By Wonder Mike

Sabrina Spellman had almost completely her quest to find the family secret.
She could not use her witches license until she found out what it was.

Her Aunt Hilda told her the last clue was in Africa, she told her when she
got their she could not use Magic to discover the secret.

Sabrina thought, "Cool" she had never been to Africa. She had a blast on her
trip to Rome, she could probably write a term paper for extra credit for

Her Aunt Zelda told her she had to take her cat Salem, to help keep her out
of trouble, and to get him out of her hair, Sabrina knew it would be a drag,
but Salem could take care of himself. She packed her bags and pointed.

Sabrina arrived in Sudan, she was in the middle of a forest. She could see a
small village about 3 miles off in the distance. She placed her magic in a
bracelet so she wouldn't be tempted to use it, and she and Salem were off.

They made it half a mile before Salem collapsed, he cried out "I can't go any
further, you go on without me. Sabrina said Bye and continued her journey.
Salem ran after her and said I can't believe you would leave me. Sabrina told
him, I am not going to carry you cat. Salem yelled fine, I am going my own
way and I will meet you at the village.

Sabrina was a mile outside the village when she stopped to take a break, she
decided to use her bracelet to get her a little closer to the village, that
couldn't hurt could it?

She reached down to get the bracelet, and it was gone. That darn cat she
screamed, she just knew Salem had taken it. She continued her journey.

She only got a couple of feet before she got the feeling she wasn't alone,
she stopped and looked around. She was right.

She could see the eyes peeking out at her from the brush. They were all
around her. She yelled for them to show themselves.

The tribesmen jumped out at her, she was surrounded. There where 10 huge
black men dressed in tribal garb. Sabrina screamed, she was startled at first
but then she thought they had no reason to hurt her.

She asked if any of them spoke English, or French, those were the only
Languages that she knew, she got no response. Then one of the tribe lifted up
his skirt, and started stroking his cock, it sprang out to 12 inches, Sabrina
knew what language he was speaking, the other men quickly did the same.

All ten men had their cocks out and they were stroking them at Sabrina, she
thought this was the coolest thing she had ever seen. She had always wanted
to watch a man masturbate in front of her, and she had always fantasized
about black men, life didn't get any better then this.

One of the men snuck up behind her and pulled down the thin skirt she was
wearing, it gave no resistance, he started rubbing his 12 inches against her
thigh, Sabrina thought this was all right.

One of the men then grabbed her by the hair, he pulled her down and rammed
his cock into her mouth, she tried to keep her mouth closed, but then the man
behind her rammed his cock into her cunt. She screamed at the shock, and the
cock was buried down her throat.

The tribesman in front of her pulled her hair harder and harder until she
started to suck his cock, she had no choice.

The man behind rammed her cunt as hard as he could, he pushed her down until
she was on all fours, the other man laid down in front of her.

Sabrina had started to rock back unto the man that was fucking her, she was
loving the reaming she was getting. She managed to deep throat the other man.

She sucked the guy off until he shot his load down her throat. She greedily
swallowed it all. That was all it took for the second man to deposit his load
into her cunt. she yelled next.

Another man laid down in front of her, Sabrina stood up and sat down on his
12 inches. She wrapped her arms around his neck and started slapping her cunt
up and down on his member.

Another tribesman pulled her up by the chin, Sabrina opened her mouth as wide
as she could and he shoved his cock into her mouth. She easily gobbled up all
12 inches, she was a real cock sucker.

Sabrina needed more, she looked at another tribesman and pointed behind her,
he knew just what she wanted. He climbed on top of her and shoved his cock
into her asshole. Sabrina sighed in relief.

The two tribes men fucking her started to thrust as hard as they could,
Sabrina screamed from the pounding she was getting, that open up her mouth
for another 12 inch cock.

Sabrina know had 2 cocks jammed down her throat and she was being double
penetrated, and she had never been happier. The tribesmen had never been
happier either, the two that were fucking her emptied their loads inside of
her. She then sat on her knees so she could take the other two cocks deeper
down her throat. They both came on her tongue at the same time, she swallowed
it all without spilling a drop. The next tribesman was already laying in
front of her.

