By Wonder Mike

Sabrina Spellman was standing in front of the mirror, once again she was have
trouble deciding what to wear. She had tried changing the mortal way but her
cat Salem would just sit and stare at her.

She zapped her tenth different outfit and her finger was getting tired. She
got a new idea. She zapped her reflection out of the mirror. She would just
watch her reflection change, and then she would decide what looked best.

The next thing Sabrina knew, everything in her room was turned around. She
hadn't moved but everything was different somehow.

It only took her a couple of seconds to realize she was on the other side of
the mirror. She went to step back through it but her reflection pointed and
Sabrina went flying out of her room.

She wound up outside in a strange forest. This was what was on the other side
of the mirror. "Cool" she thought.

Sabrina walked through the woods, she wanted to look around a bit before she
found her way home.

Sabrina wondered lost for an hour, she quickly realized that she had been
going in circles and her house was nowhere to be seen. She was getting scared

She stumbled upon a strange little man. He looked like half a man and half a
rabbit. Sabrina called out to him.

The strange creature ran right by Sabrina. He just exclaimed he was late for
a date. Sabrina ran after him.

She grabbed him by the shoulder and asked him if he knew the way back to her
home, he didn't have time to answer her questions.

Sabrina held him fast. He finally told her he was the Mad Hatter and he had
to go. Sabrina pleaded for answers, she was getting tired.

The Mad Hatter told Sabrina he would help her if she paid the price for
making him late. Sabrina asked what the price was. The Hatter dropped his hat
on the ground. He told her she had to bend over and pick it up.

Sabrina thought "That's easy" she bent over and reached for the hat. The
Hatter was on her in an instance. He had lifted her skirt up, ripped her
panties off and slid his 7 inch cock into her pussy before she knew what

The Hatter pounded her pussy with amazing speed. He was a blur humping his
cock in and out of her. Sabrina barely had a chance to breath.

The Hatter emptied his load inside of her, he didn't slow down though. He
pulled his cock out of her pussy and slammed it into her ass. Sabrina fell
flat on her face.

The Hatter was pulling his cock all the way out of Sabrina's ass and then
slamming it back in. He was fucking her so fast, she never had a chance to

The Hatter shot his load into her ass hole then ran around to her face. He
shoved his cock into her mouth and started pump his cock into her face.
Sabrina opened her mouth to take a breathe and the Hatter rammed his cock
down her throat.

The Hatter grabbed hr by the hair and forced her to deep throat his cock.
Sabrina still hadn't had a chance to move. The Hatter shot his third load
quickly down her throat.

The Hatter let her go and told her she had paid his fee. He told her there
were two men in the Forrest who could get her home. Tweedle Dee and his
brother Tweedle Dum. He put her one the trail and sent her on her way.

The reflection was enjoying this world, the only problem was she hadn't been
fucked in an hour, they used sex as barter on the other side of the mirror so
she was used to getting it five times a day.

The reflection saw a bottle of hairspray, she grabbed it and rammed it
into her cunt. Her pointed at her right hand so that it was moving like a
jackhammer jamming the hairspray in and out.

It wasn't enough for this nymphomaniac version of Sabrina. She grabbed a
nearby hair brush with her left hand and used it to stroke her pussy, That
was more like it.

Salem walked into the room, he was waiting for Sabrina to throw something at
him but she called him over, Salem slowly walked over to the masturbating
witch. He thought this must be a trick.

The reflection grabbed him by the back of the neck and shoved his head into
her pussy, she screamed "Eat me" she didn't have to tell Salem twice. He
buried his rough tongue as far as he could into her pussy, he then began
eating her out.

Salem though this must be a dream, he was going to ask Sabrina to pinch him
but what was he thinking, he was going to enjoy this dream.

The reflection pushed Salem even harder, she shoved his entire head into her
pussy, it only made the cat lick her harder. The reflection started to shake,
then she squirted juices all over the room. Salem's head skipped out of her
cunt. The reflection collapsed limp on the bed.

The reflection didn't know how long she was out, she was awoken by a knock on
the door. She went down to open it. There was a teenage guy and girl standing
waiting for her.

The guy said "I hope you didn't forget Val and I were taking your to the
Slicery, The girl told her Harvey had a surprise for her. The horny
reflection had a surprise for the two of them.

Sabrina wondered down the trail the Hatter had sent her on, she was searching
for Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, whoever they were. She was stopped in her
tracks by the strangest site she had ever seen, it was an eighteen foot long

The caterpillar said hi, Sabrina fell backwards, this was a strange world
indeed. She asked the caterpillar if he knew where to find Tweedle Dee and
Tweedle Dum. The caterpillar told her he would tell her if she paid the
price. She hoped it wasn't the same price as the Hatter, but she did have
fun, there was something about this world that made her itch in her private

Sabrina agreed to pay the price. The caterpillar stood up on his back legs
and 6 seven inch cocks sprung to life. Sabrina said "Hold on People" it was
to late.

The caterpillar came down on top of Sabrina, he buried two cocks into her
cunt. Sabrina screamed. She had never been stretched so far. The caterpillar
began ramming his two cocks into her cunt without mercy.

The caterpillar then curled around Sabrina and shoved tow cocks into her
mouth. She was completely helpless as he made her deep throat them both. She
thought she was going to gag, but her mouth seemed to grow a little into she
was able to handle both cocks, there was something about the other side of
the mirror.

The caterpillar curled around again. It shoved It's last two cocks into her
ass hole. Sabrina dropped limply as the amazing caterpillar fucked her with
all 6 cocks.

He shot his load from the cocks in her mouth first. She never moved. He
curled around and pulled the cocks out of her cunt. He shot his loads from
those into her mouth. He then pulled out of her ass and emptied those two
cocks into her mouth also. Sabrina was unconscious and the cum spilled out
of her open mouth. She was no closer to finding her way home.



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