This story contains non-concentual sex.You don`t like it? Go away.

By Doorknob

Tasha`s Homeworld (MMMM/F STTNG NC)

Tasha always liked the sea.She liked going to the port whenever she wanted
to think.Being far away from home,that was one of things she missed the
most.Before she left her homeworld,she rarely dared to venture to the port
alone because it was too dangerous a place for a lonly girl be.But now she
a teenage girl no more but a proud officer.Her uniform would be warning for
anyone foolish enough to try to hurt her. "And if that was`nt enough..." she
smiled to herself as her hand reached down to feel the cold metal of the
phasor.She inhaled the rich, clean air of the bay,clearing her mind.The pink
waves of the sea danced their never ending dance under the green sky.She
was home.
The harbour was deserted today since almost everyone went to the capital Heg
to participate in the ceremony of Na`ar.She smiled grimly.The years on the
Enterprise turned her into a non-believer.When did it start?She did`nt
know.But one thing was certain:she was..
The sound of footsteps on the gravel immidiatly cut off her thoughts,bringing
her back to the present,cursing herself for getting carried away daydreaming.

Five big men dressed in sailor's garb aproached her,leering at her with
wild, drunken eyes.

"The little girl wasn't watching her step," chortled a short sailor
with a hoop earring in his left ear.
"What's say we help the girlie out?"

They circled her slowly.They have raped before of course,but never an armed
galactic officer.Rape was a planet`s Kumarg most infamous tradition,its
dark roots planted firmly in the now-illgal religion of Ska`at.Women of all
ages where raped almost on a weekly basis and no governor ever succesded in
eliminating the sickening tradition from the planet`s society.So far Tashsa
managed to avoid abuse but memories of rape started floating in her mind.One
memory was the strongest.When she was a child she witnessed a female
enforcer gangraped while attempting to arrest shop robbers.She rememeberd
her fierce struggle.The enforcer fought and shouted as her uniform was torn
away from her.Finaly she was positioned on all fours and was raped by all
of them without anybody daring to call the enforcers, fearing to anger the
mighty Ska`at.Skaat or not,she would kill any last one of them if she had to.
She drew the phasor quickly and aimed it at one of them.Her thumb sent the
selector from `Stun` to `Kill`.
"The first one to move gets it" she said firmly,circling around slowly.
"You`ll never have time to shoot twice,whore." came the reply from behind
"That`s right" she agreed "But who wants to die?You?Maybe you?" she pointed
the phasor at a hairy guy,then at his fat companion.They backed off quickly.
Her chest rose and sank quickly,but her mind was focused and her hand steady.
She was trained by the best killing experts in the galaxy and she knew that
even unarmed she was lethal to them.
The silent,dreadful dance continued.
They were hunting now,and she was their prey.And even though that cow
grew horns,well,that did`nt make her any less juicy.Hell,it made her even
She became one with her phasor,seeing nothing but the faces of her would be
predators,only an inch above her muzzle,as she slowly turned around,aquiring
targets as she was tought hunderds of times before.But this time was
differnet.She was`nt fighting ordinary assailants.She was also fighting dark
memories and sinister tradition,trying to push them back to into her
subconciousness.But she found it harder to do with each passing second.The
images of the enforcer,on her knees,waving her blonde mane desperatly,her
breasts swaying wildly,were pushing their way up to her conciousness,
threatening to disrupt her concentration.
Suddenly she heard a gasp from behind and turned quickly,her phasor almost
slicing the air.The fat sailor caught the full blast of the phasor,and was
dead before he hit the ground.
They all paused,shock and disbelief all over their faces.
"Shit.He`s dead" said the tall sailor,after examining the body.
THAT never happened to them before.NO ONE has ever died while raping!That
made no sense.Anger was starting to fill their faces.
They started circling her again.This time closing the circle slowly with
each passing second.
Then,with a mighty growl the hairy sailor lept at her,sending his huge fist.
She turned to him swiftly,but not swiftly enough,as his left fist cought her
in the belly,sending the air out of her lungs and the phasor out of her hand.
The tall sailor grabbed her left arm and the short one grabbed her right.
They stood her upright as she fought to breathe again.The hairy sailor stood
in front of her panting and smiling with lust.He rubbed his huge hand
against his croch and looked at her,leering.
"Well,galactic whore,welcome to Kumarg" he said,unfastening his belt...

