Dick Shaft Part 1: Dawson'S Creek
by Wonder Mike

[This follows Sabrina's wish, I guess you need to find that.]

Roland the dwarf arrived in Creekside in the middle of a rainstorm.

"At least I got out of the other realm".

He was feeling quilty because he let Dick Shaft out of the other realm and
into the mortal world. Dick was a perfect male specimen 7 feet tall 400 pound
of no body fat male model crossed with a bull and Stallion, he was also
blessed with a spell that would make make women completely lose all sexual
inhibition, (not that he needed it) thanks to that little mink Sabrina.

Roland felt slightly to blame since it was his plan to make Sabrina forget
Farmboy that caused Dick to be created.

Roland stashed Dick into a hotel, he thought, 'Well, he has no verbal skills
and he seen to enjoy television, as long as no women stop by he should be
alright.' He decided to see what this little seaport town had to offer and
went to the nearest bar.

That was were he saw her, the blonde with the huge tits, he sniffed around
and found out her name was Jennifer, and she hadn't had sex in a long , long

Now he was horny, so he decided to make his move.

"How bout it babe? My height is the only thing small about me".

"Get lost creep", how many times had he heard that?

"Your loss toots", Roland had gotten his response down to a science, but he
had no plan to give up, "I think having Dick around can be very useful"

Jennifer was getting pretty drunk and Roland thought "Now is the time".

He ran across to the hotel conjurred up a trench coat to cover up Dick and
lead him to the bar, of course nobody would notice a seven foot monster in a
trench coat and hat and a dwarf walking through town.

Jen was just laving the bar, with a slight stagger, and Roland decided to
follow her home.

When she reached home, Roland peaked through all the windows to make sure she
was alone, of course she was alone, she was a teenage girl coming home drunk,
"This will be too easy."

Roland put Dick around the corner and knocked on the door.

"Hey toots open up?"

"What are you doing here?"

"I came to give you a second chance."

Jennifer started to slam the door when Roland stuck his foot inside and
grabbed it, "I guess it's time for you to get the Shaft."

Dick came lazily aound the corner.

One look and Jennifer was sober, "Who is that she asked?"

"This is Dick Shaft, the best fuck in the world, if you want to find out you
have to play by my rules."

"I don't believe you and I don't care." She was trying to be defiant but
the spell surrounding Dick had taken it's toll.

Roland pulled down Dicks pants and Jen saw how he got his name, it was ten
inches completely limp, she had no idea what she was in for.

"You have to take care of me for Dick to get it up, that was the line Roland
was going to be using, it couldn't fail.

Jennifer was now willing to do anything for that hunk of meat.

"Drop your pants and bend over," she was instructed, she quickly obeyed.

Roland came up behind her and stuck two of his cigar sized fingers into her
cunt, he then stuck two up her ass and began to twist and turn.

The combination of this and the spell were about to bring her to an orgasm.

Roland dropped his pants to release his fully erect 13 inch missile. He had
to hold it to keep it of f the ground, He rammed it into Jennifer has hard
has is little body could, Jennifer had no idea of it's size and the shock
brought her to orgasim quickly, her screams also caused Roland to shoot his
load quickly. 'I have to work on that,' he thought.

Jen had still not turned around and saw Dick, he was fully erect and his
animal lust was out of control His cock was touching the floor, a full two
feet long, three inches long at the tip reaching nine inches in diameter at
the base, a full six inches across.

He ran up behind Jen and slammed it to the hilt with a gutteral grunt on the
first stroke. He rammed the teenager from behind with the speed and force of
a jackhammer, all the way in then all the way out. Jen was in a sexual
trance, she had died and went to heaven.

Dick rolled backwards putting Jen on top of his monster tool. He would lift
her up and down has Jen could move, she was impaled.

Roland enjoying the show conjurred aup a trampoline underneath them so the
young blone coould bounce up and down, he loved watching her tits flop

They would get two feet of the ground and slam back down to earth. This
wasn't hard enough for Dick, he stood up holding Jen in front of him, this
was his favorite position, he could use his inhumanly strong arms to slam the
young girl on his member while he thrust with the most powerful legs on

Jen wa sa blur being slammed around she gave out a blood curdling scream as
she passed out from fer 5th orgasim in the first two minutes of this

The scream brought her nextdoor neighbor, the young Josephine (Joey) Potter,
running , she burst in to see the surreal scene, of her sometimes friend
Jennifer passed out, being Impaled by this georgous monster.

Her panty's were allready soaked, she had no idea of the size of Dick's
member since it was buried to the hilt inside of Jen, and they were moving
at superhuman speed, If she had known maybe she would have ran before the
spell hit, but alas, it was to late, the combination of the scene in front
of her and the spell was too much Her pants were already of and she had
inserted three fingers into her virgial cunt.

Dick dropped Jen and turned towards Joey, "OH MY GOD!" was the only thing she
could say.

Dick was on her like a rocket, he tossed her to the ground. He was on her in
an instant buried to the hilt in her cunt, she couldn't even scream.

Dick didn't even waste time on the prelimanaires, he lifted her up and began
to slam his inhuman member into the young girl, she would swing the full two
feet away from his body and come slammimg down against his solid chest

Joey was determined not to pass out like Jen, she was better than her and
was going to prove it, she whispered into Dick's ear and he laid down Joey
straddling him, up and down she bounced, she new the secret of staying awake
was to be in control, it was becoming impossible since she had just had her
sixth orgasms.

She climbed of with a squishy "POP" and immediatly began, to suck on the tip.
She managed to get about 4 inches into her mouth and sucked for all she was
worth, it was not good enough for Dick, in a blur he was Behind Joey and
jackhammering her doggy style, that was all she wrote for Joey she passed out
and would be out for a while but once again that didn't stop Dick. He kept up
his unmerciful pounding on the unconsiuos teenager.

Roland knew he had to get out of this town, they had ruined two young girls
and Dick wasn't satisfied yet. he cast a transportation spell, and they were

To Be Continued...


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