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Summary: Riker and Troi play disturbing games aboard the Titan.

Star Trek - The Next Generation: The Cuckold Of Titan
by LongBeachTrekStar, June 2005 ([email protected])

The lights were low in the Captain's Quarters aboard the U.S.S. Titan. The
soft coral glow of artificial illumination reflected warmly off Deanna's
skin, as she lay back naked on the disheveled sheets of her bed. She spread
her legs and raised her knees into the air. "Give it to me, you Klingon
bastard. Fuck me!"

With a rumbling snarl, Worf climbed between her legs, his aroused cock
pulsing with anticipation. To his credit, he didn't push himself all the way
into her with the first thrust, but it was still only moments before he was
buried to the hilt.

Troi half-moaned half-screamed in anguished ecstasy. She wrapped her legs
around Worf's back, wantonly bucking herself against him. The publicly demure
counselor was anything but tonight. The string of expletives spilling from
her mouth would have made an Orion slave whore blush. And with every curse
the Betazoid uttered, Worf thrust himself into her even harder.

There was a chair sitting in a darkened corner across the room. And sitting
in that chair was Captain William T. Riker of the Starship Titan. He sat
there naked, his fist stroking up and down the hardened shaft of his penis.
He sat there ... and watched the Klingon fuck his wife.

* * *

Twenty-four hours earlier, Riker and Troi sat at a small table in a corner of
the ship's Elysian Fields lounge. Their reflections were caught in a large
mirror, which was mounted above the bar and ran its entire length. Their
voices, however, did not travel at all. Their conversation was hushed but
intense, and the two of them were excited by the prospect of what they were

"Do you really think he'll go for it?" Deanna bit her lip in anticipation.

"It's no secret that he's always had a thing for you." Will smiled at his own
unintended pun. "I'm sure that as soon as I assure him there is no dishonor
involved, he'll be quite ... agreeable."

Deanna bit her lip harder and fairly squealed in excitement. She half stood
and leaned across the table, kissing Will on the cheek. "Thank you, Dear!
This is going to be such fun!"

The following afternoon, their friend and former shipmate from the Enterprise
made his first visit to the U.S.S. Titan. Commander Worf was welcomed aboard,
given a tour, wined and dined ... he usual for visiting officers. What most
visiting officers did not get, however, was a late-night invitation to the
Captain's Quarters.

Worf sat on the edge their bed, staring at the floor uncomprehendingly.
Riker stood nearby, wrapped in a dark blue silken bathrobe, while Deanna was
kneeling on the bed next to Worf. She had one arm around him reassuringly,
her tits jiggling beneath her flimsy teddy, her ass peeking out below its
too-short hem.

It was no easy task, explaining just why a husband would want someone else to
have sex with his wife -- while he watched, no less, and jacked off. Or why
the wife would be so willing -- eager even -- to play along.

Deanna did her best to convince Worf, and if her words didn't do the job,
then her body certainly did. Perhaps it was her stiff nipples, gently
brushing against his shoulder, or her gently massaging hand, working its
way deep between Worf's legs. Regardless, she finally succeeded in arousing
the Klingon's libido, if not his intellect.

Worf acquiesced, and although he was slow to get into the mood, it was not
long before Deanna had him completely naked on the bed -- the bed she and
Will shared as husband and wife. A tingle of electric excitement went through
her every time she pondered that thought.

Deanna's teddy was just a rumpled bundle of cloth around her waist. It had
already come off her shoulders, leaving her tits swaying freely. And Worf now
pushed the lower half up above her hips as he caressed Troi's ass and roughly
fingered her pussy.

Deanna reversed herself and lay beside him in a side-by-side sixty-nine,
facing her husband in the corner. Worf's massive cock swayed before her, and
with a wink at Will, she gently tongued its head before swallowing it down.

