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Star Trek : The Next Generation - Shadows : Chapter Three.

Tom couldn't take it any longer, he dropped the soap to the ground
and grabbed his cock in one soapy hand. His fingers slid out of her
dripping pussy and wrapped around her waist, pulling her backwards so
that she was bent over more, she was forced to spread her legs to keep from
falling and before she knew it he was guiding his cock into her tight cunt.
Tasha's eyes had come open but they were glazed over with sexual
pleasure, and she didn't even bother to look around to see who was fucking
her. It had been a long time and all she knew was that she had woken up to
an orgasm and now a big, thick cock was pushing into her hot little snatch.
Tom grabbed her waist with both hands and began pumping in and out,
his cock pistoning into her faster and faster, spreading her cuntlips and
filling her completely as he sliced in and out of her pussy.
"FUCK ME!" she moaned and he happily complied, slapping his thighs
against her firm ass.
THWAP! THWAP! THWAP, the sound of his body smacking against hers
was driving him crazy, this bitch had smacked him around like he was
nothing, but now he was the end all and be all of her existence, the only
thing on her mind was him fucking her.
"YES!" he groaned as he continued pumping in and out of the hot
blonde, her sweating body slamming back against him, she could feel the
warmness of an oncoming orgasm filling her body as she prepared to cum a
second time.
"THIS IS FUCKING INCREDIBLE!" he roared, his hands reached up and
gripped her breasts, the thumb and forefingers of each hand rubbing a
nipple between them.
"YES!" she cried out as she came again, her cunt clamping down on
his dick as juices poured out of her snatch.
Tom's eyes rolled back in his head and he let out a moan of extreme
pleasure as her cunt finally became too much for his cock to handle and he
began pumping sperm into her.
His hands grabbed her breasts firmly and he fell forward, resting
his head against her back. The added weight forced Tasha to fall forward
slightly, but before her knees could hit the floor of the shower, the rope
pulled tight and her arms were jerked up - his cock pulled free of her hot
pussy - she gave out a cry of pain.
"What?" she cried as she finally realized her arms were tied to the
"Oh I'm sorry," laughed Tom and her head jerked around as far as it
could, her mouth widened.
"What a pretty mouth," laughed Riker, grabbing his now flaccid cock
in one hand,"A pity, I should have used it as well as fucking your cunt!"
"You bastard!" she cried, realizing fully for the first time just
what he had done to her.
"Such language," laughed Riker,"Why are you wasting your anger on
an 'insignificant little worm' like myself?" he laughed again and slid out
of the shower as she tried to kick at him. Before she could react he
reached forward and turned the faucet, causing water to splash down over
"My companion has finished the mission by now, and I'm done here,
As she sat spluttering out the water running over her body and
trying to figure out how she was going to explain this one to Captain
Sisko, Tom Riker pulled his clothes back on and stepped out into the


Picard couldn't help but laugh, he hadn't been able to figure out
a way to beat the Enterprise to the Badlands, and now it didn't matter.
"Incredible," laughed Valdez,"How do you think it happened?"
"Remember we're not the only ones in the program," chuckled
Picard,"We just got a little help!"
As they continued at maximum warp towards the Badlands, the
viewscreen showed the dwindling image of the Enterprise, drifting in space
with the power shut down.


Marvek's purpose in shutting down power to the Enterprise was not
to save Picard, but to further his own mission. He had been ready to take
out the Engineering Crew to do so, but he had come across the Chief
Engineer and instantly changed his plans.
Catching Geordi as he stepped out into the corridor, he had taken
advantage of the situation and told him that Picard was the one being
chased down, and the Chief Engineer had happily agreed to help him. After
all, this was only a computer program.
Marvek had quickly made his way down to the cargo bay and prepared
a shuttlecraft, a few seconds later the power had just shut down.
"Excellent work Mr LaForge," said Marvek to himself, and then he
did something extremely strange for a Vulcan.
As the shuttlecraft pulled out of the cargo bay, the Enterprise's
sensors now blind, Marvek laughed.


