Salem the cat watched his best friend Clarence receive another reward from
the witches council, it was a slap in the face. Clarence had been the village
idiot, now he was somebody.

It was not Salem's fault he was a cat. It was that stupid council, after
all if they hadn't interfered he would be ruling the world now.

Sabrina knew something was bothering Salem, she didn't know what it was, she
gave him toys and catnip, but nothing helped. He was closed lipped about
whatever it was.

Salem moped around the house for another couple of days, Sabrina badgered him
unrelentlessly. Salem finally had a plan.

He told Sabrina he was tired of being a cat, he promised her that if she
turned him back into a human he would behave. He really just wanted to go
back to the high school and plant his seed into as many teenage girls as he
could. If he was going to be a cat for another 50 years, at least he would
have a legacy.

Sabrina would have none of it, she had let him have a day as a human not too
long ago, and he took over the school and was working on the state. She
wouldn't fall for that again.

Salem remembered what had happened and realized he couldn't trick Sabrina
like that, he was mad now, he would have to think of another plan.

Salem remembered a potion that he helped Sabrina make for her witches
license, it turned people into animals, he would recreate the potion, it had
to turn him human.

He waited until Sabrina went to sleep and mixed the potion. He drank it down
and poof, he was turned into a Dog.

It had to be a nightmare, he was now the lowest form of animal, a smelly dog.
What would he do now, he let out a howl.

Sabrina awoke and saw the Doberman Pincher in her room, she had been visited
by strange people before, but this dog was cute.

Salem decided he better play it cool, the last thing he needed was the for
the witches council to find out what he did, and laugh at him, let alone add
another 10 years on to his sentence.

He sat next to Sabrina's bed, she got up and rubbed his head, this wasn't so
bad after all. Sabrina rubbed the back of his neck.

Salem felt a strange sensation, he looked down and it was a penis, he had
forgotten what one looked like. He was horny and he could fuck. He would go
out and find a cute little dog.

Wait a minute, that was disgusting, a dog? He looked up at Sabrina, she was
wearing nothing but a tee shirt and panties, she never let Salem see her like
that before, what a bitch he thought, I'll show her.

Salem stuck his nose under her shirt, he got a good whiff and also a lick.
Sabrina grabbed him around the neck and pushed him off the bed. She yelled
bad dog, Salem all of a sudden realized he could get away with anything, and
the dog would be blamed.

He leaped on Sabrina and knocked her on her back. He stood on top of her.
Just as he had planned she rolled over to her knees. Salem but his teeth
around the back of her neck.

Sabrina started to get up, Salem bit down a little harder. She quickly got
the message not to move. Salem slipped his 6 inch cock into her cunt.

Sabrina screamed No, she was being raped by a dog. Salem began humping his
cock into her tight pussy. She started to cry, Salem just fucked her harder.

Salem wouldn't really hurt Sabrina, but he had caught glimpses of her in her
panties before, and he had always wanted her. If he ruled the world he could
have as many interns as he wanted, this was all he could get.

He thumped his cock as hard as he could, he wanted Sabrina to enjoy this,
after all if she really like him maybe she would invite him back.

Then a horrible thought hit Salem, if she really liked it she might get a
dog. Salem couldn't let that happen, he didn't want to pull out though.

Salem felt the cum start to well up inside of him. Then he felt the knot
grow. He didn't want to get stuck inside of Sabrina, but the knot went inside
of her.

Sabrina let out a gasp, Salem knew immediately what she liked. He buried the
knot as far inside of her as he could. Then he made a wish.

Salem was turned into a pony his cock was now 15 inches long and buried deep
inside of the teenage witch. Sabrina let out a scream. The new weight forced
her face first onto the bed. She tried to get up but that just forced the
rest of the cock into her cunt.

Salem rose up so all his weight wasn't on top of her. She had gotten back to
her hands and knees. Salem started to ram it to her.

Salem had his front legs in front of Sabrina, he thrusted forward ramming his
entire 15 inches inside of her, then he pulled it out to the tip. Sabrina had
stopped screaming. In fact she was slowly rocking back onto the cock. She was
gasping for breath. Salem swore she heard her mutter, "Harder," She didn't
have to ask Salem twice. He thrusted as hard as he could and forced her face
first onto the bed again.

Salem made another wish. He grew to a full grown Stallion. His cock was now
two feet long and as thick as her leg. Sabrina screamed again. About half of
Salem's cock was shoved inside of her.

Sabrina wanted that cock out of her now, She slowly lifted her hand and
started to point. She realized this was not a normal animal and she would
banish it. Salem was in trouble.

He did the only thing he could, He spread his legs out and let his weight
fall on top of Sabrina.

His entire two feet of cock was shoved into Sabrina, she couldn't even
scream, let alone cast a spell, Salem knew he had to fuck her into
unconsciousness if he didn't want to be banished.

He pulled out his cock half way and rammed it back into her. Sabrina was
completely motion less. Salem reared back and thrusted into her again, and
again, and again.

Sabrina was holding her head up, with her mouth hanging open, she didn't make
a sound or move though. Salem was fucking her as hard as he could. The bed
finally collapsed, when they fell to the ground Salem's cock was buried even
deeper into the teenager.

That was all she wrote for Sabrina. She finally passed out. Salem wasn't
finished though. He rammed it to her even harder, he wasn't worried about
hurting her anymore since she was out cold. He fucked her for another 5
minutes before shooting his load inside her cunt.

Salem made another wish and turned back into the cat. He licked Sabrina until
she regained consciousness. He told her he saw a horse and dog in the house
but he ran them off. Sabrina rubbed his head and turned him human as a
reward. She told him he could have human form for an hour, if he didn't cause
any trouble. He reached over and grabbed her tits. He was a cat again. Dam



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