Dick Shaft Part 11: Trouble
by Wonder Mike

Roland was hiding out in a small Kansas town. He didn't know who was after
him and he didn't care, after all he hadn't done anything.

Dick was sound asleep and he would be out for a while. Xena and Gabby had
worn him out completely.

Roland had forgotten what he had done to Xena, he also knew he missed her and
wanted to go back.

He decided to go out and hit the local bar. He had time to let his hair down
since Dick wouldn't be causing any trouble.

He walked into a nearby bar and the first thing he saw were two beautiful
girls, They were talking to a well built guy, but he looked like a wimp.
Roland knew he'd snatch the geeks glasses and take his lunch money. He
couldn't help but think that he had seen him somewhere before though.

He started to smoothly walk over and make his move, then he recognized the
first girl. It was that reporter. What was she doing here? Then he recognized
the other girl, The red headed FBI agent. He was in trouble and he had to get
out of there fast.

They had to be looking for him and Dick. What did they want?

Roland casually left the Bar and slowly started back to the hotel. They
weren't following. He would be able to wake up Dick and make like a bakery
truck and leave.

No sooner had he got into his room then the door opened.

"What are you?" He turned around and saw the red head. "I'm Roland who the
hell are you?"

The agent said "Dana Scully, FBI"

Behind her he heard "Lois Lane, reporter."

"Where is your friend, the big guy?" ahe asked.

Roland said "He's around what to you want?"

"We want the big guy" they said.

Lois and Dana had teamed up shortly after Roland and Dick had met Lois. They
had been searching for them ever since.

"We want the big guy." They repeated.

"We haven't done anything," "And you can't prove anything," Roland said

"We just want to see him again, to ask him some questions," Dana said.

Lois said "I want an Interview, I know you aren't human, and I doubt the big
guy is either."

Roland tried to make a break for it. He would run out lose them circle back
and get the hell out of there. It was a good plan.

Lois grabbed him by the shirt and slammed him down.

"We want the big guy and we want him now."

They were slowly getting a scent of Dick's spell. Lois had Roland pinned to
the ground. Dana pinned his hands behind his back.

Roland knew he wasn't supposed to use his witchcraft in front of mortals but
he might not have a choice now.

Lois started to pull down his pants, now Roland was thinking

"Maybe this wasn't so bad."

After all he was irresistible.

Lois started to stroke is cock, It shot up to it's full 13 inches.

"I am going to stroke it but I am not going to let you cum until you tell me
where your friend is."

Roland shot his load all over her hands. For once he was glad about that.

Dana said "Not that easy." She traded places with Lois and started to lick
his limp dick. She licked all the cum off of it.

Lois sat on Roland's face and wiggled around. Roland stuck his tongue out and
gave her deep long stokes.

Lois bent over and began licking Roland's dick along side of Dana. The were
licking it like it was a lollipop.

Roland was still limp. He had an idea.

He rolled over with his face still buried in Lois. He laid Dana down next to
her and he began to alternately lick both of their pussy's. He wished he had
two heads.

Roland laid on his back and put his elbows and the ground with his arms
sticking straight up.

"Sit on my fingers he said."

Both girls stood up and began grinding on Roland's stubby fingers.

Lois immediately inserted four of his fingers into her box, Dana followed
with three in hers.

Dana saw Lois had more so she inserted another finger.

Lois wasn't done, she soon had Roland entire fist shoved in her cunt and she
was bouncing up and down on his arm. Dana soon followed suit.

They were slamming down on his arms in a contest to see who could get more
inside of her.

The girls had the full effect of Dick and were going crazy. They could now
since him. They climbed off of Roland and went into the bedroom where they
found the sleeping Dick.

Dana began to suck on his member and it quickly shot up to 18 inches, Dick
never moved.

Dana couldn't wait. She wiggled and struggle and she managed to sit all the
way down on it.

She was wedged in tight and couldn't move. Roland was there to help. He
released a minor levitation spell and caused Dana to raise up and down on
Dick. Faster and Faster she went like a girl on a pogo stick.

Lois couldn't take anymore. Dana had cum three times already anyway.

She pulled Dana off and hopped aboard. She didn't need any spells to help
her. She was bouncing up and down like a wild women. She had been stretched
out by her boyfriend and Dick was coated with Dana's juices.

Her wild bouncing awoke Dick. He knew what was going on and he stood up and
started slamming Lois on his cock.

Roland saw Dana laying face first on the floor and saw his opportunity. He
slammed his cock into her ass. Yeah he was giving it to the FBI. He quickly
felt the build up and rolled Dana over and exploded his load all over her

Lois was about to pass out from her pounding and let out a scream of ecstasy.
She was in heaven.

Unfortunately for Roland and Dick, her scream brought her boyfriend.

It was the fairy in the stupid red and blue tights, and he was pissed.

He grabbed Dick and tossed him across the room. There would be no pulling
punches this time.

Roland snuck up behind him and kicked him squarely in the balls, The guy just
looked at him.

Roland was in deep trouble now. Luckily Dana stepped in between Roland and
Lois's boyfriend. He picked her up and moved her out of the way.

Roland saw his chance. He transported out of there. His only thought was
somewhere far far away.

To Be Continued...


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