Star Trek - The Next Generation: Wesley's First Mission: Sedation & Seduction
by Highlander ([email protected]) (m/F,ncon)

Wesley Crusher was serving as an ensign on the USS Enterprise where he had
been living for the last six months with his mother, who was the chief
medical officer.

Wesley had been increasingly worried lately about his performance; he had
been late on a number of occasions to his duty shift and was regularly
insubordinate to other officers. Also he had been masturbating constantly
ever since Deanna Troi, the ships counsellor, had come on board. He spent
every possible chance jerking off to the thought of touching her body and
that included masturbating in turbolifts, jeffreys tubes and even once on
the bridge when he was alone at the conn and nobody was watching. Even worse
was the fact that whenever the counsellor was around he quickly had to hide
the bulge in his trousers with his hands, but sooner or later his excitement
would be all too noticeable, he needed do something about it before he went
crazy. Looking down the front of the counsellors skin-tight suit was becoming
an addiction and he needed more than to just watch her bending down, he
needed to touch those heaving breasts, although he knew that would never
happen. The counsellor liked him but had never thought about him in a sexual
way and probably never would, and this made him even more frustrated and he
masturbated even more.

There were two ways that he could relieve himself, either he could go to
the holodeck and attempt to have sex with a holo-character or he could find
Deanna and tell her his problem even though he knew that would probably get
him removed from active service. So the only answer was the holodeck,
although programs featuring a member of the crew were restricted to officers
above the rank of lieutenant only to make sure that things like this didn't
happen. The only way that he was going to get access is to ask his mum for
help, he could make up a story about using it for a training simulation and
she need never know that he wanted to use it to fuck the ass off the

So he went to the sickbay to find his mother and he found her in her office
looking at the desk computer.

"Hi mum." said Wesley innocently, although at the time he was preparing to
tell the best lie he could think of.

"Hello Wesley, can I help you with anything?" she said looking up from the
screen of the computer.

"I need your help, I've been given an assignment to evaluate the responses
of a holographically created bridge crew in a first contact situation, and
I thought I would do some work on it outside the classroom," he said

"Hmmm, that's a pretty tough assignment, I suppose you want me to release
control of the holodeck protocols to you," she said, "and normally I would
have said yes, but under these circumstances I can't help you, you know as
well as I do the holodeck rules."

"Oh, thanks anyway mum," he said smiling even though he was inwardly
seething, "I'll, just have to do some theory work instead." He walked out
of the door, brushing against a medical trolley on the way and he quickly
scooping up one of the devices on it, he continued down the corridor
contemplating his next move with a hypospray clasped tightly in his hand.
There was only one way that he could have the counsellor and that was when
she was asleep, he almost ran down the corridor to a wall terminal.

"Computer, locate Counsellor Troi" he said and almost instantly the computer

"Counsellor Troi is in her quarters."

Wesley grinned and sped off down the corridor to the door of her quarters.
All he had to do was think of a reason to visit her and then he could find
some way to introduce the sedative into something she was drinking. He
touched the door chime and heard the counsellor's voice inviting him in and
the door opened.

Deanna looked at the visitor and was instantly uncomfortable, she knew Wesley
was infatuated with her, it was all too obvious in the emotions that he could
read from him and not to mention the considerable bulge that appeared
whenever he was around her, but despite this knew that she had a duty to help
him, even if there was no cure for permanent erection syndrome. She was
herself sexually frustrated but she would never voluntarily interact with
another crewmember of such a young age.

"Hello Wesley, was there something that you needed to speak to me about?"

"I've been having some problems working lately, I can't seem to concentrate
at all," he replied.

His eyes wandered down to the cup on the table and the Counsellor saw this.

"Would you like something to drink before we continue?"

"Yes, I'd like a rhak'dajino please," said Wesley easing the hypospray out
of his pocket.

Deanna turned towards the replicator and repeated his order and Wesley leaned
over the table and squeezed a few drops from the hypo into her drink.

