Dick Shaft Part 10: Xena The Warrior Princess
by Wonder Mike

Roland had transported them to a strange land. There were no buildings
anywhere. He cast the spell so quickly he didn't have time to think.

They walked over the nearest hill and they saw crude tents, They had traveled
back in time.

Roland bound Dick with a spell and walked over to a hut. He heard a cry and
walked behind it. He was amazed by what he saw.

A statuesque Beautiful brunette, she was laying in a hammock Underneath a
huge Stallion. She had her legs up in the air with the Stallion's cock buried
into her pussy. A young blonde girl was underneath them pushing up on her

It took Roland a couple of second to recognize them, Xena And her side kick
Gabrielle. Roland used to hang out with them in his younger days, he
remembered that Xena died when a horse fell on her, so that was how it

Roland decide to enjoy the show.

Zena had her legs wrapped around the Stallion, she was squeezing and
thrusting up for all she was worth. The horse cock was buried to the hilt and
she wanted more.

Xena let out a roar and climaxed on the horse. It was now Gabrielle's turn.

Xena slid the cock out of her pussy and got out of the hammock. She was bow
legged and looked very funny.

Gabrielle took her place in the Hammock. She placed the tip of the cock in
her pussy and slowly began to slide it in.

Xena stood behind her, placed her hands on Gabby's hip and pushed.

Gabrielle screamed "Slowly Xena." But she was too late, the horse cock was
buried into the young blonde.

This was the first time Gabby had tried this and it was wonderful.

She cried, "Oh God, Xena, we have to do this everyday."

Xena replied "We will." Xena laid underneath her best friend and began to
lick her ass hole. Gabby had adjusted to the huge cock and now she was
thrusting up. She had two feet of Stallion inside of her, and she wanted

Xena started to rub Gabby's ass and then without warning just shoved her fist
into it.

That was it for Gabrielle, she let out a scream and started trembling. She
had a mighty climax.

Xena had to pry her young sidekick off the Stallion, it wasn't easy, in fact
pulling her off cause Gabby to have another orgasm.

The stallion was still had his cock at it's full two feet.

"That was why she loved that Horse so much." Roland thought.

Xena began to suck on the horse cock. She jerked her hand up and down.

"Here, you try it," she told Gabrielle.

Gabby quickly complied. she wrapped her lips around the horse and sucked has
hard has she could.

The Horse began to dump load after load after load into her mouth. Gabrielle
didn't spill a drop.

Xena ran over and stuck her tongue into Gabby's mouth and began to lick out
the horse cum. "I love you she said." To Gabrielle and the Horse.

They stripped to take a bath in the nearby lake when they heard a mighty

It was 30 warriors of Aries coming to kill Xena while she was weak from her

They charged and quickly knocked out the naked Gabrielle.

Xena screamed for her friend and was going wild with rage.

The numbers were too great. She would face defeat for the first time.

Roland made his move, he charged into the fight, he would save Xena.

He hit the battle and immediately was strung upside down from a tree, the
warriors were going to use him as a penyata.

"What was I thinking?"

He released Dick.

Dick charged into the fray and began tossing Warriors right and left. He had
defeated half the Warriors in under a minute.

"That Dick Shaft is a bad mother-f." Roland thought before he was whacked in
the head.

Xena was back into the fight and the rest of the warriors headed for the

Xena let Roland down to thank him for his help, then she recognized him.

"Roland she shouted, it's been years." She than punched him in the nose and
down he went.

Xena grabbed him around the neck and began to squeeze.

"Do you know how long I've waited for this."

Dick snatched him away from her and the spell hit.

Xena turned toward Dick and pushed him over. She pulled out his cock and
began to suck. She was going half way down his 2 and a half foot long cock.
Dick stood up laid Zena on her back and slammed his cock inside of her. He
started pumping for all he was worth and Zena was pushing up trying to match

Dick stood up with Zena still impaled on his cock and started slamming her up
and down in his favorite position on his cock.

Xena kicked back and Dick fell on his back, Xena was sitting on his cock and
she began to bounce up and down. She had no problem handling the monster

Xena was having the time of her life when she was yanked off.

"No" she screamed.

It was Gabrielle, "Share" was all she said.

Gabrielle positioned herself over the monster preparing for what was to come.
Dick grabbed her and slammed her down on his cock.

He grabbed her around the waist and began to slam her up and down. Gabby was
a blur, her flowing blonde hair, which was in a bun had flown loose and was
flying freely.

"Slow down" she stammered. "Let me do it."

Dick stopped slamming her and Gabby started to bounce up and down. She wasn't
going as fast as Zena butt when she got down to the base she would wiggle her

Roland had forgotten how good these girls in the past were.

Xena shouted "My turn," and she pulled Gabby off.

Roland conjured up his spinner and placed it around the Warrior princess.

Dick grabbed her, stood up, and slammed her to the hilt. He then gave the
device the hardest twirl ever.

Around and around she went, then Dick would slam her up and down again.

Roland had walked over to Gabby and stuck his cock in her mouth, Gabrielle
deep throated him and held his member down her throat.

Roland immediately shot his load down her throat.

"I've got to do something about that," he thought.

Gabby tapped Dick, "My turn." She said.

Xena had climaxed 5 times and she had, had enough. she could close her legs.

Gabby climbed into the spinner and went for the ride of her life.

Dick kept her in it for ten minutes before he shot his load.

The force of it sent Gabrielle flying three feet, she never lost
consciousness until Dick released her.

Xena laid down next to her and lapped the cum out of her friends cunt. She
then passed out next to her.

When they awoke she saw Roland and remembered what he had did the last time
she saw him. she pulled out her sword and charged,

Roland thought 'We can't stay here.' "There must be someplace safe for us."

He transported away.

To Be Continued...


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