Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Sabrina, the Teenage Bitch (F/F,f-dom)
by Lacey Chalbert ([email protected])

She woke up horny that morning, and Roxie lying there across the room from
her sure did look good. One of her, firm, thighs was partially exposed,
peaking out at her from beneath the covers as she slept, taunting her.
Sabrina's hand slipped under her panties, and found her shaved slit wet and
wanting. She easily slipped three fingers inside herself, and let out a
small groan as she watched her roommates breasts rise and fall with each

Her mouth began to water as she thought about how tasty those brown nipples
would be, firm and erect, between her lips. She added another finger to her
pussy as she reached down with her other hand and pinched her clit. This
brought a much louder moan to her lips, and at this Roxie rolled over in her
bed, and her face was now turned towards Sabrina's. At the sight of those,
sensual, lips she wanted to kiss them and force her tongue, hotly, between

She pulled her four fingers from inside herself, and raised them to her
hungry mouth, and she savored the taste of her sauce on her tongue. As she
did this, she closed her eyes and hummed to herself in satisfaction, and
wished that it was Roxie's, hot, pussy sauce that she had on her tongue right
now. Then she felt a hand on her arm, Sabrina opened her eyes and there was
Roxie, at the edge of her bed, looking down at her.

"Spellman, what are you doing?"

"Nothing." Sabrina replied, and to the this her roommate said, "Don't lie
to me, Spellman... Get out from under those covers, bitch!!" At this Sabrina
threw the covers from her bed and lay there under Roxie's gaze, wearing a
very short nightie, which was pulled up around her waist and her thong
panties pushed to the side to expose her pussy. Roxie let out a whistle
and then said, "Get naked for me, Spellman!! Now!!" Sabrina almost ripped
her clothes she removed them so fast, and soon she lay there naked. Then
Roxie said, "Out of the bed, and on your knees, bitch!!" and her roommate
obeyed without hesitation.

She then watched, eagerly, as Roxie lifted up her nightie, and showed her
that she wasn't wearing any panties. At the sight of the furry pussy she
felt her mouth begin to water again. The next words out of Roxie's mouth
were, "Eat me, Spellman!! Now!!" and Sabrina almost knocked her over she
was so anxious to pleasure that, dominant, pussy. She could hardly contain
her excitement. This chain of events... soon her roommates hands were
wrapped in her blond hair, and her chin was, already, glistening from
Roxie's sex sauce.

Then there was a knock on their bedroom door..... More later, if y'all like


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