"So Wesley," she said handing him the drink and sitting down again, "tell me
more about this problem of yours."

"I've been having problems sleeping for quite a while now," he said sipping
his drink.

"It may just be work related stress, and the solution may be as simple as
taking a break from your schedule for a few days."

She leaned over and sipped from her glass while Wesley stared intently down
her top watching the cleavage bob up and down, she then noticed the large
lump in his trousers that he had tried to cover up.

"Look Wesley, we really need to talk about our working relationship, there
are some things that we can control and there are some things we can't," she
said glancing down, "and I don't think you are trying very hard."

Suddenly her vision started to blur and the room felt like it was moving away
from her and she collapsed to the floor. Wesley meanwhile was stroking the
bulge that ran up the leg of trousers.

"You have no idea how long I have waited to do this Counsellor and there is
no way for you to stop me," he said watching as she fell asleep.

Wesley moved to the door and touched the control to lock it and then moved to
the unconscious form of Deanna Troi lying on the floor. This was the moment
he was waiting for, the first touch that would set his cock on fire. He moved
his hand over her the tight skin of her suit, rubbing his hand along her leg
and up her thigh. Suddenly she moved and Wesley jerked his hand back, but
she was still asleep and the movement was just a muscle reflex. He replaced
his hand on her thigh and moved it between her legs over to where the lips of
her pussy would be, rubbing his finger along the slit faster and faster. He
remembered how long the sedative would last and so he continued to moved his
hand up her body over her flat stomach to her large breasts where he fondled
them, squeezing the soft globes between his fingers. He slipped both his
hands down the open front of her suit, rubbing her chest and pinching her
large nipples until they became erect. By now his cock was so hard it was
almost on the point of breaking through the material of his trousers so he
slipped them off and clasped his 8-inch erection between his fingers.

He was sitting only inches away from her face and he got the best idea of his
life; while she was asleep he would fuck her mouth, so he kneeled over her
face with one leg either side of her head and attempted to slip the thick
cock between the Counsellors lips. He managed to get a couple of inches into
her mouth and he could feel her tongue resting against the end of his
erection, her hot breath running over it, he felt his prick curve down the
back of her throat. It stayed there for several moments and he now started to
thrust in and out of the Counsellors mouth. It felt so good, feeling the wet
sides of her mouth, the warmness of her unmoving tongue as it went in and
out. He could feel her breasts rubbing against his ass. He started to thrust
faster in and out of her mouth, surprised at just how loose her mouth and
throat was, he had managed to get about four inches into her mouth now.
Wesley groaned softly and gripped the sides of her head ready for what was
to come, he could feel his prick exploding, and he knew he was close. He
thrust faster and faster, feeling her tongue rubbing against him, closing
his eyes, imagining that she really wanted him to do what he was doing. He
quickened his pace again until he was fucking her face as quickly as he
could. He had promised himself he would go slowly, but just the feel of
Deanna's wet mouth on him made his prick explode again and again. Wave after
wave of jizz shot in her mouth, his prick staying where it was until every
last drop had been spilt down her open throat. He sat back gasping for breath
realising what he had just done, he had shot his load down the throat of the
ships Counselor and now he was about to violate her body.

He moved back to her unconscious form and tugged down the front of her
uniform giving a great view of her perfect breasts. He leaned forward to gain
access to them and pressed his lips against her right nipple. He started
sucking, and tickled the tip with his tongue for a while, but eventually
surrounded as much of the naked flesh of her breast as he could take, while
his hands were busy doing similar things to the left one