Will's own excited cock rose from between the folds of his robe. Undoing the
sash, he let the robe fall open to either side. He took his dick in one hand
and his balls in the other as he watched Deanna deep throat their Klingon

The Betazoid's long black locks tumbled about her shoulders as she bobbed her
head up and down Worf's shaft. The wet sound of her sucking drowned out the
heavy breathing of the two men in the room. Riker moaned as his slick fist
slid up and down, lubricated with the stream of pre-cum leaking from the tip.

Deanna rolled Worf onto his back and mounted him like a cowgirl climbing
onto a bronco. She let out a long, low, almost painful groan as she impaled
herself on the massive rod. Straddling Worf on her hands and knees, she
bucked up and down.

Shedding his robe completely, Will stood up and approached the two. He waved
his dick in front of Deanna, offering it to her. She gently pushed him aside.
"No, Honey. Sit down. You were just going to watch, remember?"

Tired of the subordinate position, and oblivious to the little conversation
that had just occurred, Worf pulled Deanna off of him, literally picking her
up and tossing her back onto the bed beneath him. Deanna spread her legs and
raised her knees into the air. "Give it to me, you Klingon bastard. Fuck me!"

Back in his chair, Will stroked his cock faster and faster, squeezing and
tugging his balls as he did so. His eyes glazed over as he watched Worf's
shaft disappear again and again into Deanna's pussy. Worf growled and came
hard inside her, prompting a cry from Deanna as well. At the same moment,
Will grunted and came himself, a ropey white strand of jizz shooting straight
up and raining back down on his belly. He continued jerking, milking thick
sperm from his dick, where it oozed down his shaft and over his still
clenching fist.

After being lost for a moment, Will's head cleared, and he became aware of
Deanna and Worf once again. Worf had climbed off the bed, leaving Deanna
there, mewing in blissful contentment. Riker wrapped his robe around himself
once again, as Worf quickly pulled on his uniform. There was awkward silence,
and the two avoided looking at each other.

"Thank you for a wonderful evening, Worf." Deanna raised her hand from the

Worf took her hand in his and leaned down, giving her one last kiss. He
turned to Will and nodded stiffly. "... Captain ..." Will nodded back as the
Klingon retreated out the door.

Deanna drew her knees up and spread her legs again, diddling her pussy and
toying with the Klingon spunk that oozed out. "That was fun." An ecstatic
glaze still covered her eyes. Riker didn't think she could even see him at
that moment. Then she focused on him. "Eat my pussy, Darling." Will
hesitated. "Get over here," she ordered, not quite as playfully as Will
would have preferred. "We're not done yet ... Eat me ... Eat me, and jack
off again while you do it."

Riker knelt between Troi's legs and began eating her cunt. The bitter taste
of Klingon filled his mouth.

Deanna closed her legs tightly on Will's head, holding him there, as she
mused out loud. "I wonder who we might be able to play with next."

* * *

A week later, Will, again clad in his blue silk robe, paced nervously back
and forth in the living room of his quarters. "I'm not sure this is such a
great idea."

"You were perfectly willing when we discussed it last night," answered Troi,
sitting demurely on their sofa.

Will smiled as he recalled the evening before. 'Spoiled Cadet and the Naughty
Headmistress' was one of his favorite games. "You had me at a distinct
disadvantage last night," remarked Will. He leaned over and kissed Deanna.
"You had me, quite literally, by the balls."

"Of course. You were being a very bad little Cadet," giggled Deanna. Trying
to defuse his concern, she added, "Tonight will be even more fun. You'll
see." The chime to their door sounded. Deanna looked at the clock and smiled.
"Ensigns are always so punctual." Troi bounded off the sofa, the folds of her
shear nightgown flowing behind her. She opened the front door to find an
anxious ensign.

"Oh." The crewman took half a step back. "I sorry ma'am. I was ordered to
report to the Captain here. I didn't mean to ... " He couldn't help but look
Troi up and down. " ... interrupt."

"No interruption, Dear," smiled Troi. "You're right on time." She turned
with a flourish and strutted away, giving the ensign a clear view of her ass
beneath her nearly transparent clothes.