Tashsa`s heart beat madly in her chest.Dark memmories threatened to drive
her insane.
The hairy sailor unbuttoned pants and held his fat dick in his hand,staring
at her with lust and licking his thick lips.That was it.It`s going to happen
"Calm down" said a new,cool voice in her head "They are only drunk sailors.
They are only a problem you must solve." she felt herself relax.It was`nt
over yet.
The hairy guy aproached her and stood between her legs,drooling a little.He
started to decend his head,in order to sniff her croch when her knee caught
him in the chin.As he stumbled backward,bellowing with pain,her hill landed
forcfully on the tall sailor`s foot.He cried painfully and immidiatly let go
of her arm.Before the short sailor could realize what was happening,her fist
was planted in his face,knocking him to the ground.
Without hesitating further,she sprang and started running toward the harbour.
She climbed a fence,and found herself in a huge yard.Her eyes searched
franticly for cover or some improvised weapon but the yard was completely
empty.Suddenly she heard footsteps running on the other side of the fence.
A quick glance in the yard told her there was only one way out:some sort of
fire escape streched on the other side of the yard.She dashed towards it as
she heard the sailors curse and shout behind her.
She was discovered!
Upon reaching the top of the stairs,she found herself on a the warehouse
roof.A breath taking view of the harbour streched below,but she paid no
attention to it.She had no time to lose.
The mettalic clings behind her told her she was followed.She deperately
looked around for another way down,but after running desperatly along
the other three rails,she found there was only one way down:the fire escape.

She was trapped.
There was no other way down.She quickly searched the rubble-filled roof for
something she could use as a weapon,but found nothing.The sound of heavy
feet behind her told her she was`nt alone.
The tall and the short sailors were already om the roof,staring at her with
lust.Facing them,she backed off,slowly and carefully,fighting for control
over her panic stricken mind.The hairy sailor climbd last.He stared at her,
hate and passion burning in his eyes.They formed a line and started
advancing toward her slowly and carefully,bearing in mind fat Golog`s fate.
They feared her but they would`nt give up.She was trapped and she was theirs.
She kept backing off across the rubble,apearing sinister and deadly but
desperatly fighting for concentration and control over her trembling body.
She knew that if she would be able to control her mind,her body will become
a lethal fighting machine.But she just could`nt do it.The image of the raped
enforcer suddenly came vivid before her eyes again.She remebered how one of
the rapists rode her chest and,cupping her huge breasts,fucked the screaming
officer`a chest vigorously.
Suddenly,her back hit the rail.Her panic rising,she felt her knees trembling
violently and knew the sailors saw it.
They did.
And,knowing she was in no shape to fight,they stepped forward and grabbed
her body.

They tall sailor reached his hands forward and unzipped her uniform from
the chest,down her croch,and to the small of her back.Her flimsy bra and
panties were torn away quickly by the hairy sailor,and thrown over the rail.
She was now naked under her unzipped uniform.

The sailors drooled with lust as they gazed at her full, round breasts,
flat stomach, and inviting, red-bushed pussy.The shirtless, hairy-chested
sailor pressed his body against Tasha's nakedness, rubbing her tits with
his chest as he groped her shapely ass under the uniform and tongued her
mouth with his wine-soaked probe and lips.She tried to scream for help,but
the hairy sailor slapped her hard across the face.
He grabbed her slender neck, then kissed her hotly on her red lips,
exploring her throat with his coarse tongue.

"C'mon, quit hoarding the bitch!" complained the short sailor. "I
want some pussy too!"