"Remarkable," said Data,"You're a dictator."
"Exactly," said Riker with a smile,"Any idea how I can get out of
Data stifled a laugh, then looked around and said.
"Do I have an emotion chip in this Universe?" asked Data.
Riker looked over the specs by the bed, he shook his head.
"Damn," muttered Data, his head clicked to the side
slightly,"Deactivated, ah well, what will be, will be."
Riker crouched down next to him and whispered in his ear,"Okay,
you're not going to believe this, but the Captain is an outlaw, member of
the Maquis."
Data thought about it for a second, then replied,"Possible, I
suppose, given the right circumstances, what I don't understand is why I
joined your dictatorship, also, I believe the Computer is blocking access
to certain parts of my positronic matrix."
"Makes sense, your brain was overloaded by a
bio-electric feedback," said Riker, looking down at McCoy's case notes,"It
was supposed to have been an accident, but my alternate's journals indicate
he believes O'Brien did it."
"Chief O'Brien?" asked Data, Riker nodded.
"He's my Spymaster, runs a vast information network, apparently his
wife was killed when the Cardassian's tried to retake DS9," he looked behind
him and saw O'Brien staring through the window at him, next to him McCoy
was laughing at something,"What concerns me is the way this Universe is
run, it's like we stepped through the Looking Glass, everything here is a
distorted reflection of the real Universe, people we know are here, and
they're a lot like the people we know, but different."
"I have a theory," said Data,"It would explain a lot, after all,
the way that people are acting here is possible...."
"Given the right circumstances?" finished Riker.
Data hopped out of the bed and almost collapsed.
"Oh dear," he said, gripping the bed,"I forgot how to walk for a
Riker frowned,"These problems are getting annoying, the computer
has effectively crippled you."
"Not crippled, my reflexes have simply been dulled considerably,"
Data walked towards a computer bank, stiffly at first, then normally.
Riker turned to look back at O'Brien, but the Spymaster was gone,
he sighed with relief and looked back as Data entered the Mainframe.
"What are you doing?"
"Finding Moriaty," replied Data,"It won't be easy, despite being
the focus of the computer program, to the sprites he's just one more person
in a Universe of uncountable figures."
Data began typing in information, slowly at first, then faster and
"Ahhh," said Data,"I've....."


"....found him," Picard muttered, finally finding what he was
looking for in the Database.
Valdez looked around, she didn't see anyone watching but she could
still feel eyes on her back.
"Would you stop doing that?" he whispered,"It's making me nervous."
"Where is he?" she whispered.
"Right now? He's on DS9."
"Ha," laughed Valdez,"So are we!"
Picard shook his head at this poor attempt at a joke, they were
still on DS9, but inside a holosuite that gave them access to
the self-contained Universe where Moriaty lived,"He's apparently a trader,
but their are several Security flags attached to his files, if your security
code hadn't of worked we would have caused several alarms when we accessed
the file."
"Why is that?" murmured Valdez,"I mean, my security code shouldn't
work here, I'm a member of the Maquis in this Universe, according to my
file I never even made it through the Academy."
"I'm more interested in your having an alternate here," muttered
Picard,"It makes no sense, and look at this," he typed in a name and
another face appeared on the screen.
"Marvek!" she cried,"And he's allegedly part of Riker's Empire."
"Now what's Marvek doing with an alternate here, he wasn't even a
part of Starfleet when the Cube was created, he only became an Official
Advisor a couple of years ago."
"You have a theory don't you?" said Valdez,"What is it?"
"I want to find Data first," said Picard,"But I can't find any
information about him, after Riker and I left Starfleet he just disappeared
one day."
"I say we make our way to DS9," said Valdez,"After all, if the Data
in this Universe is dead or destroyed, our Data will just pop up in a
holosuite on this DS9, like we originally planned."
"Agreed," said Picard,"I just wonder why Moriaty is Security
Flagged by Starfleet if he's just a trader."
"Well he is unique," said Valdez,"He's supposed to be a
hologrammatic lifeform that can exist in the real world, I suppose they
might want to keep tabs on him."
Picard shook his head, unconvinced, then he stood up.
"We need to get on a shuttle, make our way to DS9 and find Moriaty,
see if he is a Security Risk to OUR Universe."
They walked out of the room, careful to make sure that they left no
sign they had used the Maquis' communications console to hack the Starfleet
Mainframe without permission.
After a few minutes a figure stepped out from behind a screen, he
stared around to make sure he was unseen, then accessed the Database and
found out what Picard had been looking for.
"Interesting," said Tuvok - Vulcan and a so-called member of the
Maquis - calmly, then he prepared to make his report to his Starfleet


