Sabrina The Teenage Witch:
Garden Of Eden Spell Part 4 - Not What She Expected To See
by Drake Defiant

Sabrina couldn't believe what she was seeing. Lying on the couch in the
living room, where anyone could walk in, she saw her aunt Hilda, lying naked
on the couch. As Hilda was pinching her nipples, and fondling her breasts,
Zelda (also naked) was slowly kissing her way down towards Hilda's centre.

As Zelda kissed just above Hilda's patch of hair, she pulled back for a
moment. Slowly moving her fingernails along Hilda's thy, she managed to open
Hilda's legs to the point where she could reach the hidden treasure.

"Come on Zelda, get to it, I can't stand waiting."

With a smile on her face, Zelda replied, "Alright Hilda." And with that,
Zelda leaned in, and began to run her tongue along Hilda's slit, while
simultaneously, circling her sister's clit with her thumb.

Unable to hold back from the sudden wave of pleasure, Hilda's back arched as
she let out a nearly animal moan, while forcing her sister's face further
into her sex.

Barely able to believe what she was seeing, Sabrina sat on the steps watching
as her aunts went at each other. Still in shock from seeing them this way,
Sabrina hadnít noticed her right hand slowly sneak down to her now moist
centre, as her left hand began to fondle her breasts.

Shocked from the sudden sensation of her own hands reaching down to relieve
herself, Sabrina's back arched like her aunt's had, it took every ounce of
will she had not to cry out in ecstasy has her chest was thrust out.

As Sabrina began to push her fingers into her centre, she couldn't help but
stare at her aunts as they made love, wishing that one of them was running
their tongue across her clit.

"Oh Zelda, keep... going." Already nearing climax from Zelda's surprisingly
expert skill, Hilda could barley hold on as her sister suddenly penetrated
her sex with her tongue. Not being with such a good lover in several years,
Hilda's back arched as she let out a cry loud enough for the whole block to

"ZEEELLLDA... I'M ... COMING... AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" And with that, Hilda's
juices flowed out. Zelda then quickly used her tongue to get all of it in her
mouth. Having finished drinking all of her sister's juices, Zelda got up and
sat next to Hilda.

Turning to face her sister, Zelda reached a hand across to Hilda's breast,
and began to massage her sister's tit. "You taste quite sweet." And with
that, Zelda locked her lips against Hilda's, and they kissed for the next
minute or so as Hilda could taste herself on her sister's tongue.

Having been fulfilling her own needs for the last few minutes, Sabrina began
to pant as her finger continued to move in and out of her. Watching her aunts
kiss so passionately was all it took to send Sabrina over the edge.

"OOOOOOHHHHHHHH GOD!" Sabrina couldn't help but scream as she released their
on the steps. Surprised at the sudden cry, both sisters broke their kiss, and
looked up to see Sabrina, still with her fingers inside her.

Both of them smiled at the look of panic on Sabrina's face, not wanting to
waste any possible outcome of this moment, "Enjoy the show Sabrina?"

"No, aunt Zelda, I can exp..."

"No need Sabrina."

"Yeah, why don't you come hear and join us."


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