Sabrina The Teenage Witch:
Garden Of Eden Spell Part 3 - Strange Noises (FF,inc,voy)
by Drake Defiant

Worried about what she was in for when her aunts found out she cast this
spell, Sabrina went to her closet to find something to wear. Opening the
closet door, all that was there were some hangers. "Where are all my cloths?
Salem just what did that spell do?"

"Let me see, and I'll tell you everything."


Just then Sabrina heard the sounds of her aunts talking in the living room,
"What are they talking about down there, I can't hear what there saying."

"Probably something about being naked."

"Shut up Salem."

Then the sounds coming from downstairs changed, instead of the sounds of a
conversation, there wear a whole bunch of new sounds that Sabrina couldn't
figure out.

Normally Sabrina would never leave her room naked, but a combination of the
spell, and curiosity, managed to get her to leave her room and see what was
going on downstairs.

Sabrina opened the door to her room, and the air that met her sent a chill
running through her body. She could almost instantly feel her nipples
stiffen. After she took a second to adjust to the feelings in her body, she
could hear the sounds her aunts were making in the living room.

To Sabrina, they sounded like moans. Not being totally without a clue, her
imagination started to run wild, until she though to herself "Wait, there
sisters, they wouldn't be doing that sort of stuff with each other."

Convincing herself that it would be safe to go downstairs, Sabrina went to
head down. When she got to the top of the stairs, that was when she heard
something she had just convinced herself couldn't be happening.

"OOOHHHHHHH ... HHHiiiiiLLLDA... that's... it... keep... going...

Forgetting the fact that she was completely naked, Sabrina tip toed down the
stairs, listening to her aunts, after Zelda had gotten off.

"Wow, Hilda, that was amazing, I haven't felt this good in years."

"Good, because now its my turn."

"Of course, fair is fair."

As Sabrina was about one step away from being able to see everything, she
heard the sounds of two people moving around on the couch.

As she finally reached a point low enough to see what was going on, all she
could manage to do was say to herself "Oh... My... god..."


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