Star Trek - The Next Generation: Worf And Troi (MF,inter)
by Ben Hallert

"I'll take the conn, Mr Worf. Go get some sleep." Riker walked over and sat
down at the recently vacated captains chair.

"Thank you sir, I" Worf looked around the bridge once more,
then, satisfied everything was in order, walked towards the turbolift.

"Oh, and one more thing," Riker said, "Good job on the security update.
Those new targetting routines are pretty good. Remind me to schedule a test
soon. Maybe THIS time we'll be able to finish the tests without turning into
a zoo!" He chuckled and turned back to the screen, unaware that Worf was
frowning slightly. The events a few weeks earlier with the mutant introns
were too fresh on his mind. He grunted, then entered the waiting Turbolift.

"Ten-forward." He glowered at the small screen in the lift as it moved
him towards his destination. When he had de-evolved into the Pre-Klingon
T'hachless, he had been totally consumed by instinct. The thought of
prowling through the corridors brought back the sharp scent of the hunt
clearly. He snorted slightly as he saw the image of the human on the
bridge screaming and jumping away as he leaped towards him. The ensign
hadn't had a chance, but he had felt so-

"Sir?" He started, realizing that the lift had stopped near his destination,
and a young officer was looking at him curiously. He had been clenching his
fist and growling slightly, apparently.

"Yes?" He responded quickly. He walked out of the lift, startling the

"N-nothing, sir. Never mind." The officer hurredly told the lift where to
take him, and disapeared as the doors "SHWSHT" shut. Worf shook his head
again. It was unnacceptable to lose self control so!

He walked into the bar, nodding to Guinan as he sat down. She walked over

"Something on your mind?" She pulled up a glass of Prune juice, anticipating
Worf's request.

He appreciatingly sniffed the drink, then downed half of it in a single gulp.

"Nothing is wrong. I am simply...restless." Guinan looked at him

"It wouldn't happen to have anything to do with the virus a few weeks ago,
would it?" At this, Worf started, almost spilling his drink.

"How did you know?" He squinted at her suspiciously, but she shrugged

"I dunno, lucky guess. I mean, it's not every day someone turns into a crab,
you know. You looked a bit frazzled as you came in, and since everything
else seemed to be going pretty well, I picked that... Again, wanna talk
about it?" She leaned on the counter with her elbows, looking expectant.

"No. I do NOT want to talk about it." He took another swig of his drink.

"Ok." She stood up and started to walk towards another customer.

Worf blinked, then looked up. "What? You mean you are not going to insist
I tell you what is wrong?" His eyebrows came together in confusion.

She stopped, and looked back. "I'm not going to try to go through Klingon
stubborness. At least, not today. And you really don't seem to want to
talk." She shrugged. "So I won't bother you. Of course, if you ever DO
want to talk a bit, feel free to come to me." She then turned again and
glided off towards a waiting Rigellian.

Worf blinked, then shrugged. He looked back at his drink and began thinking
again. Suddenly, he felt a presence sit down next to him. He didn't look up
until he heard a familiar voice softly interrupt his thoughts.

"Penny for your thoughts?" He opened his eyes and looked over at the smiling
face of Deanna Troi with surprise.

"Counselor." He nodded to her and took another drink.

"Worf... You're not getting out of it that easilly. Something is on your
mind, and I really think we should talk about it. Is it that thing with the

Worf snarled and looked down. Was there a sign on his chest or something?
"How did YOU know? Why does everybody know!?" She looked up at him

"I AM an empath." She looked around at the people sitting at other tables
and frowned. "We should talk about this, but not here. Let's go back to my

Worf opened his mouth to protest, but then sighed. "Alright. I'm ready."

Troi raised an eyebrow and smiled at this, but nodded. "Ok."

As the two of them stood up and left the room, Guinan grinned slightly and
watched. She had an idea she knew what was going to happen, and that
knowledge was delightfully sweet. She shook her head and continued rubbing
the countertop. Let it happen, she thought. They both need it...

* * *

Worf entered Troi's office, followed by her. She indicated that he sit down,
which he reluctantly did. She settled into her chair, and they began to

"So tell me Worf, what's been on your mind lately?" She smiled and twisted
her head inquisitively.

