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Star Trek - The Next Generation: Wesley, Beverly And The Beast Within
by Mersa Matruh

The Enterprise was on it's way to Starbase 374 near the border of the Beta Quadrant. Everything is running smoothly. And the Enterprise is on time to reach the starbase in 7 days.

The bridge crew is busy trying to be busy. The departments are bombarding Captain Pickard with reports of their attempts to improve efficency. The Captain seeks the relative safety of his ready room. Commmander Riker takes over and is similarly bombarded. His attention is fully occupied. Data even begins to obsess over improving the ship. He is off in the nacelles working on a new propulsion improvement. No department is immune to this mania of self improvement.

In Sickbay, Beverly has started to unpack a sample from the starbase.

"Hi Mom", beams Young Wesley.

"Young man, aren't you supposed to be studying for that important for entry exam for Starfleet Academy?"

Wesley's face begins to turn red, "What test could be more important than seeing my dear mother!"

Beverly blushed slightly. "You are learning too many things from Commander Riker. Ok, come over here and help your 'Dear mother' unpack these samples. Are you feeling alright?"

Wesley's face now flushes completely again. "Ah Mom, I'm fine. You are always fussing over me."

Beverly puts her hand on her son's forehead. "You don't seem to have a fever." As she withdraws her hand from his forehead, she feels a small twinge, a muscle cramp in her hand. "Ou....damn!" She looks at her hand and sees nothing out of the ordinary. Grabbing a medical tricorder, she checks her hand. "Hmm, nothing seems wrong here. I must be doing too much painting. Hmph. giving the painting a rest will help."

As she looks at her hand again, Wesley looks in the sample case. Beverly begins to blush. She checked her own forehead.

"What's wrong Mom? You look awefully red in the face. You mad at me?"

Beverly shakes her head and blushes even more. "I don't know what's come over me. I feel so hot."

Wesley takes his mother's hand and places it in her crotch. Beverly begins to masturbate furiously. Stopping for a moment, "Wesley could do something for your 'Dear Mother'?"

"Sure Mom, what do you need?"

"You Wes....", she hisses.

Beverly drops in front of Wesley and pulls down his uniform pants. Wesley's cock pops out of it's hiding place in his pants. As Beverly begins to work it, the cock begins to grow in size. Beverly says, "What a wonderfully large cock you have!" And then chants, "Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me!"

She stops working his cock and turns around to a doggy position. "Fuck me now Wes! Plow that massive cock into my hot wet pussy!"

Indeed Wesley's cock has grown from it's small 4 and a half inch size to a huge 8". While Beverly worked it, the cock began growing on it's own. His cock forms a handle 10" long. Wes checks it before he sticks it in his mother's waiting and wet pussy. The girth of his cock is now 3" in diameter.

Wesley now inches his cock into his mother. Beverly is still chanting, "Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me!"

Wesley starts out slowly as his mother starts to back into him in rythm with his strokes into her pussy. She continues to chant and licks her lips in anticipation of her already building orgasm. This is the deepest feeling of orgasm she has ever felt. And as Wesley strokes into her, she can feel it building slowly but steadilly. The orgasm is going to be massive. Her body starts to shake violently, but she still keeps up the bucking. On top of all this, she is still chanting and occassionally squealing. The orgasm is still coming and her head is spinning from the effects of the leading edge of it.

All of sudden she screams loudly, "Screw me, you son of a bitch! Make me scream like a banshee." She calms a bit, "Fuck my ass off and make me your love slave! But don't you dare stop. I want you Wes. Don't stop." She screams at the top of her lungs, "I'm cumming. Screw Mommy good. Fuck me into total ecstacy. I'll do anything for you, just don't stop."

The nurse comes in from an adjoining room and she is stunned by the Doctor's behavior. She heard the ruckus and was just coming it to see what was happening. "Beverly, what's wrong.... you can't do this!"

Beverly grabs her hand and the nurse immediately flushes. Looking confused, she stands frozen. She begins to get more flushed and begins to pant. The nurse gets down on all fours and begs, "Come on Wesley, you stud. Plow your cock into me. Fuck me!"

Wesley smiles and grunts as he services his mother. His hand reaches over and pats his new sex slave on the head. "You're next, nurse. Can you take me?" His smile is wide and crazed.

