Dick Shaft Part 14: Roland's Fantasy
by Wonder Mike

Roland was in a quandary, everywhere he went he got in trouble he couldn't
understand it.

Not only was that idiot in the blue and red suit looking for them but the FBI
plus those two girls in Sunnydale.

There was only one person who could help him. He appeared in Sabrina's

She was gorgeous, he really did love her. The big problem was that she was
not alone.

"Farm boy." Roland yelled.

"I told you to stop calling me that."

"Sabrina what is your uncle doing here?"

Roland said. "Sabrina ask farm boy to leave, I really need to talk to you."

"No, Harvey is my boyfriend and I am mad at you. You are nothing but

Roland did not have time to argue, He absorbed farm boy into his body.

"You bring him back and you bring him back now." Sabrina ordered.

"I will but you have to promise to help me, I may be in trouble."

"Salem chimed in 'yes you are in trouble and I will be glad to have some

"Get out of here cat." Sabrina yelled.

Roland worried "I can't spend the next 100 years has a cat, I didn't try to
take over the world after all.

"Give me Harvey back and I'll help you."

"You have to get him." He is in liquid form and there is only one way to get
him out.

"Sabrina knew just what Roland wanted, it was what he always wanted.

"All-right she said I'll do it. "But you better give him back.

This was what Roland had been waiting for. He took off his pants and waved
his mighty penis.

Sabrina removed her tee shirt and Roland shot his load.

"No" he cried.

The puddle only formed one of Harvey's feet.

"I guess we have a while to go, and I have to get it up again."

Sabrina took off her pants and bent over to put them away, Roland sprang to
life again.

"You have to suck it" he said.

This game was getting exciting for Sabrina so she wasn't going to but up a

She attacked his 13 inch cock and swallowed it whole with long hard strokes.
Roland shot his load into her mouth.

Sabrina spat it out and it formed another one of Harvey's feet.

"This is going to take forever she thought."

"I guess we have to go again Roland said."

Sabrina started to suck again. This time with short, and fast strokes. Roland
shot another load into her mouth. Sabrina spat it out and it formed a leg.

Sabrina was getting tired, she needed help. She couldn't call any of her
friends, she needed somebody else.

Roland had an idea. He cast a spell and a dazed Clarissa Darling appeared. He
cast a spell on her to make her go crazy with lust.

Clarissa shoved Roland to the ground and jumped on his dick. She was jumping
wildly up and Down until Roland shot his load inside of her.

Sabrina couldn't have that, she pulled Clarissa off of Roland and began to
suck the cum out of her pussy. She licked all of it out that she could, then
she stuck her fingers in to scoop out the rest.

They formed another leg for Harvey.

Sabrina couldn't control Clarissa, she jumped up and started to suck off

Roland shot into Clarissa's mouth and Sabrina kissed her and sucked it all

Sabrina had rested and knew she should take over, but what to do about

Roland knew. He conjured Dick.

Dick saw the two beauties and His cock shot up to two feet.

Clarissa tackled him and knocked him over. She pounced on his cock, she had
it before and nothing would stop her now.

Clarissa was wiggling and twisting with all her might. His cock was so big
she was having a hard time. Sabrina conjured a bar and placed it over them
so Clarissa could grab a hold and pull herself up and down.

The spell that she had accidentally placed on Dick hit Sabrina harder then
anyone. If she didn't get fucked hard right now she would lose her mind.

"I need it" now she screamed. She tackled Roland and slammed him to the
ground right next to Dick.

She jumped on top of him and started Bouncing up and down right next to

"I need it bigger" she screamed.

Roland's dick shot up to two feet. He was the same size as Dick.

"Cool" he and Sabrina said at the same time.

Sabrina had grabbed on to the bar she had made for Clarissa and she was
slamming down on her two foot monster.

Roland was going to shot another load and Sabrina jumped of so she could
catch it in her mouth.

She now had half a Harvey but she really didn't care.

She switched places with Clarissa. Dick had stood up and was slamming it into
Sabrina, that was all she could take.

Clarissa was sucking off Roland.

Sabrina knew she couldn't let Clarissa swallow Roland's load but she was
impaled on Dick.

She had to occupy Clarissa.

She had an idea.

She wiggled off of Dick and pulled Clarissa away from Roland. Roland was
shooting his load, but Sabrina managed to get her tongue out just in time to
catch it all. Now to take care of Clarissa.

Sabrina suspended her upside with her feet pulled back. She then place a
device like an oil well with a round triangle that started out about 3 inches
across and flared out to 12 inches across. it was about 12 inches long. It
began to plunge in and out of Clarissa.

Then it flipped Clarissa over and dropped her to the ground forcing the
triangle all the way inside her. It kept repeating this.

Sabrina sat on Roland's cock and thought, "Thicker."

It grew to about 12 inches in diameter 18 inches across. She couldn't get it
all in but she wanted it. Dick came up behind her and slammed his cock into
her ass.

That forced her all the way down on Roland. Dick lifted them both up and
began Slamming his cock into Sabrina's ass, Roland was going along for the

Dick shot his load and sent them both sliding across the room. Roland still
had his cock impaled into his beloved Sabrina.

She couldn't take anymore, she pried herself off of Roland and sucked him
off. She now had all of Harvey except his head, she was exhausted.

Clarissa had broken the device Sabrina made. She was bouncing up and down on
the triangle and needed more.

Roland was exhausted and he wasn't going to be getting it up again for a

Sabrina wouldn't stand for that. She waved her hand and Roland sprung to

"Go get it" she told Clarissa.

Even as horny as Clarissa was she couldn't take all of Roland's new cock.
Sabrina jumped on her shoulders grabbed the bar and forced Clarissa all the
way down.

Then Sabrina said "Bigger."

Roland grew another two inches up and out. Clarissa screamed and passed out.
She was done. Roland shot the last load of Harvey into her and once again
Sabrina stuck her tongue inside of her and licked him out.

She transported Harvey back home before she attached his head.

Roland told Sabrina what they had been through, Sabrina knew where they could

"Roland said 'I really appreciate this new cock but who can I use it on?" I
don't want to kill anyone."

Sabrina told him "You can now control the size," I am doing this for you so
I don't have to see you again.

"I am going to send you somewhere safe now.

Roland appeared in a motel room. Dick was gone. He turned on the television
and their was Sabrina. She was on ABC and she was riding a horse. She had
kept Dick, but where was he?



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