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NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This Series Is Based On The Only 2 Sabrina Movies I
Know To Be Currently Out On TV. Sabrina The Teenaged
Witch (Which Was The Pilot Episode For The Series),
And Sabrina Goes To Rome (Which I Believe Was The
finale From The First Or Second Season). If Anybody
Has Anymore 2 Hour Episodes From The Show, I'd
Appreciate It If You Contacted Me To Make Arrangements
To Send Me Copies So I Can Extend This Series Even

TITLE: Sabrina The Teenaged Witch: Sabrina & Aunt Hilda (ff, Magic)
AUTHOR: HaRkOnIn ([email protected])
FILENAME: sabrna02.txt

It was midnight. The house was dark. Aunt Hilda And Aunt Zelda were
all nestled comfortable in their bed across the hall. Even though they
both had separate bedrooms, they both liked to sleep together when in the
privacy of their own home when there are no guests. Their niece, Sabrina
had come in the day before, and they greeted her at the airport. Poor
Sabrina was so miserable she felt like dying. She missed her parents, her
luggage was misplaced, and to top that off, the minute she stepped outside
the airport terminal to go to the car, she was hit with a sudden allergic
reaction to the pallin in the air and had to go to the hospital for emergency
asethma treatments. When they all got home, Sabrina didn't even bother
unpacking her stuff when they finally found her bags at the airport. She
just threw her suitcases on the floor, put her nightgown on, and collapsed
on the bed.

Aunt Hilda and Zelda's cat Salem pranced into Sabrina's bedroom and
began sniffing around. He wasn't looking for anything in particular, he was
just there sniffing around and doing what he was ordered by his owners. To
check up on Sabrina. To make sure that she didn't accidentally find out she
was a witch, before it was time for her to know. According to the council's
rule, a witch is FORBIDDEN to know she is a witch before she receives the
Ancient Book on the full moon after her 16th birthday. And Sabrina's 16th
birthday was only 2 days away. Whether the finding out was accidental or
not, the council's rule was very clear on the matter. If a witch finds out
she is a witch before she is supposed to know, a strike is placed against
her by the council, and after a certain number of strikes, you're stripped
of your power for 3 weeks or until the counsil says so.

The cat's attention seemed to be focused on something. He was looking
towards Sabrina's bed, but up at the ceiling. Suddenly realizing that
Sabrina's motionless body was floating about 2 to 3 feet above her bed,
he ran out of her bedroom calling to his owners.

Salem: Oh no not again! Aunt Hilda! Aunt Zelda! Come quick! It's

Moments later, Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda came tiptoeing as quickly and
as quietly as they possibly could into Sabrina's bedroom. The door creaked
as they opened it and looked in. It was true. Sabrina was floating over
her bed, but her body wasn't directly in line with it like it was when
Salem first discovered her. It now appeared that she was floating slowly
around her bedroom, and being above her bed and off to the side a little
was the starting point.

Aunt Zelda: Do you think we could just give her a tiny hint?

Aunt Hilda: No we can't! You know the rules! The council is very clear
on things like this! She can't know until the full moon after
her 16th birthday.

Aunt Zelda: Well we better get her down from there, or she'll fall and
hurt herself.

Aunt Hilda: I'll take care of it. You go back to bed.

Aunt Zelda: Okay. Good night.

Aunt Zelda gave Zelda a quick kiss on the lips and left her standing
in the door way of Sabrina's bedroom and went back to their bedroom and
laid down in the bed and fell fast asleep. With Aunt Zelda out of the
way, Qunt Hilda was about to cast a spell to ease Sabrina back down into
her bed, but stopped and stood there staring at the almost 16 year old
girl for a few moments. They way her nightgown was hanging down underneith
her as she continued to float there in the air. Each time she moved a little
the nightgown rode up her thighs a little more, revealing more of her
bare skin. Hilda liked this.

Hilda had always had a perverted mind about young girls. She even
secretly molested a child she babysat once when she was younger, and cast
a spell right after it happened, to keep the child and the rest of the world
from finding out about it. She was the only one who knew about it. And
standing there in her only neice's bedroom staring at her, definintely
made her want to go for a repeat event. But this time, she would try it
while the girl was sound asleep instead of being wide awake like the last

As Hilda approached the young sleeping teenager, she put out her arms
and slowly lowered them, causing Sabrina's body to lower. When Hilda
finally got to her side, Sabrina was about waste high to her, still floating.
Hilda then took this opportunity to begin her little activities. Seeing
that Sabrina wasn't wearing anything underneith her nightgown turned
Hilda on extremely. She could see her small budding nipples through the
silky material. And the full muff of bush between her legs. Hilda smiled
as she put her right hand on Sabrina's stomach and just rested it there
for a moment. Sabrina didn't move. Instead she just moaned a little bit.
Hilda wondered what she was dreaming about, cause somehow, what she was
doing to Sabrina appeared to make her react as if it was really happening
in her dream.

Unfortunately only Aunt Zelda had the power to see and hear what people
were dreaming and thinking. Hilda could only do it if she were joined with
Zelda, but she didn't want her here during these events. Even though
her sister would understand why she was doing what she was doing to her
niece, and even though it would probably make for an interesting threesome,
Hilda wanted to do this on her own.

Watching Sabrina sleeping, Hilda moved her hand a little up and down
her stomach, rubbing her tummy. Again, Sabrina let out a soft moan. But
what really surprised Hilda is what she did next. Sabrina's legs suddenly
spread wide open. It was then that Hilda knew exactly what she was dreaming,
without Zelda's help. Hilda had dreams like this before. Sabrina was
dreaming she was being made love to by a boy. The moans and the fact that
her legs were spread wide open told her this. Hilda decided to continue,
cause she remembered how wonderful she felt when she woke up in a puddle of
cum after having one of these dreams. It was called a wet dream. Hilda
wanted to be a part of what Sabrina was going through.