Sabrina took a deep breath and jumped on top of his cock, she saw there were
three men left so she pointed at her ass again. The next man climbed on her
back and shoved his cock not into her asshole, but into her cunt.

Sabrina screamed as the second 12 inch monster impaled her pussy, the last
two tribesmen took the opportunity to both shove their cocks down her throat
at the same time.

Sabrina could feel her formally tight cunt stretching under the unmerciful
fucking she was getting. Her jaw was aching also.

She knew these were the last four men, so she sucked for all she was worth
She had both cocks halfway down her throat when they both came. The amount of
cum they shot shocked her and she could not swallow it all quickly enough, it
came spilling out the corners of her lips.

The sight of cum dripping out of the teenager caused the last two men to go
wild, they began to fuck her harder and harder. Sabrina began to scream at
the top of her lungs until she thankfully passed out.

Salem was traveling through the jungle, he saw a lion and thought it must be
a friend, he asked the lion for directions. The lion roared and Salem ran. He
was no officially lost. He wished he knew how to use Sabrina's magic, but at
least she was in the same predicament he was in.

Salem came upon a sleeping tribesman, he scratched him across the face and
woke him up. Salem asked him for direction, the man dropped to his knees and
bowed to Salem. Salem told him "Take me to your leader."

Sabrina awoke laying face first on the ground. her arms and legs were staked
to the ground spread eagle. She was helpless.

A man with a huge headdress stood in front of her. He spoke. "You have passed
the first test," "you satisfied my royal guard." "You could be the one who
frees my tribe." "I have one more test for you to perform."

Sabrina was grateful to meet someone who speaks English. She told him he
didn't have to tie her down though. he told her "Yes we do."

He signaled to his royal guard, one of them came through the jungle. He had a
baby elephant with him. Sabrina thought she could ride the beast to safety.

The king led the elephant over to the helpless Sabrina. It was standing over
her. The king signaled for his harem. The girls stood next to the beast and
began stroking it's cock. It soon was standing erect at two feet long.

The king ordered the elephant to lay down, it's cock pointing right at
Sabrina's exposed pussy. She screamed as the tip of the giant cock entered
her pussy.

The king ordered the elephant to lay flat. The weight of the beast forced
it's cock all the way into her.

Sabrina thought she was going to pass out again, but she managed to stay
conscious. The elephant cock wasn't that much thicker then the two tribesmen
who had penetrated her before. it was seconds before the cock was all the way
inside of her.

Sabrina was enjoying herself now, she arched her back and started pushing up
onto the beast. The king ordered the baby elephant to raise. It stood up on
all fours. He pulled Sabrina off the ground, stakes and all. She was impaled
on it's cock. The king ordered the beast to stand on two legs.

The beast balanced it self with Sabrina flat underneath it, then the king
ordered it to lay flat. The beast dropped. It's cock was rammed even deeper
into Sabrina. She thought it was going to come out of her mouth. She was
pleading for mercy now. The elephant started shoving it's cock in and out of
her now.

Sabrina fell flat, unable to move under the onslaught she just hoped it would
be over soon. The elephant started ramming in and out of her harder, she
could tell it was going to cum.

The beast started pumping cum into Sabrina. The beast came until it
completely filled up her cunt. The elephant tried to pull out, but the
teenager was still impaled. The king ordered the beast to two legs again. His
royal guard pulled her off the cock. They told her the test was almost over.

Salem rode through the jungle on the tribesman shoulder. He stopped every
couple of feet to be fed. He was angered that the man didn't have pizza. They
finally did arrive at the man's tribe though.

Salem told the tribe that he was their new leader, they all bowed to him.
Salem know had a tribe of warriors under his control. He could take over the
world, or send them out for Chinese, decisions, decisions.

The king signaled for the second part of the test. This blonde teenager
seemed to have all the attributes to free his tribe from the king of the

The royal guard retied Sabrina face first to the ground. She gave no
resistance what so ever. The king ordered the second part of the test. It was
a full grown elephant.

The harem stroked it's cock until it reached it's full three feet in length.
Sabrina screamed at the top of her lungs when she saw it.



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