By Wonder Mike

It had been another boring month for Sabrina Spellman, she just realized she
was immortal and had no future plans, she didn't know how her aunts lived
with it. It occurred to her that Harvey would get old and die, and she would
essentially still be a teen.

Her Aunt Hilda knew what Sabrina needed. She gave her a puppet. Sabrina
wasn't impressed. She wondered just how old did her Aunts think she was?

Hilda told her this puppet was fro the other realm and was special it was
almost alive. Sabrina thought that's all I need.

Sabrina sat the puppet on her dresser and started the water for a shower.

She was finishing her shower when she dropped the soap. She bent down to pick
it up and was startled by a whistle.

She looked around and saw that stupid puppet standing there. She screamed for
it to get out and get out now.

The puppet said hey bitch I'm pinocchio and I can to whatever I want. Sabrina
ordered it out of the bathroom again.

Pinocchio left and Sabrina grabbed a towel, covered herself and went back to
her room.

Pinocchio was standing there starring at her. She yelled for him to stop it.
Pinocchio swore he wasn't looking at her. He then looked down.

Sabrina told him there would have to be ground rules if he was going to stay
here, and the first was no leering. Pinocchio told her he would never stare
at her again. He looked down again.

Sabrina noticed him this time, she took a glance and saw what he was looking
at. He had a little boner.

This is great she thought, I have a horny puppet, this is like some bad
ventriloquist act. Pinocchio told her he didn't have a boner, she was
imagining things.

This time there was no doubt he had a hard on. This was gross. The puppet had
a pup tent in his pants. Actually it was pretty funny. She told him to turn
around while she got dress.

Pinocchio told her she could trust him, she turned around and found her
panties, she heard pinocchio grown, she got her panties on and turned around.

There was no doubt he had a real boner. He was only two feet tall, but he
had a six inch cock. She forgot about getting dressed for a second. She was
having wicked thoughts.

She asked the puppet if his cock actually worked, she wanted to know if she
was safe around him. He told her it didn't work, he was just a puppet and she
was completely safe around him.

All of her questions were answered as she saw his cock grow another 3 inches.
It was half the size of his body.

Sabrina asked why his cock was growing. He told her lets just say, I was with
a witch giving her the time of her life when her warlock husband came home, I
told him she raped me, he cast a spell and here I am.

Sabrina said I hope that thing doesn't get any bigger, he told her it only
gets bigger when I say something that is not completely truthful, I won't do
that anymore. It grew an inch in width.

Pinocchio's cock burst through his pants, it was 9 inches now. He told her I
have to get release or it will keep growing, it is impossible to not tell any
untruths. It grew another inch in width.

Sabrina's mouth was watering, it didn't take any persuading to get her to
pull down her panties, she told Pinocchio she would take care of him.

He told her to lay on your stomach, he climbed on top of her and slipped his
cock into her pussy. He began thrusting his nine inches in and out of her as
hard as his little legs would let him.

Sabrina needed it harder. She stood to her hands and knees, she lifted
Pinocchio off of his feet, he was hanging by his cock out of her pussy. She
screamed "Lie to me."

Pinocchio told her the check was in the mail, he was now 12 inches. He
grabbed on to her waist and began thrusting into her tight pussy. She yelled
for him to lie again.

He told her I'll still respect you in the morning, and his cock grew another
inch in width, it was now as thick as her wrist.

He was pumping into her as if his life depended on it but it wasn't hard
enough for Sabrina. She threw herself backwards. She was now sitting on top
of the doll. She said "Please lie to me."

Pinocchio told her "I love you" His cock shot up to 15 inches. Sabrina yelled
in joy and started slamming her cunt up and down on the doll. She was having
the time of her life.

She spun around on the cock, without pulling it out so she was facing
Pinocchio, she was slapping her ass up and down on his cock. She reached
around and slipped a finger in her asshole, and let out a gasp.

She told him to lie to her again. Pinocchio told her she was the only one for
him, his cock widened again. It was buried deep inside of Sabrina and was as
thick as her arm. She let out a blood curdling scream.

It hurt but it was the best feeling she had ever had. It was buried all the
was inside of her and she was afraid to move. Pinocchio started to thrust up
into her though.

She screamed with every thrust, but she begged him not to stop. Slowly she
began to ride his cock again.

It took her a couple of seconds to adjust to the size, but she started to
slap her ass down on he wooden member harder and harder.

All of a sudden Pinocchio said this I've never done this before. Sabrina now
had 18 inches of cock buried deep inside her tight pussy. She screamed for
her life as she was lifted into the air. All of the thick cock wouldn't fit
inside of her and she was suspended in mid air.

She managed to get her feet underneath her to take some of the pressure off.
Pinocchio then thrusted up and shoved more of his giant cock into her pussy.

His cock was almost the same size as his entire body, he grabbed Sabrina
around the waist and started to ram it to her. Sabrina screamed one more time
and passed out. Pinocchio saw her juices sliding down his cock. He screamed
"Ain't nobody bad like me".

He rolled over so Sabrina was on her back He rammed his cock into the
unconscious teenager without mercy.

He fucked the limp teenage witch for another 20 minutes, before he pulled
out and shot a load all over pretty face and hair. He complete drenched her
as he kept cumming and cumming.

When Sabrina awoke covered in dummy seaman, she found a teenage boy standing
over her. She didn't understand.

He told her that she was the first one to give him complete happiness and the
spell was broken, he was human again.

Sabrina cast a spell and turned him back into a doll. She told him "sorry
about that but I am not done with you yet.



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