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Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Another Spellman Family Secret (M+F,rape)
by CTsotsoras ([email protected])

The biker gang had followed Sabrina's car after she accidentally damaged some
of their bikes. They forced her to pull over to a smaller forest road and
stop. She stepped out of her car and watched them with a big grin in her
face. Sabrina pointed her finger to the gang but nothing happened! Her magic
powers were neutralized! What nobody knew was that this forest was used as a
jail for witches that misused their powers! And Sabrina was in there! The
eight bikers looked at her as she pointed again and again at them and started
to laugh.

"Hey, little girl! I point on you too!" said one of them and pulled out his
rock hard cock!

Sabrina panicked. She tried to get in to her car and lock the doors but they
stopped her before she even touched the door. One of them pulled her away
with a force that ripped of her red t-shirt. She stand between them in her
yellow skirt and pink bra. She tried to cover her body when she noticed that
there were more than one cock aiming at her! Someone grabbed her from behind
and closed her mouth with his big hand. The leader of the gang pulled out a
knife and placed it in her neck.

"Listen carefully sweetheart. Do what we want and you are not going to live
to get old. Try something stupid and the wild dogs will eat your dead body!
Understood?" he said to Sabrina and let the knife slide on her neck.

Sabrina understood. She nodded yes and the whole gang started to cheer. The
leader made them stop and spoke again to her. "And no hesitation, it will
have the same effect!" he said and pulled the knife away.

Sabrina nodded one more time yes. The man behind her let her go.

"Striped now, slowly!" the leader told her waving with his knife at her

Sabrina started to move like she was hearing some slow music and the bikers
cheered her. She unzipped her skirt and let her fall on the ground. Her
panties were also pink matching her bra. Her bra that was next to fall. As
her full breasts were free from the bra they sagged very lightly and jiggled
in every move she made. The bikers didn't cheer this time; they just looked
at her globes with wide opened mouths!

Sabrina placed her thumbs inside the rubber band of her panties and started
to push them down. She did it like she always do forgetting the men around
her. Her hips moved from left to the right many times making the men crazy,
then, as she reached her knees, she bend completely reaching her ankles
giving them a great view of her pussy and ass!

They cheered and suddenly she knew what she just did! She tried to get up but
she was stopped halfway by a hand. She was at the same level with someone's

"Suck my cock bitch!" he said and slapped her with his meat.

Sabrina loved life and obeyed immediately. She opened her mouth and took
inside as much of the cock she could, she wrapped her lips around the thick
shaft and started to move her head up and down. The man groaned but his
groans were covered by the cheers of the other gang members.

Sabrina felt sick. Suddenly she noticed something else. He was coming! He was
coming in her mouth!

"Swallow bitch! Don't let a drop fell out!"

Sabrina tried to swallow but she wasn't use to and it was too much! It
started to drip from the corners of her mouth down her chin. Then she pulled
back because she couldn't breathe anymore. Her face was instantly covered
with his sperm as he continued coming. She tried to rise but someone held her
down. This one was behind her!

Sabrina tried not to panic, she knew what was next. She felt his saliva on
her pussy lips. He started to spit at her to lubricate her. She was dry like
the dessert! When he was satisfied with his job he placed his cock head on
her pussy lips and pushed forward! Sabrina's eyes almost popped out of her
head and her mouth opened wide as she tried to scream. She didn't make it. A
third gang member use the chance and shoved his cock in her waiting mouth!
For the first time in her life Sabrina was double teamed and was fucked in
both holes! Or that was what she was thinking. The gang had plans for many
"first times"!

Sabrina wasn't a virgin and knew that without decent lubrication her pussy
will be shore in very short time and that will be painful for her. So she
decided to use her hand to help the situation. As the gang sees how she
started to rub her clit cheer her up! Suddenly the man behind her placed his
hand over hers and started to rub with her.

"So little bitch, do you want to enjoy it? Let me help!" he said and pushed
her hand completely away rubbing her clit on his own.

The man on the other end of Sabrina reached out and caressed one of her
breasts and a third one kneeled beneath her and sucked the free nipple.
Sabrina groaned, she was starting to lose control. Her boyfriend never
pleasured her so much, how could he, he was a virgin too back then. But
those guys, there where men and knew what to do. Sabrina felt how her
juices started to flow and she knew she had shot over the target. She
wanted some lubrication to ease the pain and now she was in seventh

Her body trebled and her first orgasm washed over her body! Her knees
couldn't hold her anymore and she fall down. The men in her pussy mouth and
tits followed her and she was in all fours now. Sabrina felt the man in her
mouth coming and wrapped her lips tighter around his cock. This time she
promised to herself that she wouldn't lost a drop! But she didn't make it
and he shot a lot of his sperm on her face!