Wesley reaches over rips off the nurse's pants and the rest of her uniform. He tears off her panties and rips off her bra. The nurse is smiling and cooing. She grabs Wesley's balls and holds them preventing them from slapping his mother's ass.

Beverly is hitting the top of her orgasm, she screams out, "Baby fuck Mommy good."

She cums and at the same time Wesley grunts and shoots his load into his mother's pussy. Beverly collapses in ecstacy. Her head is swimming. She was very unsteady in the doggy position as it was. The nurse is now ready, releasing his balls and she yanks at his leg. Wesley pulls his cock out of his mother, as Beverly tries to turn to lick him off. Before she can get around to lick her son's very massive cock, Wesley turns to slide his cock into his new sex slave. The cock is slimmy with cum and it is now 12" long. His balls are also gargantuan. Before he begins on the nurse he seems to be growing taller and his voice deepens as well. As the nurse stares at him, his face is also sprouting hair.

As he places his cock into the nurse, he has a full and wild beard. "Assume the position bitch!", he orders.

The nurse is all too happy to comply. She looks back and tries to back into his cock. "Not so fast my horny little slave! Let me examine you."

The nurse is hot and wet. Her pussy is very hairy and moist. As Wesley examines her, her pubic hair begins to get very bushy, growing before his eyes. Lifting her leg that her master may see better she moans lightly to arouse him. Meanwhile Beverly is still in the throws of her orgasm and it shows no sign of ending quickly.

The nurse keeps trying to back into the cock. Wesley pats her on her ass, "Ok slave here comes your fondest desire. I'm going to fuck your brains out!"

The nurse is cumming already. Wesley inserts his cock and begins to pump. The nurse rocks back to get more of the effect. She feels a huge orgasm begin to form. With only a few pumps in her pussy, she is building to a mammoth orgasm. She holds her head and chants as Beverly did, "Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me!"

Wesley smiles and reaches down to cup her breasts. Her tits are now swelling to twice their normal size.

The nurse screams, "You horny little boy, fuck the shit out of me! You know what makes me hot. Use your prick to screw my soooo good!"

The nurse seems on the verge of madness. She rocks back into Wesley even faster than his pace. She returns to chanting. Wesley now speeds up his own pace and the nurse grunts loudly. Her head is swimming as Beverly had felt it earlier and to some extent still does. Her body shudders visibly. She increases her chant and increases her backward rocking. The orgasm breaks on her before she is aware. "Shit!!! You bastard!! You fucked me.....!!" She grunts very loudy and then goes limp overcome by the orgasm.

Turning back to his mother, Wesley looks at her. Beverly is now over the effects of the first orgasm. She gets back into doggy position to be serviced again. Wesley now prepares to enter her again. As he begins to work her, his four balls slap her ass. Yes, four balls. The scrotum is also larger to accomodate the extra two balls which have formed therein. The nurse is reeling under the effect of the orgasm she experienced. Crawling, she is still very unsteady. She has a difficult time even focusing on the action near her. Wesley picks up the pace and his mother starts to rock and chant at a faster pace than the first time they fucked. Her tits are swelling. They reach twice their original size, yet are firm. The nipples are hard. She plays with them to stimulate herself. The orgasm that nearly overtook her the first time is building much faster than before. Beverly's eyes glaze over as she feels the orgasm continue to build.

"Your bitch wants it goooood. Screw me master! Let me have all you have!" She is about to cum, and is woozy, but continues to rock back harder on his cock. The orgasm overtakes her, as with the nurse, before she is ready. "Oh My God! My Ohhhh. Yes! Yes! Yes!" Beverly collapses into a semi-conscious state. Wesley is still inside her and fires his load into his semi-conscious slave. Beverly whimpers quietly.

Wesley withdraws his cock from his mother as she goes limp. He looks over his domain. Two sex slaves both totally overcome from the greatest sex they have ever had. He feels a small spasm and jerks off the rest of his cum on the nurse's face. She moans low and very slowly laps up the cum.

The doors to sickbay open and Ensign Gentry enters. "Doctor Crusher?" She rushs to the side of the semi conscious doctor and tries to revive her. The good ensign begins to flush a very bright red. Her head jerks up and she notices Wesley. "You are......?" She tries to clear her head which is fogged by the near torrent of sexual desire breaking on her.

