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NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This Series Is Based On The Only 2 Sabrina Movies I
Know To Be Currently Out On TV. Sabrina The Teenaged
Witch (Which Was The Pilot Episode For The Series),
And Sabrina Goes To Rome (Which I Believe Was The
finale From The First Or Second Season). If Anybody
Has Anymore 2 Hour Episodes From The Show, I'd
Appreciate It If You Contacted Me To Make Arrangements
To Send Me Copies So I Can Extend This Series Even

TITLE: Sabrina The Teenaged Witch: Katie & Marnie (FF, Humilliation)
AUTHOR: HaRkOnIn ([email protected])
FILENAME: sabrna09.txt

Katie Lamour had always been looking for ways to get Sabrina back for what
she did to her that one night in the bedroom. But getting close to her to do
anything even remotely serious was impossible, because she always saw it coming
somehow. Katie couldn't figure that out. But that didn't stop her. She was
determined to find a way. And find a way she did. One day, while Katie and her
friends were walking to their table in the lunch room at school, Katie saw Sabrina
holding hands under the table with her best friend Marnie. When Katie saw that,
it was like she had found an outfit in the clothing store and couldn't take her
eyes off of it. She simply stood there and made an evil face as she thought and
schemed, giving short stares at Marnie, then back to Sabrina.

She decided that the thing that would hurt Sabrina the most was if something
bad happened to her friend Marnie. Simply doing something bad to Sabrina would
only get her pissed off, and she'd probably end up forgetting it the next day. But
if Katie were to do something bad, say like humilliate Marnie in public, Marnie
would probably go home and lock herself in her room for a week, and Sabrina would
feel so bad, she'd never come to school again. And that meant that Katie could have
Seth back in her life. Ever since she dumped Seth to attempt to improve the quality
of their love a couple of weeks ago, Seth has been seen hanging around with Sabrina.
And Katie hated that with a passion. She had a plan, but the first problem in order
to get it going in the right direction was to get Marnie to come over to her house.
And unless she had a real good reason, something that would perk Marnie's interest,
Marnie would never come to her house, cause she knew Katie hated her guts.

Katie: Come on girls! Help me think of a way to get little miss Marnie to come
over to my house tonight. I've got a plan.

Sasha: Like what did you have in mind? You know Marnie. She knows you hate her.
Getting her to come over here is gonna be impossible.

Lisa: Not necessarily.

Lisa was Katie's newest friend. A transfer from out of state. She was Asian,
tall, long dark hair, she was quite beautiful. Katie looked up at her.

Katie: You have an idea?

Lisa: Possibly.

Katie: (Getting mad) TELL ME!

Lisa: Well... I was thinking... What if we invited her here for a girls only
slumber party tonight?

Sasha: Oh Lisa that's a wonderful idea.

Katie: Then what?

Lisa: Well... You told us something about them holding eachother's hand when we
walked by them in the cafeteria. Mayber they're hot on eachother. Maybe
we could exploit that. Katie... You said Sabrina raped you in her bedroom
closet right?

Katie: Yes.

Lisa: How did that make you feel?

Katie: What do you mean?

Lisa: I mean... Would you ever do it with another woman again if it meant regaining
your dignity?

Katie: I suppose. What did you have in mind?

Lisa: Okay, here's the plan.

Marnie's House

Mother: Marnie! Telephone!

Marnie: I'll be there in a minute mother.

Marnie was just getting finished puting on her night gown and was just getting
ready to curl up in bed and watch some movies, but this phone call interrupted her
plans. It was probably Sabrina wanting to talk about her date with Seth. She was
so tired of hearing about them two. She loved Sabrina to death, but there is only
so much a single girl can take. She pulled her night gown down over her body and
brushed her hair, looking at herself in the mirror one last time, then went out to
the living room to take the phone call.

Marnie: Hello?

Katie: Marnie... This is Katie.

Marnie: Katie? Oh.. What do you want?

Katie: Marnie, please don't be that way. I know you think I hate you. But really
I don't. It's just that being popular includes not hanging around with...

Marnie: With Dorks, right?

Katie: No, that's not what I meant. I just wanted to say I'm sorry for treating
you so badly. I'd like to make it up to you, if you're up to it.

Marnie: How?

Katie: Well, some girlfriends and I are having a slumber party tonight, and I wanted
to know if you'd be willing to join us.

Marnie: (Hesitating) I don't know.

Katie: Please? Look, I'm really sorry, okay? Truthfully, I think you're really cool.

Marnie: (Thinking for a moment) Hold on, I gotta ask my mom.

Marnie held the phone in the crook of her arm and turned around. Her mother was
sitting on the couch watching TV. Her mother looked up when she saw her daughter looking
at her, with a thousand questions in her face.

Mom: What is it sweetie?

Marnie: It's Katie Lamour. The most popular girl in school. She wants me to come
over for a slumber party.

Mom: When?

Marnie: Tonight. Can I go mom? Please?

