Hi everyone. First the usual. All Star Trek characters are property of
Paramount and this is a parody only. The actors who portray these characters
rarely if ever get fucked in the ass. Enjoy.

Star Trek - The Next Generation: Part 2 - Counserlor, Toy
by Captain Dickhard (m+F,mast,oral,nc,drug,rape,viol,tort,fist)

Wesley stalked the corridors of the crew level. He wasn't sure if security
was after him or if he was just paranoid. Would his mother really be able to
tell anyone that her own son had raped her. As Wesley turned the events over
in his mind he felt shame. He couldn't believe what he had done. Then he felt
something in his pants and couldn't believe that he wanted to do it again. He
reached into his pocket and pulled out the hyposprays he had snatched on his
way out from sickbay. If he could just find somewhere quiet to re-mix these.
His eyes darted around the doorways until he saw a name he recognised.

Counselor Deanna Troi lay on her bed, her legs apart, dress pulled up over
her waist. She had slipped off her underwear and was slowly fingering
herself. She moved her finger slowly, gently, barely touching her smooth
skin. She worked it slowly up her pussy allowing herself to nudge her
clitoris for a tantalizing split second before working her way back down
again. As she breathed deeply she felt all the tension of the day slip
away. It had been weeks since she had had a chance in her busy schedule
to set aside some personal time - but it was worth the wait. She hadn't
had a man in months. It was so hard aboard a starship when you weren't
in a relationship. One bad decision and your reputation would be ruined
forever. Still, this was not the time to worry about that. She focused on
her breathing and the steady up and down motion of her wrist. It was true
that she had put on a little weight in the last year or so. Maybe it was
easier to turn an officer's head with a tiny waistline. She stopped. The
thought had disturbed her. Was she no longer attractive?

"Computer. Lights." The lights came up to full and Deanna lifted herself off
the bed and walked to the mirror. Shrugging her dress off she stood and
looked at herself completely naked and contemplated her figure. It was
depressing. There were no two ways about it. Her legs and her butt were
chubby. She could even see a little pot belly starting to form at her waist.
She sighed. The diet starts tomorrow. Still, as mother always said "God never
closes a door without opening a window."

The extra pounds had certainly done no harm to her bust. Troi had always had
nice breasts but of late they had become obscene. She had had to reprogram
her replicator just to make a bra that would fit her. She faced the mirror
and focused on her boobs. They were HUGE. Enormous, pendulous breasts. They
almost reached her navel. Yet without a hint of sagging. They were full and
firm. Almost looked like they were about to explode. As for her nipples: they
stuck out proudly like large bullets, her aeriola were stretched and swollen.
Four inches across and a deep red.

Just for the sake of curiosity she reached up and squeezed a nipple between
her thumb and forefinger. She bit her lip and inhaled sharply. So sensitive.
She did it again. This time she cried out as she saw a droplet of milk come
out. A curious betazoid trait. Until menopause she would continually lactate.
It was a little disconcerting at first for her human lovers. But in time they
had come to enjoy it and so had she.

She cupped both breasts now in her hands and squeezed as hard as she dared,
digging her long nails into the supple flesh. A squirt of milk shot out all
over the mirror and Troi was wracked by the strongest orgasm she had felt in
a long time. Dizzy, she lurched back and found herself flat on the bed. When
the momentary panic had subsided, she giggled and let both hands wander down
to her box. She massaged her groin, enjoying the feel of her large bush under
her fingers. When she reached her pussy her hands came away wet and sticky.

"Urgh!" The fun was over. She headed for the bathroom to get cleaned up. As
she washed her hands she thought she heard the door chime. She switched off
the water and listened more closely. Yep, there it was again. "Shit." She ran
back to the bedroom to retrieve her dress only to find a large cum stain on
the front. "Shit." The chime again, accompanied by a knock. Who was this?
Stall for time.

"Who is it?" she called out as she dashed to the wardrobe.

"Counselor? Its me. I need to talk to you."

"Wesley? Is that you?" She rarely spoke to Wesley off of the bridge. What
could he possibly want? She pulled the first thing to hand out of the closet.
A low cut, grey jumpsuit that she wore so often. With no time for the zipper,
she jammed her legs down the neck and started working it up her body. "Could
you maybe come back later? I'm a little busy."

