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Star Trek - The Next Generation: Wesley's Break
by Weasel

Part 1 - Discoveries

'All that I been doing is sitting around!', thought Wesley. 'I am so bored!'

His eyes hurt from staring at the screen for so long. Since he had was on
leave from the Academy, all of his studies had been suspended to give him a
'break' from school. Not only a break from all of his studies, but most of
his duties had been too. The worse part was that he wasn't scheduled to
catch a transport to go back to the Academy for another two weeks. He had
requested to have some more assignments, but the captain himself had insisted
that he take the time off. While the captain looked back on his time at the
academy with a certain fondness, he also remembered that it was the busiest
time in his life. Consequently Wesley started to do some studying for his
next few courses at the Academy. Advanced Biology was one of his first
courses, so he had been pouring through the reference texts in the computer.


"Huh? Who?" said Wesley. Suddenly he realized he was talking to air, then he
realized, "Crusher here."

"And here as well. Wesley, I expected you in the Lab 15 minutes ago, or does
your busy schedule have no room for quality time with your mother?"

"Oh, sorry Mom. I was just think... Nevermind, I'll be there in a few
minutes, OK?"

"OK, Crusher out."

"Crusher out." he groaned.

"God, that really gets on my nerves." Wesley smiled to himself. He glanced to
the screen again and noticed what was one the screen. "That's it. All I do
is... no, I gotta get going." He taped the screen to shut it off, and
slipped out the door to Med Lab 3.

* * *

Beverly understood what Wesley was going through. There had been times when
the most she could look forward to in a day was a couple of checkups, and
some paperwork. However she never complained about the slow times. All she
had to do was to remember the several times when she had to convert several
of the ships cargo bays into makeshift 'field hospitals' and run herself
ragged for days on end. To keep Wesley busy she had allowed him access to
one of the Med Labs that weren't being used. Fortunate the med lab was
visible through one of the windowed walls. Their original purpose was to let
the nurse on duty keep an eye on the patients, but in this case it let her
keep an eye on Wesley. She heard the familiar hiss of the door, and Wesley
strode in the door. "Wesley, I let you borrow a whole lab to let you 'study'
for the advanced biology class." She said with a stern look on her face.

"Oh, come on Mom. No one is using that lab and you know it." They both

"Well maybe, but that doesn't get you out of doing some work. Now you know
what I am doing is against the Captain's orders, so if you don't use it, you
lose it." She said with a little more conviction in her voice.

"OK, I do have some things I was working on."

"Anything I can help with. If I do say so myself, I am a little good in
biology." She smiled, knowing what the response would be.

"No thanks. Besides you won't be there when I am taking the Lab finals in my
courses." He said as he wandered over to the Lab.

She could see a few of the monitors from her office, and she could see the
diagrams of organs from species in this sector.

* * *

Wesley powered up the main terminal in the lab. He had the info that he was
looking at in his quarters up on the screen. He had lofty goals, and he
didn't expect to finish the project, but he had stumbled onto something. He
started to work furiously, having the computer run simulations, and tests on
his new hypothesis.

Beverly came into the lab first thing in the morning, and Wesley was already
there, or had he never left? She thought that he must be tired, but then
realized that he was doing what he loved best. He was working. She decided
to let him have his 'fun', but that she would have a talk with him later.

Wesley had been working furiously. His first test was ready. He had run the
simulations dozens of times over the last night. Maybe it was the excitement
or maybe it was the lack of sleep, be he picked up the hypospray and put it
up to his own arm. He heard the hiss, and then he decided to go scan himself
on one of the med station's bed. He turned off his terminal, turned on the
bed sensors, and then slipped into sleep. The lights lowered in the lab.
'Good', Beverly thought. 'He needs the rest.'

Part 2 - Awakenings

Wesley blinked a few times and slowly lifted himself from the bed. He
blinked a couple more times and realized that the lights had been turned down
in the lab. He was ready to have the computer raise the lights slowly when
they suddenly snapped back to full strength.

"Well, it's about time, I thought I was going..."

"What do you think you were doing!?! First you pester me to come down here,
now you stick red hot pokers in my eyes. Can't I have just a moment of
peace?" He spun around and walked away to clean up a bit.

Beverly choked back a response and went back to her office. She would let
him cool off a little and come back later to have a little 'chat'. He had
definitely never talked to her like that before.

Wesley splashed some water on his face. 'That bitch! I really wish I could
teach her a lesson.' Suddenly images and ideas began popping into his head.
"Yes of course! My research. I can adapt it for a little surprise.'

