SABRINA TELEVISION 3 - Three's Company
by Wonder Mike

"That is it" Ralph Furley screamed to himself, The kids downstairs where a
week late with their rent again. It was time to nip it in the bud. Furley ran
downstairs to collect.

This was Roland's favorite show, Sabrina would be a wonderful addition, just
what it needed. Of course his beloved Sabrina would be a wonderful addition
to any show.

Jack Tripper screamed at the girls to be quiet, he heard Furley at the door.
They only had half of the rent, they could not afford to be evicted. Jack ran
into his bedroom, Janet Wood and Christmas Snow decided there was no need to

Jack backed onto his bed, he was just going to lay down, He sat on a big
lump. He jumped up, pulled the covers off and found a naked Sabrina.

Who are you and what are you doing here he screamed, Sabrina recognized him
immediately, she hated to admit that she watched that show, but it was a
guilty pleasure.

She told jack, that she got hit on the head and just awoke. She told him she
didn't know where her clothes were.

It was impossible for Jack not to stare at the naked teenager. He turned away
but he would then turn slowly back, he just couldn't help himself. Sabrina
noticed and stood up, she was still under the love spell.

Mr. Furley used his pass key to walk into the apartment, he knew the kids
where home. He was going to collect the rent or they where gone.

Salem knew this was his cue, he appeared under the couch and sprayed Janet
and Chrissy with the love spell, now this show would get interesting.

Jack couldn't take his eyes off of Sabrina now, she stuck her hands down his
pants and found what she was looking for. She pulled his cock out and started
to suck.

Sabrina was bent over sucking Jack's cock, he was going to try to stop her,
but was he insane? He just stood there and enjoyed it.

Furley held out his hands, the girls knew what he wanted and by God he was
going to collect.

Chrissy told him they didn't have the rent, but she had something else he
could have. Furley told them there was nothing he wanted besides the rent.

Chrissy started doing jumping jacks, her huge tits were bouncing up and down,
Furley's head was going up and down in time with them. Janet turned around
and dropped a pen. She slowly bent over and picked it up.

Furley snapped back, "You can't distract me like that." Chrissy then removed
her top. Furley forgot why he had come down.

Jack was holding Sabrina by her long blonde hair. He was holding her head
still while he fucked her face, Sabrina had grabbed his ass with both hands,
she was pulling him in closer so she could deep throat him with each stroke.
Jack wouldn't be able to hold out very long.

Sabrina stopped sucking him off, she pulled his pants off and pushed him
over, he hit the floor and landed on his back, Sabrina screamed "It's my turn
and she sat on his face.

Janet had pulled her pants off, she was still bent over in front of Furley,
she didn't know why, but she had to have him. He was the ultimate stud.

Chrissy had grabbed Furley by the back of the neck, she shoved one of her
tits into his mouth, he was sucking on it like it was a baby bottle.

Janet crawled over to him and pulled down his pants, she started stroking his
cock, then she shoved it in her mouth, she took him down her throat, then
she pulled it out. She told them this was worth, three months rent. Furley
screamed yes. Janet began slamming her head back and forth on his cock.
Furley shot a giant load down her throat.

Furley completely filled her mouth up, Janet was gagging, she had never seen
so much cum before. She was disappointed that she didn't get fucked though.
Furley saw the look on her face and told her not to worry, I'm a six shooter.

Sabrina had reached between her legs, she shoved three fingers into her
pussy, Jack was trying to get her entire tit into his mouth, Sabrina was
stroking his hair, Jack reached down and slipped two fingers into her ass.

Sabrina started rocking back on his fingers. She was slamming her round ass
up and down. Jack slipped another into her tight ass. Sabrina shoved a fourth
finger into her cunt.

Chrissy dropped to her knees in front of Furley, it was time for her load.
She slammed his entire cock down her throat.

Chrissy had no trouble at all with Furley's 6 inches, she began to lick his
balls while she deep throated him. Janet laid down underneath Furley. She too
began to lick his balls.

Chrissy then managed to get Furley's balls into her mouth also, Janet slipped
her tongue into her mouth too. Janet was amazed at how big Chrissy's mouth
was. Furley than shot a load directly down her throat. She had no choice but
to swallow it all.

Sabrina was screaming for Jack to fuck her, She was on all fours wiggling her
ass at him. Jack stood behind her, took aim, and shoved his cock slowly into
her ass.