"No Counselor. I need to speak to you right now. Its urgent!"

He sounded upset. As she struggled to get the jumpsuit up over her big ass
she reached out with her mind and touched his thoughts. She pulled back
instantly. My God. Such turmoil, such chaos. Something was really wrong.
"Just a second Wesley." As she hopped to the door she pulled the suit to her
neck with much difficulty and grunting. She could barely get the shoulders
up. What was wrong with the... Oh no! It was her old suit. The one she had
to pour herself into when she was twenty pounds lighter. Shit. Well no time
to change now. She sucked in as much as she could and gave a really hard
pull, forcing her bowling ball sized tits into the suit. She opened the door.
Wesley was leaning against the frame. He was sweating and breathing hard.
His hands shook. "Wesley, what's wrong?" She led him into the room and he
fell on the bed.

"Please lock the door."

"Why would I...?"

"Just lock it!" He sounded so stressed, without thinking she reached behind
herself and locked the door. Pulling a chair up next to the bed, she sat
close to Wesley, leaned forward and placed a hand on his knee. As she leaned
in, the left shoulder of her suit slipped down her arm , showing a criminal
amount of cleavage. Trying to ignore her own embarrassment, Troi nonchalantly
pulled the shoulder back up and looked Wesley in the face.

"What's wrong Wesley?" He looked like he was about to cry. He looked her in
the eyes for a split second but quickly broke the connection and looked down.
"Wesley look at me." But he wouldn't. He wouldn't look or move. She started
to feel a slight pressure against the inside of her palm that was on his leg.
She looked down to see her own hand on Wesley's erection. Unable to look
away, as she had her eyes fixed on his pants, Wesley jammed a hypo down on
her exposed neck. She heard a hiss and then felt a warm sensation in her arm
and neck. She tried to straighten up and fell off the chair. Her whole body
was limp. She lay faced down on the floor and laughed despite herself. Her
head was spinning and she was no longer sure where she was. But she had a
tingling sensation all over that felt kind of nice.

Wesley picked her up by the waist and with some difficulty dragged her to the
bed. "Fuck you're heavy!"

"Heavy," she repeated and giggled.

"In case you're wondering what's happened, I've injected you with a compound
of my own invention. Its part alcohol, part hallucinogenic, and part
rohypnol. Don't worry, you'll be able to move in a minute. That's a temporary
side effect, and your no good to me just laying there like a beached whale."

As Deanna's vision came back into focus, she could see that Wesley had
removed his pants to reveal an enormous cock. Maybe she was already
hallucinating but that thing looked sixteen inches long and four wide. His
balls were purple and the size of tennis balls. It all seemed to be moving
towards her now, jumping out at her like a 3D movie. At least the room had
stopped spinning. Wesley was now grappling with her dress at the shoulders
and trying to pull it down. She didn't quite know why, but she started to

"Fuck, were you sewn into this thing or what?" Try as he might he couldn't
even pull it down over her breasts. "What have you got, like two bowling
balls in here?" He tried to get a better grip on her suit and as he pushed
down on her chest, her top began to stain with large pools of milk coming
from each nipple. "I take it back. You're not a whale, you're a fucking cow!
Remind me to milk you later. He he."

Finally frustrated, he dug his fingers in with all his might and just ripped
the suit right off her. Troi cried out as the seams split around her waist
and legs. Wesley took a step back to admire his prize. He eyes scanned up and
down hungrily, always returning to her huge tits. "You know what? I'll take

Wesley leapt at her like an animal pouncing on its prey. Troi cried out as he
landed on top of her, knocking the wind out of her and stabbing her hard in
the thigh with his dick. Before she had recovered her breath he was laying on
top of her and had his tongue down her throat. Far from a passionate kiss,
Troi felt like she was having a dental exam. His fat tongue jammed up and
down her throat as he sucked and slobbered all over her. From her perspective
it was all hazy and kind of nice. She could feel his dick rubbing against her
pussy as he moved up and down.