Wesley's original research had been into slowing the aging process. He had
thought of the idea while reading about Ponce De Leone in his ancient myths
class. He hadn't really taken the idea seriously, but it was a good time
killer. While doing his research he drifted into ideas of slowing the
process using viruses keyed to activate certain glands in humanoids. He had
used his first test injection on himself, and he would check the results
later, but for now he had to have his revenge. He decided to see what would
happen if he let the computer do a little alteration on his project. Most of
the lesser security programs allowed even a rank of 'Ensign' access to some
of the less important systems. A little alteration, programming, and
creativity should do the trick.

"Let's see." Wesley said. "Ah! Computer, we must have a talk."

"Two hot fudge sundaes. Extra hot fudge." The computer whirred and
'magically' the sundaes appeared. Beverly thought it must be magic to make
sundaes this good.

"Beverly! I'm shocked. Rough day?" The counselor gladly took the treat from
the good doctor and curled up on her sofa. She hadn't thought this was going
to be a professional visit, but any doubts she had were washed away. "Is it
Wesley?" she asked with genuine sincerity.

"Yes. Not only has he been running himself ragged in the lab studying, but
he snapped at me today."

"Well, he has been under a lot of stress at the Academy lately. Maybe it's
good that he gets it out of his system now. Don't worry, he'll come out of

"But he has been working himself so hard. I only let him do it, because he
seems happy doing his little projects. Maybe we need the Borg to attack us,
or a warp core breach or something to keep him busy." she quipped. "I would
appreciate it if you would talk to him. Not in a forced environment, but if
you could just stop in and talk."

"I don't know."

"Oh please? I will make you the best banana split you ever had if you do
this, OK?"

"Well, all right. But I expect a lot of whipped cream." She said as she
dropped the spoon into the empty dish.

"Thanks Deanna." She put down her also empty dish and gave the counselor a
big hug. Deanna felt a little strange, but accepted the hug.

After that Beverly picked up the two dishes, took them to the replicator and
left. She didn't know what came over her, but she shrugged it off for now.

Part 3 - The Experiment

The computer beeped. Wesley looked over at the terminal. "The counselor's
quarters. Bonus."

He was examining the results from his extended scan. He hadn't found
anything wrong yet. His first experiment was with the chemicals dealing with
brain activity. He had created a virus that would help to increase his brain
activity. It wasn't meant to be a permanent change, he had already worked
out a 'cure' for the virus. Sure the computers could run perfect simulations
of what chemicals could do on the brain, but he needed to know exactly what
the results would be. In hindsight picking himself as the first subject
wasn't all that bright, but he was tired, and there wasn't anything he could
do now. However there were no regrets in Wesley's mind. Ideas and thoughts
were coming quickly and clearly to his mind. He hadn't felt this refreshed
in a long time. He kept thinking back to how easy it was t enter the ship's
computer and enact a little 'revenge' on his mother. He thought that he
should start to expand his tests, but he needed to run a few tests first.
Just then he heard the familiar hiss of the doors for the other room.

"Hello? Doctor?" Ensign Ro said as she walked to the doctor's office. She
never really ever needed the services of the doctors on the Enterprise, and
as such was very uncomfortable in this environment. Normally she wouldn't
even think of coming to the labs, but she wanted to have someone check on her
arm. She was doing a particularly vigorous workout the other day, and her
arm was still sore. She wouldn't think this was the sort of thing to annoy
the Chief Medical Officer about, but since her cabin was just down the hall,
she thought she would just stop in.

"Doctor? Doctor Crusher? Are you here?" she said peering through the window
inter the main office.

"She's not here right now."

Ro spun quickly, too quickly. She bumped her arm on the door frame and fire
shot through her arm. She let out a little whimper, and immediately grabbed
her arm.

Wesley quickly came over and said "Are you OK? I'm really sorry, I didn't
mean to startle you."

Ro chuckled. "You just caught me off guard. Your Wesley, right? Is your
Mother around? As you can see I need a little bit of help."

"Oh, I can have a medical team here in under a minute."

"No, no. It's not all that serious. I'll just come back later." Ro turned
to leave.

"Wait. I feel bad. Here come over to the other lab, let me take a look at
it. You don't grow up as a doctor's child and not learn a little about the
trade." Wesley led Ro into the lab, instructed her to get up on the bed, and
let him take a look at the arm. Ro tried to roll up the sleeve on her tunic,
but the pain flared up again.