"If you MUST know, I have been having...memories." He frowned and paused.

"What kind of memories?"

"They are from the...incident...we spoke of. I continue to recall feelings
and memories from when I was a...a T'hachless." Troi looked at him
curiously. He was clearly feeling uncomfortable, but she needed to know

"What exactly is a... T'hachless?"

"It is a creature, pre-Klingon. When," he spat out the word
and continued, "I became something very much like one. The T'hachless was
not very intelligent, so I have incomplete recollection of that period."
His eyebrows pulled forward. Troi noted this and continued.

"What memories do you remember? What impressions are strongest?"

At this, Worf began to almost squirm with discomfort. Troi frowned
internally. What sort of memories would affect Worfs solid disposition so
strongly? But even before he began to speak again, she figured it out.

"The strongest memories are" He paused, took a deep breath "I do
not wish to speak of that. The memories are...unsettling."

Not knowing what possessed her, Troi began asking some questions.

"Why are they unsettling? Because they have no relation to the world now?
Do you find me unattractive?" She leaned forward slightly, waiting.

Beginning to turn a noticeably deeper shade of brown, Worf began to almost
stammer. "It is NOT that. I do find you... I do not think... I was
simply..." He faltered, looking for words. On impulse, Troi leaned forward
further, and after taking a small breath, kissed him.

The kiss electrified her, sending tremors through her body.

The kiss lasted almost 5 second before they seperated, Worf sitting there,
his mouth slightly open with surprise, and Troi falling back a few inches to
take another breath. Worf was the first one to speak.

"I..." He took another breath, and spoke again, resolve in his voice.
"I enjoyed that. Again." The two of them fell together again, this time
kissing frantically, deeply. His tongue pushed tentatively into her mouth
at first, then more firmly. She wrapped her arms around his body, pulling
him closer as she grew more excited.

Worf didn't notice at first as Troi reached back and began to undo his
clothing, pulling at it. When he did, he pulled away.

"I... I cannot... I will...injure you..."

Troi shook her head in frustration, then sighed. "Worf, Betazoids are among
the most sexual people in the galaxy, second only to maybe Deltans. Trust
me, I can take it." She then reached down deliberately and unbuckled the
front of his pants.

Worf hesitated for a moment, then assisted her, pulled off his sash. After
he had it, he began to work on her shirt, pulling it off over her head in a
moment. She managed to get the buckles undone, and then started to pull the
pants down. Her eyes grew wide as she stared at the growing tent in the
underwear he seemed to be wearing. She licked her lips slightly and pulled
the top of the underwear off, further, until the head of his cock sprung
free. She gasped as more and more came out. As she stared at it, she began
pulling off her tunic until finally it was all the way off.

"Worf," she breathed, "it's... it's... It's enormous!" She quickly pulled
the rest out and gazed at it in wonder.

It was a large one, about 13 inches by her guess, and had a number of slight
ridges going down the mahogany shaft. The head bulged outwards, easilly 4
inches across. As she pulled at it, a droplet of pearl white pre-cum began
to push out of the slit at the very end. She brought her head in closer to
it, and as she inhaled the deep aroma of his muskiness, licked it.

Worf leaned back and closed his eyes, growling slightly. He had not felt
anything of this magnitude since his time with Alexanders mother, and that
had been a while ago.

Troi brought her mouth the the end of his cock again, then slowly began to
push it into her mouth. At this, Worf twitched, struggling to control his
muscles. She ran her tongue lightly around the head as she sucked it in,
pulling a series of clenched teethed grrrs. Finally, after stretching her
jaw an extra bit, she was able to get the entire head of his meat into her
mouth without touching it with her teeth. Thinking of this, she lightly
ran her teeth along the taut skin, and was rewarded with a gasping howl
from her lover. He held his breath, uncertain as to when she would next
startle him like that.