Now focusing on her tits, he held one of them tight in both hands (as much as
he could hold these monsters) and squeezed. Milk shot out and hit him in the
face. Squeezing again, he put his mouth around her nipple and sucked. His
mouth filled with warm, sweet milk and he gulped it greedily. At some point
the sucking became biting and he clamped his teeth down as hard as he could.
Troi screamed in pain and pleasure at once as another orgasm overtook her,
soaking her own thigh and Wesley's dick.

"Oh, you like that huh?" Wesley sat up on her and slapped her tits hard,
watching them bounce up and down as the flesh turned bright red. Troi
squealed and wiggled with delight as he bashed and whipped her boobs as
hard as was humanly possible.

Unable to contain his lust any longer, Wesley slipped his cock into her
cleavage and began pounding her tits for all they were worth. Well lubricated
by her own milk, they continued to spurt like Old Faithful each and every
time he shafted his cock up into her tender flesh. Troi found herself now
able to move her arms and she cupped her boobs and pushed them together to
give Wesley as tight a fit as possible.

He pounded her flesh mercilessly, sending shockwaves through her whole body
as her fat tits rocked up and down in time. Pushing her hands away, he
grabbed Troi's breasts, one in each hand, and clawed his fingers into her
soft flesh until he had a fistful of nipple in each hand. His grip clamped
down hard on her and as he bucked, he stretched and pulled Troi's nipples
towards him until the skin had lifted and stretched inches from where it
normally sat. Her flesh now resembled two large tents that ended at points
in Wesley's grasp. It should have been agonising and it was - but when Troi
screamed it was only for more. Milk leaked from Wesley's fists and ran down
his arms as Deanna's tits continued to express. He could feel her huge
nipples throbbing in his grip every bit as much as she could feel his dick
throbbing. Even so, her freakishly large tits didn't hold his attention for
long and soon enough Wesley found himself longing for other pleasures.

"Sit up." He ordered her and she found herself responding without knowing
why. He stood on the bed so that his huge dick was level with her face. She
could see it pulsing and throbbing of its own accord. And pointing at it with
both hands Wesley simply said, "Do stuff to this."

Deanna leaned forward slowly, trying to bring his member into focus while
still concentrating on not falling down. As she felt herself slip, she lunged
forward and grabbed his dick to steady herself. It was like steel. Without a
thought for what she was doing, she leaned in and took one of his balls into
her mouth. She licked and sucked at his sack while working both her hands up
and down his shaft. He moaned softly as she worked. But it seemed to be more
frustration than pleasure.

"Harder!" he demanded.

Without thinking, Troi took as much of his sack as she could into her mouth
and bit down hard. Far from complaining, Wesley encouraged her on. She pulled
at his balls like a dog with a rag in its mouth, until he was screaming with
pleasure. But she could tell by the look on his face that he wanted more.
Desperate to please him, and with no idea why, Troi aimed his huge dick
squarely between her lips and began to suck on his enormous cock head.

She sucked for all she was worth as her full, sensual lips moved up and down
over his member. Slowly relaxing her jaw, she took in more and more until she
felt it touch the back of her throat. A tickling sensation came and went and
Troi found her mouth filled with her own saliva. This was exactly the
lubrication she needed. She took a breath, closed her eyes and with a muffled
scream she thrust her face towards Wesley's groin until she felt his pole
slide painfully down her tiny throat.

Choking and slobbering she pulled back momentarily, just to take a breath and
then impaled herself again. She estimated that she had fully ten inches of
cock down her throat - no mean feat considering its girth. Satisfied with her
performance, Troi began to bob up and down, Wesley's member pistoning in and
out of her mouth. She smiled as she felt a waterfall of warm saliva pour down
her chin and neck onto her red and throbbing, swollen tits.

Wesley was grunting now. Unable to stand back and let Troi do all the work,
he took her by the back of her head and slammed his cock into her. Troi
grunted and her throat spasmed as slowly, one thrust at a time he worked the
entire sixteen inches down her mouth. When it was as far as it would go and
Troi's forehead was touching Wesley's stomach, he stopped thrusting and just
held her there.

