Synopsis: Harvey Kinkle has been Sabrina Spellman's crush for a long time.
One afternoon, he comes by the Spellman house for a visit. Sabrina and her
aunt Zelda Spellman are in the other realm visiting relatives. Harvey finds
a horny Hilda Spellman instead. Watch what happens.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Anal Chubby Chaser (mF,anal)
by The Fan

Harvey looked at Hilda Spellman. The blonde-haired plumper strode through
the kitchen in her bra and panties. Her chubby body looked sexy, at least
to him. She looked at him provocatively, then turned around, showing him her
plump bubble butt. The kind of butt that was rare on white females. Harvey
liked big women, especially the sexy ones. Hilda Spellman appealed to him
immensely. This tall, large-breasted, thick-bodied, wide-hipped and
big-bottomed Anglo-Saxon woman was his idea of a hot date. He got up from
the couch and walked up to her. Hilda looked at this tall, muscular young
stud. He was the sexiest man she'd seen in a long time.

Hilda kissed Harvey, and he kissed her back. Passionately, they embraced. At
long last, they had found each other. The plump girl had found the rare man
who liked fat chicks. It was about to get hot in here! Quickly, they
undressed. Hilda went straight for Harvey's dick. She held his long and
thick cock in hand and began suckling. Harvey thrust his cock into her mouth.
Judging by Hilda's expert moves, she had done this before. She sucked his
cock and licked his balls. He liked what she was doing. He didn't know where
she picked up her skills but he appreciated it. Hilda sucked on Harvey 's big
cock. It had been a long time since she'd had such a man in her bed and she
wanted to make up for lost time.

When Hilda got him nice and hard, Harvey suddenly came. Hilda was surprised,
but she didn't care, or mind much. She drank his seed until he was dry. She
wasn't done with him yet. She wanted some of his hard cock where she craved
him the most. A spot in her body which hadn't been touched in a long time.
Hilda spat on Harvey's cock, then rubbed the spittle against her back door.
Taking him in hand, she placed his cock against her anus. Harvey's eyes
widened. Hilda grinned. Yeah, now he knew what she wanted. Would he give it
to her? Well, Harvey's a young man and a very hot older woman is offering
him her ass. What do you think he did?

Harvey did what any red-blooded heterosexual human male on the planet would
do. He held Hilda by those wide hips of hers and thrust his cock between her
plump butt cheeks, right up her asshole. Hilda gasped. It had been a while.
Harvey gripped her hips tightly and thrust into her. Hilda felt his long and
thick cock invading her asshole, just the way she liked it. She screamed and
begged him for more. Harvey began to fuck her harder, loving the feel of the
big woman's asshole around his cock. He had read in a porn magazine that the
bigger the woman, the tighter her asshole. He wanted to see if that theory
was true. So, he continued to slam his cock up Hilda's buns. The big woman
screamed louder and begged for more. Her asshole, once tight, seemed to
stretch to accommodate the bulk of his cock.

Hilda felt Harvey's big cock sliding in and out of her asshole. The big
woman's ass hungrily craved more cock and this stud seemed hell-bent on
teasing her to death. He pushed his cock in, then pulled it out. Hilda had
enough of this. So, she yelled at him to shove his cock as deep as it would
go. Harvey didn't need to be told twice. He rammed his cock deeper than ever
before, probing the forbidden depths of the big blonde woman's asshole.
Harvey couldn't take it for much longer and came, sending his hot cum deep
inside her asshole That's when Hilda Spellman screamed loud enough to wake
the dead. Harvey 's cum leaked out of her stretched asshole like a flood or
a stream. She had tears of joy in her eyes as Harvey squeezed his cock out
of her stretched anus.

Hilda Spellman looked at Harvey with gratitude. All she needed was a good
fuck up the ass and he had given it to her. She was so grateful that she
sucked his cock, straight from her asshole and right into her mouth. What
porn industry insiders called an "ass to mouth". Grinning, Harvey gave her
the thumb up. He could get used to this. They spent the rest of the night
fucking and sucking like jackrabbits. Then, Harvey went home. As for Hilda,
she went to bed happy and satisfied. That plump ass of hers was pleasurably
sore but her itch had been scratched. Next time she craved some cock in her
mouth or up her buns, she knew who to call. Harvey was the perfect man for
the job.

The End


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