"Oh, sorry again. I guess I should brush up on my bedside manner." He ran
into the other room and grabbed a hypo spray with a pain inhibitor. He
placed it up to her arm and heard the familiar hiss. Once again the ideas
began to flood his mind.

"Your bedside needs work, but at least you work fast. How come no one is in
here. I mean this is a medical lab isn't it?"

"Yes, but Mom, I mean Dr. Crusher, said that since it was so slow she was
going to give some of the medical staff some R&R. She has minimal staffing
in all of the labs, and she thought since she was the Chief, she would take
care of the lab herself. Besides, most of the staff has quarters near here
and can be here..."

" under a minute. I got that. Well I've gotta get back to my quarters I
have a couple of days off myself, and plan to rest up." Ro began to get up.
"Hold on." Wesley said. "I wouldn't be much of a doctor if I didn't see that
arm. Now roll up that sleeve."

Ro was about to protest, but decided to humor him. As she rolled up her
sleeve she found a rather large black and blue mark on her arm.

"Oh." remarked Wesley. "That doesn't look so good. Here, I have just the
thing to take care of that."

Ro realized that this was a little worse than she thought. "Is this going to
take long?"

"No, but swing your legs up on the bed. This next injection makes people a
little dizzy." Wesley grabbed one of his hyposprays from next to the
terminal. This one was actually designed to help regenerate damaged tissue
on a large scale, but he figured that it couldn't do much harm. Besides, he
had the 'cure' if it didn't work, and he could have one of the other doctors
look at her if it didn't work. After all, he wasn't a doctor.

He pressed the hypospray against Ro's arm and again it's contents were
injected into her bloodstream. Almost immediately the discoloration left her
arm. Ro's eyes rolled upwards, and he eyelids fluttered shut. She had
passed out. What would Wesley do? He quickly studied the readouts from the
sensors in the bed. He discovered that her vital signs were strong, and she
safely asleep. He shrugged and figured that she had fainted.

Part 4 - Experimentation

Beverly was taking a walk, eventually she planned to arrive at Ten Forward.
Ever since her visit with Troi and her overwhelming need to hug her, she had
felt strange. She wouldn't say that it excited her, but it was definitely
having some kind of an effect. The more she walked, the hotter it got.
'Boy, I am out of shape'. she thought. It wasn't until she turned a corner
and bumped into an unfamiliar lieutenant. She stepped back, and her usually
impeccable red hair fell into her eyes. She looked upon the man in front of
her not as a fellow officer, but as a pure instrument of her desire. She felt
every inch of her skin, some inches felt a lot better than others.

"Excuse me sir. Sorry." Said the officer clad in a yellow uniform as he
attempted to steady the higher ranked officer in front of him.

Her mind and body betrayed her. Her nipples were actually visible through
her uniform. Her breath was coming quicker. 'What's wrong with me.' She
forced through the haze in her mind. She didn't know what was happening, but
she knew what was going happen. At this point, it was out of her hands, and
in his.

"No, excuse me, I wasn't looking." She was letting him go, then, "You know, I
have never really like the term 'sir', why don't you call me Beverly."

"Um, OK, Beverly. I have to be getting to... Are you feeling OK? You look a
little, warm."

"Warm no, Hot yes. I want to throw you down right here and fuck your brains
out." He voice was whispery.

"Well, I am due to go on duty in a few minutes, but thanks for the offer."

"I'll write you a note." Then she flung herself at him. Her lips were
sealed to his, any resistance he had was quickly diminishing. Her body was
on fire. She was kidding about fucking him in the corridor, but it was
quickly becoming her only alternative.

He broke the kiss. "Jordan to Maintenance."

"Maintenance, go ahead Jordan"

"I'm going to be a little late for my shift," Glancing at Beverly "Medical

"Anything we should know about?"

"No, I'll contact you later. Jordan out."

'A janitor? I'm about to fuck a janitor? Who cares if I hump the doors of a
turbo shaft?' She smiled and then took Janitor Jordan by the arm.

Wesley was going over the latest batch of test samples. Everything looked
like it was going smoothly. He began to hear Ro moaning. He thought she
might be waking up. He spun around only to see Ro with one hand on her
crotch, and one hand her breast. The readouts on the wall said that she was
asleep, and her eyes were closed, but her hands were in warp speed. It was
then that he noticed that several of her hormones were almost off of the
scale. He stared back at Ro only to see something new and amazing. The
front of her uniform began swelling. The more it swelled, the louder she
moaned. Her other hand drifted up from between her legs, to start caressing
her other breast. They were beginning to stretch the already tight fabric of
the front of her uniform. He saw that the zipper at the top of the jumpsuit
began to separate in response to the growth.