Hilda went from rubbing Sabrina's tummy to slowly rubbing between
her legs, and the reaction she got out of Sabrina this time was totally
amazing. Sabrina began moving her pelvic area in unison to Hilda's
actions, and as she did this, she began to moan a little louder. Hilda
suddenly stopped and went to the door and closed it. She didn't want
Zelda to wake up. Then she went back to Sabrina and put her hand between
her legs again, but this time, she put it up inside her nightgown so she
could touch Sabrina's bare pussy without the nightgown obstructing her
path. And as soon as Hilda's fingers came into contact with Sabrina's
bare pussy, her whole body began to shake, and she began to grunt and
moan louder and louder, until finally, she squirted all over Hilda's hand.

Hilda: Oooooh yeah. Good girl.

Hilda smiled and looked at her hand. It was dripping with Sabrina's
cum. She put it to her face and lapped up every drop. She smiled very
satisfyingly and put her right hand back between Sabrina's legs, this time
sliding 2 fingers inside her pussy. With the left hand, she pulled Sabrina's
nightgown all the way up her body, to her neck, revealing her slowly budding
breasts. The nipples were hard as a rock. Sabrina began to move her
pelvic area again. Hilda smiled and slid a third finger into her pussy and
took one of her breasts in her left hand and put her lips to it and began
sucking on it. This must have sent Sabrina through the roof, cause she
was literally screaming by now, but she was still asleep. Pretty amazing
Hilda thought. How could a young teenaged girl sleep through something that
feels this good. She only wished Sabrina was awake during this. She'd
feel things she never felt before.

As Hilda continued fingering Sabrina and sucking on her breast, she
put a finger between her own legs and began to play with herself, to
increase her pleasure. And it worked. As soon as she felt her own finger
slide into her pussy, she began to moan softly and close her eyes. The
sound of Sabrina's erratic breathing and soft moans began to send her
to her first orgasm. She began to push her finger in and out of herself
faster until finally, she peeked, and squirted her juices all over her

Hilda: Mmmm... Thank you sweetheart.

And the most amazing thing happened. Sabrina, still asleep, responded
with "You're welcome" in a real sexy whispery voice. Hilda did a triple
take right then and there as she looked at her face. Her lips still on
her breast, her fingers still inside her pussy. Sabrina's eyes were
still closed. Hilda finally decided that Sabrina was just acting out
her dream she was having, totally interactive with what Hilda was doing
to her. Hilda smiled and pulled her fingers out of Sabrina's pussy and
licked them clean, and moved between her legs, so that her face was in
direct like with her pussy.

Placing both hands on Sabrina's breasts, squeezing and rubbing them
as gently and softly as she could, she eased her head between her legs and
began to run her tongue around her clit. And all of a sudden, Sabrina's
legs shot open further and she began to moan again. Hilda was as happy
as can be. Finally for once in her life, she got some satisfaction. Sure,
her and her sister use to play around with eachother when they were kids,
but nothing could compare to a 40 year old woman licking the pussy of a
16 year old girl. It was heavenly.

And with these thoughts dancing around inside Hilda's head, her
body suddenly began to shake again. She closed her eyes and spread
her legs and put her left hand between her legs and began to play with
her clit as she began to push her tongue in and out of Sabrina's pussy.
Slowly at first, but when she heard Sabrina's long soft moans, combined
with the feeling of her own secomd orgasm coming on, as well as the
shaking of Sabrina's body, once again, right then and there, she squirted
cum all over her hand, and was suddenly met with a feeling of great
pleasure as she felt warm liquid being squirted all over her tongue and
inside her mouth. Sabrina had cum in her mouth.

Totally satisfied, Hilda swallowed every drop, licked her fingers clean
and pulled Sabrina's nightgown over her body, and waved her arms in the
air and muttered some words and Sabrina's floating body slowly lowered and
landed osftly on her bed. To which she turned over on her left side and
began to snore. Hilda smiled and kissed her on the head and left her
bedroom and got back into bed with Aunt Zelda, who was fast asleep, and
snoring herself.

The Next Morning

Sabrina came out of her bedroom fully dressed and clean, hair soft
and blow dried and brushed. She was so beautiful. She looked a hell
of a lot better than she did when they picked her up at the airport a
couple days before.

Sabrina: Good morning.

Zelda: Good morning hun.

Aunt Hilda smiled and watched Sabrina sit down at the breakfast table
and begin spreading butter on a muffin.

Hilda: Morning sweetheart.

Sabrina: Did anybody notice anything strange happening last night?

Hilda: No, why do you ask?

Sabrina: I don't know, for some reason I woke up this morning on the
floor. And I had this really strange dream.

Zelda: (Sitting down) Really dear, what about?

Sabrina: I dreamed that I was flying! I was just floating high above the
town, looking around.

Hilda: (Smiling) Something tells me you were dreaming about more than just
flying sweetheart, judging from the sounds you were making in
your sleep. I'm surprised the entire town didn't hear you.

Sabrina didn't say another word. Her face turning bright read with
embarassment as she finished spreading the butter on her muffin, set the
knife down on her plate and took a bite from it. She looked at Aunt
Hilda and gave her a glare, and Hilda smiled at her and picked up her fork
and began eating her eggs.

-=The End=-


This Story Is Approved And Sealed By Me



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