SABRINA TV 1 - Gilligan's Island
By Wonder Mike

"Television suck" Screamed Roland, He hadn't been outside since he had gotten
fired from his job as bounty hunter. He had been staying in the mortal realm
watching TV.

I can't believe the crap they but on, and where are the hot actresses? There
is nobody as hot as my beloved Sabrina on the boob tube. She should be on
every show.

That gave Roland an idea, Sabrina wouldn't marry him, he couldn't figure out
why, he was hot stuff, it couldn't be because she was a foot taller then he

Roland decided to pay Sabrina a visit, he popped into her living room but
Sabrina was nowhere to be found, Salem was in her bedroom watching
television, He was throwing hairballs at the television, he couldn't believe
the crap that they put on.

Roland told Salem of his plan, Salem thought it could be cool, even though he
didn't think Sabrina was interesting enough to have her own show, now a Salem
the cat show would be a huge hit.

Roland picked up a picture of Sabrina with his left hand, he picked up the
remote with his right hand. He pushed them together until they merged.

Roland pointed the remote at the television and the picture of Sabrina
appeared, he thought "This is just like Web TV."

He turned the television on, he heard the familiar tune, "Sit right back and
you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip." Roland thought "Cool." Salem
thought "Interesting."

Sabrina had no idea what had happened, she was at the Slicery thinking about
Harvey, then the next thing she knew she was on an island, "I guess this is
all part of being a witch," she thought.

The professor was working on the radio again, Gilligan had dropped it into
the ocean, again. Professor Hinkly didn't know how long the castaways had
been on this island but he wanted to go home.

Jonas Grumby, came along to help the professor, he almost called him Roy but
that wouldn't be right, after all he had doctorates from SMU, UCLA and USC.
He asked what he could do to help, The professor told the skipper, just keep
Gilligan away from me. The skipper had chores for Gilligan to do.

Sabrina was walking along the beach, when she ran into the duo, the skipper
ran over to her and gave her a hug. Sabrina could barely breathe.

The skipper yelled, "where's your boat? How did you get here? when can we

Sabrina told him that her boat was right on the beach, she pointed and
nothing happened, "Great" she thought, I may really be stuck. She told the
skipper she was a skydiver who got blown off course.

The Professor was explaining what happened to the group when Ginger Grant and
Mary Ann Summers came running over, Sabrina greeted them, they wondered how
she knew everybody, she explained that there was a huge search going on for
them, she was scared to tell them they were a television program.

Salem and Roland both yelled "Three hot chick," "this could get interesting."
They ordered pizza and waited for the action to start.

They watch for three hours, Mr. and Mrs. Howell introduced themselves, as did
Gilligan, Sabrina had grown up watching them so it was an honor.

Sabrina was helping with the laundry when Roland screamed, "I can't take
anymore." "This is even more boring." Salem said "I have a way to spice it

Salem pointed to a bottle on Sabrina's dresser, He told Roland to sneak to
the island and pour it into the castaway's drinks, Roland would do anything
to liven up this show.

Roland did as Salem asked, he then popped back to Sabrina's room, he asked
Salem what he just gave them, Salem told him it was Sabrina's love spell.

Sabrina was ready to go home, it was hot and bugs where everywhere, she knew
that somehow Salem had to be behind this, and that cat would pay.

The castaways finished their drinks and where going to turn in for the night,
Sabrina was going to sleep with Ginger and Mary Ann, but the professor, told
her she could stay with him, after all he was the only one who had a hut to
himself, it made perfect since, The Howell's then insisted she stay with
them, of course Gilligan and the skipper insisted she was welcome to stay
with them.

Sabrina wanted to stay with them all, she didn't know why, she decided to
spend the first part of the evening with the girls, Mary Ann screamed
"Slumber party," Sabrina thought "Cool."

There were two cots in the girls hut, They each wanted Sabrina to sleep with
her, Sabrina thought she would try Mary Ann's cot first, Ginger didn't like
it but what could she do?

Sabrina was wearing nothing but a thong, Mary Ann didn't have any underwear.
They were on the cot above the jealous Ginger.

Mary Anne put her arms around the teenage witch, Sabrina just hummed, Mary
Ann smelled good. Mary Ann's hand soon found their way to Sabrina's pert
breast, Sabrina starting stroking Mary Ann's wrist.

Mary Ann let her hands wander down Sabrina's chest and stomach, they quickly
reached her wet bush, Sabrina's hand where already there.

Mary Ann started stroking her bush, Sabrina spread her legs apart as wide as
she could, Mary Ann slipped two fingers into the wetness, Sabrina was
stroking her wrist.

Ginger had heard enough, she climbed onto the cot with the duo, she was
already naked. Ginger buried her face into Mary Ann's bush, Mary Ann was on
her hands and knees pushing back trying to get Ginger's tongue inside her
even deeper. Ginger slipped two of her fingers into Sabrina's box.

Mary Ann and Ginger grasp hands. they each worked their fingers into Sabrina,
Sabrina put her knees up and grabbed both the girls by the wrist, she started
slamming their hand inside of her, she was humping her ass back and forth.

Ginger and Mary Ann both added another finger into Sabrina, she was moaning
loudly now, her ass was completely off the cot now, she was trying to ram the
fingers in even deeper.

Salem and Roland where on their feet now, this was more like it, every show
should be like this, if they want ratings that is, they were on to something

Ginger pulled her hand out of Sabrina, she walked around and sat on Sabrina's
face, Sabrina quickly stuck her tongue out, Ginger started wiggling her ass.

