
distance, this created an illusion of the ship in it's original position,
meaning that the actual ship could fire upon the attacking ship without
being seen. The only problem was that a few years ago Commander Data had
created an effective countermove which Sisko planned to use now.
"Powering to Warp Nine," said the Helmsman,"Should we lock on
"Yes, we better create the illusion that we're fooled."
"Phasers locked."
"Warp Engines are online," said the helmsman,"They're preparing to
"Is the tractor beam ready?"
"Yes sir."
"Prepare to engage on my mark."
Sisko knew this had to be timed just right, for just a second the
Maquis ship would flicker, that would be the sign. He watched carefully,
and then the ship flicked.
"NOW!" he roared and the tractor beam came online.
"YES!" yelled Sisko, then his eyes widened as no more than 1,000
kilometres away from it's original position the Maquis ship reappeared,
then sped of at Warp Nine.
"WHERE'S HE GOING!" roared Sisko.
"Heading straight for the Badlands!" yelled the Helmsman.
"Set course, follow at maximum warp!" cried Sisko, he cursed his
luck as he realized that Picard had outsmarted him, instead of attacking
the ship he had retreated, but he had made it look like he was going to
"We outsmarted ourselves," growled Sisko,"He used the Picard
Manouver, but he used it to retreat!"
As the Enterprise gave pursuit after the Maquis ship, Sisko had to
admit that he felt a grudging admiration for Picard.


Data's eyes opened.
The old man in front of him stepped back in shock.
"Hello," said Data.
The old man's mouth opened and closed.
"I believe the correct response is hello," said Data, he closed
his eyes again,"I am sorry, for a second I didn't realize who you were, has
damage been done to my positronic matrix?"
The old man stepped over to the intercom and smacked the button.
"Will, get down here as fast as you can, he's awake," he
snapped,"You hear me."
"I'm coming," replied a voice that Data recognized as Riker.
"Thank goodness," he said, and then Doctor Leonard
'Bones' McCoy - the oldest living human being ever - collapsed to the
ground in a dead faint.


Picard looked at the specs, he frowned.
"They'll catch us in an hour, within half an hour they'll be able
to cripple us with phaser blasts."
"We're lucky to have gotten this far," said Valdez,"I can't believe
we got away."
"We used initiative, don't forget that we're fighting computer
sprites here, not the real Sisko, not the real Enterprise."
"Don't forget that this ship is a sprite too," said Valdez,"And in
this Universe the Enterprise is still the most advanced ship in the
"We have to get away," muttered Picard,"We were lucky, we used the
computers own trick against it, by now the A.I would have adjusted and will
be twice as hard to beat."
"You're supposed to be the Federations best Captain,"
said Valdez,"Time to prove you're better than any computer."
"As I recall, Captain Kirk had a similar problem," said Picard
with a frown,"The trouble this time is, that the computer has created
Sprites that don't know they're not alive," he looked at her and said,"Have
you considered the fact that you had an alternate in this Universe."
"I have," she said,"We expected to see alternates of your crew, but
why did I have one?"
"We'll sort it out later, right now I have to figure out how to
beat the computer."


Tom laughed out loud as he stared at Tasha's naked body.
"You're a little tied up at the moment!" laughed Riker
to himself.
She was in the shower, her hands were stretched up over her head,
tied together with the rope extended up to the shower faucet where it had
been tied up.
She was still unconscious, but Tom had seen enough Vulcan Nerve
grips to know that by now she had drifted from unconsciousness to a light
He moved over to the sink and grabbed a bar of soap, running the
faucet over it until the surface of the bar was slick, then he turned the
faucet off and stepped into the shower. He stared at Tasha's fantastic ass
and grinned happily, he loved sex, for several years he had been deserted
on a planet by himself with not even a holodeck for sexual company (*), and
he found his thoughts turning to sex often, when he had been involved in
the Maquis he had fucked every woman on board, unfortunately he didn't tell
any of them he was only interested in sex and not a relationship, and when
they had discovered that he had fucked all of them, his career as a Maquis
Officer quickly ended.
And then his 'brother' had offered him a lifeline, making him one
of O'Brien's spies, letting him have all the pussy he wanted.
"I got me a high sex drive," he whispered, more to himself than
to Tasha - who was still unconscious,"I got to fuck, and you need a
Why says that a few years stranded on a deserted planet all by
yourself, surviving on replicated food, makes you just a little insane?