He got the tip of his cock into her ass, he wanted to ease it in, Sabrina had
other ideas, she slammed her ass back and took his entire cock. She planted
her hands in front and started rocking back as hard as she could. Jack
wrapped his hands around her and held on for dear life.

Furley laid on his back, he told the girls it was time to go for a ride,
Janet said they should flip a coin to see who got to go first, Chrissy
agreed. She tossed a quarter, Janet sat on Furley's cock, she said she would
call it later.

Janet was riding reverse cowgirl. her feet where planted firmly on the
ground, her arms where planted on her knees. She was jumping up and down on
his cock.

Chrissy sat right next to them, she shoved two fingers into Janet's pussy.
This just made her jump up and down harder. Furley started to scream. He had
never been fucked this hard before. Janet reached down and slipped a finger
into her pussy also. She was screaming at the top of her lungs.

Chrissy reached between her legs and slipped a finger into her pussy, she
than began to wiggle it around inside of herself, she was getting worked up,
but it wasn't time to cum yet.

Jack had his arms all the way around Sabrina's waist. He was pulling her back
onto his cock, Sabrina didn't need any help, she was going to cum, and so was

He forced her face down to the ground, he was going to really give it to her
now, Sabrina was still grinding her ass up and down, she also slipped three
fingers into her cunt.

Jack could feel her fingers inside of her cunt. He reached down and shoved
three of his own fingers into her pussy. Sabrina was going out of her mind.
She needed to cum, and cum now.

Jack pulled his cock out of her ass, Sabrina tried to stop him but he was
too quick, he was going to shoot his load all over her face, just like he
fantasized about doing to Janet.

Jack heard Janet's screams of pleasure, he pulled his cock out of Sabrina's
mouth and ran into the living room to see what was happening. He was shocked
to see Janet with a cock and three fingers shoved into her cunt. She was
jumping up and down on Furley like she was on a pogo stick. Furley thought
she was going to kill him.

Jack ran over and pulled the fingers out of Janet's cunt, he couldn't believe
what was going on. He told Furley and Chrissy they should be ashamed of
themselves, then he climbed on top of Janet and shoved his cock into her
cunt along side of Furley's. If anybody was going to do Janet, it would be

Sabrina staggered into the living room, she had 4 fingers shoved inside her
pussy as she came in. She couldn't believe that Jack had left him. She saw
Janet with the two cocks in her cunt. She had to have that.

Furley and Jack where thrusting into Janet as hard as they could. They had
fucked her so hard that she finally stopped moving. She an orgasm so massive
that she passed out.

Sabrina ran over and pulled Jack off of Janet, she demanded to be fucked.
Furley was so sore that he couldn't move. He had shot another load inside of
Janet, the cum came oozing out of her cunt as she fell off of him.

Chrissy saw Furley's still erect cock pointing straight up, she couldn't pass
the opportunity. She hopped aboard reverse cowgirl and shoved his cock into
her ass. That was her favorite thing, besides cock sucking that is.

Chrissy was jumping up and down on his cock even harder than Janet did.
Furley had never felt anything so tight around his cock. He wouldn't be able
to hold out very long.

Sabrina laid on her back and spread her legs, she needed it bad now, she
rammed four fingers from each hand into her cunt, she really needed a cock
now though. Jack took a look at her, then he ran over to Chrissy.

Jack pushed Chrissy back so she was laying flat on top of Furley, he curled
her legs up and Furley hooked her ankles, Jack took aim and shoved his cock
into her ass.

Chrissy was the one screaming now, her ass was being penetrated by 2 cocks,
this was something she had only done a couple of times. Jack began thrusting
down on her as hard as he could, his thrusts forced her down on Furley. He
was ready to unload.

Jack pulled his cock out and ran over to the unconscious Janet, he sprayed
her face with his seed. He then ran and grabbed his camera and took a
picture, this was something he always wanted to remember. Sabrina ran over
and licked the cum off of Janet's face. She told Jack to give it to her.

Jack told her he was done. She looked at Furley and ram over to him, she
pulled the limp Chrissy off of him. Furley shot another giant load as soon as
his cock came out of her ass. Sabrina lapped it up like she was at a water
fountain. She went to sit on Furley's cock, but it finally went limp. Sabrina
screamed. She yelled to nobody in particular, "Get me out of here."

Jack had no idea who she was talking too. Salem, pushed the up button on the
remote. Sabrina appeared, in the living room of a mansion. She saw a little
blonde boy, about 13 in a suit, she thought he would have to do.



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