Troi grinned inwardly, and began to suck in earnest, tasting drop after drop
of Worf's salty pre-cum as it rolled along the side of her tongue, then back
into her throat. She began to bob her head slightly, moving back and forth
2 inches. He began to tense, feeling his stomach twitch and convulse, and
then grabbed her head and began pulling her faster and faster against his
throbbing, iron-hard meat. Faster and faster, he pulled, sliding her mouth
back and forth, occasionally brushing her lips with a ridge.

Troi was caught off guard when he had grabbed her head, but quickly
recovered, running her tongue around his cock as he pulled.

Suddenly, with a growl, he pulled her head all the way onto his dick and held
it there as it began to twitch and convulse even more, and then, with a howl,
he began to shoot into her throat. With each pulse, another glob of thick
cum exploded out of his meat into her throat, forcing her to swallow quickly
or risk drowning. He shot for almost 10 seconds before finally calming down
slightly. Finally, after about 30 seconds, only a thin drizzle of cum ran
out of his piss-slit and into her mouth.

It was extremely bitter, but she swallowed the last bit and then took a deep
breath. It had been getting a bit hairy there near the end, but Betazoids
had large lungs, perhaps for exactly that purpose. She breathed again, then
pulled her mouth off his dick as it slowly began to soften.

She was about to say something when she noticed it had stopped softening and
was in fact growing again, less then a few seconds after he had come! Worf
growled at her and grabbed her, almost all semblance of civilization gone
from his demeanor. He grabber her arm and threw her halfway onto his bed,
her lying on her stomach, knees on the floor. She started to rise, but he
had her by her shoulders and held her down.

"Worf, I-agh!" She broke off as she felt his cock push against her dripping
pussy and start to slide in. It was enormous! It stretched her opening as
he pushed, snarling and hissing into her depths. He got half of it in before
reversing course and pulling out, all in the span of a few seconds. He then
plowed back in, pushing in a more more inches. He did it again, pulling out
to almost the opening of her drenched box and then thrusting back in as hard
as he could.

Worf had lost almost all control over himself, the primitive impulses of the
T'hachless hitting him fully again. He grabbed his mates skin and thrust as
hard as he could, pistoning his hips as he drove into her faster and faster.
The sensations coming from his p'toK were incredible, growing ubearably

Troi was lost in extascy, her body overcome with different sensations from
her erogenous zones. Her vagina pulsed rythmically as it contracted and
spasmed around the huge member that sank deeply into her and out again, and
the skin directly behind her shoulders tingled as Worf grabbed and cluthced
at it, unkknowingly stimulating one of the most powerful zones on a Betazed.
She moaned and panted as his meat thrust into her again and again, each
sound responded to by a howl from Worf as he sped up even more. The ridges
of his penis grated along the second clitoris found on Betazoid vaginas,
sending wave after wave of sharp pleasure into Troi's mind. He eyes rolled
back into her head as she screamed with orgasm, pushing herself back onto
his driving cock. She shuddered and almost passed out as each bolt of
pleasure pounded into her consciounce, throwing her more and more into a
mindless frenzy.

As her muscles began to convulse even tighter around his driving p'toK, Worf
gave a hunt shriek which filled the entire room. Droplets of sweat flew
off his brow and landed on the creamy back of his mate as he growled and
screamed, pushing his t'poK deeply into her spasming vagina and holding it
there as he again began to shoot, pulse after pulse of gel-like cum spurting
deep into her womb, even more then before, filling it like a faucet. He
clawed at her back and began to howl as his cock stopped pulsing and began
simply squirting into her, the continuos rush of cum-sealant washing the her
insides thorougly.

When she felt him begin to cum and fill her tight pussy, Troi fell into an
orgasmic trance which took over her entire body. She joined Worf as he
howled and they both lost all control as they sat there, spasming and
shooting and more until finally, Worf's flow of cum began to slow again, and
Troi felt herself coming down from her pedestal. She slowly opened her eyes
and kept them halfway open as she revelled in the post-orgasmic bliss of her
experience. Behind her, she heard a low growl and felt his immense penis
slowly pull out of her, softening again. She flipped around so she was
lying on her back and stared up at the shrinking member which had filled
her so thoroughly. She sat up and touched it, causing Worf to jerk away and
growl again. Realizing he must still be overcome by the T'hachless instincts
and feelings, she slowly stood up and approached him as he suspiciously
watched from behind animal-like eyes. She slowly reached out and brought
his face to hers and began to kiss him. She pushed her tongue into his mouth
and met a momentary resistance, but quickly, the tension filling Worf's body
melted away and he responded. After a minute, she gently broke the kiss,
stroking Worf's face lightly.

