Dick Shaft 9: Blossom
by Wonder Mike

Roland was scared now. That guy in the stupid red and blue suit was tough, he
would have beaten Dick to a bloody pulp, if he wouldn't have gotten them out
of there.

Roland had transported them all the way across the country, he didn't have a
chance to be specific.

The sign said they were just outside of Los Angeles. They were close to
Sabrina, he could feel it.

Dick was turning animal. Roland knew he had to get him some relief soon.

"I should try to find that girl who looks like Sabrina, He could not remember
here name, he knew that she satisfied Dick though."

Roland decide to take a walk to the nearest high school, maybe Dick needed a
young girl to get off.

He saw two real young girls coming from a distance, they were twins. They
were wearing name tags Mary-Kate and Ashley. They were way to young, Roland
wasn't an evil man, just a horny one.

He turned to watch them go by and he heard the cry,

"Look out Six." Roland was then bowled over by a fifteen year old girl.

Roland wouldn't let this opportunity, go by, she was almost has cute as his
beloved Sabrina.

"Oh my leg" cried Roland, "I think I twisted my ankle."

"Oh my God, Blossom, we have to help him."

Roland had the perfect setup. "Please help me get to my hotel."

Blossom replied, "Mister we would like to help you but we can't talk to

"Well, then, my name is Roland, you are Blossom, and you are Six, although I
would have guessed you were about fifteen."

Roland was proud of himself, that line was working.

He was right, they were both 15 years old.

"Blossom, it's only right that we help him, it's our fault that he's hurt

"Ok if it's not that far."

Roland Replied, "I'm only around the corner, and do I look like an ax

They all had a could laugh out of that one, the blonde girl Six wanted to
help but the taller brunette Blossom was weary.

Roland started to limp very badly, he looked like he would die on the spot.
He was embarrassed by the act but, oh well.

Six finally forced the issue and said she would walk Roland to his hotel even
if Blossom wouldn't. Of course she wouldn't let her best friend walk off with
a strange man, even if he was smaller than both of them.

Roland dragged his leg all they way around the block to the hotel.

"Please just help me to my room."

"I' m sorry this is as far as we go."

They were only to the lobby and he had to get them up. There were people in
the lobby so he couldn't transport them. He decided they were close enough to
the elevator so he tried to push them in.

The next thing he knew, he was upside down against the wall. He didn't even
no what hit him.

The girls tried to run so Roland had no choice but to transport them to his
room and hope nobody saw.

Dick was bound to the bed, he was more animal than man and Roland couldn't
let him loose on the girls, Blossom was still a virgin, Six wasn't

Dick had grown to two and a half feet long and ten inches in diameter at the
base. He was going to hurt these girls, maybe since there were two of them,
it wouldn't be so bad, he hoped.

The spell surrounding Dick had the girls completely under control. They were
not going to leave until they had Dick.

They both charged for him and started to like his member, Dick was straining
against the spell, Roland was ready and fortified it.

Shaft grew another inch up and out. Six climbed on top and started to wiggle
her way down. The only person Roland had ever seen with an ass that nice was
Sabrina. Of course that girl who looked like Sabrina had a great ass too.

Six had wiggled half way down his member and Blossom was pressing on her
shoulder trying to get her down further, she only made it two more inches,
she may have had the tightest cunt in the world.

Roland came to Blossom and slammed his entire 13 inches down her throat. Two
strokes and he shot his load into her stomach, "I have got to do something
about that."

Roland lost his concentration and Dick broke his spell, Roland was knocked

Dick grabbed Six and slammed her down to the base of his cock. He pressed
down on her shoulder and thrusted up with his hips, he was trying to ram his
cock all the way through her, he gave her the twirl and she spun around like
she was sitting on a top.

When her momentum stopped he started to bounce her up and down on his dick
with all his strength, she was a blur. She had blacked out long ago.

Dick than saw Blossom. Blossom stepped over and sat on Dick's face. Dick had
a 5 inch tongue and he buried it into the virgin. he rolled them all over so
he could give the unconscious Six a harder pounding and so he could bury his
tongue further into Blossom.

He was tired of Six, he wanted the Virgin.

He pulled out of Six, rolled over and sat Blossom down on top of his member.
She was facing away fro Dick. She tried to slowly sit down, like a child
sitting in hot water but Dick would not have any of that. He grabbed her
shoulders and slammed her to his waste on the second stroke.

He gave her the same treatment he gave Six, the upward thrust, then a mighty
twirl. Blossom was out cold before she completed the first rotation.

Dick stood up put her arms around his neck and began to give her a slamming
she would never for get, he was sliding her all the way off his member than
slamming her back on to the base with all his strength, he was going to kill

Dick was about to shoot his load when he saw the man in the blue and red
suit. It would be war, Dick wanted to kill that man but he wouldn't let go
of the girl.

He was starting to cum when the man snatch the girl off his cock.

He saw the skinny blonde girl with the Austrian accent standing behind him,
he was in trouble but he wanted a fight.

Roland woke up and saw what was happening, he was to cute to go to jail. His
first thought was far far away.

To Be Continued...


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