Silver Spoons

Sabrina was completely naked standing behind a young teenage boy, he looked
to be about 13 or 14, she was horny as hell and she was going to have him, he
hadn't seen her yet, but he would.

All of a sudden Sabrina started to lose her urge, what was she thinking, she
wasn't going to give herself to this kid.

Roland and Salem knew their t v show was going to hell, they had to do
something, Roland stepped through the television .

As Roland walked through the screen, the scene changed, Sabrina was know
where to be found, Roland found himself standing face to face with the most
gorgeous woman he had ever seen, she was even more beautiful then his beloved

Kate Summers screamed when she saw Roland, Roland had no choice but to point
behind her and yell, "Look out." Kate turned around, Roland sprayed her with
his love potion and vanished before she could turn around.

Kate didn't know what happened to her, all she knew was that she needed to be
fucked by the first person she saw, she took off her skirt, exposing her long
legs, she had the longest legs Salem had ever seen, what he would give to be
a male again. Kate then unbuttoned her top.

Edward Stratton the 3rd walked in on his assistant, he couldn't believe what
he was seeing. He had always fantasized about seeing her like this, now it
was true. He said "Excuse me" and started to slowly turn away.

Kate told him he didn't have to leave, she then swept everything off his oak
desk and jumped on top of it. She sat on the edge of the desk and spread her
legs. She asked him "Do you like what you see?"

That was the stupidest question in earth's history, the beads of sweat where
popping off his forehead. Edward just stood there with his mouth hanging

Sabrina had rolled underneath the couch in the living room, she had to find
some clothes and make like a bakery truck and leave, Ricky Stratton was still
in the room though, she had no way to get out.

Kate took both hands and spread her pussy as wide apart as it would go, she
then said "Come and get it big boy." Edward ran over to her.

Edward dropped to his knees and buried his tongue into her pussy, she grabbed
him by the ears and shoved his face into her cunt, Edward was licking like it
was his last meal, he was going to treasure this moment forever.

Kate began to grind her cunt all over his face, Edward was licking every
square inch of his cunt, he then told her it was his turn.

Sabrina was thinking that kid was really cute, in a couple of years he would
be really do able, she was starting to think it wouldn't be bad to do him
now, nobody would know and it could be fun, he might even be a virgin.

Kate climbed off the desk, Edward backed away, he kept backing away until he
was on the other side of the room. Kate dropped to her knees and crawled
across the room.

Edward stood against the wall like he was crucified, Kate was kneeling in
front of him, she unzipped his pants with her teeth. He cock came spilling
out, Kate looked up and smiled at him.

She started stroking his cock, then she wrapped her lips around it and
started to suck. Kate took long, slow deep strokes, she was a real pro,
Edward's eyes rolled back up into her eyes, he then shot his load down her

Kate was surprised, but she swallowed it all, every guy she had ever blow had
shot their load down her throat, she was too good a cock sucker.

"You have always done everything premature Edward." Kate jumped up and spun
around, she and Edward where both embarrassed and surprised to see Edward
Stratton the 2nd.

Kate crawled on her hands and knees over to the elder Stratton, she ripped
his pants off, he didn't but up a fight.

Jr. screamed, "you always interfere in everything sir. Sr just said watch and
learn. Jr. was upset, but he knew he needed a couple of seconds to recharge
his batteries.

Kate swallowed Sr's cock whole, she didn't do him slow and deep, she was
slamming her head up and down on his cock, she wanted to see how fast she
could make him cum.

Sr was having none of that though, he grabbed her by her long hair and pulled
her by the hair away from his cock, he spun her around and slammed his cock
into her ass.

Kate screamed in shock and pain at the mighty thrust into her ass, she
quickly relaxed and started rocking back to match his thrust. Jr. stood in
front of her and shoved his now erect cock down her throat, she swallowed the
whole thing.

Ricky Stratton heard a scream, she knew it was Kate and ran down the hall to
see what had happened, he knew his dad wanted Kate, but he was hoping and
praying that he would get there first.

Sabrina heard the scream too, she wondered what was going on, Ricky left and
saw her chance to escape, but her curiosity got the best of her, she had to
follow Ricky and see what was going on.

Ricky ran into the den and saw his Grandfather ass fucking his father's
assistance, his dad was pulling her by the hair as he fucked her face, he
couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Grandpa turned to Ricky and said "Kate is making money the old fashion way."
Ricky just smiled, Kate waved him over.

She pushed Jr. aside, his son took his place, Kate began to suck his cock.
Edward just grinned as he watched his son being sucked off, he was so proud,
he was growing up fast.

Jr. was feeling left out though, grandpa pulled his cock out of Kate's ass,
Jr. laid down in front of Kate, she jumped on his cock.

Kate was riding Edward Jr. like a cowgirl, Ricky was straddling his father's
head, Kate began to once again suck his cock.

Sabrina was peeking around the corner, she was getting wet, it was exciting
watching three generations all share the same woman, she had never seen
anything like it, she wanted to join in but she was scared.

Grandpa stood behind Kate and pushed down on her back so she was laying flat
on top of his son, She wrapped her arms around Jr. and began to slam her cunt
up and down on him.

Kate was crying tears of joy as she pummeled Edward Jr., Edward sr took this
opportunity to shove his cock into her pussy along side his son.

Kate held on for life, as the two elder Stratton's tried to fuck her
senseless, she was slamming her head back and forth on Ricky's cock
swallowing in whole with every stroke.

The two elder Stratton's began to take slower but harder strokes, Kate did
the same to Ricky, she managed to swallow his entire cock, balls and all.

This was too much for Sabrina, she sat on the floor and started to rub her
clit wildly, she then rammed three fingers inside, she was taking deep, loud
breathes, she then shoved two fingers into her ass, that was it for her, she
let out a scream.

The Stratton's turned and looked, the saw the naked teenager laying on their
floor with her legs spread as far apart as they would go, they continued to
hammer Kate, she demanded it.

The trio rolled over without pulling out, Kate was now on top of Grandpa,
bouncing up and down, he had put his cock in her ass, the middle Stratton was
on top of her ramming her cunt.

Kate grabbed Jr. by the ass pulling him into her, he had no choice but to
fuck her harder, Grandpa was thrusting up into her ass as hard as he could.

Sabrina had seen enough, she ran over and asked if she could join in, Ricky
pulled his cock out of Kate's mouth and shoved it into Sabrina's, he grabbed
her by her long blonde hair and began to fuck her face, he then pulled his
limp cock out off her mouth, Sabrina had a mouthful of cum, she began to
swirl it around and gargle with it.

Edward Jr. pulled his cock out of Kate's cunt, he stood up and shoved it into
Sabrina's mouth, she opened up just in time to catch his load, it mixed with
Ricky's, she was blowing bubbles with both loads now.

Kate jumped off of Grandpa, she sucked his cock clean, he was about to blow
a load down her throat but Sabrina pushed her out of the way and shoved his
cock down her throat, he emptied his load into her mouth.

Kate laid on the floor, Sabrina leaned over her and let the three loads drip
out of her mouth and into Kate's, the Stratton's gave them a standing
ovation, they then asked the stranger who she was.

Sabrina told them she hit her head and woke up in the den, that was the best
story she could think of, she told them if she got fucked she might regain
her memory, the elder Stratton's where both spent, Ricky told her he could
go again. Sabrina screamed "Woo hoo."

Roland was jumping up and down in Sabrina's living room, it would be cool to
see Sabrina get it from this kid, but he landed on the remote and Sabrina

Sabrina screamed "Damn it all" as she faded away, the next thing she heard
was "Hello Angels."



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