Worf realized he was holding some kind of electronic notepad, he
lifted it and looked at it, on it the words 'Games Room - A Pleasure Centre
For Your Pleasure Centres' was written.
"A brochure," he muttered, ignoring No'Kase's speech about various
interesting features of the corridors they were walking through.
Beverly took the pad of him and accessed the files, finding the one
marked 'Jekyll and Hyde - Mind Splitting.'
"Listen to this," she whispered to Deanna and Worf,"Have you ever
seen those hilarious cartoons from 20th Century Earth where the characters
are advised by an Angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other? Of
course you have, ever wondered what it would be like to meet your own
Angel and devil? Well of course you have...."
"This thing makes a lot of assumptions," muttered Deanna.
Beverly suppressed a giggle and continued,"...with the latest
technology available, our computers can run a brief psyche test on you
and then create hologrammatic manifestations of your 'good' side and your
'bad' side, and the best thing is, you can experience what they experience
"How is that possible?" asked Worf.
"This is a computer program, remember?" said Beverly,"It really
doesn't work, but the computer can basically make anything up and to the
sprites in this Universe it will work, but I doubt it'll have any effect
on us."
"Then I see no harm in trying," said Worf,"We'll hop in, it'll
fail, we'll demand our money back and then we can go about locating
No'Kase had come to a door at the end of the corridor, he turned
and beamed proudly at the trio as they stepped up behind him.
"This is it," he said,"Our most popular attraction, I don't have
to tell you there's a 8 month waiting list, and this baby can take up to
a hundred people at a time!"
Deanna gave a charming grin, despite the fact that in the Real
Universe this Cardassian was a killer who had tried to restart a war with
Bajor (*) and just the sight of him usually made her sick due to her
empathic abilities,"I can't wait, let's go."
No'Kase stepped in front of the door and a small panel opened, he
put his eye in front of it and a brief whirring noise could be heard, then
the door opened.
"Believe me, we have our customers best interests at heart!" laughed
No'Kase,"If you'll follow me."
They stepped through the door and were unable to do anything but
gasp as they beheld the machine.
It was huge, stretching back for hundreds of meters, there were
small pods sitting in it at regular intervals, and inside they could see
naked humanoids.
"Beautiful isn't it," said No'Kase with a grin,"97 of the luckiest
people you'll ever meet are in there right now, and the three of you are
about to make it 100."
It wasn't beautiful, it reminded Beverly of nothing more than the
interior of a Borg ship, but she bit back her distaste and gave a smile.
"Follow me," said No'Kase with a grin and began walking down
towards the end of the room, after a quick glance around, they followed.
Reaching the end of the room they found themselves facing three empty pods,
all on the same time, just beyond them the machine came to an end, and on
each side of the room was a door, one black and the other white,"If you'll
just strip down," said No'Kase evenly,"We can begin."
"Strip?" said Worf, his eyes widening.
"Yes," replied No'Kase,"You signed the contract, and I know you
read it, you took half an hour, besides.....I didn't think it was a
Deanna sensed confusion coming from No'Kase, she wasn't sure why
a hologrammatic sprite should be giving of emotions, but decided it was
probably just the computer feeding her info to make this seem more real.
"It's no problem," said Deanna,"My boyfriend just doesn't like
stripping in front of other men!"
Worf's eyes widened even further, No'Kase gave a little chuckle
and nodded,"I understand, and may I say you're very understanding," he
said, looking at Beverly. The Doctor seemed confused, but smiled back.
"I shall turn my back," said No'Kase,"When you're done, just hop
up those stairs in front of a pod, they'll open up and you just have to
step in, they'll do the rest."
As the Cardassian turned around, the three Starfleet Officers
shrugged, then turned away from each other and began changing.
Worf couldn't help himself, as he pulled his clothes off he turned
his head slightly and found himself staring at Beverly and Deanna's
respective asses as they stripped down. Deanna's he had seen before of
course, but he was surprised at Beverly's, the Doctor had a fantastic ass,
small and firm, the globes of each asscheek a milky white color. He felt
an erection rising and quickly pulled of his pants, folding them over he
saw a small plastic box marked 'Worf' sitting by a pod, he bundled them in
and jumped up the stairs, stepping into the pod.
Beverly turned in time to see Worf's muscular ass as he ran up the
stairs, as he hopped into the pod she could swear that he was erect, but
the milky color of the pod only allowed her to see he was naked, not any
details. She bundled her clothes into the square marked Beverly Crusher
and walked up the stairs, stepping into the pod she caught sight of Deanna
moving towards her square and her heart missed a beat as her eyes crawled
over the Betazoid's beautiful body, then the Empath was up her stairs and
into her pod.
As Deanna stepped into her pod and a visor lowered over her face,
ready to gauge her reactions for the psyche evaluation, something was
nagging at her, something she had missed.
If only she had paid more attention when she was piling her clothes
into the square, she would have realized just why No'Kase had acted the
way he did when she called Worf her boyfriend.
On her square were written the words : Deanna Crusher.