"Take the position, bitch!", Wesley orders.

The ensign complies. She sticks her ass high in the air and begins to chant the mantra of sexual desire. Collapsing on her tits which are ballooning to twice their normal size, she awaits her master's next command. Wesley skips the pleasantries, plowing his cock into her already wet pussy. The ensign seems very wet inside as Wesley enters her. He backs out and has her lay flat on the floor. A pool of juices begins to form around her. She licks at the juices from the nurse on the floor near her mouth.

"Up! Prepared to be mounted!"

She immediately gets back to the doggy position. Wesley toys with her, slapping his cock against her ass.

Bobby Joe screams out, "Fuck me master! Take me, I am all yours. Plow me deep. Let me pleasure you!!"

Wesley enters her and she begins to slap her ass into him. An evil grin forms on his face. He swats her ass as he continues to work her.

Bobby Joe is feeling good and happy serving her master. Then she feels an orgasm forming and gasps in horror at the magnatude. She writhes and shudders as the orgasm continues to build. The ensign sighs once, as spasm wracks her entire body. She can no longer stay upright. Collapsing, she is overcome by the tidal wave massive orgasm. She lays on the floor and her body writhes wildly like a fish out of water. Wesley pulls her up and continues to pump into her. He climaxes into her now quiet body. He jerks off his full load into her. A suggestion of a moan is heard from Bobby Joe. He lowers her to the floor.

His slaves are now very quiet. All three women have felt the power of orgasms much more powerful than any they ever had or could have expected. Although Wesley's massive cock could have been the instigator, it was helped by the transformation of the women into sex crazed she-devils.

After a half hour his harem has swelled to 7 bitches. The ones who can still take it, beg for more. His mother and the nurse can now stand the orgasms and ride them out easier. They become the dominant bitches. The orgasms are all they want and enjoy. Both beg for him to service them again. All of the harem have been transformed. They have greatly enlarged tits, their pussies are now gaping maws and their hips have widened. Wesley has also been even more greatly transformed. His cock is a 25" monster with a girth of 7" at the tip. He has grown an additional 2 feet and now is 7 feet 10 inches tall. His bitches have also grown in height by an additional foot.

As a mark of submissiveness the bitches are pierced by the doctor and nurse. Each has her nose pierced and a large metal ring inserted. Beverly and the nurse also have rings in their noses. But their rings are much smaller. Wesley examines his haram. He grabs each bitch in turn by her new nose ring.

Continuing to examine his bitches, Wes is satisfied. Three groan loudly and their bellies swell. They give birth in a couple of minutes. Three new bitches are now added to the haram. They grow at a tremendous rate and are fully developed in seconds. Now there are 3 new bitches to service. Wesley smiles at the new arrivals and mounts each in turn servicing them. When the orgasm has taken them, they lay on their backs and give birth to a new bitch each. Each new bitch grows to full maturity in seconds and is ready for servicing. Wesley goes over to the replicator and orders Romulan Ale. After giving his bitches the Ale, they become calm and rest quietly in areas of their own chosing. Wesley drinks a pitcher of Romulan Ale and becomes calms.

The transformation continues on all affected. Wesley has horns grow from his head just above his forehead. His skin begins to turn leathery and hard. Around his cock, three sharp talons form. Each comes from the base of his still rock hard cock and turn outward. His ass skin is now an inch thick. He moanly low as fangs grow from his teeth and sharp claws form from his fingers. His cock is now permanently rock hard and covered with a slick thin leathery skin. His ears begin to grow in the shape of a distended Vulcan ear. All the other parts of his body grow as well. His head now is in proper proportion to the rest of his body. His mental ability has grown, as well. He can now call to his bitches without saying a word.

The bitches continue to undergo changes. Beverly and the nurse have a leathery a skin as Wesley. Their pussy's are the only part of their anatomy which seems unchanged. Around the pussy, they have developed V shaped talons which are a perfect match to fit Wesley's talons. Their ears also distend into a Vulcan like ear. Their asses also have an inch thick skin. They grunt loudly as horns grow from their heads.