Wesley's curiosity led his eyes down to the writhing woman's crotch. The
front was completely sopped. Wesley had about all he could take. He
couldn't decide whether to administer the cure, or to screw the Bajorian
silly. He reached over and picked up the hypospray with the cure. He looked
at it and said 'Oh well." He placed the injector to her arm, and then the
images came flooding in. His mind was filled with images of he and Ro in
positions that would have shocked even the crewmen of a deep space
exploration ship.

"No!" he cried, as he threw the hypospray back at the table.

He grabbed the front of Ro's uniform and peeled it away from her white flesh.
It was then he had a flash of brilliance. "Computer. Reduce Gravity to 0.00
on the Med Bed." The bed had this setting so that more delicate operations
could be performed without risk to the patience health."

With the gravity off, he was able to lift Ro off of the table and strip off
her uniform. Starfleet's dress code when it comes to undergarments is pretty
liberal. Ro's policy was even more liberal. As Wesley pulled the last of
her uniform over her tiny feet, he was able to gaze upon every bit of Ro's
body. She wore no underwear. Her breasts had nearly tripled in size at this
point, and it looked like they were continuing. Ro had orgasmized at least
four times while Wesley was pulling her uniform off of her. Wesley now
stripped off his own uniform, and climbed into the Zero G with Ro.

The momentum of lifting and pulling her uniform off had Ro in an almost
standing position. Wesley lifted Ro up so her cunt was in line with his face.
He could see that her fluids had run down and coated the backs of her legs
from when she was still lying down on the table. Wesley dove in. The first
touch sent waves of pleasure through the helpless alien in front of him. The
wave continued and didn't seem to ebb at all.

'Hmm...' Wesley thought. 'Sweet, not like what I would expect. Good thing
she is already out. I don't think she would conscious for much longer.'
He looked up and Ro's breasts had stopped growing. However from his current
position he could see anything past the peaks of her breasts.

'Boy I could use something like this when I'm walking across the campus when
it's raining.' He slowly pulled her down, and himself up. Luckily the beds
were equipped with low level restraining fields to keep bodies from floating

Once he was equal to her now gigantic breasts, he began to suck and bite at
her nipples. Even though her breasts were now huge, her nipples were still
what he would classified as normal. They seemed to still be fairly small
compared to the melons on her chest. Once again the analytical side took
over. He noticed that her muscles were much smaller. That must account for
the increase in the upper regions. He grabbed her ass, it felt rounded, and
he couldn't really tell but he thought her hips had also filled out. He
wasn't completely familiar with Bajorian anatomy, but that was why the
Academy required advanced biology. Suddenly, "...uuugh, Fuck meee.
Pleeeease, I want..." Ro was back to rubbing herself furiously on the crotch.
This time both hands were buried, and pumping away.

Wesley couldn't take it anymore. He spun her around and spread her ass. It
wasn't a gentle entry, but it did the job. He had never taken this particular
'course' before, but since the other entry was otherwise occupied.

Just as Wesley had pressed into her she froze. Wesley was afraid that she
had woken up, then it happened. She let out a yell and her whole body shook.
Wesley began pumping furiously. He could feel her contract as she was
wracked with a constant orgasm, she pressed back harder and harder, pounding
as hard as they both could. Wesley reached around and was massaging her
tits. She still had both hands going at it.

Then he felt it. Her breasts began to shrink a little. She was now panting
and back to a low moan. Wesley knew something was going on, so he had to
hurry. It didn't take much to push him over the edge. He came for what
seemed like hours, but in this case it wasn't quite that long. Once he
opened his eyes he found that they had fucked so hard they were upside down,
and floating against the ceiling. He pushed off, pushed out of the field,
and got off of the bed. While he got his uniform back on, he set the
computer to bring his specimen slowly back to the table.

He was in a hurry to get her uniform back on before she woke up when he heard
"Mmmf, Wesley? What happened? My clothes? My Breasts! Oh no, what have you
done?' Indeed both breasts had stopped shrinking, but now she has almost no
chest at all, only two little nubs for nipples. Then Wesley noticed that her
figure had lost some of it's curviness as well. In fact her shape wasn't
very different from his own.

