By Wonder Mike

The giant slapped Sabrina across the face. She was now wide awake again. He
then slapped his pony on the rear. The pony thrust forward. It now had two
feet of cock buried into the teenage witch.

Sabrina screamed at the top of her lung. She was going to pass out again. The
giant grabbed a cup of water and threw it in her face he wanted to hear her
scream. He slapped the pony again, it thrusted even harder.

Roland climbed out of a window and across the draw bridge. He could feel his
magic returning. He could wait for the giant out here or he could summon
help. He decided if he beat the giant on his own Sabrina would have to marry
him. He stood across the moat and called the giant out.

The giant was behind the pony pushing it's hind quarters. He was determined
to see how much of the giant cock he could get into Sabrina. He had now
buried two and a half feet of gigantic cock into her. The giant threw more
water in her face but it was no use. She was out cold.

The giant heard Roland calling him. He ran out the door. Roland tossed a
lighting bolt at the castle. It fizzled out before it got across the moat. He
would have to do this the hard way.

The giant picked up a rock and flung it at Roland's head. He barely missed
him. They were at a stand still. Roland was sure he could take the big oof,
it didn't matter that the giant was five times his size. He would cross over
the moat and best him at hand to hand.

Roland then thought he felt a twitch in his hamstring, so he better not fight
him just yet. He called the giant yellow and drew a line in the sand. He
ordered the giant to cross it. The giant went back into the castle.

The giant pulled the pony from Sabrina. She was limp and still tied in a bent
over position. The giant stared at her ass and enjoyed the sight.

The giant then threw more water and began to slap her face until she regained
consciousness. He then pulled out his 20 inch cock. He aimed it at her
asshole and began to slowly slide it in.

Sabrina didn't even have the strength to scream, she just stood there unable
to move. The giant managed to get about 8 inches of his cock into her ass.

Roland had thought it over. There was only one thing to do. He thought hard
and pointed. There was only one man who could help.

There he stood 7 feet tall 400 pounds of steel. Dick Shaft. Roland pointed
Dick to the castle. He just grunted and charged in with Roland right behind

They reach Sabrina and saw the giant with half his cock inside the limp
Sabrina's ass. Roland charged across the room. The giant had trouble getting
his cock free so Roland landed the first blow. Right on the giant's knee. The
giant backhanded him across the room and freed his cock.

This sent Dick into an uncontrollable rage. He charged the Giant. The giant
was almost three times the size of Dick, but Shaft speared him and sent the
giant sprawling.

The giant couldn't believe that this mortal had knocked him over. He hit
Shaft, and it had no effect. Dick wrapped his hands around the giants throat
and began to choke him. The giant begged for mercy until he passed out.

Roland walked over and kicked the giant. He knew he could take him. He then
went over and helped Sabrina to her feet. Sabrina looked at the unconscious
giant and wanted to teach him a lesson. She had Shaft tie the giant to the
cage and bend him over. She then had him guide the pony over to him. They
left him tied there for the pony to have it's way with him just like it did
with her.

Shaft carried the two down the Beanstalk. They arrived in Sabrina's bedroom,
Roland told her he wanted his payment. Sabrina happily held his hand. He told
her that Dick needed his payment or he would become uncontrollable. Sabrina
held his hand. She saw his massive cock jump to life. Roland told her it's
not her hand that Dick needed.

Sabrina was in no shape to handle Shaft, she owed him her life though. She
didn't know what to do.

There was a knock at the front door. It was Valerie. She wondered why Sabrina
left school so suddenly, and came to see if she was all right. Sabrina
couldn't let Shaft have her friend, cold she?

Libby told her she looked bad. Sabrina told her she was sick and these 2 men
were looking after her. Shaft started to grunt. Roland told Sabrina he had to
turn him loose. He told her he would make sure Valerie didn't remember what
happened. Sabrina couldn't agree to it though.

All of a sudden Valerie started to rub Dick's chest, she didn't know why she
was doing it, she had never done anything like it before, she just couldn't
help herself.

She reached down and grabbed his cock. It was rock hard and 18 inches long.
Her jaw dropped. She had to have him. Sabrina tried to stop her but Valerie
just pushed her out of the way.

Valerie dropped to her knees and started to suck on his cock. Salem and
Roland sat on the window sill cheering her on. She had never sucked cock
before, but she was a natural. She ran her tongue up and down the sides until
she got to the tip, the she wrapped her lips around the head. Shaft let out
a howl.

Shaft picked her up and threw her on the bed. He rammed his cock into her
like there was no tomorrow. Valerie let out a scream. She was a virgin no
longer and was getting the hardest fucking anybody could ever get.

Valerie's legs were straight up in the air. Sabrina knew her bed was going to
break any minute. She yelled for Dick to get up.

He stood up with Valerie still impaled on his cock. He spun her around on it.
He then began to slide her up and down on his giant member.

He worked up so much speed, that Val was a blur. And she quickly and
thankfully passed out. This didn't stop Dick though. He was going to fuck her
until he was done.

Sabrina told Roland to stop him, he told her there was nothing he could do
about it. Sabrina had to stop him, she was feeling better now.

Sabrina ripped off her skirt and bent over. Shaft saw her and howled. He
pulled the unconscious Valerie off of his cock and lunged for Sabrina.

Sabrina knew what it was like to be fucked by Shaft, she looked at his cock,
it looked like it had even gotten bigger. She managed to dodge his lung.

She told him to lay down, it was the only way he could have her. Shaft laid
on his back. Salem and Roland yelled "Do it" in unison. Sabrina slid her
pussy down on his cock.

She managed to slide all the way down since she was so stretched out. She
reached the base of his giant member and rose up to start the trip again.
Shaft then grabbed her around the waist and thrusted up in to her.

Sabrina screamed and Dick let out another howl. His thrust was so powerful it
lifted her off of her feet. Shaft then began to slam her down on his cock. He
fucked her even harder than he fucked Valerie. Sabrina couldn't make a sound.

Shaft then stood up. He put Sabrina on her hands and knees and rammed his
cock into her from behind. The pounding Sabrina was getting forced her face
into her pillow, she couldn't move or even breathe. She was in trouble.

It took 20 minutes but Shaft finally shot his load deep into Sabrina. The
cum. came oozing out of her pussy. There was no more room inside of it. When
Shaft pulled out his cock it was 2 feet long. Sabrina had managed to stay
conscious for the whole fucking though.

Roland and Dick were paid in full, he took Dick and they headed back to his
office. Roland the private Dick. He thought maybe he should keep Shaft
around, he might be useful. if he gave him a personality.

Sabrina put Valerie in her bed, she would have to make sure she erased this
from her memoire as soon as she came to.



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