Sabrina The Teenage Witch:
Garden Of Eden Spell Part 5 - Questions (F-best,oral)
by Drake Defiant

Surprised by her aunts invitation, Sabrina got up and ran straight to her
room. Sabrina closed her door behind her, and leaned her back against it.
"Okay Salem, what does that spell do."

"Let me see, and I'll tell you everything."

"No way, you perv."

Just then, Zelda knocked on the door "Sabrina, Its me, I didn't mean to scare
you off."

"Can someone tell me what's going on."

"Yes, could you just open the door first, that way I'm not shouting through

Cautiously, Sabrina opened the door to her room so Zelda could come in.
"Where's aunt Hilda?"

"She said that she needed a minute to recover."

"Aunt Zelda, what's going on, last night I cast this Garden of Eden spell,
and now, we're all naked, and you and aunt Hilda were just... just... I can't
even say it."

Zelda sat down next to Sabrina on the bed. "Why did you cast a Garden of Eden

"Salem said it would stop you're argument."

"Well it did."

"What about everything else?"

"Sabrina, the garden of Eden spell is one of the strongest lust spells there


"It locks everyone in the house for two days, and makes them want to have sex
with each other."

"Well that explains a few things, but what about the lack of clothing."

As Sabrina asked this question, she was trying hard not to stare at Zelda's
breasts. "People tend to be in the mood for sleeping together when there

"What if someone walks in and sees us naked?"

Putting her hand on Sabrina's, Zelda replied "The spell makes the house
sound proof, and makes it so that nobody will come over."

"What about the silk and the smells, and all that?"

"Same as being naked, its all there to get you in the mood."

"Oh," Zelda then put her arm around Sabrina's shoulders, a move which made
Sabrina nervous as her aunt's breast rubbed against hers.

"What's with all the vines and flowers?"

"I don't know, no one has figured that out yet."

"Aunt Zelda, would you mind not sitting so close, you're kind of..."

"What?" Sabrina tiled her head down to get Zelda to look down.

Realising there breasts were touching, "Sorry Sabrina, I thought you would
be more comfortable with that sort of stuff." As she said this, Zelda removed
her arm, and inched over in the direction opposite Sabrina.



"You said Salem told you to cast the spell, where is he, its wouldn't be like
him to miss a chance to stare at three naked women."

"I'm down here!"

"Salem, why are you under the bed?"

"Sabrina blinded me."

"Why did you do that?"

"He was going to see me naked."

Zelda then reached under the bed, and picked up Salem, she then sat down next
to Sabrina again with Salem cradled in her bare lap. "Oh poor kitty."

"Zelda, please, let me see."

"Only if you do nothing to make Sabrina uncomfortable."

"No promises."

"Its okay aunt Zelda."

"Really, I thought you wouldn't want him to stare."

"I know, but the idea doesn't seem as bad as it did before."

"The spell must be taking effect, sometimes it takes a little longer."

"Excuse me, I'm still blind." Zelda pointed her finger at Salem.

"YES, I can see again, and what a sight." Salem eyes were now locked on
Zelda's breasts. "There beautiful, I need to taste them."

"Go ahead."

With that, Salem lifted himself up so he could start licking Zelda's nipples.

"Oh Salem."

"Aunt Zelda, you're letting him lick you're... boobs."

"You should try it, he's great at it."

"Great at what?" Hilda asked as she walked into the room. Seeing what Salem
was doing. "Oh!"

Salem then looked at Hilda. "There is a god, and he likes me."

"Come on you three, I zapped in a special breakfast downstairs." Hilda then
went back downstairs, followed by the now hard Salem.

"What do you say Sabrina, hungry?"

"Naked breakfast, with a male cat watching, shouldn't I be disgusted?"

"I guess you would be, but I think the spell has dealt with that inhibition."

"Oh, okay lets go."

And with that, Sabrina went downstairs to their special breakfast with her
arm around Zelda's waist.


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