Dick Shaft Part 12: Star Trek - Voyager
by Wonder Mike

Roland had no idea were he and Dick were. He Knew the idiot in the blue and
red suit was not going to ever quit looking for them though.

He looked around and saw he was on a ship. In space.

"Intruder alert." "Intruder alert."

Roland thought the ship was unde attack. Then he realized he was the

A black man with pointy ears and strange eyebrows approached them.

"Captain to the Bridge," We have visitors."

An older woman approached Roland and Dick, "Who are you and how did you get
on my ship?"

Roland had to think fast.

"I'm Roland who the hell are you?"

The woman told him,

"I am Captain Janeway of the USS Voyager."

Roland replied "We are from Endor."

"My silent friend here is a Wookie."

"I have never heard of Endor, where is it?"

"It is in a galaxy far, far away."

The spell had hit Katherine Janeway hard. After all, she hadn't been fucked
in four years, and she needed it bad.

"Tuvok, escort our visitors to my ready room, I would like to question them

Tovok led them to her ready room and left them alone. Roland felt these
people were basically friendly and this might be a place were they could

Captain Janeway entered the room and dismissed the security.

"Now," How did you get here and why am I feeling strange?"

Roland just shrugged, he knew what was happening all right, he was

Janeway couldn't control herself anymore, she stripped and walked over to
Dick and snatched of his robe.

Dick was ready for action, of course so was Roland, he grabbed her breast and
started to squeeze.

Janeway was ready to climax already, it had been so long.

Janeway grabbed the 18 inch member and placed it in her mouth, she sucked up
and down on Dick for all she was worth, she needed this more than anything
else in the world.

Roland slammed his cock inside of her from behind, they both came on the
second stroke. He really needed to talk to somebody about that.

Roland was through but the captain was just getting started.

Dick flashed around behind her and slammed into her doggy style. Everytime he
thrusted he pushed her forward.

Dick didn't like that so he just stood up and walked around with Janeway
impaled on his cock.

Each step he took caused her to have another orgasm. She cried out in

Her cries brought help. It was the most beautiful creature Roland had ever
seen. A towering blonde beauty.

The only problem was she had a weapon. She fired at Dick, and he dropped
Janeway and started to charge. She pushed another button and fired again.
Dick went down to one knee.

"Surrender, resistance is futile."

Dick got up and charged again, The third shot finished him, he was out.

Roland made his move. He would teach this bitch a lesson. The last thing he
remembered was hitting the wall.

When Roland awoke he and Dick when in some kind of electronic cell. He
decided it was time to make like a bakery truck and leave.

He cast a transportation spell. Nothing happened. They were trapped and in

Roland couldn't be trapped, If the witches counsel got a hold of him they
could do anything, he did not want to spend the next hundred years has a cat.

The blonde who captured them was working across the room, Roland decided to
find out how much trouble they were in.

"Hey, toots! What are we doing in here?"

"We are studying you. You and your companion are unique."

Roland noticed a tremble in her voice, he knew she couldn't resist him.

"Hey, toots, who are you?"

"I am Borg,"

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I mean, what's your name toots?"

"My designation is 7 of 9."

"Well, I'd like to meet the other 8."

"You would not."

This 7 was hot but Roland knew he could melt her.

7 entered the cage and stood over Dick. She had never had the feelings she
was having now.

"I feel strange," "What are you doing to me?"

"Well, toots, you have an itch that only the mighty Roland can scratch.


"You are horny and you need to be fucked."

"Earth slang for sex?"

"That is correctamundo."


Roland took of her clothes and started to lick her massive tits.

"Please continue."

Roland laid her down and slammed his cock into her. It was magnificent. He
shot his load on the first stroke.

That just made 7 really want it. She stood over the unconscious Dick and
opened his robe.


She had assimilated the knowledge of sex that she needed she squatted over
Dick and slammed her ass down.

This was the happiest she had ever been, this was even better than being in
the collective. She had no trouble at all excepting all of Dick. She was
thrashing wildly up and Down.

The site of this got Dick up again in a hurry. Roland climbed behind her and
stuck his cock in her tight ass.


Roland managed to get in three strokes before he felt his load building.

He ran around in front of her and shot his load in her mouth.

She climaxed at the same time as Roland.

The Alarm sounded.


Seven quickly got dressed and headed for the bridge, she forgot all about
Dick and Roland, she also couldn't wait to show the rest of the crew what she
had learned.

Roland heard the alert.

"We are the Borg, lower your shields and surrender your vessel."

"We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own."

"Your culture will adapt to service us."

"Resistance is futile."

Roland thought "Maybe this place isn't as cool as I thought, that guy in the
stupid suit doesn't seem so bad now."

"I'm outta here.

To Be Continued...


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