The ensign stood and stared, mouth agape, until Riker walked up. "C'mon in,
Ensign Owens. 'Joseph,' isn't it?"

Focusing on his captain, the ensign snapped to attention, answered "Y'sir!"
and followed Riker into the room. Troi was on the sofa again, and she patted
the spot next to her where Owens was to sit. He did so nervously. "I'm sorry,
Sir," he began. "If this is a bad time ..."

"No, no," answered Riker. He hesitated, seeming to not quite know how to

Sensing her husband's timidity, Deanna spoke up. "You're here, Ensign,
because we've both been admiring you since you arrived last week. We think
you have *excellent* potential."

"Th-Thank you," the young crewman stammered. "I studied hard at the Academy,
and I'm sure that my work here-"

"Your work is fine. That's not what I'm talking about." Deanna shimmied up
closer to him, her nipples brushing against his arm. "That's not the kind of
*potential* I'm talking about. You should be proud. It's not just any crewman
who gets to do it with the Captain's wife."

Ensign Owens suddenly grew tense -- more tense than he already was, if that
was possible. He looked at Riker with wide eyes. Riker just smiled and nodded
toward his wife. Owens turned to find her lying back on the sofa.

Deanna pushed the gossamer folds of her nightgown aside, revealing her
well-trimmed pussy. She stroked it seductively. "Do I have a nice pussy?" she
asked coyly. Owens didn't know what to do. His answer was something between a
nod and a shrug. "Feel it," instructed Troi.

When he hesitated, she took his hand and placed it on top of her cunt. She
began moving his hand back and forth against it. "That's it ... Ohhhh, that
feels good." She took his first two fingers and, pointing them, pushed them
inside her. "Fuck me. Yes, fuck me Joey." She purposely used the diminutive
form of his name, as a girlfriend might, increasing her control over the
young man. "Now taste it, Joey. Eat me. Eat my pussy!"

His anxiety forgotten, if not actually gone, Owens could resist her no
longer. He leaned into her crotch and began lapping at her moist lips.
Deanna pushed down on his head. "Lick it! Bite it! Eat me, dammit!"

Owens began groaning as he fully got into his task. He turned from his
awkward seated position on the sofa to kneel on the floor before Troi.
Deanna spread her legs as wide as a gymnast and looked admiringly from
Owens, between her legs, to Riker, now seated in a chair opposite them.
His robe was open, and his cock was standing at attention.

"Look how big the Captain's dick is," said Deanna mischievously. Owens turned
from Troi to look at Riker. Once more he was yanked from a fantasy world of
pussy-eating to the reality of his commanding officer's quarters. Sensing she
was losing him, Deanna moved quickly. "Let me see how big yours is." She
began wrestling Owens out of his uniform, while he squirmed as he clumsily
tried to help her. "My, that's a nice one too!" she exclaimed as the ensign's
stiff cock sprang into view. She pounced on it like a lioness on its prey,
and the two of them fell into a sixty-nine.

At times Deanna had to bite her lip to keep from giggling, as Owens pawed
and tongued her with youthful inexperience. She skillfully backed off his
rod when she sensed him getting close. She had no doubt he could go more
than once, but she still wanted to make the evening last.

"I love sucking cock," she commented to her new young stud. "Have you ever
sucked cock, Joey?" The ensign shook his head negatively between her legs.
Deanna looked up at her husband, stroking himself. "Why don't you suck Will's
cock?" Again, she used first names to try to keep the tension at a minimum.

Riker looked at her in disbelief. This wasn't part of the plan.

Owens too was frozen in surprise. Deanna turned around, positioning herself
face-to-face with him. She spoke with syrupy sweetness, in between deep
kisses, while simultaneously grinding her pussy against his shaft. "I bet
you'd like it, Sweetie. Do it for me. After you do that, you can fuck my hot
pussy. You do want to fuck me, don't you?"