He continued to tug at the uniform until he had completely removed it, he
gazed at the folds of skin between her legs and he just shoved his tongue up
against her and wriggled it around until it pressed open the lips of her
pussy. She tasted sweet and he reached up and held her ass as his tongue
worked harder against her, sliding roughly between her lips up to her clit
where he licked harder. The tip of his tongue flicked over the swollen piece
of flesh fast and furious. He pressed harder, flicking over and over, loving
how his tongue slid down the crack of her pussy and shoved it up inside her,
trying to keep it stiff so he could work it inside her tight hole. He moved
a hand down so he could rub at her sensitive clit while he wiggled his tongue
around, finally working it's way into her. His fingers working her clit in
small circles as his tongue twisted up. He placed her clit between two
fingers and worked it back and forth against his knuckles. His tongue darting
in and out of her. Her pussy began to leak down onto his tongue and into his
mouth. The opening of her cunt puckering apart and closing as his tongue
teased her. His cock had become rock hard the second he started to use his
tongue on her.

It was time to go all the way before she woke up, he placed the palm of his
right hand flat on her soft, rounded belly and pushed the head of his cock
inside her. He looked down to see her tummy bulge outward as he moved into
her. Wesley massaged her tender breasts as he moved the head of his penis in
and out in several slow short strokes just an inch or two inside of her. He
then moved his hips forward, purposefully driving the full length of his
penis into the young woman in one fluid motion. He rocked his hips slowly
from side to side, coaxing the head of his penis into her deepest places. He
held her waist and pushed more, sinking slowly into her with each hard
thrust. Clutching his shaft with his left hand to keep it from bending, he
continued to apply a steady thrusting pressure against her. He worked in half
of his cock then pulled it out and then slid his cock along the wet lips of
her pussy then placed it back inside her again. This time he was able to
slide into her a bit easier. He worked his cock in a steady motion, plunging
in and pulling out at the same pace. He let go of her breasts and grabbed her
shoulder, sinking onto her.

"YEESSS!!", he grunted, pulling his cock out just as a thick stream of cum
flew out of his cock, landing loudly on Deanna's stomach Wesley sat back and
looked at his cock, still rock hard. He had sat in his quarters and jerked
off to this moment so many times, he just couldn't resist. He shifted his
body so that he was kneeling next to her, her tits pressing into his leg
again as he opened her mouth and pushed his cock in. He twitched as it did,
still sensitive from cumming, but soon relaxed and enjoyed the sucking. He
pushed his cock over her slick lips and down onto his shaft, her mouth was
warm and wet, he could feel her mouth moving smoothly on him. He could have
stayed like that for hours, but he wanted to be inside her one last time.

He picked the unconscious form of the Counselor off the floor and lay her
face down on the edge of the chair with her pert ass sticking up in the air.
Rubbing his cock back into action he placed his hands on either side of her
cheeks and rubbed the head of his cock against her anus. Suddenly he thrusted
and managed to pump several inches into her behind while continuing to thrust
enthusiastically. His hips slammed against her ass with each thrust and he
gripped her hips even more tightly, she was so tight that Wesley found it
hard to stop himself from shooting off straight away. He lay on her back
while still pumping her and felt her breasts under her body swinging back and
forward. He managed to last a few more thrusts until at last he pulled his
twitching cock out of her and a stream of come splattered down her back.

Exhausted he managed to put her clothes back on and position her on the
chair, he sat down breathing heavily from the exertion and waited for her to
wake up. Fifteen minutes later she started to come to.

"Counselor, are you all right, you blacked out for a second?" asked Wesley.

"It's ok, I'm alright, I felt a little lightheaded earlier but I'm fine now,"
replied the counselor. She licked her lips as if tasting something unfamiliar
and then she dismissed it from her mind.

"If its alright counselor, I will take your advice and get a few days break
from my classwork and duties, thanks for everything," said Wesley grinning,
"I have to get back to my mother now."

"Ok Wesley, but if you need any more help, you know where I am."

Wesley smiled and left the room already beginning to fantasise about fucking
Lieutenant Tasha Yar, it would be difficult but not impossible. The
possibilities were endless.

Deanna watched the door close, picked up the glass she was drinking from and
smiled, it's a pity he didn't check to see if this sedative would work on
betazoids, she thought, but a least the solution had solved both our sexual

The End


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