Sabrina started to scoop the sperm with her fingers and licked them clean
making them cheer her even more. Then she felt the man in her pussy coming
inside her womb and a second orgasm shuddered her body. She couldn't stand
it anymore she needed a place to rest her week knees and hands.

The man underneath her was now in a much better position to suck her tits,
but his body provided also the support Sabrina needed. 'They're all going
to fuck me.' She thought. 'Why do I have to wait?' She turned her body,
never taking her breasts away from his skilled mouth, and sat slowly in his
cock! She started to move her hips up and down and he responded with thrusts
of his cock in her pussy diving deeper and deeper inside her and a more
intensive sucking of her nipples!

Sabrina closed her eyes and groaned loud as one more orgasm washed over her
body! She felt something slapping her face and opened her eyes. It was a big
cock! "Hey! I think you are new!" she said laughingly and started to suck
him eagerly!

Soon she had one more orgasm but she didnt stop for a moment to satisfy her
two ex-rapists. Then a third one joined the group. He kneaded Sabrina's ass,
kissing them and biting her soft flesh. Sabrina groaned around the cock in
her mouth. She knew that he was there to fuck her ass and she knew it would
be painful, since she was still virgin there, but his acts caused her so much
pleasure that she didnt care. She just wanted to have it! Then he started to
play with her rear entrance shoving fingers inside her and licking her!
Sabrina goes crazy! She pulled the cock out of her mouth and turned her head
to him. "Fuck me! Don't tease me! Take my cherry! FUCK ME! NOW!" she screamed
at him.

"Okay bitch! Here it comes!" said the biker and shoved his cock all the way
down her virgin ass!

Sabrina yelled as she felt the pain tearing her apart! "Yyyyeeeeesssss!!!
Yeessss! Yessss!"

The man in front of her slapped her again in her face and she started to
suck again. What started as a rape had involved to a gang bang! Sabrina was
tripled teamed and she was enjoining it! Orgasm after orgasm washed over her
body! The man inside her pussy came and Sabrina felt how his sperm splashed
at the walls of her womb. Then she had one more orgasm as the man beneath her
kept on pumping on her. Then she felt something she never felt before. Warm
sticky sperm in her bowls! The man in her ass was coming too! Sabrina once
more! The man receiving her oral services pulled his cock out of her mouth
and shoots his load all over her face! Sabrina waited for it with wide opened
mouth and stretched tongue. She swallowed a lot but the most landed at her
forehead, cheeks and nose. The other two pulled their cocks out of her holes
the one in her ass with a loud "popping" sound, Sabrina moaned disappointed.

Then they stand in front of her and make her clean their sticky cocks with
her tongue. Sabrina eagerly lick and suck them with her filthy mouth. Then
someone tipped her at her shoulder. She turned and a big smile appeared at
her face. There where five more gang members there!

In zero time she was in heaven again. Triple teamed by three fresh men! They
coordinated their thrusts pushing in all at the same time filling her wholes
and make her come more powerful then ever before. Sabrina felt weak and was
happy when they finished. Those three did something special. They pulled all
out of her holes shortly before they came and shot their loads all over her
pretty face!

Sabrina was a mess and was weak. She fell on the ground without the power to
move any more. But there were two more gang members. They got close to her
and one of them placed her legs on his shoulder and shoved his cock in her
sore pussy. Sabrina groaned in discomfort. It wasn't fun anymore. He fucked
her like a rag doll and shoot his load in her pussy. He wiped his cock in her
long blonde hair and started to dress.

The last one looked at her. She was a mess! He turned her around and shoved
his cock in her ass! It was the less ravaged whole of her body. After few
minutes he shot his load in her ass and pulled out with a "pop". He snapped
up her skirt and whipped his dirty cock. Then he dressed too and joined his
waiting friends.

The bikes disappeared in the dawn. Sabrina crawled in her car and started
the engine driving home. When she left the forest she felt her powers coming
back. She waved her finger and she was clean and dressed again with a big
smile in her face. As she drove through the city she saw a bar where many
bikers used to drink and play pool. She hit the brakes and stopped. She
parked her car and with a short move of her fingers she was dressed in a
leather costume. Then she walked in to the bar. Sabrina loved bikers! And
she was sure that that was another family secret!



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