Words had long ago left Ensign Owens, but he nodded adamantly. He moved
across the floor to where Riker was seated, avoiding eye contact. Riker
remained still -- not helping, but not resisting. Owens took the hard shaft
into his mouth. Slowly at first, but with increasing tempo, he began bobbing
up and down. As he relaxed into his work, he began using his tongue as well.
He ran it up the underside and laved the large purple knob at the top. Both
men began breathing hard.

Deanna crawled on her back between Owens' legs and took the ensign's cock
back into her mouth. As she did so, Owens moaned around the thick shaft in
his mouth. The young crewman suddenly spasmed and shot his cum into Deanna's
mouth. Standing, Deanna leaned over and kissed Will, giving him an unexpected
taste of the residue still in her mouth.

Riker moaned as he began climaxing. Owens choked on the first shot, but
Deanna put her hand on the back of his head. "Swallow it! You have to swallow
it all, or you don't get to fuck me." Struggling for breath, Owens sucked it
down. Deanna scratched the back of the ensign's head. "Good boy."

Troi lay down beside Owens, drawing her knees up and pointing her pussy at
him. "Good boy," she said again. "Now slide that cock inside me. Get over
here, Ensign, and fuck the captain's wife."

Owens was beyond thinking. More than simply in an erotic haze, he could not
decipher the bizarre circumstances he found himself in and had simply given
up trying. He mounted the horny Betazoid and thrust his cock into her deeply.
Bucking against her, his balls slapping her with each downward thrust, he
also groped her tits, sucking hard on first one nipple, and then the other.

Deanna wrapped her legs around the crewman tightly, flexing her pelvis to
grip and ungrip his cock. As the ensign rutted away on top of her, Deanna
looked up at Will, who was sitting back, stroking his penis once more.
Watching him watch her was enough to give Deanna her first crashing orgasm
of the evening. Her spasms pulled Owens along with her, and the young stud
came inside her. It was his second cum inside her that night -- her mouth
earlier, and now her pussy.

Owens pulled out of Troi and rolled off to the side, exhausted. Riker
continued pulling on his cock, not yet having cum a second time. Noticing
this, Deanna took Owens' semi-flacid dick into her mouth and began sucking
again. Will watched with renewed interest.

Deanna moved from Owens' cock to his balls, sucking each one as she massaged
his ass. Licking a finger, she began rubbing her fingertip against his anus.
She felt Owens' cock jump against her cheek as she did so.

Troi pushed in gently to her first knuckle and rotated her finger. "Such a
lovely pink asshole -- don't you think so, Honey?" She looked up at her
husband. "I'll bet it's never been fucked before. Wouldn't you like to fuck
a nice tight virgin asshole?" She urged Owens up onto his hands and knees.
Kneeling beside him, she added her probing tongue to her finger, licking and
sucking his asshole, eliciting gasps and moans from the ensign.

Riker stood, and Troi beckoned him closer. As Will knelt down, Deanna took
hold of his shaft and placed its head against Owens' asshole. She even placed
her hands on Will's hips and gently pulled him forward, coaxing him to start

"Uhhh!" Owens gritted his teeth at the intrusion. Riker worked himself into
a gentle rhythm, sliding himself in and out. Deanna crawled beneath them
again. Lying in a sixty-nine, she granted Owens access to her pussy, while
she sucked his cock and balls inches from Will's thrusting dick.

Moments later, Will groaned deeply and bucked hard against Owens' ass,
shooting his seed deep inside. This was quickly followed by Owens cumming
yet again. Rather than swallow his sperm, Deanna pulled out and let it spill
across her neck and tits.

Moments later, Riker had his robe on and his back to the room, fixing a drink
at the replicator. Owens dressed quickly and began moving toward the door.
Deanna, still buck naked, Owens' cum slowly sliding down her neck, took his
arm. "Let me see you out."

