SABRINA TELEVISION 6 - One day at a time
by Wonder Mike

Ann Romano screamed for her daughter, what was a naked girl doing in the
living room? She wanted an answer now.

Sabrina Spellman, covered her eyes with her hands, maybe this nightmare would
end, but it didn't. The fiery little red head was still there and screaming.

Barbara Cooper came running in, the teen had no idea who the naked blonde
girl was and she wasn't going to take the blame for this. She told her mother
that the naked girl must be a friend of her big sister Julie.

Sabrina told the girls that she didn't know how she got there. She then told
them she didn't know who she was, amnesia seemed like a good way to escape
blame, it was all she could think off on short notice.

They ploy worked as Ann gave Sabrina a shirt to put on, it didn't fit, in
fact it barely reached her waist, and she couldn't button it. It was better
then nothing she thought.

Ann told Sabrina to lay on the couch, she had to go to work, but she would be
back soon, Barbara would keep an eye on her until she could come back.
Barbara had other plans but she always did what her mother told her.

As soon as Ann left Barbara laid down the law, she told Sabrina she had a
date and she wasn't going to cancel it. Sabrina told her no problem, she was
just trying to think of a way to catch Salem or Roland so she could get home.

It was then that Sabrina saw Roland laughing standing behind Barbara, she
made a move to grab him, but he disappeared as Barbara turned around. She
then turned toward Sabrina again. She had lust in her eyes.

Barbara told Sabrina how cute she was, Sabrina knew that Roland had put the
spell on her, She wanted to get out of the apartment, and now. Barbara lunged
at her. Sabrina managed to side step her and out the door.

Sabrina had escaped Barbara, but the down side was that she was in the
hallway with nothing on below the waist. This was not good. She had to get
some clothes from somewhere, she would have to go back in. It was then that
she heard the footsteps.

Sabrina ducked around the corner as Dwayne F. Schnieder walked into the
apartment. Barbara jumped into his arms as he but away his pass key.

Dwayne new the girls loved him like a father, but Barbara had never outwardly
shown her affection like this before, she was becoming a woman, he hoped that
she wouldn't fall prey to his animal magnetism. He couldn't blame her if she
did though.

Schnieder dropped her as she reached down his pants, that was going a little
to far for him. He would not touch little Barbara, it would be like incest.

Barbara grabbed him by the wrist and but his hand on her tiny boobs, Dwayne
couldn't help but squeeze them, he was only human after all, he would just
give then a little squeeze, that was all, it wouldn't hurt anything.

Barbara began to stroke his cock inside his pants, Dwayne noticed that he had
unbuttoned her shirt and exposed her breast. Since they were poking at him it
would be rude not to taste them, wouldn't it? He had no choice.

He began licking at her nipples, Barbara began to groan, she had pulled his
cock all the way out now, she was stroking his ten inches with both hands
now. Dwayne was getting weak in the knees and he dropped her.

Barbara landed on her knees at his feet, she shoved his cock down her throat
and began sucking for her life.

She had never sucked cock before, in fact she had never seen one before, but
she was doing a real good job for her first time, well no woman has ever
given a bad blow job. Dwayne stroked her hair as he told her what a good job
she was doing.

Sabrina had walked right by them and into Barbara's bedroom, she would find
some clothes and wait for Salem to bring her home, she was going to strangle
8 lives out of him when she got home, but that was for another time, she
decided she might as well enjoy the show that was going on. She watched from
the bedroom.

Schneider was holding Barbara by the back of the neck, he was holding her
head still as he fucked her face, he shoved his cock deeper and deeper with
each stroke as he fucked her face.

Barbara pulled the cock out of her mouth in shame and shock as she heard the
voice of her sister scream, Barbara, I'm telling mom.

Barbara looked at Julie for a second, then decided she didn't care, she
opened her mouth and pointed at Schnieder's cock. He looked at Julie not
knowing what to do, then he shoved his cock back down Barbara's throat.

Julie looked at her little sister and said, It's about time that you grow up
squirt, now let me show you how it's done. She walked over to the couple and
pushed Barbara out of the way. She dropped to her knees and began to suck on
the cock in front of her. Dwayne began to stroke her hair.

Julie was a real pro, she had been sucking cock since she was 13, and she
loved it. She easily swallowed all 10 inches of Dwayne's cock. Barbara just

Julie was ramming her head up and down on Dwayne's cock, it was a blur, deep
throating him on every stroke, she then pulled it out of her mouth and handed
it to Barbara, she told her to do what she just saw.

Barbara had a different plan. She decided on slow and hard. She wrapped her
lips as tight as she could around Schnieder's cock and slowly worked her way
down. She swallowed eight inches then she couldn't take anymore. Julie
started yelling at her to take it all. Schnieder grabbed her by the hair and
shoved his cock all the way down her throat. She started to gag, but then
her throat opened up and accepted the cock.

Dwayne was fucking her face as hard as he could, Barbara had her lips wrapped
tightly around his cock, Dwayne was determined to blow his load down her
throat. He always knew he would but he had had thought it would be after she
turned 18, he now realized that it didn't matter.

Dwayne closed his eyes and held Barbara's head tightly against his chest with
his cock buried down her throat, the cum started to spill out of the corners
of her mouth, Julie began to lick her sisters lips, slurping up the spilled

Dwayne opened his eyes just time to see Ann charging at him with a butcher
knife, she had been watching since Julie came in, and now Schnieder was going
to die.

