By Wonder mike

Sabrina Spellman was ready for another day of school, her grades were above
average and she knew she would soon be able to use her witches license. Life
was good.

She arrived at school and the first thing she saw was Libby talking to her
Harvey, Libby was getting on her last nerve, she had to do something about
the cheerleader from hell.

Sabrina walked over to Libby and was greeted by her usual "What do you want
Freak." That was it Sabrina reared back to belt Libby in the nose, she had
taken all she could from Libby.

Harvey grabbed Sabrina's arm to stop her. Libby pushed Sabrina right into
a trash can and told her "I thought you were home sick so I gave you a hand."

Libby would be turned into rat, right now. Sabrina pointed and Libby was
transformed. Harvey couldn't believe what he had just seen, he was dating a
teenage witch or something.

Sabrina knew she had done it now, not only was she exposed, but her boyfriend
wouldn't want any part of her now. She had to fix this mistake quick.

Sabrina erased Harvey's mind, he would not remember what he had just seen.
She picked up Libby and told Harvey to follow her. She headed for the
bathroom, she would turn Libby back and erase this moment from Harvey's
memory, she would let Libby remember it for a day though. It would be a day
without being insulted.

She had Harvey in the bathroom and thought to her self he won't remember
anything about what happened, this could be fun.

She instructed Harvey to do a strip tease for her, this was going to be
fun. Harvey was a terrible dancer but he did strip down to his underwear.

Sabrina had never seen him like that before, he was always a boring perfect
gentleman, she guessed that was what she liked about him but she wanted more
just this once, after all what was the point of being a witch if all she used
her power for was to model clothes in her room.

She told Harvey to drop his underwear, he mindlessly did what he was told.
She told Harvey to stroke his cock, Sabrina always wanted to see a guy do
that. His cock sprang up to 8 inches. Sabrina stared at it and just had to
touch it.

She reached down and wrapped her hand around it and started to stroke. This
was the most fun she had ever had. The expression on Harvey's face never

Sabrina put her lips around the cock, this was a good time to practice, after
all she wasn't hurting anything.

All of a sudden the door to the bathroom started to swing open. She was in
trouble now, she could transport them all out of the room but how would she
explain that. she pushed the door closed and cast a spell to lock it, that
would give her a couple of minutes to think.

She saw Harvey's erection and new she had to take care of that first. She
began to suck on his cock like there was no tomorrow. Harvey shot his load
quickly without a sound. Sabrina swallowed it all, she didn't want to stain
her dress.

She took a big gulp and transported them all to the basement. She then walked
Harvey and rat Libby back into the hallway.

She turned Libby back into herself and gave Harvey his mind back, minus the
last half hour. Libby ran screaming from school. Harvey didn't know what was
wrong with her.

Sabrina new that Libby would never ever mess with her again, she had
eliminated her biggest headache.

Sabrina went home after school, she was a little embarrassed to see Harvey
right away, and she was worried a little about Libby. She didn't come back to
school. She figured it was time to erase her memory now.

Sabrina went to her room and saw thing had been rearranged. Her spell book
wasn't under the bed were she usually left it. All of a second she started to
get really sleepy. The last thing she saw was Libby standing over her as she
passed out.

Sabrina awoke in Libby's bedroom, she saw Libby standing over her holding her
spell book. Sabrina was in trouble. She tried to transport out of there but
nothing happened, Libby had stolen her powers.

"I knew you were a freak, but I never knew how much of one you were." I am
going to teach you a listen about being a bitch, I mean witch.

Sabrina tried to stand up but she was tied to the bed. Libby waved her hand
nd Sabrina's clothes disappeared. Libby then waved her hand again and three
men appeared. They were wearing Los Angeles Laker uniforms. Sabrina
recognized Shaquille O Neil, and thought "Cool."

She didn't recognize the other two. She then remembered she was naked and
tied to the bed.

Libby ordered the Lakers to undress. She told Sabrina "I saw what you did
with Harvey, when I am through with you here I am going to do the same thing.

The Lakers were naked in front of Sabrina with their cocks hanging in her
face, they made Harvey look like a midget, they were all at least 12 inches
long and Shaquille was at least 14. She couldn't believe Libby would do this
to her.

Libby ordered the first Laker to shove his cock into Sabrina. She let out a
yelp. She was a virgin no more. The Laker started to hump faster and faster.
None of them made a sound, Libby had them completely under her spell.

Libby ordered him to pull out and the second Laker to shove it to her.
Sabrina had gotten use to cock now and had relaxed. She knew there was
nothing she could do so she should try not to hate it.

He fucked her even harder then the first guy did. Libby ordered him to pull
out and they untied Sabrina. They each grabbed an arm and tied her hands in
front of her. They then tied her legs back behind her.

Libby ordered Shaquille to lay on his back with his mighty cock standing
straight up the other two Lakers sat Sabrina down on top of him. They each
held a leg and raised her up and down on his cock.

Libby saw Sabrina start to take deep breathes and knew she was cumming. she
ordered them to fuck her faster.

The two holding her pushed her all the way down on Shaquille's massive cock
and he started to thrust up. Sabrina was cumming and cumming hard.

Libby ordered the Lakers to pull Sabrina off Shaquille. Sabrina screamed
"No" she needed it now.

Libby told her "Beg for it freak."

Sabrina pleaded to be fucked. Libby told her to suck their cocks. The two
holding Sabrina sat her back down on Shaquille and shove their cocks in her
mouth. Sabrina got the tips of both of them in. Libby told her to suck them
off one at a time.

Sabrina shove most of the first Lakers cock down her throat. She sucked him
as hard as she could until he shot down her throat. Libby made sure she
didn't spill a drop. Sabrina then started on the second one until she
swallowed his load also.

They lifted her off of Shaquille and had her suck him off also, Sabrina
realized that she wasn't going to be fucked now and she was mad now.

Libby told her "Don't you worry freak I have something for you."



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