Dick Shaft Part 8: Lois And Clark
by Wonder Mike

Metropolis. This was a city where they could get lost. Roland knew it was
time to lay low. Dick was losing his vocabulary. and he was starting to
growl. Roland thought "Maybe, I should bring us back to that little blonde
girl who looks like my beloved Sabrina."

But he realized the FBI and some other organization was looking for them. He
also thought that the girl may not have recovered yet.

Roland was staring out his motel window when he saw her. A brunette with a
business coat and a short skirt. Her breast were well, spectacular.

She was talking to some drunk on the street, Roland ran to he doorway so he
could listen.

"Listen, snake, I know you have been dealing with Luthor and I just need to
talk to him."

"I don't know what your talking about."

"Snake, all I have is a 20."

Snake started to walk away, Lois had to find Luthor. She and Clark had been
married for a year but the specter of her ex fiance hung over their head like
a bad cloud.

Snake was not going to be any help and Lois Lane was about to search for
another source. That was the good thing about being an ace reporter. There is
always another source.

It was time for Roland to make hi move.

"Hey Toots, want a good time?"

"Get lost creep."

"I have got to get a new pick up line" he thought.

Lois turned away and started to leave.

Roland spun her around and said "I can hel."

That was all he got out before he was kneed in the groin.

"I don't like strange-whatever you are touching me."

Roland decided to let Dick loose on this girl.

He transported them to his room. "O k, how did we get here, and where are

Her reporter instincts had taken over, she wanted answers, and she new one
cry for help and she would be o k.

"You are going to put on a show for me toots, You don't like being touched by
strange men, well I don't like being kicked in the groin."

I, am not going to put on any kind of show for you and I am not someone to
mess would you little troll.

That was all Roland needed to hear. He was going to but he in her place. He
walked over to slap her, and the next thing he knew he was upside down
against the wall.

Lois went to finish him off when Dick grabbed her. in a bear hug.

"Superma," was all she got out before the spell hit her.

She was in heat and needed it bad.

Roland jumped up and put a binding spell on Dick and secured him to the bed.

"Not yet slut" he said, "I said your going to put on a show."

"Lift up your skirt"

"I won't do it" was her defiant answer.

Roland exposed Dick who was fully aroused at 2 feet long and 7 inches across
at the base.

Lois Lane saw this and was now up for anything.

"Lay down and lift up your skirt are I won't let him lose."

Lois quickly obeyed.

"Now finger your self."

Lois didn't need to be told twice, she jammed two fingers into her box and
started to furiously jam them in and out.

"You have to use more fingers than that if you want Dick here."

Lois pulled off her panty's and rammed two more fingers in.

Roland thought "This is more like it."

He watched her jam away for a couple of minutes then he removed her top. He
was right, her breast were spectacular, and they were real, probably the
nicest he had ever seen.

He wanted her but he was still in pain from the kick. The thought off that
made him mad. This girl was going to pay.

He hated to do this but he got out the highway cone he got from Ferguson. He
didn't want to use it because it had the sweet smell of Clarissa on it. He
hated to lose that.

He placed the cone on the bed and told her "Sit on it Pottsy." He had always
wanted to say that.

Lois sat on the cone and worked her way half way down. Roland pressed down
on her shoulder's and forced her another three inches down.

Roland wished he was stronger.

Lois began to bounce up and down on the cone, using the bed for momentum. She
had to have it deeper.

She buried another three inches, she was now stuffed 13 by 13.

Dick's member grew another 3 inches up and another inch out, and he was
straining against the spell. Roland knew what would happen if he broken his
restraining spell so he let him loose.

The enraged Dick Grabbed Lois by the shoulder and immediately shoved down.
Even with his strength, she only went down another two inches.

Dick snatched the cone out of Lois tossed her on her back and slammed his
cock into her.

Lois had been getting nailed by superman, so she could take it hard but the
size did matter. She wanted to scream but couldn't.

Dick rolled her over then jammed her up and down on his enlarged member. She
was being tossed up like she was on a rag doll.

Dick than bent over so he could ram her doggy style. This was the hardest he
had ever rammed anybody, it was almost has hard has Superman.

Roland stood in front of Lois and slammed his entire 13 inches down her
throat. He exploded his load on the second stroke all the way down the back
of her throat.

"I have got to do something about that."

Lois could not take anymore, she was being impaled.

"Superman," she finally got out, Roland cum dripping down her chin.

She was out cold, but that won't stop Dick he stood up the unconscious
reporter hanging from his cock.

He jammed her to the base then gave her a twirl. Around and around she went.
Roland loved to watch this.

A man in a stupid blue suit burst into the room.

"Nice outfit" was all Roland could think to say.

"Put the lady down or I will break you in half."

Dick just laughed, what was a sissy in a blue and red suit going to do.

Superman pulled Lois from Dick and was shocked by what he saw.

Dick used the surprise to shove the man of steel across the room. Superman
struck back with blind speed. He knew this guy was huge in more ways than one
so he had to take him down fast.

They stood toe to toe trading blows, Dick was falling back with each punch,
he was losing fast. Roland had to do something.

He cast a transportation spell to send him across the country.

"I'll find you" was what he heard.

Roland gave him the finger.

To Be Continued...


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