After a few seconds of not being able to breathe, Troi began to struggle
involuntarily. Her throat contracted again and again and each of her screams
sent delicious vibrations shooting up Wesley's pole. With a scream, he
released her from his grip and as she fell back on the bed he shot white hot
cum over her face and chest. With relief, Troi passed out.

She awoke with no idea of how much time had passed. She had a slight headache
and a sore throat but her equilibrium had returned and she was thinking
straight again. She was horrified then to come to her senses spread-eagled
across her bed, butt naked with Wesley Crusher looming over her. She couldn't
cry out for the shock of it. His gaze was piercing and cold. He appeared to
be looming over her crotch and probing her pussy with an outstretched finger.
Not sure what to do, Deanna just lay there, trying to work out what was going

Wesley ran his hands over her bush. He was surprised and delighted by her
natural and hairy it was. In contrast to his mother's, this was a veritable
forest of thick, bushy pubes. He turned his attention to the cunt itself.
Troi had big, pouty lips which were pulled open to reveal a large, wet
vagina. Wesley smirked as he realised that it would with some persuasion
be able to accommodate his ever expanding member. He fingered Troi in
anticipation of the fucking to come. Troi began to moan unconsciously,
before checking herself. She snapped out of her daze and snapped her legs
shut on wesley's hand. They closed like a vice and trapped his fist between
her big thighs.

"Hey!" he cried in disappointment.

"Wesley, I don't know what the hell you're doing here, or what's going on but
you had better get off me right now!"

Wesley laughed. "Or what?"

Troi fell silent.

"That's right. Nothing. Now open back up, you fuckin' whore!"

Troi was shocked at his language, but considering where his hand was, it was
remarkable that she found herself able to be shocked by anything. She wasn't
sure what to do. But she was not opening her legs and inviting him in. To
emphasize the point, she clenched her thighs tighter around his hand.

Wesley was angry at first, but then he relaxed. He could force her legs
apart with his bare hands and give her the fucking she deserved willingly
or unwillingly or.

"You know what I think, Counselor? I think you will open your legs for me.
All you need is the right incentive."

Troi shook her head resolutely. Wes pulled at his hand experimentally. It
wasn't coming out easily. But another direction had occurred to him. With
one finger already in Troi's pussy, he pushed and slowly added another.
Troi cried out. And then another.

"Wes. Stop!"

Wesley had his entire hand buried in her tight pussy. She cried out. "Please.



Wesley shrugged and cleched his hand into a fist. As Troi made tiny noises
of protest, he slowly applied pressure until his fist was up to the wrist
in cunt. "Open?"


He slowly pulled out about an inch and then unexpectedly punched with all his
might. His fist slid unrentingly up her stretching passage and came to rest
half way between his wrist and his elbow in her pussy. Troi screamed herself
hoarse. Her legs were still locked together, but now they were clenched in

"This is just like stuffing a turkey. Just when you think you can't go any

Troi felt Wesley's fist move ever so slightly inside her. Her legs sprang
open wider than Wesley would have believed possible. He smiled. "Now that's
more like it. Would you like me to take my hand out of your tortured pussy?"
He twisted it slightly in the hopes of eliciting the correct response.

"Yes," said Troi with an air of defeat in her voice. He had already broken
her spirit. Now she was his for the taking.

"Tell me," asked Wesley in the sweetest tone he could muster. "What would you
like up there instead?"

Troi hesitated. Wes shot her a deranged smile. ", ...penis."

"My what?"

"Your dick."

"My dick? Ask me like you really want it."

Troi shuddered and held back tears. "Please...stick your dick in me."
Wesley's silence encouraged more. "Please... I want it. I want you to stick
your huge fat cock in me."


With a sickening slurping sound, Wes's fist slowly wriggled its way out of
Troi's abused cunt. She was relieved and terrified at the same time. She knew
she had a big pussy. Riker had done nothing but complain about it. And Wes's
hand had no doubt made it bigger still. But his dick was like an Altarian
donkey! It didn't look much smaller than his arm. Would she survive this
experience. Would she be able to walk again. She was about to find out.

Wes put his hands around her lips and forced them apart. His free hand,
barely able to manage the size of his own cock, was directing the massive
head towards her box. She bit her lip in anticipation as she felt the sides
of her cunt forced wide and then he entered her.



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