O'Brien saw everything, he knew everything that was important,
anything he didn't know wasn't worth knowing.
Except for Data.
O'Brien had served on the Enterprise with Data for several years,
he had fought beside him and sat in a couple of games of pokers with him,
but he had never understood the android.
O'Brien's wife and child were killed in a bungled takeover attempt
of DS9 by the Cardassians, the Federation had apologized to him and told
him they could do nothing and he had quickly become disillusioned.
When Riker offered him a job he took it, and soon proved his worth
as Spymaster, but then Data had come to work for Riker and O'Brien couldn't
figure out why. Data claimed that his just because he had no emotions
didn't mean he couldn't see they way the Federation did things was wrong,
but it just didn't feel right to him, so he organized a little 'accident'.
He hadn't thought that Data would ever wake up again.
Riker stood inside the room with McCoy, chatting animatedly away to
the android while the elderly Doctor ran diagnostic checks, O'Brien stood
outside, trying to hide his fear. He wasn't the one who was leaking
information to Starfleet, but he was the one that caused the
electro-feedback that shut down Data's positronic matrix and if Data was as
smart as everyone said, he would know it.
McCoy stepped out of the sickbay room and grinned at O'Brien.
"Okay young man, you need a physical?" the old physician cackled at
some kind of private joke and start looking over his tricorder readings.
"I haven't been called young man in a long time," said O'Brien with
a little grin,"How is Data?"
"Fine, fine," said McCoy,"It's amazing, but his positronic matrix
seems to have completely repaired itself, he's not making connections he
should - for example, he didn't recognize me for a few seconds - but
considering how damaged the thing was after that accident," O'Brien could
swear he saw a glint of something - knowledge? understanding - in the old
man's eyes,"It's an incredible breakthrough."
O'Brien looked through the window with a blank face, watching as
Riker hunched down close to Data as if listening to something important,
he frowned slightly and did all he could do - wait.


Tom ran the soap down Tasha's back, following the line of her spine
he slid it between her firm, lightly tanned buttocks.
She moaned slightly as his hands slid between her thighs and cupped
her hot mound, gliding his finger over her cunt lips and pressing it softly
against her clit. He reached around and ran the wet soap under one small,
firm breast, he ran it up and along the underside, pushing it against one
nipple, causing it to grow erect. He felt her juices beginning to flow,
her cuntlips growing moist and he slid a finger into her, pushing into
her, running a fingernail across the upper wall of her vaginal passage.
"Uhhhmmmm.....ooohhh," gasped Tasha, she lifted her legs slightly
until she was supporting herself, taking the weight of her arms, she spread
her legs slightly and pushed her ass back against his finger, pressing his
finger even further up her dripping pussy.
Tom grinned happily and began rubbing the soap into her breasts,
the erect nipples being crushed against the bar as it pushed against her
firm tits.
He slid another finger in under the first and soon he was sliding
them in and out of her hot pussy, which was quickly becoming wetter and
wetter as he masturbated the lightly slumbering woman. His own cock was
getting harder and harder, he longed to rub himself against her ass, lubing
himself up against her soapy asscheeks and then shoving into her hot cunt.
He rubbed the soap down her waist and soon the bar was rubbing
against her erect clitoris as he slid yet another finger into her pussy,
sliding the fingers into her snatch.
Tasha was constantly moaning now as he masturbated her, her eyes
remained closed but now her head was thrown back and her mouth was open as
she gave vent to her feelings.
"Ahhh.....Ahhh.....yes! Yes! YES!" she screamed and suddenly she
was cumming, her hips ramming back against his fingers, her cunt tightening
around them.

End of Chapter Two.

(*) - Early in his career, Willian Thomas Riker was transported off
of a facility that had become to dangerous to stay on, his signature
pattern began to fade and the Transport Officer locked on with a second
beam, unknowingly he created an alternate Riker who was left on the station
when the second beam was canceled, he was later rescued by the Enterprise
and discovered that even though he was also Will Riker, the Universe had
changed and gone on without him, he became Thomas Riker and ended up in the
Maquis. (confusing ain't it!)


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