"Did you enjoy that?" She asked, lightly running her fingers along the
ridges on his forhead. He nodded slightly, then again, as if slightly
unsure of himself. Then, gaining courage, harder.

"Yes. I enjoyed that...very...much. It was..." He seemed to be searching
for an adjective. "It was...incredible." Troi raised an eyebrow. For Worf
to be using that word must mean he really meant it, and, sensing the roiling
emotions underlied with happiness in the back of his mind, she concluded that
indeed, he had enjoyed it. Very much.

"Oh Worf, so did I." She melted into his now supportive arms and they began
kissing again, strongly.

Suddenly, the door chimed.

"Oh shit!" Troi broke away again, looking at the chronometer. "I have an
appointment scheduled for now!" She turned about and grabbed her tunic,
pulling it on as Worf began to dress as well. "Just a minute!" She called,
straightening her hair. She felt Worfs cum dripping slightly into the crotch
of her tunic as she finished her hair and swore again. Looking down, she saw
a slight stain and hoped nobody would notice. She looked over and saw Worf
standing, fully attired once again as if nothing had happened. He began to
sniff slightly, then looked at her, and she realized how strongly she smelt
of their previous lovemaking. In addition to the soreness between her legs,
she felt the scrathes on her back throb painfully. She's have to stop by
sick-bay to get that taken care of soon as well.

"I must go to my quarters, Counselor, to... clean up. I recomend you do the
same." He looked pointedly at the growing spot on her uniform. She nodded
quickly and finished preparing herself. The door chimed again.

"I said, just a minute! I'll be right there!" She looked at Worf and smiled
sorrowfully. "Looks like we'll have to cut this meeting short. I was
wondering if you'd care to join ME for dinner this evening, Mr. Worf. How
does 7 sound?" She smiled innocently at him. For a moment, she could swear
she saw him grin slightly before he responded.

"I," he began stiffly, "would be honored to eat dinner with you tonight.
Counselor?" He gestured towards the door graciously. She giggled, and
began walking. "Consider it a date." As she walked towards the door,
it slid open, revealing a small crowd of 4 people, watching curiously.
She realized they must have heard the howls a few minutes earlier.

"Are you all right, Counselor?" Asked one ensign, who glanced at her
concernedly, apparently worried about her safety.

"Yes, Ensign. I'm fine, thank you. Me and Mr. Worf here were simply...
talking. We were having a bit of an... energetic... discussion. Could
you possibly reschedule for a half hour from now? I totally lost track
of the time and need to get something done quickly." She shrugged

"Sure, it's... no problem. I'll come back in a half hour." He nodded to
her and turned to leave, but before he did, Troi felt a wave of embarressment
course through him and realized he must have smelled the odors of her and
Worf's meeting. She turned to the rest of the crowd. "I'm quite all right,
thank you. Do any of you have any business with me now?"

The remaining three shook their heads quickly and left, muttering good byes.
After they had gone, Troi looked around to make sure nobody else was visible,
and quickly leaned up and pecked Worf on the cheek.

"Tonight, then." She smiled as he nodded and turned towards his quarters.
She resisted the urge to pinch him in his buttocks, and began to walk
towards her room, whistling. As she walked, she began composing her daily
log. Today I met with Lieutenant Commander Worf, and we discussed some
aspects of post-Barkleys Protomorphic psychological syndrome. I expect no
further problems with him, but expect some checkups in the near future. She
smiled again as she thought of the impending "check-ups" and continued to
walk, a slight spring evident in her step.

As she disappeared around the corner, a figure emerged from the shadows,
watching her go. It was Guinan on one of her infrequent trips away from
Ten-Forward. She watched the receeding form of Counselor Troi and smiled


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