A few steps from the door, she stopped him. A cold glare came over her eyes.
"Before you go, let's make one thing perfectly clear: This never happened. I
don't want to hear about it ever again. You go boasting to your friends, and
you'll be transferred to a Neutral Zone garbage scow so fast it'll make your
head spin. You report this to the I.G., and as Ship's Counselor I'll have to
have you declared unfit for duty because of your sick delusions. You'll be
put in a mental ward where that pink little asshole of yours will get a
*real* workout. Are we clear?"

The ensign nodded in abject terror.

"Good." She released his arm. "Now get out of here."

When Deanna returned, Will handed her a glass of sherry. She scooped up a
drop of jizz from her right breast and sucked it from her fingertip. Scooping
up another drop, she smeared it around the rim of her glass, like salt on a
margarita, then took a sip.

The two of them briefly discussed having Owens transferred off the ship, but
they decided he'd be less likely to talk if they kept him close. "Besides,"
commented Deanna, "if we transfer everyone I've got my eye on, there won't be
enough left to run the ship."

"You have others in mind?" asked Will, curiosity and concern mixed in his

* * *

Over the following weeks, Deanna's games continued apace. Each time, Will
expressed concern. And each time, Deanna convinced and cajoled, berated, and
belittled him until he acquiesced. He couldn't help but admit the fun he had
each time, but still, his apprehension continued to grow.

Riker was reviewing files in his Ready Room when the Comm Officer on the
Bridge contacted him. "Sir, incoming message from Admiral Picard."

Riker pushed the reply button. "Patch it through." A moment later, the
Starfleet logo on his desktop screen gave way to a view of Jean-Luc Picard,
behind his desk at Starfleet Headquarters. "Admiral. Good to see you."

"And you, Number-, I mean *Captain*." They both smiled. "I wish this was just
a friendly call, Will. But I have to discuss something important."

Riker put down the padd he'd been holding and focused his full attention on
Picard. "What is it, Sir?"

The Admiral seemed reluctant to continue. "I afraid some rather unflattering
reports have been reaching Headquarters about the Titan."

Will swallowed. "Reports?"

"Well, just rumors, really. But they're troubling. Stories of inappropriate
conduct among the crew ... Fraternization ... Orgies ..."

"Orgies?" Riker tried to laugh it off.

"I know, I know. Probably just some malcontent trying to cause trouble. But
I'm afraid we can't ignore it. I've been told to investigate."

"Investigate! Admiral ..."

"Relax, Will. I'll rendezvous with the Titan in a few days. You and I will
have dinner, I'll make a few notes, close the book on this thing, and that
will be that ... By the by, how's your lovely bride these days?"

"Fine," answered Riker through gritted teeth. "Just fine."

* * *

Later that evening, Riker returned to his quarters, determined to have a
significant talk with his "lovely bride." Stepping into their suite, however,
he found it empty. A message light was blinking on the main computer console.
Riker accessed it and read the text message.

"Darling, Meet me in the store room behind the Elysian bar mirror. I have a
sexy surprise for you. - Your Loving Wife"

"Just what I needed," thought Riker. "More antics from that crazy little
minx. I better stop her before things really get out of control." Still,
Riker felt an undeniable twitch in his crotch as he pondered what she could
possibly have in mind.

Approaching the lounge, Riker found the doors locked. Even his command
override wouldn't open them. He considered that this might all be part of
Deanna's plan. His twitch had grown into a raging hard-on, and he was now
more curious than ever.

There was a back door to the storage area, which was also locked, but this
time his code let him in. He tried to turn on the lights, but they were
disabled. The only illumination came from the "mirror" along one wall. It
was actually a one-way window, installed several months before at Deanna's
request, looking out from the storeroom, over the bar, to the lounge beyond.
"The better to study people," she had said.

Riker was behind the window now and able to look out. He saw several people
clustered around the bar, and when he stepped forward for a closer, what he
saw brought both his anger and his erection to full strength.