Mary Ann shove 4 fingers into Sabrina now, Sabrina slipped 4 fingers into
Ginger's cunt, Ginger was squatted over Sabrina's hand and started riding up
and down. Sabrina planted her elbow on the cot so Ginger could ride her hand

Ginger was holding Sabrina by the wrist, Sabrina slipped her thumb inside of
her, Mary Ann did the same to Sabrina. Ginger and Sabrina screamed in unison.

Mary Ann was twisting her hand back and forth, inside of Sabrina, she began
doing the same thing to Ginger, the two girls came in unison, Sabrina
squirted her juices down Mary Ann's arm. Ginger licked it clean.

It was Mary Ann's turn, she took her place on the cot, Ginger sat on her
face, she hooked Mary Ann behind her knees and brought them up to her chest,
Sabrina buried her face between Mary Ann's legs.

Ginger leaned over and added her tongue to Sabrina's, they would give one
another a kiss with each lick they took of Mary Ann. Sabrina then shoved
three fingers into Mary Ann.

Ginger wouldn't let the newcomer out do her, she leaned over and shoved three
of her own fingers into her friend. Mary Ann was thrusting up onto the hands,
today, she was the luckiest woman on the face of the earth.

Sabrina and Ginger both slipped a fourth finger into their victim, Mary Ann
was screaming at the top of her lungs now, there where tears of joy streaming
down her face. She reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit as
hard as she could, she was going to cum.

Sabrina shoved her thumb into Mary Ann now, she began to turn her wrist
clockwise inside of her. Ginger added her thumb also, she began turning her
arm counter clockwise.

That was all Mary Ann could take, her juices came squirting straight up.
Ginger began lapping it up like it was a fountain, Sabrina soon began taking
the drink also, it was the sweetest thing she had ever tasted. Mary Ann
passed out, Ginger laid on top of her and quickly fell to sleep. Sabrina
decided to visit the Professor next.

Professor Hinkly Was awake and waiting for Sabrina, he had been eavesdropping
in the girls and was hard as a rock, he had been planning for Ginger for
years, but know he would use the scientific approach to sex on the teenage

The professor was completely naked when Sabrina walked in. She saw his 8
inches pointing at her and she wrapped her lips around his member. She had no
idea what was coming over her, she usually only felt this way around Harvey,
but he was saving himself for marriage, this will be good practice she
thought, when she did give it to Harvey she would be a real pro.

She swallowed the cock whole, it went down easily, Sabrina was working on
getting his balls in her mouth when he grabbed her by the hair. He spit on
her and screamed Suck it bitch, Sabrina started to moan loudly, she was
hotter than ever.

Sabrina was slamming her head back and forth on the cock, he was cumming
already. The professor shot his load down her throat. Sabrina never stopped
sucking her cock, she gulped down every drop of his seed. She was ready to be

Sabrina laid on her back and spread her legs, She was begging to be fucked
hard now, The professor had something planned for her.

He showed her what looked like an egg beater with the ends taking off. He
then grabbed two large cucumbers and placed then on the ends. He began to
turn the crank and they began to spin.

He told her "This is what I have been working on instead of fixing the boat."
"I will get us off the island as soon as I use this on Ginger."

Sabrina through one leg in the air and grabbed the device from him. She
rammed the two cucumbers into her cunt, it was the best thing she had ever

Roy grabbed the crank. The two cucumbers started to slowly spin in opposite
directions, Sabrina grabbed herself by the hair and started to scream, this
was the best thing she had ever felt.

The professor started turning even harder, Sabrina managed to get out one
"Faster" before she lost control, Roy was cranking for all he was worth now.

The two cucumbers where spinning so fast now, it looked like they were not
moving at all, Sabrina was on her fifth orgasm when the juices came flying
out of her cunt.

Sabrina sprayed Roy right in the face covering him with a white sticky sheen,
she then passed out with a smile on her face, Roy knew his new invention
would make him a fortune. He was going to go out and fix the boat right now,
well as soon as he paid a visit to Ginger.

Gilligan and the skipper snuck into the professors room, they picked up the
unconscious teenager and brought her back to their hut. They knew the girls
and Roy had their way with Sabrina, and now it was there turn.

W Gilligan (That would be telling) carried Sabrina over his shoulder, her cum
left a slimy trail behind her, he threw her own her cot, The duo each drooped
their pants, the skippers cock was a fat 12 inches, it looked like a fire
hydrant, Gilligan's was even bigger, Sabrina awoke staring at them.

Her cunt was still wet and she wanted it, but it was still sore from the
previous encounters, she couldn't handle 2 cocks that size. She told them
they had to wait.

The skipper doesn't wait for anybody he bellowed, he rolled her over onto her
stomach and buried his fat cock into her ass.

Sabrina screamed as her ass hole was violated, she was loving every minute of
it. The skipper took it slow so it took him a couple of seconds to get his
entire cock inside of her.

Gilligan held her by the chin and lifted her head up, he pinched her cheeks
so her mouth opened, he then shoved his 14 inches into her mouth.

Sabrina could only get the tip of his cock into her mouth because it was so
fat. Gilligan grabbed her by the hair and shoved another three inches down
her throat.

The skipped grabbed her around the waist and started pulling her back and
forth on his cock. Gilligan was holding her hair fucking her face. They were
soon fucking her in unison.

Gilligan finally managed to get his entire cock down her throat, The force of
Jonas's fucking made her swallow all of W's cock. Sabrina could barely
breathe, her mouth was full.

As soon as Gilligan got his entire cock down her throat, he shot his load
directly into her stomach. She had no choice but to swallow it all. The
professor then pulled his cock out of he ass and shoved it down her throat.
Sabrina was licking it clean when he deposited his load down her throat.

Salem and Roland where doing backflips on Sabrina's bed, they had never been
so happy. Salem landed on the remote and the channel began to change.



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