Star Trek - The Next Generation: Tasha (FF)
by Ann Douglas ([email protected])

The following is a work of erotic fiction and includes scenes of
consenting adults engaged in sexual activities. It includes
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by Ann Douglas

The following story takes place between the first two next
generations episodes, Encounter At Farpoint and the Naked Now.

"Timmy, m'lad, this is your lucky day." Thought Ensign Timothy
O'Rourke as the dark haired woman entered the turbolift.
Trying not to be too obvious, the young man ran his dark blue
eyes up and down what he considered the best set of tits and
ass on the starship.
Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi, Ship's Counselor of the
U.S.S.Enterprise was indeed a sight to behold. 5'9", the
Betazoid had a voluptuous figure that filled out her outfit in
a most pleasing image. She wore a short skirted blue Star
Fleet Uniform and her shoulder length black hair was held
back by a headband.
"How I'd like to spend a few fun hours with this little
lass." The 6'3" Irishman said to himself as he considered how
best to start a conversation with her. That she outranked him
didn't really matter to the handsome Ensign. Back on his last
assignment on Starbase 42, he'd had a truly incredible one
niter with a full Commander. Not that he could even remember
the woman's name right now. Jane- something or other he
recalled. Then again he seemed to remember someone calling her
Kate. But it really didn't matter, that was then, this was
now. And what was important now was how best to convince this
beautiful woman that she should share his bed tonight.
Ensign O'Rourke opened his mouth and was about to utter what
he considered his best pickup lines, at least it had worked on
that redheaded Lieutenant in Ship's Stores last week, when the
doors of the turbolift slid open and another woman entered.
Nothing could've put a damper on
O'Rourke's amorous plans more than the sudden appearance of
the grim faced Lieutenant who served as Chief of Security.
Standing 5'9" and wearing a gold and black jumpsuit, Tasha Yar
was the stuff of the Ensign's worst nightmares. Wearing her
blonde hair cut short in a short, almost boyish style, the
Lieutenant had a no-nonsense reputation for discipline in the
ranks. If it wasn't for the small swell of her breasts
through the form fitting bodysuit, Ensign O'Rourke might've
taken her for a man at first glance. Down in engineering he'd
heard a few jokes about how Yar must be a dynamo in bed
because she was such a hard nosed bitch all the other times.
Personally, O'Rourke thought she'd be a bitch in bed too, not
that he'd ever want to be the one to find out.
"Deck Nine, Security!" The thin woman barked out to the
turbolift's audio sensor.
"Lieutenant." Deanna greeted the Security Chief with a smile
in a nod.
"Counselor." Tasha countered, her face showing only the
barest trace of a smile.
O'Rourke suddenly felt very uncomfortable in the presence of
the two bridge officers and let out a small sign of relief
when the doors opened and he was able to rush out between
"I don't know if you noticed," Tasha said with a much larger
smile on her face. "But that Ensign had a major erection. I'm
amazed he could run with it in such an awkward position."
"I didn't need to see it." Deanna laughed. "I could feel his
eagerness from way over here."
"Well maybe you should've taken him up on it." Tasha
"He's not exactly what I'm in the mood for right now." the
Counselor retorted as she tossed back her hair.
"Oh really?" Tasha asked. "Well, maybe I know something that
might interest

The turbolift came to a sudden stop, catching Deanna off
guard. In a sudden motion, Tasha sprinted across the lift and
pressed Deanna against the wall. Before the Counselor could
say a word, Yar's lips were pressed hard against her own. When
she opened her mouth to finally speak, Troi had her words cut
off by the intrusion of Tasha's tongue. The blonde's left hand
cupped Deanna's breast, rubbing her thumb over the large
nipple that pressed against the blue material.
A soft cry finally escaped the Betazoid's lips, but it was a
cry of pleasure, not of anger. As Deanna returned the kiss
with the caress of her own tongue, Tasha slid her free hand
down and under the pinned woman's skirt. To her delight,
Deanna wasn't wearing panties, allowing easy access to her
womanhood. To her surprise, the Commander was also incredibly
"What's this?" She said in surprise. "Don't tell me you
really had the hots for that Ensign?"
"Of course not..." Deanna gasped.
A gasp was the best she could do as Tasha had slid two
fingers within her and was furiously rubbing against her clit.
Already it was sending tiny sparks throughout her body.
"Well it certainly wasn't from me.." Tasha said in a
slightly hostile voice as she pushed a third finger up into
Troi. "I just got here."
The violent motion of Tasha's hand within her and the
pressure of the hand pressing into her breasts began to excite
Deanna more and more. She could feel the intoxicating
combination of anger and lust emanating from Tasha. It had
come as a great shock to her when they had begun their affair
six weeks before when she found that she really enjoyed
Tasha's rough sexplay. Their attraction was purely sexual.
They could be friends but love would never enter into the
picture. Right now it was enough that they both filled a need
the other had.
"I know why you're so wet!" Tasha
exclaimed as she put a fourth finger into play. "You just came
from sickbay, and you've had the hots for our lady doctor
since she came aboard two weeks ago."
Deanna merely moaned in response. It was true. From the
moment she had beamed aboard, Deanna had formed a crush on
Beverly Crusher.
"I don't think the good doctor is really into girls though."
Tasha laughed as she brought Deanna to the edge of climax.
"And even if she were, I don't think she'd be into games like
Pulling the top of Deanna's uniform down, Tasha exposed the
Betazoid's perfectly formed breast. With a ravenous hunger,
her mouth closed around the wide aureole and she bit down
hard. The sudden jolt was enough to send Troi over the edge.
A loud cry filled the lift as her juices covered Tasha's hand.
Slumping against the wall, her left breast hanging loose,
Deanna felt drained. Yet at the same time, she felt
wonderful. The raw sexual energy that Tasha radiated was like
a narcotic to an empath like herself. And the best thing was
that she knew the lithe blonde woman wasn't done yet.
Bringing her juice covered fingers up to Deanna's mouth,
Tasha smiled as the Betazoid took each sticky finger into her
mouth and licked them clean one by one. It was a small act of
submission but one which turned Tasha on immensely.
"That's my baby." Tasha purred. "You can fantasize about
Doctor Beverly all you want, as long as you remember that your
ass belongs to Tasha."



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