She started to get off of the bed. "Computer, restraining field full
strength." Wesley barked. The computer complied, a little rougher than he
had intended. She was thrown back into a lying position, unable to move.
"Don't worry Ro, I can fix this." and Wesley started up his computer.

Part 5 - Satisfaction

Troi had been in her quarters for the last hour, in the dark. She had
lowered the light level so she could relax. It had been a fairly busy day,
and now that Beverly had stopped in, she had the added task of talking to
Wesley. It wasn't that she was complaining, but it was all in the line of
duty. As time passed he hands began to slowly roam around her body. She
liked the way her new uniform made the other crewmen respect her, but it was
a little harder to get off than her other outfit. She closed her eyes, and
began to unzip the front of her uniform. As she sat there, she let her mind

Very clearly she saw that she was walking along one of the corridors of the
Enterprise. She couldn't see clearly where, but she could see enough to make
out general details. She turned a corner and bumped into the man of her
dreams. She knew it was nobody real, but this was a fantasy. She had
unzipped her uniform to the bottom of the zipper. She had her right hand
running across the smooth silk of her panties. Occasionally she brushed her
clit, and it sent shock waves through her. Her other hand pressed into the
couch as if to steady herself.

Back in her illusion she was being helped up by her fantasy man. Once she
stood up, she brushed a tuft of red hair out of her eyes. The other person
in her fantasy was there holding her. He said something that wasn't really
audible, but she knew what it meant. She pounced on the chance and slammed
her lips into his.

Back in the real world the uniform had been slowly inched down past her ass,
and was down around her knees. Both hands were now moving all over her body.
She wanted this fantasy to last, and she was going to take it slow.

At first he responded to the kiss, but then he pushed her away. She was
disappointed, and she thought that it ended before it began. He said
something, and then he took her by the arm and lead her down the corridor and
into a cabin.

Beverly already had her chest fully in view when Jordan opened the door to
his quarters. He was afraid that someone might see her, and put an end to
his fun. However once in the main room of his cabin, 'all bets, and clothes,
were off!' he thought.

"Please, let's go. I need it. Please!" Beverly pleaded.

"No, not yet my horny little doctor, I want to look at my good fortune. Just
stand there."

She had a very disappointed look on her face, but it quickly changed to a
very anxious look. She quickly pulled the uniform off of the rest of her
body. 'God, it feels like I'm going to cum right here.' She threw the uniform
onto the table next to he companion, and then slid off her bra and panties.

He looked at her, absorbing all he saw. Her breasts were firm, not perfect,
but definitely not bad. After all, she wasn't a teenager. Her nipples were
almost as bright red as her hair had looked in the bright lights of the
corridor. She was definitely a red head, but the triangular patch of hair
between her legs was darkened from the juices freely flowing. He watched as
she began rubbing both her neck and her breasts. Her hand went up and began
messing up her hair. She was beginning to shine all over from the sweat
covering her body.

Beverly had no idea what was going on. At this point she felt like she was
along for the ride. She began to feel the beginning of an orgasm coming on,
and almost falling over snapped her back to reality. "Please. I really need
to fuck. I'm so horny, I can't stand up anymore."

"Then Don't" said Jordan, as he leaned back in a chair.

Beverly didn't have to be told. She fell to her knees and crawled over to
her Janitor on hands and knees. Even though he had completely removed all of
her clothing, he had not. He hadn't even unzipped the front of his uniform.
She ran her hands up the outside of his pant leg until she got to the prize.
She could feel him hard as diamond. She could wait for him to get his
uniform off. She began to stroke and lick the outside of his uniform. After
a few passes, she could make out most of the major veins in his penis. In
fact she could name most of them, if she weren't busy at the moment. He
began to moan, and she let her hands slide up his chest.

Suddenly her fingers had slipped into his collar, and began to violently
separate the front of his uniform. She pulled herself up, and at the same
time spread her arms as far as they would go. The shock caused him to let out
a little gasp, this was definitely not what he thought was coming next. By
the time she was done, the rip extended part way down his right pant leg.
She quickly grabbed his old style boxers (much to her surprise), and ripped
them off. As she did this, her nails poked into the tender flesh between his
legs. He let out a little yelp, and Beverly smiled devilishly. He leaned
back and helped her up.

