By Wonder Mike

There was a hot new football stud roaming the hallways of the high school.
Sabrina Spellman had her boyfriend Harvey, he was no football player, but he
was cute, her best friend Valerie didn't have anybody.

Valerie was cute, but she was shy, she had never had a steady boyfriend
before, as soon as she took them home, they ran screaming after they met her
family. Sabrina was going to change all that, after all what was the point of
being a witch if you couldn't help your best friend?

Sabrina ran home from school, there had to be something in her spell book
that could help, she didn't really feel like searching through the whole
thing though, she went straight to her cat Salem, after all if anybody could
help, he could.

Salem of course knew exactly what to do, a love spell of course, Salem just
happen to have a bottle of love spray under his blanket, he was planning to
use it on Sabrina as soon has he became human again, A small dash of it would
make the wearer irresistible. It was just what Sabrina needed for Valerie, if
she wouldn't make the first move, every guy would ask her out and she would
only have to pick and choose, it couldn't fail.

Salem told her he needed one more special ingredient, he needed a couple of
drops of Sabrina's juices.

Sabrina spit into the bottle. Salem told her "Not those juices" Sabrina told
him I was hoping you wouldn't say that.

Salem told her she had to put the bottle inside of her, it would be easiest
if she sat on the bottle and let her juices drip into it.

The bottle was tapered, it was about a foot tall, and about 8 inches around
at the base.

Sabrina sat it on the floor and squatted over it, she was scared, but it was
for Valerie, and she would do it for her, but it was so big. Salem screamed
"Do it" and Sabrina slowly started to slip.

Salem jumped at her, and Sabrina slipped. Her legs went out from underneath
her and all her weight fell onto the bottle, Salem was running around in
circles he was so happy.

Sabrina had buried the entire bottle inside her cunt, It hurt, but it felt
good too. Salem told her she had to ride the bottle to get her juices
flowing, the more that came out, the more powerful the spell would be.

Sabrina planted her feet and started raising up and down on the bottle. It
was a slow process at first, as the bottle was stuck inside of her, but she
managed to work it.

Sabrina pointed and a bar appeared over her head, she reached up and grabbed
it, then she began to pull herself up and down.

She was quickly slamming her ass up and down on the bottle, she had forgotten
why she was doing it, and she didn't care, she was pulling her own hair
trying to fuck it harder.

Sabrina stood up, with the bottle wedged in her cunt, she climbed on her bed,
she sat down, the softness of the bed caused the bottle to slip deeper into
her pussy.

She started bouncing up and down on the bed, landing on her feet, bouncing
up, then landing on the bottle. She screamed with joy everytime she landed
on the bottle.

She was having an orgasm everytime she landed, she was going to pass out. She
managed one high leap and fell to the floor in a heap.

She reached down to pull the bottle out of her cunt, but it was wedged tight.
She had to cast a spell to shrink it down to the size of a regular perfume

Salem picked it up and told her he was mistaken, he didn't need her juices,
he needed lemon juice, anybody could have made that mistake.

Sabrina called Valerie over, she would give her a squirt and they would head
over to football practice and watch the boys fall all over her. She couldn't

Valerie arrived, Sabrina told her they had to go meet Harvey at school, then
they would go to the Slicery, just another Friday night. She told Valerie she
had a new perfume she wanted her to try, she handed her the bottle, the cap
fell off and the entire contents spilled over her.

Valerie apologized for spilling her perfume, Sabrina didn't know what kind of
effect it would have, Valerie asked Sabrina why her cat was laughing, Sabrina
threw a book at him, that darn cat.

The two teenagers walked out the door, but they weren't outside, Sabrina knew
immediately that they were in the other realm, Val was dumb founded.

The judge appeared, he bellowed at Sabrina, "You have cast a love spell on a
mortal, that is our highest crime."

Salem yelled "I tried to stop them your honor, but I am just a lowly cat, if
you were to turn me back I could keep an eye on that trouble maker."

Sabrina couldn't believe what she was hearing, Valerie thought "This is a
weird dream."

Sabrina pleaded, "whatever you do, don't turn me into a cat." The judge
replied, "I have another punishment for you."

"You must learn the dangers of changing mortal emotions, you have no idea
what could happen."

"You have been a spoiled selfish mortal, you must learn to correct your
mistakes and become a force for good."

"Never mind you are a hopeless case"

"You will be thrown to the lions."

Sabrina screamed "For this?"

"It's lucky I didn't jay walk."

The judge pointed and said "Be gone"

Sabrina screamed "Your dead Cat"

Sabrina and Valerie appeared in an arena, there were over 1000 spectators
waiting, Valerie hated being the center of attention, she hoped she wouldn't
have to give a speech, this dream sucked.

Sabrina looked up and yelled "Don't we get a weapon?" I condom appeared,
Sabrina yelled "Thank you" "And if you couldn't tell, that was my sarcastic

The doors to the arena opened, 4 huge men appeared, she heard a voice over
the loud speaker say, "And their opponents tonight, Barry Sanders, Scott
Mitchell Kerlin Blaise and Andre Johnson."

Valerie screamed "I know them," "They're the Detroit Lions."

The 4 football players charged Valerie, they ran right past Sabrina and threw
Valerie to the ground, Barry ripped off her shirt as Scott ripped off her
pants, she was naked in seconds.

Sabrina ran over to help her best friend, but the football players where just
too big and strong, they easily pushed her aside, Sabrina tried to zap them
but nothing happened, she had been stripped of her powers.