Deanna was completely nude and spread-eagled on the bar, with five naked
males around her. She had apparently orchestrated her own orgy behind his
back! And now she was flaunting it before him. Riker felt like grabbing one
of the many crates stacked around him and throwing it through the glass. He
was going to kill that conniving little bitch, and throttle every one of
those punk-ass ensigns ...

But first, he decided to check out the action. He pulled out his hard cock
and watched the scene.

Deanna was in the classic orgy-slut pose: She lay backwards on top of one
crewman, his cock up her ass. Another lay between her legs, fucking her cunt.
Yet another straddled her chest, thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth.
And two more stood on either side of her, fondling her tits while she stroked
a hard cock in each hand. There were still several others standing nearby,
stroking their dicks to keep them hard until their turn came.

Riker stroked himself faster and leaned over, flipping a switch to turn on
the speaker from the lounge. He couldn't be seen, and he couldn't be heard,
but now he could both see and hear what was going on. The moans and groans
of eight or ten people filtered through to him.

As Riker watched, one by one, each crewman would pull out of Deanna's mouth
or pussy and empty his load on top of her, in what was becoming quite a
bukkake scene. Each spent cock was quickly replaced with a fresh stiff one,
and none of Deanna's holes was empty for very long.

His anger forgotten, his wife's wantonness the only thing on his mind, Riker
stroked himself off and shot a large white load of cum onto the window in
front of him.

* * *

"What the hell were you thinking!?" Riker couldn't contain himself. "We'd
*already* gone too far. Reports are getting back to Headquarters. Hell,
Picard even has to come out and investigate. So you decide to fuck ten more
all at once! Like they're not all talking about it together right now --
talking, and laughing at me!"

"If they're talking," offered Deanna, "then their all probably saying what a
hot wife the Captain has. Besides, you certainly seemed to enjoy it, judging
by the size of that cum shot I found on the window. Or wasn't that yours?"

Riker sighed. "We've had our fun, Deanna. But it's got to stop."

Deanna approached Will and put her arms around him. "The fun hasn't even

* * *

Two days later, Riker and Troi stood in the shuttle bay, welcoming Admiral
Picard's ship. "Admiral," smiled Riker, extending his hand. "Welcome aboard."

"Good to see you, Will." They shook hands. Picard turned to Troi. "And you,
Counselor. As beautiful as ever." He kissed her on each cheek. As the three
exited the hangar, the Admiral put his arm around his protege. "Will, let's
get this conduct issue out of the way. We'll sit, we'll talk. Then it will
all be over, and we can relax over a nice dinner."

"Sounds good to me, Sir," answered Riker. Just then, his comm-badge chirped.
He tapped it. "Riker here."

"Sir," came a disembodied voice. "The sensor upgrades have been completed,
and we need your authorization to bring them on-line."

"Acknowledged." He tapped the badge again, closing the channel. "Dammit." He
turned to Picard. "I have to take care of this, Sir. It won't take long.
Perhaps you'd like to see the Bridge?"

"I have a better idea," said Troi. She slipped her arm around Picard's. "You
tend to business, and I'll see the Admiral to his quarters."

Riker turned to Picard. "All right with you, Sir?"

"Now, how could I refuse such a gracious invitation from such a gracious
lady?" Picard and Troi turned arm-in-arm toward the guest quarters as Riker
headed for the Bridge.

* * *

Less than an hour later, Riker wanted to catch up with his guest. He buzzed
outside the Admiral's guest quarters, and when he identified himself to the
computer, he was let in.

The main room was empty. He paused and heard some soft moans coming from the
bedroom. Stepping inside, he found his wife and the Admiral naked on the bed.
Picard was on top of Troi, fucking her. "Oh, Captain," said the Admiral,
between his huffing and puffing. "I seem to have found the source of all the

Riker could only stand and stare.

"Honey," said Deanna, peeking over Jean-Luc's shoulder. "Why don't you sit
down and watch. There's a chair over there in the corner."



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