Riker was looking over all the prospective ships he could use
to get to DS9 when the bell outside his door rang. He absently looked
up and saw it was a member of the Black Guard, he had a struggling woman
in his hands.
"Come," he said with a sigh and the door opened, the Black Guard
Agent stepping through the door and pulling the woman with him.
"SIR!" cried he cried, making Riker wince,"I've found your leak,
"Very good," muttered Riker,"How?"
"SIR! We have been monitoring comms channels and discovered that
this woman was attempting to send a message to Starfleet, SIR!"
"Know our secrets do we?" said Riker,"Have you told them our
location?" the location of Riker's base was the best kept secret of his
Dictatorship, it was the reason no one had been able to locate him despite
joint efforts by Starfleet, The Klingon Empire, Cardassia and the Romulans.
The woman glared sullenly at him and said nothing, Riker stood up
and approached the woman, she kept glaring...but not at him, instead she
glared at the desk.
"Um.....sir?" said the Black Guard uneasily,"Keep back sir, she may
attack you."
"I doubt that," said Riker,"I know a scam when I see one."
"I don't understand..." started the Guard, and then he was ducking
for cover as Riker's arm swung around towards him, he let go of the woman's
arm, but she remained in the same position.
"Hologram!" growled Riker as the false Agent rolled away and came
back to his feet.
"Dammit!" growled the imposter and pulled his helmet
away, revealing himself as an unshaven blonde man, he pulled his phaser
out and pointed it at Riker,"Don't move," he yelled,"My name is Tom Paris,
I'm been paid a lot of money to give you to the Romulans."
Riker's mind was whirling, this guy was a Bounty Hunter, but he
was also Tom Paris, one of the missing!. Everybody knew the story, about
the Federations new, breakthrough ship Voyager, and how it had disappeared
in the Badlands, never to return. Tom Paris had been helmsman on Voyager,
but he was alive here in this Universe!.
Riker thought all of that in a few seconds, then he responded in
the least expected of ways, he got down on his knees and began to beg.


One second ago Beverly had been in the pod, going through a
tedious psyche evaluation, now she found herself standing naked in front
of an exact - also naked - duplicate of herself, she stared in shock at
her double, then turned and saw the Cardassian No'Kase staring
appreciatively at her firm body, he jerked his head up and smiled at her.
"Why, this female appears to be most unsettlingly similar to
myself," she said.
"Of course," laughed No'Kase,"The duplicator splits the subject
into two forms, one all the good and noble parts, the other the un-noble,
evil side of the personality."
"So," said Beverly,"That is why my mind seems clear, my thought
processes faster and...."
"And why," laughed Beverly's double,"Why I feel so incredibly
horny, oooh shit I have got to get laid!"
"The process lasts an hour, use it while you can," said No'Kase,
turning his back on them both,"Once used, the body can not withstand the
process again until it had recovered for at least seven weeks," he grinned
at her,"Of course, with an 8 month waiting list, you shouldn't have any
Beverly turned and looked upon the door of black, she sniffed
"I smell pussy and cock," she growled, she rushed towards the
door, pulled it open and rushed inside.
The other Beverly looked at the door of white.
"Perhaps I can write my ideas down," she thought to herself,"I'm
sure there'll be some form of writing instrument in there."
She found herself wondering just how the impossible technology
could have worked on her, then she dismissed that negative thought and
approached the door, having forgotten completely that she was the last of
her companions to go through the process, and that her noble counterparts
would be waiting there for her, or that their angry, lust driven companions
would be waiting behind the black door.


