Dick Shaft Part 4: The X-files
By Wonder Mike

Dana Scully was ready to get back to regular cases, she had quit the X-files
to go back to medicine but was drawn back in by her partner.

Dana and Fox decided to intersperse "regular" case along with the X-files so
they could make a difference.

They had tracked public enemy #1 Liz Marks to this small Chicago town. She
was going by the name Angela smith and working in a small bar.

A bar regular recognized the description and pointed her out, "Mulder, there,
she is, talking to that little fellow."

Fox replied "This wasn't even worth our time, a computer hacker. We were
working on a case with global implications, I know we needed a break after or
ordeal, but computers, mean nothing to me."

"Mulder, this women has broken into a Federal computer network and is an
international terrorist, she has to be stopped."

"Your right Scully, wait a minute, she's leaving with the midget."

"That's little person Mulder."

"I think she spied us, I'm going around back Scully, you grab her in the
parking lot."

The agents, split up and hit the parking lot, but the dwarf and Liz had

"Where'd the go, they couldn't have just disappeared."

Fox and Dana circled the block, there were three motels and that was the
obvious place to check for the fugitive.

The clerk at the third motel instantly recognized the description of Roland
and gave the agents the key.

They reached the door just when Liz let out her blood curdling scream.

Fox and Dana burst in the room to a surreal scene.

On the floor out cold was the Dwarf, and spinning at an unbelievable speed
in front of a huge man, who looked more beast than man was a rag doll, no it
was Liz.

Liz was unconscious and looked like she was about to die.

"Freeze," he yelled.

The monster didn't move, Fox ran behind Dick and clubbed him in the back of
the head. He knew he had to get Liz away from him, he fired at his leg.

Nothing. He fired again, again Dick didn't even flinch.

He shot Dick in the back of his head and that got his attention. Dick turned
toward Fox and Fox fired again and again, this time Dick went down.

Fox yelled, "Scully, cuff him. Scully."

"Dana, where are you?"

Fox was trying to pull Liz away from Dick, he had know idea she was impaled.

That was the moment when he saw Scully, she had been taken over by Dick's
mystical spell, she ducked behind her partner and clubbed him in the back of
the neck.

She started to massage Dick, and he was fully recovered.

Dick grabbed, Angela-Liz and tossed her aside, fresh meat.

He ripped of Dana's skirt and plunged his member into her.

The good news was that it hadn't had a chance to grow anymore, the bad news
was it was still two and a half feet long and maxed out at the base to a full
foot across.

Scully was going to be hurt.

It took two strokes for Dick to slam his member to the hilt, he tossed the
agent to the ground and began to pummel her.

He saw the spinner, and that was what he wanted.

He attached the device to Dana, stood up and gave her a mighty spin.

Dick and Dana were both in heaven, Dick was standing straight up slamming the
red head up and down on his monster member, his favorite position.

Dick had not fully recover so he laid on his back and let Dana ride him while
he pumped the rods on the spinner up and down. He gave her another mighty
spin. Scully was out cold. But she had the time of her life.

Roland and Fox were regaining conciseness at the same time, Roland knew Dick
hadn't gotten his release, but he also saw, the Agents badges.

Roland cast a spell to send Angela across the country, he didn't want her to
get in trouble for what Dick had been doing, he cast a spell to remove Dana
from, Dick, other she would have been stuck until he came, then he cast an
anywhere spell, this spell, would find the horniest girl in the world, Roland
knew Dick had to have release now, he was totally out of control.

To Be Contined...


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