Sabrina The Teenage Witch:
Garden Of Eden Spell Part 2 - New Sensations (no sex)
by Drake Defiant

The next morning, Sabrina woke up to several different sensations. The first
thing she noticed was the smell of cookies in the air, she figured that
someone must be baking, which Zelda did on the weekends sometimes.

Then she felt the warmth of the sunlight as it warmed up her room, making it
feel like Christmas, even though it was mid-February, it was a feeling she
enjoyed waking up to.

That was when she started to notice a few more things in her room that were
not the way they should have been. first she noticed that along the post of
her four poster bed, as well as along the edges of the floor and ceiling,
small vines were starting to sprout, many already had lovely flowers opened
up, some were white, blue, yellow, even a few pink and red ones.

That was when she felt something different, the sheet on her bed didn't feel
like cotton anymore, it felt more like ... silk. Sabrina didn't mind this new
feeling. She moved her arms and legs around under the new silk blanket so
that she could really get the feel of the silk sheet all over her body.

"Oh god, I'm in heaven, this sheet feels great." Sabrina was in the middle of
enjoying the smooth feel of silk, when she noticed something. the silk felt
great against her arms, her feet, but it felt greatest against her breasts,
especially against her nipples.

It was when she noticed this that she stopped. if she was wearing a
nightgown, why did she feel the silk against her tits? She sat up, and slowly
pulled the sheet away from her body. That was when she noticed that she
wasn't wearing a thing to cover her body. she was just sitting there in the
nude, nothing to cover her developing B cup breasts, or the hairs that
covered her opening.

Sabrina pushed the sheet back, exposing her breasts to the slightly cooler
air of the room. "Okay, there are flowers growing everywhere, my bed sheets
are now silk, and of course, I'M NAKED."

Even though Sabrina didn't scream with enough force to wake up her aunts,
Salem, who had been sleeping on the windowsill all night, woke up.

"Sabrina, what's with all the commotion, I was having the best dre..." Salem
stopped talking when he saw Sabrina sitting there topless.

"Salem, are you okay? AAAWWW Salem YOU PERV!" It was only in the middle of
her sentence that she remembered Salem wasn't just a cat, but a man trapped
as a cat, who just saw her topless. After quickly throwing a silk pillow at
him, she turned her back to him, and covered her chest with her arms.

"Salem, what did you do?"

"I didn't do anything, you cast the spell last night, remember."

That was when Sabrina recalled casting the spell, as well as why it said, not
for people who are shy. "Salem, you could have told me that the spell was
going to make me naked."

"Does it matter, just get some more cloths from your closet."

"Good idea." Sabrina started to get out of bed, but just as she was going to
move her hand to move the sheet, she realised that salem would see her naked.

"Salem you little perv, I'm not getting up in front of like this."

"Oh come on Sabrina, what difference will it make?"

"Plenty, which is why your not going to watch"

"Oh, and what are you going to do about it?"

After he said that, Sabrina, very carefully, pointed her finger at Salem.


"Serves you right, perv."

"Oh just my luck, three naked women in the house, and I've been blinded."

"Like I said, serves you right,... , wait, what did you mean by three naked


"What was that?"

"Sounded like Hilda and Zelda screaming."

"Salem, just what did that spell do?"

"Oh you'll see!" was all Salem said as he burst into an evil laugh.

As Sabrina got up and lowered her arms in front of the now blind Salem, she
said to herself, "That can't be good."


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