Dick Shaft Part 7: La Femme Nikita
by Wonder Mike

Section one had been searching for Dick and Roland. They were monitoring the
FBI when they saw the report. An agent turned on her partner and freed a huge
man who hospitalized her.

There had been numerous other cases of similar reports. Mother felt whoever
they were would make great members for the section.

She assigned Nikita for the job. She knew her prey was fond of beautiful
girls, this was the kind of case they recruited Nikita for.

Michael entered her office, "I don't know if Nikita can handle this case."

"Is there some reason you don't think she can handle it."

"No." was the response he had to give.

"You can monitor her progress."

"You will be point man for the mission."

Section One had tracked them to the motel they were staying in.

Nikita made her move.

"Freeze." She shouted. Before Dick could turn. she pasted him with a shotgun.

Tiffany slid off his shrinking cock and rolled to the floor.

Dick took two steps and fell, He had been blasted with a powerful
tranquilizer and he was going out.

Roland made his move, he charged the skinny blonde and the next thing he knew
he was upside down against the wall.

"Smooth move ex-lax." He thought.

Nikita chained Dick to the bed and then handcuffed Roland.

"Don't you feel a little tingle?" Roland asked.

Nikita did feel something but she was so focused the full effect of the spell
hadn't hit her. Roland knew that was his only hope. This girl was amazing.

Roland knew exactly what to do.

"Hey good lookin, what's cooking?"

"Shut up."

Why wouldn't that line work?

Nikita hadn't shown any sign of the spell but it was working and building up
inside of her.

Nikita finally lost it. She opened up Dick's robe and exposed him.

She stuff has much of his cock as she could down her throat. It wasn't much
but it was enough to get it to spring to life. Nikita hopped on board.

She was the first girl that Roland had actually seen ride Dick. This girl was
amazing. She couldn't get all the way down but she had buried about 14 inches
of his cock inside her.

She was standing facing away from Dick then she dropped to her knees.

She still couldn't get to the base but she did get another two inches in. She
had to have more.

Roland dissolved his handcuff's and ran over, she wasn't Sabrina but she was
cute, tough, and horny and Roland wanted her.

Roland unzipped his pants pulled out his cock, spun her around climbed on top
of her and slammed it into her ass. Nikita was being double penetrated by 29
inches of cock.

Roland was fully awake, and broke his chains like they weren't even there. He
grabbed Nikita by the shoulder and shoved her down to the base. He was know
slamming her up and down on his member, Roland along for the ride.

Dick stood up and spun her around on his cock. Nikita and Roland screamed at
the same time, Nikita was on her third organism, Roland of course had shot
his load long ago. "I have got to do something about that" he thought.

Dick would alternately slam Nikita down, then spin her. Roland was terrified
for both of their lives, but He was as equally terrified to let go.

Roland couldn't believe that this girl was still conscious. She was truly

Roland knew he couldn't take much more of this. He had to get out of their
right now. He knew Dick hadn't came, and this was a good opportunity but he
was about to pass out. He cast a transportation spell to take he and hi buddy
to the biggest city he knew.

Nikita dropped to the floor in heaven. What was she going to tell Mother?

To Be Continued...


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