The two line men, Kerlin and Andre each had Valerie by a leg, they where
holding her upside down as the quarter back ate her pussy and the all world
running back shoved two fat fingers into her ass.

Sabrina charged again, but this time Valerie pushed her away. She had never
had men show her this much attention before, and she wanted it bad.

Valerie reached down and pulled out Barry Sanders 12 inch cock, she had never
had a black man before now she had a couple. She happily wrapped her lips
around the monster in his pants.

Scott Mitchell didn't like it at all, he had played second Fiddle to Barry
ever since he came to the lions, he whipped out his 10 inches and started
poking Valerie in the face. She started alternately sucking each cock.

Sabrina had went into the crowd, she saw the popcorn vender and she was going
to make herself comfortable.

Scott and Barry managed to get both their cocks into her mouth at the same
time now, Wonder MikeKerlin and Andre each had three fingers buried into her

The football players turned her over and sat her on her feet, Scott laid on
his back and ordered Valerie to ride him. She didn't understand, she told him
she was a virgin.

The crowd stood on their feet, it had been decades since they sacrificed a
virgin, this would be good.

The two linemen picked Valerie up, they positioned her over Scott, then they
let her drop impaling her on his cock.

She screamed at the top of her lungs as she was deflowered. There was no rest
for her though, the linemen began to lift her up and down as fast as they

They were lifting her faster and faster until she was almost a blur, Scott
was thrusting up into her. Valerie was in heaven.

The two linemen then started running around their quarterback, spinning Val
around his cock like a top, they quickly managed to break into a full sprint.

They ran around for about a minute, they didn't want to wear themselves out
before they got their shot at her, quarterbacks always got what they wanted.

When they stopped Valerie was facing Scott, he was still thrusting up into
her, he was lifting her off the ground with each thrust, Val wrapped her arms
around his neck, she was holding on for dear life.

Scott pulled her down so they were chest to chest, Barry saw her ass sticking
up, and he couldn't resist, he shoved his cock in.

Tears of joy were streaming down her face, as she began riding the cocks,
Kerlin stood in front of her, he whipped out his 13 inch cock and shoved it
into her mouth, Valerie happily began to suck it.

Andre was stroking his cock, but Val had all her hole filled, he remembered
that she managed to get 2 cocks into her mouth, he wondered if she could fit
2 into her ass.

Sabrina saw what he was going to do, she couldn't allow it, that would be 25
inches of cock in her friend ass, it would split her in half.

Sabrina sat her popcorn down, she would be back to get it, and ran over to
her friend, she grabbed Andre by the cock, and started to suck, he pushed her
down, he only wanted Valerie.

Sabrina realized it was the perfume, she ran over to Val and ran her hands
along her body, she then wiped them over her own body. It worked, Andre
turned towards her.

Andre walked slowly towards her, his cock pointing straight out, Sabrina
dropped to her knees, his cock was at mouth level.

He walked right to Sabrina shoving his cock down her throat. He grabbed her
by the back of the head until she swallowed the whole thing.

He had a handful of her hair, and was fucking her face, she deep throated him
easily on every stroke.

Valerie was on her knees, she was slamming her ass up and down on the two
cocks impaling her.

Kerlin pulled his cock out of Val's mouth, she immediately began to scream
again, she rode the two cocks even harder.

Kerlin walked behind Sabrina and bent her over, he shoved his cock into her
cunt. Sabrina rocked back to take it all.

Kerlin grabbed her by the hair, as he rammed his cock all the way into her,
Sabrina was rocking back even harder than he was fucking her.

Kerlin would not let this teenager out fuck him. He stood straight up,
lifting Sabrina with him.

He was standing up with his arms underneath Sabrina's legs, he started
lifting her up and down on his rod.

Sabrina was kicking her legs trying to ride him harder, but she was facing
away from him and had nothing to hold on two, Andre wasn't happy about this
new position, as it pulled her away from him.

Kerlin laid down with Sabrina sitting on him. She planted her feet and
started jumping up and down on his monster. Andre stood over his teammate so
Sabrina could hold onto him for leverage.

Now, she was slamming up and down on his cock, that was all Andre could
stand, he was going o put his cock in a hole.

He pushed Sabrina backwards so she was laying flat, Kerlin knew what Andre
had in mind. He hooked Sabrina behind her knees and pulled them up to her
chest, Sabrina couldn't move.

Andre laid on top of her, he then shoved his cock into her pussy alongside
his teammate. He then started to ram it to her.

Sabrina was screaming louder than Val now, as she had 2 giant cocks ramming
into her tight cunt, both lions were thrusting into her. she could do

The 4 lions then looked at each other, they were all going to cum. They
pulled out of the two teens, all four of them ran over to Val, Barry and
Scott both shoved their cocks down her throat. They began pumping cum into
her. She tried to swallow it all but it was coming to fast, it came pouring
out her mouth. Kerlin and Andre then did the same thing.

They grabbed Sabrina by the neck and pulled her over to Val, they made them
kiss, Sabrina getting a mouthful of cum.

Sabrina rammed her tongue down her friends throat, she was determined to
scoop out more of the spunk, Valerie tried to swallow it all, they fell to
the ground in an embrace.

Sabrina licked her lips, Val screamed "again" the football players ran back
through the tunnel, they had never met anybody like those girls before.

The judge appeared before the two teens, he told them he really didn't think
that Sabrina had learned her lesson, but he would release them, it was the
only thing he could do.

Sabrina started to jump up and down and scream, she told him they did not
learn their lesson and they demanded to be thrown to the bears, Valerie
screamed "And to the Broncos." The judge had another idea.



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