Sabrina Spellman was in a real quandary, she was graduating from high school
and it was time to make a choice on a college.

She could get into any school she wanted but her boyfriend Harvey was a
different story, she either had to go to a school that would accept him, or
raise his sat scores.

Her cat Salem told her she could go to the other realm and read her horoscope
and get good advice for the future. They had a 60% success rate.

Sabrina thought it sounded harmless, even though she was reluctant to take
advice from Salem, but it couldn't hurt anything this time.

Sabrina went through her linen closet and into the other realm. She picked up
a newspaper and looked for the horoscope section. Two thin twins appeared in
front of her.

Sabrina was shocked, she asked who they were, they told her they were Gemini,
and they were summoned when she opened the paper.

Sabrina said "cool" and asked if they could chose a college for her and her
boyfriend Harvey.

Gemini told her they would have to go deep inside of her to see her future.
Sabrina didn't know what that meant but it was important so she said "Lets do

Gemini told her they would have to get into the mood, they waved their hand
over her head. The jeans and tee shirt she was wearing were replaced by a
thin silk summer dress, it was sky blue and came down just above her knees.

Sabrina thought this was nice and breezy, she noticed her bra was gone
though and you could see right through her dress, her headlights were showing
and her face was turning red.

Gemini told her not to worry, #1 stood behind her and put his hands on her
breast, he told her that was how he channeled her energy, 2 stood in front of
her and placed his hands on her ass.

Sabrina said "Hold on People" Gemini told her to calm down, they could
guarantee her future happiness, Sabrina finally agreed.

2 pulled her dress up over her head, Sabrina just closed her eyes. 1 pinched
her nipples between his fingers, they were perfectly round.

1 slipped a finger inside her cunt from behind. Sabrina's head started to
spin. She was completely under their spell now. 1 slipped a second finger
inside of her.

Sabrina's knees became weak, she slowly drooped to the floor. Gemini followed
her down and placed their heads between her legs. They each grabbed one of
her legs and ram their fingers up and down them. They then spread them as far
apart as they could go.

Gemini began licking up and down her thighs, they each reached her pussy at
the same time. Sabrina shrieked as they slipped their tongues inside of her.

Sabrina tried to spread her legs even further, she needed the tongues deeper
inside of her. She grabbed each of them by the back of the head and shoved
them between her legs.

Gemini each slipped two fingers into her ass, Sabrina through her hands into
the air and froze. She was having an orgasm already.

Gemini told her they weren't getting a reading, one rose up and pulled out
his 10 inch cock, he buried it into her pussy.

Sabrina rocked from side to side as 1 rammed his cock into her, she then
started to kick her legs up in the air burying 1's cock even deeper inside of

1 said he was starting to get something, he needed to join with 2. He pulled
his cock out of Sabrina and rolled her over. He put her on her hands
and knees and shoved his cock into her doggy style.

1 fucked her like a jack hammer, he was a blur ramming his cock into the
teenage witch. 2 stood in front of her and pulled out his 10 inches, Sabrina
opened her mouth wide and he shoved his cock in.

Sabrina almost gagged as 2 shoved his entire cock into her mouth. She would
have been choking except that 1 was fucking her so hard that her mouth was
hanging open.

Gemini clasp hands and tried to do the reading again, they got a faint image
but it wasn't enough. They pulled their cocks out of her
and told her they couldn't get a reading.

Sabrina was horny as hell, she needed to be fucked and she needed to get her
horoscope, she begged Gemini to keep trying. They knew it was a dirty job but
someone had to do it.

Sabrina sat up. She grabbed one by the cock and shoved it down her throat.
She then grabbed 2 and shoved his cock down her throat with it. Gemini began
thrusting her hips, forcing their members deeper down her throat.

They told her the image was getting clearer, they could make out a building,
they couldn't make out the name of the building though. They needed to get
their cocks in deeper.

Sabrina pulled the two cocks oout of her mouth and told them she couldn't
take them any deeper. Gemini told her they would have to try a different

1 laid on his back. He told Sabrina to hop aboard. She sat on his chest and
buried his cock into her cunt. She slammed her ass up and down on top of him.

I was getting worn out, 2 held her still and climbed on her back. He shoved
his cock into her pussy along side of 1.

Sabrina screamed, she was full. Gemini said the building was a little clearer
but they still couldn't tell what school it was. They each began thrusting
harder and faster into her.

Sabrina started bouncing up and down on the two cocks in her pussy. Her pony
tail came undone and her hair was flying wildly. She was screaming at the top
of her lungs to be fucked harder.

Gemini began jack hammering her cunt, they were each a blur thrusting into
her cunt, Sabrina was being split open, she was going to pass out, Gemini was
going to cum before that happened though.

Gemini pulled out of her cunt, they told her it was no use, they couldn't see
her future. She was exhausted but she had came too far to give up now, she
begged them to continue.

They reluctantly agreed, they told her they would have to try a different
hole, 1 laid down again, Sabrina faced away from him and sat on his cock,
this time she shoved it in her ass.

Sabrina was finally getting it were she needed it, in her wonderful ass. She
jumped up and down on 1 actually leaving her feet with every thrust. 2 had to
slow her down.

2 laid her flat on top of 1, he lifted her legs up in the arm. He brought her
knees up to her chest, he then slipped his cock into her ass alongside of 1.

Sabrina was screaming for mercy, they ravaged her ass slowly at first, but it
didn't take long for them both to start jack hammering her ass hole. Sabrina
was laying limp on top of one.

Her ass was so tight, that there was no way they could last long, they each
pulled their cocks out of her ass and covered her body with their spunk.

They came and came until Sabrina was a completely covered, white sticky mess,
she just laid on the ground happy and content.

Gemini told her they didn't understand why they couldn't get a ready from
her. Maybe they had to find her Gemini soul mate.

Sabrina told them she was born in April, she wasn't a Gemini, they threw
their hands up.

Gemini went back into the newspaper, another creature appeared. It had the
body of a man, but the head of a ram.

It was Aries the ram. Sabrina looked up and said gross, Aries told her he was
summoned and he would do the job, Sabrina said "That's a good plan and it
would work except for one thing." "I'm out of here."

Sabrina turned to leave but Aries grabbed her and spun her around, when she
completed her turn she was hit in the face with the biggest cock she had ever

It was eighteen inches and as thick as her arm, her juices were dripping down
her leg. She said, as long as were both here we might as well do the job.

She dropped to her knees and began sucking on the tip of his member, he
grabbed her by her long blonde hair and began thrusting his cock into her

He could only get it in just past the tip, about 5 inches but it was good
enough for him. Nobody else had even got the tip in her mouth.

Sabrina reached between her legs and shoved 4 fingers into her cunt. She
spread them apart as wide as she could. Gemini had stretched her cunt out
good but Aries was bigger than the both of them combined.

The ram bent her over to her hand and knees, he shoved his hand into her
pussy, Sabrina's head dropped to the floor as he began twisting his hand
around inside of her, he only had two large fingers, perfect for fisting she
was ready to be fucked.

Aries didn't want to let her have it just yet though. He took his other hand
and shoved it into her ass.

Sabrina lifted her head and screamed, Aries told her to beg for it, he wasn't
like those pansies the Gemini, he was a real man and knew what she needed.

Sabrina was scared, this beast was rude and could hurt her, but she had to
have that cock inside of her. she said "Please Mr. Aries" "I need you inside
of me."

She started rocking back onto the two hands that were impaling her, she was
begging for that wonderful cock. Aries finally told her she could have it.



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