Barbara stepped in front of Dwayne, she wouldn't let her mom hurt him. Julie
grabbed her from behind. She pulled the knife out of her hand. Sabrina ran
in. She screamed for Roland to come in and put a stop to this. Roland popped
in and froze everyone except for Sabrina, he told her there was only one way
to fix this, he fit Ann with his love spell, he told her Julie didn't need
it. He then unfroze them all and blended into the background, he wanted a
close up view of this.

Ann Romano lunged at Dwayne again, she found him suddenly irresistible. She
wanted told him he should be the one to deflower her two virgins, Julie just

Schneider told her he needed a couple of minutes, o k he needed an hour to
recharge his batteries, he wasn't a machine you know, Ann wasn't going to
wait, she pushed him over onto his back.

Ann sat on his face and began wiggling her ass all over it. She was
smothering him with her perfectly round ass. She reached down and started
stroking his limp cock. It slowly started to rise.

Julie rushed over and started to suck on his cock. Ann smiled at her
daughter, she was a real pro. Ann pulled the cock away from her daughter and
buried it down her own throat. Julie wasn't the only one in the family who
was a deep throat artist.

Mother and daughter to turns going down on Dwayne, each taking the cock all
the way down her throat. They each took one stroke, then passed the cock on.
They each then looked a Barbara, she was just watching in awe.

Barbara soon joined her family, she slowly managed to get all 10 inches down
her throat, Ann and Julie gave her a standing ovation. A tear welled up in
Sabrina's eyes, this was a true Kodak moment. Ann then took the cock from
Barbara, she rose off of Schnieder's face, then she sat on his cock.

Ann slammed her cunt all the way down onto his member with ease, the first
thing Dwayne noticed was that she wasn't a natural redhead. He then started
to groan as Ann began to jump up and down on his cock.

Dwayne reached up and grabbed her small round tits and began to lightly twist
her nipples, she began to scream. Then she started slamming her cunt up and
down even faster.

Julie couldn't take anymore, she was still mad that Schneider had given his
load to Barbara. That trouble maker always got everything. But not this time.

Julie pulled her mom off of Schnieder and took her place. She would give
Dwayne the ride of his life.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and began to jump up and down on his
cock like she was on a trampoline. She put her mom to shame. Dwayne was
screaming as Julie was trying to drive him through the floor.

Dwayne managed to thrust up into Julie, she began to howl, this caused him to
thrust up even harder. The louder Julie screamed, the harder Dwayne thrusted
up into her. His cock was a blur ramming in and out of her. Julie finally had
an giant orgasm and fell off with a huge grin on her face. She looked at
Barbara and said. Climb aboard squirt.

Barbara maid her move, she slowly squatted over Schneider and but the tip of
his cock inside of her. She slowly lowered herself into all 10 inches were
buried inside of her.

Barbara screamed as the blood came dripping out of her cunt, Dwayne slowly
started to thrust into her, Barbara began to bounce up and down.

Schnieder wrapped his arms around her and pulled her towards him, she spread
her legs further apart, this enabled him to thrust a little harder.

Barbara than grabbed Dwayne and slammed her cunt down all the way on him. She
had finally adjusted to the cock inside of her and she was ready to go.
Schnieder began to thrust up into her harder and harder with each stroke.

Dwayne was ramming it to her, when Barbara began to cry. A slow steady stream
of tears rolled down her cheeks, this just caused Dwayne to fuck her harder.

Schnieder was fucking Barbara even harder than he had did Julie. This of
course just made Julie mad. Barbara always got the better of her. The only
good thing was that Barbara was screaming for Dwayne to get it out. She
couldn't take anymore.

The juices came sqiurting out of Barbara's cunt, it was a slow steady flow,
Julie screamed I knew she was a real squirt. Ann had never been so proud of
her straight a student.

Barbara finally fell off of Dwayne after her third orgasm, she thought she
was going to pass out but she didn't, she also thought she should have been
doing this a long time ago, and she would be doing it every chance she got
from now on.

Schnieder was still flat on his back with his rock hard cock sticking
straight up in the air. Sabrina took a look at it and thought she should make
her move. Ann made the first move though. She dropped to her hands and knees
and wiggled her ass at Dwayne.

Dwayne hopped to his feet and pointed his cock. He then shoved it right into
Ann's ass hole. Ann screamed and told him not there but it was too late, he
had already buried all ten inches up her ass hole. The force of his thrust
knocked her face first to the ground.

Ann laid spread eagle on the floor as Schnieder rammed his tool as hard as he
could into her ass, Ann started to hump her ass up into him. Dwayne wrapped
his arms around her waist and started to rub her clit.

Ann started to go into convulsions as she was hit with wave after wave of
orgasms. Dwayne was ready to bring it home now.

He pulled his cock out of her ass and stood up. Sabrina made her move, she
ran over and shoved his cock down her throat just in time for him to shoot
his load down her throat. Julie ran over and grabbed his cock, but it was too
late, Sabrina had drank it all. Julie shoved her fingers down Sabrina's
throat and tried to scoop out some cum, but Sabrina swallowed it all. She was
screwed again.

Sabrina had grabbed a pair of Bellbottoms from Barbara's closet, she was
ready to go, but how? She then saw Roland watching the naked family. This was
her chance.

Sabrina snuck up behind Roland and grabbed him around the throat. She told
him if she didn't get her powers back, and now she was going to pull off his
head and put it on backwards. Roland didn't want to go through that again, he
pointed at Sabrina, and her powers where returned. She dropped Roland and he
disappeared. She could finally go home.

Sabrina pointed at herself and vanished from the apartment. She looked around
and saw she wasn't at her home though. She saw the sign that said
Sugarbaker's. Where the hell was she?



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