Dick Shaft Part 13: Sunnydale
by Wonder Mike

Roland and Dick landed outside of Sunnydale High. It was late and there was
a full moon Dick was barely conscious from the last battle

Roland had figured out they were being tracked when they checked into motels.
He didn't understand how though. After all he didn't use his real name. He
decided to hide out in the school until daylight. It would give him a chance
to think of another plan.

A man appeared out of nowhere.

"A late snack," he said.

He lunged for Roland.

"Bring it on," he replied.

The man grabbed Roland around the neck and pair sharp teeth.

Roland screamed for help.

Dick grabbed the man and tossed him across the school yard.

"That sissy tried to bite me," Roland cried.

They went inside the school and looked around. They had to make sure it was

Roland heard a strange noise coming from the library.

Dick was becoming agitated. Dick let out a roar and grabbed the library door.
before he could get in he was kicked in the back of the head and he went down
like a shot.

Roland knew he was weak but nobody had ever dropped him like that before.

Roland was scared to look and see who did it. It must have been that guy in
the blue and red suit.

No, it was a girl, a cute little brunette.

"Hey why did you do that?" He asked her.

"That thing is not human," she replied.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Roland," "Who the hell are you?"

"I'm Faith and me and my friends are just hanging out."

Roland asked "In school at night... you need to get a life stat."

Roland looked inside of the library. He couldn't believe what he saw. The
biggest dog in the world.

Wait that was no dog, that was a wolf. A wolf that was standing on two legs.

Roland said "I don't know what's going on here and I don't want to know. I'm
getting outta here."

Dick's spell had hit Faith and hit her hard.

"Slaying always makes me horny" she said.

"You and me little guy until your friend wakes up. I hope everything's in
proportion on him."

Roland said my heights the only thing small about me.

He was going to give her the fucking of a lifetime. She wasn't that much
taller than Roland and she was cute.

Roland dropped his pants and Faith dropped to her knees faster than a
White House intern.

It took three strokes for her to deep throat Roland's 13 inches, That was how
many it took for Roland to shoot his load down her throat.

Faith was not going to let that stop her though. She never stopped sucking.
She was going to get Roland hard again if it was the last thing she would do.

Roland had forgotten Faith had said we when he first met her. She was not
alone. Faith's friend entered the library and tripped right over Dick.

She was shocked at the sight of Faith sucking the dick of that hideous dwarf.

She was laying across Dick and had the full effect of the spell immediately.

She was the cutest girl Roland had ever seen. Roland couldn't believe it. She
was maybe even cuter than his beloved Sabrina. The thought of his beloved and
the site of that amazing red head and Roland was hard again.

"Stop the press who is that?" Roland asked.

"That's my new friend, Willow. We were just here baby-sitting her boyfriend
over their Oz."

She pointed to the wolf. "This is a strange town," Roland thought.

Faith climbed on Roland's dick and began slamming up and down. Willow had
opened up Shaft's robe and started to suck his mighty member, he didn't awake
but he sprung to life.

Willow jumped on his now 20 inch member, She managed to get about half way
down. She was wiggling her ass trying to slide down further and further.

Willow had not come in alone. her best friend Buffy was about 5 minutes
behind her. She had heard the fight between Dick and the Vampire, and she
went out to investigate.

When she returned to the library she saw Her two friends riding cocks, she
started to turn away but she couldn't. She was amazed to see Willow trying to
force her way down on the biggest cock she had ever seen. Faith, it didn't
surprise her. She knew slaying made Faith horny.

Roland said "Hey Blondy come get some."

"Eew, not with you," "you don't need a dictionary to see the first word in
ugly is U.

Roland was going to give that blonde bitch the fucking of her life.

Buffy was standing right next to Dick and she was feeling it.

"Go ahead B," Said Faith, "have some fun for once in your life."

"I told you not to call me that."

Buffy was ready. She grabbed her best friend by the shoulder and slammed her
down all the way on Dick.

Willow let out a scream.

Roland shot his second load into Faith.

Faith climbed of Roland and went to help Buffy.

They each grabbed one of Willows legs and started lifting her up and down.
Willow was gasping in pleasure.

This caused Oz to go wild. He burst out of his cage and leaped at the trio.

He immediately slammed his 15 inch dick into Willow's virgin ass.

That woke up Dick. He saw the cute red head stuck on his Dick with a werewolf
stuck in her ass.

He started to slam Willow up and down on his cock the wolf going along for
the ride.

He slammed her for a couple of minutes when Oz panicked and leapt off. He
grabbed a hold of his girlfriend and she came of with him. His Dick still
impaled in her ass.

Buffy didn't waste anytime. She was a skinny girl but she had no trouble
taking all of Dick. This girl was special. she was bouncing away and Faith
grabbed her shoulders and was helping her.

Buffy was having orgasm after orgasm. She thought she would never be fucked
again after what happened to her last boyfriend.

Dick stood up and started really pounding Buffy now. He gave her the spin.
Around and around she went.

Faith knew Buffy was in trouble and she wanted some of that too.

Buffy's eyes rolled up in her head, she was passing out.

Faith grabbed her and pulled her off of Dick.

Dick didn't care. He grabbed Faith and slammed his Dick into her. Faith
didn't have any trouble excepting Dick either. These girls were special.

Faith had her legs wrapped around Dick has he was sliding her up and down on
his member. He gave her the twirl and now Faith was in trouble.

Buffy was up again and she knew Dick was out of control and she had the spell
fucked out of her.

She pulled Faith away from Dick.

Dick was mad now he lunged at Buffy but she managed to elude him. Buffy
kicked him in the back of the head but he kept coming. Buffy was in trouble.

She grabbed a chair but Dick blocked it.

Faith was back in the fight now. She snuck up behind Dick and hammered him
with a desk.

Buffy then kicked him in the balls.

Now Dick was in trouble.

Roland was going to help, but even he knew he didn't want any part of those
two. "Who where those girls?"

Faith's second shot with the desk sent Dick flying out of the library, that
was Roland's big chance.

He transported Dick away and when the girls ran outside after him Roland was
able to disappear, and nobody saw anything.

The slayer's returned to the library and found that Oz had knotted inside of
Willow's ass.

"I guess we have to let him finish B."

"I told you not to call me that F."

To Be Contined...


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