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NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This Series Is Based On The Only 2 Sabrina Movies I
Know To Be Currently Out On TV. Sabrina The Teenaged
Witch (Which Was The Pilot Episode For The Series),
And Sabrina Goes To Rome (Which I Believe Was The
finale From The First Or Second Season). If Anybody
Has Anymore 2 Hour Episodes From The Show, I'd
Appreciate It If You Contacted Me To Make Arrangements
To Send Me Copies So I Can Extend This Series Even

TITLE: Sabrina The Teenaged Witch: Harvey & Katie (f/m, anal)
AUTHOR: HaRkOnIn ([email protected])
FILENAME: sabrna08.txt

It's late in the afternoon, and it's time for yet another one of
Katie's annual pool parties. Litterally the whole school was there. Even
the track team. Sabrina was invited because she was on the track team,
but also because Katie had a hidden ajenda to get her back for humiliating
her a while back. Marnie wasn't invited, but Sabrina brought her along
anyway, because they were best friends. Sabrina and Katie were walking
by the pool looking around. Katie saw them from the back door as she
was speaking to one of her friends who was in charge of keeping the
drinks filled and the food served.

Katie: Sabrina... I'm glad you could make it. You brought your little
friend along, hi Martie.

Marnie: Marnie.

Katie: Whatever. We're going to have a little diving contest a little
later. Do you dive Sabrina?

Marnie: She won a gold metal at her last school.

Katie: (Smiling) Is that true?

Sabrina: Well... Actually, it was silver.

Katie: Wow. Well I hope you enjoy your stay here. Oh, the cabanas are
over there.

Sabrina: Thanks.

With that, Sabrina and Marnie went to where Katie pointed to go and
get changed for the diving contest. Sabrina knew Katie had something
planned. She wasn't stupid. But she decided to join in on the festivities
anyway, to see if she could impress Seth. She was aching to get him to
ask her to the prom, and was willing to do anything to make that happen.
Even if it meant humiliating herself in front of hundreds of people.

A Little Later

Harvey, Sabrina's best friend, who has been trying to get her to go out
with him for the longest time, decided to come to the party, even though he
wasn't invited. He figured he could swindle his way in by sneaking in the
back yard by climbing over the fense. He had a towel around his neck. As
he approached the pool area, he saw a pitcher of water next to a glass on
a table near a couple of people who were laying down sun bathing in lawn
chairs. They appeared to be not paying attention. Harvey had an idea. He
picked up the pitcher, and filled the glass with water, and as he set the
pitcher down, he looked around to see if anybody was looking, then he acted
like he was going to drink from the glass, but instead poured the entire
contents of the glass on his head to wet his hair. It was a perfect idea.
He looked like he had just gotten out of the pool and was drying off and
mingling with the rest of the guests. The perfect way to get into something
he wasn't invited to.

That is, until Katie noticed him as she was walking toward Sabrina and
Marnie, to announce that the contest was starting soon. She stopped when
she saw Harvey.

Katie: Hello.. Harvey!

Harvey: (Surprised) Katie! Wow, great party. The water is great.

Katie: I don't remember you being on the track team.

Harvey: I'm not on it... But I'm near it.

Katie: Near it?

Harvey: Yeah. Coach wants me to be the uh.... Hurdle Painter. I'm
considering the job. Wow you look great Katie. Stunning...

Katie: Save it. You can stay. You'll probably enjoy the festivities
coming up. I know how you love surprises.

Harvey nodded to her and started to walk away, but was stopped by
Katie taking his hand and dragging him across the pool area and into the
back door of the house. Sabrina and Marnie watched with questioning
looks on their faces.

Harvey: Katie! What are you doing?

Katie dragged him upstairs into her bedroom and shut the door and
slammed Harvey up against the wall and pinned him there. Harvey couldn't
move. But he didn't really want to move. His wildest dreams were just
beeing fulfilled, but with the wrong woman. When he suddenly remembered
that it was Katie and not Sabrina, he tried to move, but Katie wouldn't let

Harvey: Katie, what are you doing?