"Don't blow your load," retorted the hairy guy before he leaned down
to suck deeply on her tits, biting her pink nipples into hardness, then
licking them wetly.

The tall sailor grabbed her by the left arm, then pulled her away
from the rail and the hairy guy.The officer was pushed onto the rubble
filled roof, then spread-eagled, with one sailor keeping her
wrists down while another spread her slim legs part and kept them firmly
The hairy-chested sailor knelt between Tasha's shapely legs, fingering
her warm pussy with his hands before he leaned down to lick her cunt with
his drooling tongue.She groaned softly as the sailor licked her snatch,
probing inside her fuckhole with his long tongue. The short sailor knelt
near her head, caressing her short hair and soft cheeks before releasing
his erect cock and rubbing it across her face.
The proud officer tried to keep her mouth away from the sailor's tool, but
he clasped both of his hands on her head on forced her to stay still so he
could place his rod against her soft, wet lips. Moaning with despair and
loathing, she could do nothing as the short sailor pushed his hard cock
into her mouth, probing deeply inside of her throat until she started
gagging. Grunting with pleasure, the short sailor began fucking the
uniformed officer's mouth, moving his member in and out of her oriface
while her lips caressed his slick meat.

The man holding her arms down began sucking on her heaving breasts,
filling his mouth with her sweet flesh, then licking up the valley between
her soft mounds. The sailor sucking Tasha's pussy buried his face in her
crotch, probing her tight honeybox until,against her will,it grew wet and
dripping with arousal.Sitting back,the hairy sailor untied his pants,
allowing his engorged cock to fall free.Rubbing it briefly against her warm
slit,the sailor inserted his pole into the prone officer`s clenching pussy,
thrusting his tool deeply into her belly.She moaned softly with the
short man's cock in her mouth, her lips fastened tightly upon his penis as
he rammed it in and out of her small throat. The sailor sucking on her
tits moved from one to another, biting her sweet nipples, then licking the
sweat glistening off of her white, smooth flesh.

The tall sailor moved forward, pushing the other men away from the
panting Tasha so he could turn her over onto her hands and knees. Taking
the hairy man's place, the tall sailor freed his own hard-on, then
squeezed her upraised ass with both hands. He slapped the officer`s
ass loudly over the uniform, enjoying her yelps of pain. Placing
his cock against her quivering labia, the tall sailor pushed into the
officer, filling her cunt with his meat pole until it pressed deeply
into her womb. Tasha groaned loudly until the short sailor returned his
cock to her mouth, making her suck deeply on his member while he caressed
and pulled her red hair. The hairy man caressed her anus with his
middle finger, then pushed into her asshole, filling her small opening with
his finger.He licked his second palm and started jerking off.The officer
moaned loudly as she was violated painfully, her breasts bobbing in time to
the men fucking her pussy and probing her mouth. The last sailor slid under
her firm stomach, licking her pale flesh, then sucking loudly on her dangling
,full breasts.She closed her eyes, sweat dripping down her drawn cheeks as
she sucked deeply on the short man's cock, wrapping her warm, red lips around
his tool until he groaned with pleasure and cummed across her face and hair.
The sailor who fucked her pussy and his jerking friend came together,spurting
hot cream across her ass and naked back.The man sucking her tits untied his
pants, then
moved his crotch so that it was under the officer`s cum-dripping mouth.
The short sailor forced her head down onto the prone man's pole,
making her lick and suck on his meat until he shot his load into her open
mouth, then making her lick the moaning man's cock clean of jism.

The four men retied their breeches, standing up to gaze coldly at the
cumm sprayed officer on the filth-encrusted ground.

"Want to take her back to the ship? She'd make a great fucktoy for
the crew," suggested the tall sailor.

"Nah. Let's sell her to a slaver. She'd bring in five hundred gold
crowns, easy," said the short man.

"Let's give her to the clerics of Naar. I like watching their blood
sacrifices," snarled the hairy sailor.

She could hear sea in the distance.



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