Sabrina The Teenage Witch:
Garden Of Eden Spell Part 6 - Breakfast (FFf,inc,food)
by Drake Defiant

When Sabrina and Zelda made it down to the living room, they were surprised
to see that the table and chairs had been moved to make room for a picnic.
On the floor of the living room, there lay a white sheet, with a pillow on
each side for them to site on. On the sheet, there was bowls of cherries,
strawberries, ice cream, several kinds of chocolates, and a few can of
whipped cream.

"Who's ready for breakfast?" Hilda asked as she came in from the kitchen with
her special sprinkles for the ice cream.

"Wow aunt Hilda, this looks great."

"Just wait until you taste it."

Hilda then sat down on one of the pillows, and put her sprinkles on top of
the ice cream. Sabrina quickly sat down on Hilda's left side, while Zelda sat
down to her right. Salem was already working on his small bowl of ice cream
across from Hilda while he stole glances of her D cup breasts. "Alright, dig

The three of them put various toppings on their ice cream, all three of them
topping it off with two cherries.

After nearly finishing her ice cream, Sabrina noticed that she was feeling
different, She looked across at Zelda, and the image of her aunt licking
whipped cream off of her nipples. Sabrina quickly shook the picture out of
her head.

Hilda, having already finished her ice cream, had a sudden craving for
whipped cream. "Zelda, could you pass me the whipped cream."

"Sure." Zelda then picked up the can, but instead of giving it to Hilda, she
sprayed some onto the inside of her index finger, then held out her hand.

Hilda then bent down, and licked the whipped cream off of Zelda's finger.
"UUUUMmmmmm, that tasted great."

Suddenly Sabrina got the same graving as her aunt Hilda had. "Aunt Zelda,
could you pass me the whip cream."

"Sure, Sabrina," This time, Zelda spread the whip cream across the inside of
her wrist, and once again, she held out her hand for Sabrina.

Sabrina then bent over, and liked her aunt's wrist clean.

"Come closer Sabrina, you got some on you're cheek."

As Sabrina leaned in, Zelda moved closer, and started to lick the whip cream
off of Sabrina cheek.

Getting a giggle out of this, Zelda then started to kiss the spot she had
just licked, Sabrina then moved her head just enough for Zelda's next kiss
to land right on her lips. After a quick peck, the two spent the next minute
enjoying a passionate kiss, as there tongues wrestled trying to gain entrance
into each other's mouth.

Not wanting to be left out, Hilda then took the chocolate syrup, and used it
to cover the area around her hardening nipples. "Oh dear, looks like I split
some of the syrup."

Getting the hint, Sabrina broke the kiss with her aunt Zelda, leaned over to
start teasing Hilda's hard nipple with her tongue. A second later, Zelda was
teasing Hilda's other nipple in the same way.

After Hilda released a moan of pleasure, Sabrina took one of the can of
whipped cream, and used it to spread whip cream over both of her breasts.
She then finished off by placing a cherry over each nipple, and inching
closer to Hilda.

While Zelda was still licking Hilda's nipple, Hilda managed to lean over,
and begin cleaning off Sabrina's developing B cup breasts. While Hilda
licked around Sabrina's right nipple, Salem, who had been watching up
until now, climbed into Sabrina's lap, and started to lick the whip cream
off of Sabrina's other tit.

While Sabrina enjoyed her new ecstasy, Zelda leaned back, and spread more
whip cream over her nether lips, she then took a strawberry, and placed it
in her opening, after that, she leaned back, and made a trail of chocolate
kiss' that went right between her breasts.

Seeing her like this, Hilda gave one more long lick from Sabrina's now rock
hard nipple, up her breast, her neck, and gave her a quick, but lust filled
kiss before she went over to Zelda, and started to lick at the whip cream,
before going for the strawberry. Sabrina then sat on her knees next to
Zelda's hips, and started lick the chocolate kiss's off of her aunt. As
Hilda used her tongue to slowly bring the strawberry from Zelda's opening,
Sabrina started following the chocolates upwards, until she was licking,
and nipping at Zelda's nipples, forcing Zelda to moan in ecstasy.

Sabrina then made her way up to Zelda's lips, licking some of the left over
whip cream from her tit, Sabrina then brought Zelda into a long deep kiss.
While hey were doing this, Sabrina used her hand to grab a cherry, and place
in her opening as Zelda had with the strawberry.

Hilda, having finally finished with the strawberry, began to lick up and
down Zelda's slit. As Zelda began to moan into Sabrina's mouth, Hilda then
penetrated her opening with her tongue. Zelda then arched her back, both
from pleasure, and trying to force Hilda in further.

While Zelda tried to force Hilda's tongue in further, Sabrina broke their
kiss, and got up. Zelda was confused by this until Sabrina startled Zelda's
face. Zelda then noticed the well placed cherry, and slowly used her tongue
to get it out.

While all this was going on, Hilda could feel herself getting moist, she was
starting to worry that nobody would satisfy her, until Salem made his way
between her legs, and began to lick Hilda's clit. This caused Hilda to pinch
harder as she had begun to tease Zelda's clit. This then forced Zelda to
swallow the cherry she had managed to free from Sabrina's opening. Zelda was
also squeezing Sabrina's tits while she had been fondle ling them.

All this on went on for a few more minutes, until Sabrina, Zelda, and Hilda
all climaxed. It started with Sabrina, who screamed from having someone else
bring her to orgasm for the first time as her juices flowed all over Zelda's
mouth, and face.

Zelda's scream was muffled by Sabrina's opening, which caused Sabrina to moan
again as she rolled over onto the floor next to Zelda.

Hilda had managed to lift her head up as her climax hit so the others could
hear her scream. as she finished screaming, she could feel Salem's tongue
lapping up her spilt juices. She then leaned her head forward, and began to
lick up Zelda's juices.

After they had finished cleaning up each other's juices, Hilda rolled over as
Sabrina had, and the three of them lay down on floor as they recovered from
their orgasms.

Sabrina was the first one who could manage to talk. "That... was... amazing,
Aunt Zelda..."

"Yes, Sabrina."

"Thanks... for... popping my... cherry."

At this, both she and Zelda began to laugh.

Salem then picked that moment to speak up, "Excuse me, aren't we forgetting

"What is it Salem?" Hilda asked.

"Maybe you all got off, but what about ME?"


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