Beverly stepped through the black door and stared in wonder at the
massive orgy going on. All around her men and women, women and women,
women and toys, men and women and women were going at it, fucking each
other with desperate abandon. She heard a groan of pleasure in a familiar
voice and looked to her left, Deanna was lying on a table, her legs dangling
over the side, while Worf gripped her waist and was pounding into her with
his huge cock.
"Oooh shit yeah!" growled Beverly in wanton lust, her eyes crawling
over Worf's muscular body, then moving down to Deanna's large breasts, which
were bouncing up and down as Worf fucked her hard. Her eyes continued up
to Deanna's beautiful face, glistening with sweat, her mouth wide open as
she let out gasps of pleasure.
"I got to get it!" moaned Beverly, her hand by now shoved between
her thighs, working three fingers in an out of her pussy while her other
hand had reached behind and was sliding one finger in and out of her
asshole. She pulled her hands free and rushed to the table, swinging her
legs over, she plastered her pussy against Deanna's face, the Betazed
squealing with delight and instantly slipping her tongue in between the
Doctor's tight cuntlips.
Worf nearly blew his load right there and then when he saw Beverly
lower her pussy over Deanna's face, watching one woman suck another was
incredible, and Deanna was obviously enjoying it, as soon as Beverly had
dropped her pussy onto the Betazed's face he had felt Deanna's cunt tighten
around his cock, which was throbbing angrily as he continued pumping in and
out of Deanna, almost as if it was going to explode. He let out a roar of
sexual pleasure, then continued watching Beverly's wriggling ass, and just
below it, Deanna's bouncing tits. Beverly let out a gasp of shock as she
felt a hugely muscled arm wrap around her waist and pull her up onto her
hands and knees. Behind her she heard Worf's deep voice saying.
"Your turn now!"
She felt a hot wave of pleasure rush through her body as he
continued holding her around the waist, his free hand gripped his huge cock
in hand and glided it into her hot, tight little pussy.
"Like Worf said," laughed Deanna, bereft of a cock for now,"It's
your turn now!" and so saying she slid forward until her pussy
was underneath Beverly's face. The hot Doctor hesitated only a second,
and then she was plunging in, muff-diving as the expression goes.
As Beverly's tongue slid in and out of Deanna's tight cunt, she
could feel Worf's balls slapping against her erect clit, he was filling
her completely with his big dick and also tickling her clit, she couldn't
believe how incredible it felt.
Beverly had sucked another woman's pussy before, but it had never
been like this before, it was as if all she was fuckmeat.
"..un-noble, evil sides of the personality," she remembered No'Kase
saying, was it possible? Was she simply all the pent up lust and desire
inside the real Beverly's mind? - if so - she thought with a giggle - I'm
gonna be at this a long time! -
Beverly cried out as she felt yet another wave of intense pleasure
rock through her body, she threw her head back and let out a cry of
ecstasy, then she buried her face back in Deanna's sex and continued to
lick up and down the Counsellor's dripping pussy.
Worf was moaning constantly as he plunged his thick member in and
out of Doctor Crusher's soaking cunt, his huge cock filled her completely
and made her absolutely airtight around his dick. He gripped her waist and
began pumping in and out of her faster and faster, getting even more turned
on by the second by the image of Beverly's face buried in Deanna's pussy
while the Betazed beauty felt up her own large breasts.
Deanna cried out in pleasure as Doctor Crusher's tongue squirmed
in and out of her clasping cuntlips. Her thumb and forefingers rubbed her
nipples between themselves, as Beverly ate her out she arched her back and
cried in pleasure as she felt an orgasm race through her body, her upper
body jackknifed and flopped like a fish out of water as her orgasm drove
her crazy with even more desire.
"Oh, yesss! Lick it Beverly," Deanna cried out, her hands releasing
her breasts and clutching Beverly's head,"Suck me off! Suck me out! Suck me