Katie: I want you to fuck me Harvey! Fuck me like you've never fucked
a woman before!

Harvey: What? NO!

Katie: I've had my eye on you ever since I first met you Harvey. And
I know you have had a crush on me ever since Junior High. I was
a fool to reject you when you asked me out back then. I want you
Harvey! Take me! Fuck my brains out! Do all the things to me
that you've always dreamed about.

Katie stepped back away from him and unbuttoned her blouse and removed
it, revealing the top of her bikini. Yelloe with pink polkadots. Very sexy
for a girl like her. Then she put her thumbs in the waste line of her
skirt and pulled it down and stepped out of it, revealing her bikini bottoms.
Harvey's eyes widened.

Katie: You like it? I got it on sale at Wal-Mart this morning.

Katie posed in her new bathing suit for a moment and Harvey's jaw
dropped to the floor as she reached behind her back and unhooked the
bikini top and let it drop to the floor, revealing her large plump breasts.
She closed her eyes and squeezed them together and let out a soft moan
in an attempt to tease Harvey, and it worked. He began to drool.

Katie: Well come on Harvey. A girl could die waiting for you. Don't
you want to fuck me?

Harvey: (Totally arroused) Yes. Yes I do.

Katie: Well then, come on. Take me!

Katie put her thumbs in the waste line of her bikini bottoms and pulled
them off and stepped out of them. Harvey stepped forward and put his arms
around her and pressed his lips to hers as hard as he could, in a wild
passionate kiss. Katie had never been kissed like that before, and she
enjoyed it very much. But it didn't last long. Harvey pulled away and
she was about to voice her objections when Harvey put his hands on her
breasts and fondled them for a moment. Katie simply threw her head back,
her long blonde hair waving all over the place, and moaned a little.

Katie: Ooooh that's it Harvey. Mmmmmmmm that feels so wonderful.

Harvey shoved Katie onto the bed as hard as he could. Katie's head
slammed against the head board. She let out a scream and put her hand
behind her head.

Harvey: I'm sorry Katie. I didn't mean to use so much force.

Katie simply smiled.

Katie: It's alright Harvey. I'm okay. Actually it was quite a turn on.
I love it when you get rough with me.

Harvey: You do?

Katie: Yes. Now get over here and fuck me!

Harvey: With pleasure.

Harvey stripped his clothes off with incredible ease. His cock was
rock hard, and that was the first thing Katie noticed. As he approached
the bed, she scooted to the end and dangled her legs over as she bent down
and carressed his cock with her lips and began to gently lick the head,
then slowly let the shaft dissappear down her throat. Harvey was in total
arrousal. He put his head back, closed his eyes and began to breath

Katie: Mmmm you like that Harvey?

Harvey: Oh yes. Hhhh...

Katie stopped sucking his cock and stood up for a moment then got on
her knees and crawled to the middle of the bed. Harvey wondered what she
was doing for a moment, but as he saw her look back at him, shaking her
ass in the air at him, he knew his task. He too got on his knees and
crawled onto the bed towards Katie. He positioned himself so that his
cock was right outside her ass hole. He placed both hands on her hips
and began massaging them. Katie threw her head back and began to moan
slightly. Harvey couldn't take anymore. With one quick thrust, he rammed
his rock hard cock straight up Katie's ass hole, and she let out a blood
curtling scream.

Katie: AAaaahhhh!!!!! Harvey, be gentle baby, that hurts.

Harvey: (Pumping her) Sorry.

It lasted for hours. Katie and Harvey making love. Katie knew Harvey
didn't love her, he was in love with Sabrina, but that was what was so kinky
about the whole thing to her. Harvey was in love with somebody else, but
he was fucking her. She appeared to enjoy feeling like a slut. Her
thoughts were interrupted by Harvey grabbinb her thighs harder and with
one final thrust, Katie felt his jism squirting all over the insides of
her ass hole. Harvey then pulled out, got dressed, and left her there.
Katie simply sighed and collapsed on the bed and smiled.

-=The End=-


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