The other bitches go through changes similar to Beverly and the nurse. But they do not develop the talons around their pussies. But they are far more horny in disposition than Beverly and the nurse.

The last change to all the bitches is the growing of claws from their fingers and fangs from their existing teeth. Each screams out in pain as the talons sprout from their fingertips and their teeth form fangs. The talons growing from their fingers and stop growing when they are 2" long. All the talons are razor sharp. The Romulan Ale has kept them from attempting to grunt out their request for servicing. The bitches have stopped talking and now grunt or moan as a method of communication.

Meanwhile back on the bridge, the Captain is still locked in his ready room daring not to exit to the frenzy of self improvement. Riker tries to talk to 5 crew members at once and gives up. He walks over to the Captain's chair and plugs his ears. Troi makes a futile attempt to quiet the obsessing bridge crew. Main Engineering is calling every 2 or 3 seconds to update the Captain. The Science department is in the midst of a futile experiment. They are caught up in it, far too deeply to realize that it is of no practical use. Yet the experiment goes on!

Deanna decides to leave the mad house and see what is keeping Beverly. She has to push her way through the ever growing crowd around the turbolift. Entering it she is happy to be free of the madness. Little does she know of what is going on in Sickbay. She exits the turbolift and walks to Sickbay. The door seems to be stuck or locked. She knocks on the door, "Beverly, please let me in. Are you alright?"

Deanna tries to call security, but they are on the holodeck in a simulation which has been going on for the past 2 days. She knocks on the door again. "Computer override door lock, authorization Troi Beta 1-4-5."

The door opens and she gasps at the sight. The creatures inhabiting Sickbay no long appear human. They are hidious and horny as hell. The bitches are all she can see. She can't see Wesley, who is hiding a distance away from the door. He is flat against the wall out of sight. She tries to back out, but Beverly grabs her before she can escape. She flushs a very bright red. Wesley comes from behind her and closes the door. His cock jabs her from behind. She flushs again and turns to look at her new master.

Deanna transforms almost immediately. She grows taller, her skin becomes leathery. Her horns, fangs and talons grow in seconds. She screams out in pain as the transformation completes. She gets down on all furs and her talons rip at the carpet. Groaning in pain as the final element is added to her anatomy. A large spike grows from her waist. It grows downward and then out arches sharply away from her body. She grunts her desire to be serviced. Wesley tells her to be ready. No words are spoken, he merely thinks and she understands. Wesley grabs her spike, slips on a large piece of dead leathery skin over his cock and down on his talons at the base of his cock. The skin is from a rival male born of a bitch. Wesley killed him before he could completely develop. He begins to service Deanna. She feels the same tidal wave of an orgasm come on her. But because she is fully developed, the orgasm is not nearly strong enough to overtake her. She treats it as an ordinary orgasm. He slips his cock into her very wet pussy. Her skin glistens from the wetness. Wesley begins to work her hard because she will take more energy to service now that she is fully formed. Both Wesley and Deanna reach orgasm in perfect sync. She lets out a loud grunt and then eases. He releases his load into her. They ignore the rest and begin to go at it again. As they do so, Deanna looks out at the rest of the haram, now 28 strong. She sees that every bitch has a spike on her back.

After coupling for 15 times and 15 orgasms, both Deanna and Wesley are spent. Deanna is collapsed as all the other bitches had done with their one huge orgasm. She is semi conscious and breathing erratically. Wesley recovers quickly after a brief rest and services the other waiting bitches.

The rest of the ship is oblivious to the changes in Sickbay. The madness continues as they are about to arrive at the Starbase. With the ship about an hour away from Starbase 374, Wesley and the haram of now 50, prepare to leave the ship in three very crowded shuttles. The rest of the crew does not even acknowledge the departure of the three shuttles. Wesley pilots one, Beverly and Deanna pilot the other two. They are driven by the desire to find "Home". After traveling for 2 hours, they arrive at a planet that beckons them by instinct only. The shuttle decends to the planet's surface. They land and exit the shuttles to find a population of dominent males with large harams. Wesley marks his territory with a load of sperm, or what passes for it. And places his bitches within the marked territory. They live there and mate frequently and the bitches produce more offspring. There they live happily and horny ever after.


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