dry!!!! YEEESSSSSS!!!!!!"
She spread her legs even wider, her large tits bouncing up and down
uncontrollably now that they were freed from the confines of her own hands,
she humped her ass up and down as she tried to drive Beverly's tongue even
deeper into her snatch.
"FUCK HER WORF!" she screamed,"Make the bitch cum so she'll eat me
out even more!"
As Deanna spoke a shadow came over her face, looking up she saw a
man - a stranger she hadn't meet - straddling her face, a large cock
resting inches from her face.
"Suck this," the man said with a grin, Deanna couldn't see his face
very well, but his features looked aquiline, and he seemed to exude a
totally unshakeable confidence.
Deanna hesitated a second, then her new lustful nature took over
and she stretched her mouth open as wide as she could, then wrapped her
lips around the strangers prick and began sucking him in.
"Uhhhhaaa!" laughed the stranger, and Deanna noted a strange
accent, possibly Russian, maybe even German,"Suck my big fat prick, you
bitch," he groaned,"What a fucking mouth!"
Worf looked up and nearly came from the sight, before him he could
see Beverly's ass as he fucked her doggystyle, Beverly's head buried in
Deanna's lap while Deanna sucked off a complete stranger. He growled low
and deep in his throat and gripped Beverly's asscheeks in his hands,
squeezing them together as hard as he could without hurting her he increased
the pressure on his cock and began banging even her harder than before.
Deanna sucked on the big cock in her mouth as well as she could,
trying not to choke as it pushed against the back of her throat, she could
no longer see it, but it seemed that Worf had picked up the pace, Beverly's
mouth was pushing against her cunt harder and faster now and Worf was making
that low growling noise he always made before cumming. As the four of
them fucked and sucked as fast as they could, they all felt the pressure
building within them, knowing they couldn't last much longer.
Beverly went first, her entire body seemed to go rigid for a
second, then she was screaming with pleasure into Deanna's pussy, her
tongue making little flicking motions against Deanna's clit, which in turn
drove the Betazed crazy - especially since she was picking up on the other
three's lustful emotions as well as her own! - and she came again, her
lips tightening around the strangers cock in her mouth as her juices flowed
into Beverly's mouth and onto the table, forming a small puddle around her
perfect asscheeks.
Beverly's tightening cunt had forced Worf over the edge, he made
a couple of more humping motions into her tight little pussy and then he
was shooting cum deep into her, finding an incredible ecstasy in the
As Deanna finally settled down from her orgasm she felt the cock
in her mouth jerk slightly and then suddenly cum was pumping down her
throat, she fought to gag it back but the stranger was gripping the back
of her head and making small, humping motions, face fucking her as he
came. He groaned in pleasure finally and pulled his now softening cock
out of her lovely mouth and rolling off of the table.
The three Starfleet Officers followed his example, resting on the
ground and panting heavily, trying to catch their breath after that hard
"That was fun," gasped the stranger,"Pity our time is nearly up,"
he slid a finger between Deanna's legs, causing the Betazed to groan in
pleasure as one long finger slid into her pussy,"Or at least yours is."
"I thought we got an hour," grunted Worf, as he said it he noticed
that Beverly and Deanna were fading, he looked down at his hands and saw
that he too was fading away, he looked up at the stranger. He had aquiline
features and graying hair shot through with black pulled back into her
small ponytail, Worf was a little shaken by total confidence that the man
seemed to exude. She sensed that this man was not simply a personification
of un-noble and lustful desires, he was something more.
"Who are you?"
"What is it with you humanoids and names...." laughed the stranger
as Worf faded from view.

End Of Chapter Three.

(*) - In DS9 - Immortal Voyagers, available upon request (This
message brought to you by Shameless Plugs International.)


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