Troi slammed herself down on her mystery man's cock. He wasn't overly big,
but it's not the size that matters. She began to rock back and forth. She
could feel him going deeper and deeper with every thrust. He leaned forward
and began lightly kissing her nipples. He then gave her left nipple a bite,
and a little tug. Her eyes popped open, and she gasped from the new
experience. She looked at him, and he had a devilish grin on his face now.
Turnabout is fair play. They locked in a deep and passionate kiss. They had
stopped rocking while in this position. The kiss was so deep, her eyes

Once the kiss was broken, it was time to get down to business. She brushed
her long hair out of her eyes, not that it mattered much now. She wrapped her
arms around his back, and he locked on to her buttocks. They began to pull
into each other. Troi thought that she was going to have black and blue
marks all over her pelvis after this assault, but she didn't care. Slowly
her senses began to shut down. First her vision went blank, then her ears
rang and she no longer heard what sounded like two hands slowly clapping. The
only thing that she felt was an orgasm unlike anything she had ever had

Her eyes snapped open and she looked around her office. She had flipped over
the coffee table in front of her. She slid down the couch and looked at the
aftermath. There was a rather large sweat mark that covered the whole area
where her body was. Where her crotch had been was a very large stain.

"Oh my, I don't know if that will come out" she said. She knew anyone who
came into the office now could have smelled her passion, but the air filters
would remove that shortly. Maybe she would call maintenance and ask about
getting that spot out. No, I'll just replicate a new cushion.

Beverly could have sworn that she was in Troi's office when she opened her
eyes. However she blinked once, and looked down to see herself still impaled
on the now rapidly diminishing cock. She could see the cum other both of
them mixing and oozing out of her. She quickly got up, and grabbed her
uniform. She got a glance of herself in the top of the table, she was a

"So, does what kind of note are you going to write for me?" He smirked.

"Umm, I have to get back to work. Uh, thanks, it was great." She said as she
pulled on her uniform. She couldn't find her underwear, and she didn't care.
This was embarrassing. She didn't know what came over her. She zipped up
the front of her uniform and headed for the door. Jordan was still naked and
covered in fluids. She turned to him on the way out. He was holding up her

"Can I keep these?" He said as he sniffed them, "As a souvenir?"

She didn't respond, she just walked out of the door.

Part 6 - Explanations

"You may be able to get a doctor here in under a minute, but I can do the
same with security! Now let me go!" Ro was really getting upset.

"Go ahead and try." Wesley had no reaction.

"OK cadet. Ro to Security." Nothing. "Ro to Worf!" Still nothing. "Computer,
recognized Ro, access code Delta Omega Beta Four." There was not the familiar
chirp from the computer. " What is going on. There is no way you have that
kind of security clearance."

"I don't, but the Chief Medical Officer does. You see Mom got upset with
people always being bugged while in examinations, so once someone is on the
beds, your communicator is 'off'. Also thanks to security for turning off
the computer access. They figured it was better not to let people who are
probably under duress access to the computer. So that was disabled as well.
The only thing left on is a subroutine to notify the medical officer on duty.
And at this moment, I am the Med on duty."

Suddenly the terminal on the wall beeped. Wesley went over and punched some
keys. He began chuckling to himself. "Lieutenant Stewart Jordan. Only two
months on ship. Assigned to.." He blurted out a loud laugh. "Engineering,
Maintenance Engineering! She got nailed by a janitor! Well, that's not it.
Computer, randomize virus to next configuration and continue."

He turned to Ro. "I think she should be busy for a while. Now as for you.
I hadn't accounted for my virus causing such a radical different effect on
your 'species'." He inspected her completely naked, although extremely
underdeveloped body. "My original plan had been to make a virus that would
slow down the aging process. It did it by stimulating different organs and
glands to release the bodies own chemicals that assist in the bodies own
regeneration. As I experimented through last night, I found that I could
isolate certain chemicals and cause a response in the body. From there it
was simple to generate a virus that, once released, would help to set off
slight imbalances that the body would automatically correct. The body itself
caused the changes to take place. I gave you an injection to simply help the
body to repair itself faster. Of course that was a projection on 'human'
systems. I didn't think the change would be so radically different on
another species. But it did, neat huh?"

Ro was barely listening to the Cadet spout his 'technobable'. She was more
interested in trying to get out. By the time he had finished, she had given
up for now, and waited for an opportunity. "Yeah, virus, chemicals,
interesting. But what happened to me? Can't you figure out a 'cure' for
this virus?"

Wesley didn't know if Ro had any idea what Wesley had done to her. He wasn't
even sure.


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