Mom: Well if you really want to, I suppose I can get some clothes on and drive you
over there. Just remember, your father is coming home tomorrow morning from his
business trip. He's expecting to see you. Said he couldn't wait to hug you.

Marnie: I'll be home by 7:00 in the morning, I promise. I'll get one of Katie's
friends to drive me home.

Mom: Okay. I'll go get dressed.

Marnie: (Excited) Thanks mom!

She put the phone to her ear.

Marnie: Katie?

Katie: Can you come?

Marnie: Yes. My mom is getting dressed to bring me over there.

Katie: Cool! I'll see you in a bit. Bye.

Marnie: Bye.

As Marnie hung up the phone, she ran the whole conversation through her head a
couple of times. Not once in the entire thing did she feel that Katie was trying to
decieve her in any way. Maybe Katie has decided to lighten up and get to know her
she thought to herself.

Later On

In Katie's room, the girls were setting up for the fake slumber party. They even
got munchies and party stuff to make it look real. Off to a corner, Lisa was walking
into the closet with a video camera on a tri-pod. She looked at Katie as she went in
and set it up inside. She put it on a timer, to activate in 30 minutes, they figured
that would give Marnie's mom enough time to drop her off. Sasha was pulling chips and
candy out of the grocery bags. And Katie was in the bathroom puting on her night gown.
It was perfect. They were all ready.


Marnie's mother pulled up in the driveway in a Blue caravan and stopped. The
passenger side door opened and Marnie got out. She was wearing just a bath robe
over her night gown, and slippers.

Mom: Have fun sweetheart!

Marnie: (Running to the door and waving) Bye mom!

Marnie got to the door and was about th knock when it opened. All three girls
Katie, Sasha and Lisa were standing there in their night gowns. Katie looked
Marnie up and down for a moment and then they all stood asside so Marnie could come

Katie: Right on time. Come on in.

Marnie entered the house and looked around. She had never seen the inside of
the house before. The last time she was here, the only places she saw were the pool
area and the cabana when her and Sabrina were here for Katie's pool party for the
track team. She was almost mezmorized by the size and beauty.

Katie: Marnie, I'd like you to meet my friends. This is Sasha, and this is Lisa.
Girls, this is Marnie. Sabrina's friend.

The three girls shook hands. Katie took Marnie's over night bag for her, and the
party began. The first thing everybody did was sit around the living room playing
board games. Yatzee, Monopoly, Sorry, the whole nine yards. Later on they ate ice
cream and watched music videos, and had munchies. Then came the part of the whole
reason for marnie being there, and she was totally oblivious to it. That's what made
it so great.

Sasha and Katie stayed downstairs with Marnie while Lisa went up to Katie's closet
to make sure the camera was ready. It was nearly 5 minutes before automatically turning
on. Lisa ran down the stairs shouting "Okay!" Katie took Marnie by the hand and lead
her upstairs to her room. Sasha and Lisa stayed behind. They didn't want to spoil
the surprise.

Marnie: (Walking in the bedroom) Katie, what's going on?

Katie: Shhh, you'll see.

Katie stood Marnie right at the foot of her bed, in direct view of the camera in
the closet. She looked toward the closet and saw the little red light, signalling that
the camera was recording. She then looked back at Marnie.

Katie: Remember Marnie when I told you that I had a surprise for you?

Marnie: Yes.

Katie began running her fingers through Marnie's hair very slowly. For some
reason, Marnie didn't object. She simply stood there, looking into Katie's eyes,
waiting for Katie to tell her what was going on. Ofcourse she kinda knew what Katie
was after, but not only was she surprised that Katie was actually taking interest in
her body, but she wanted to hear it from Katie's mouth.

Katie: I hear that you like to have sex with other girls.

Marnie: (Acting surprised) Where'd you hear that?

Katie: It's okay Marnie, I'm not puting you down in any way. If you want to know the
truth, i like to do it with girls too. I find it very exciting.

Marnie seemed more calmer now. She didn't say anything, mostly because she was
surprised at what Katie said. The only girl she had ever had sex with was Sabrina,
and she wondered if Sabrina told Katie about their little fling. But all it took was
Katie bring her fingers from her hair, to her breasts to make her forget about it.

Marnie: Katie. Why me?

Katie: Because... I've always liked you. I've been watching you for a long time at
school. The way you and Sabrina would hug eachother after class, and hold hands
as you walked home. Nobody told me that you and Sabrina did it together, I
actually figured it out on my own. It's pretty obvious that you two have
something very special together. Now I want you and I to have something very
special together. Is that okay?

Marnie: (Closing her eyes and moaning slightly) I guess.

Katie: Good. This is gonna be a night you will never forget.

Katie took he hands off Marnie's breass and Marnie gave her a look of confusion, as
if to say, "Why the hell did you stop?". Katie knew she wasabout to object, so she took
Marnie's chin in her right hand and moved her face closer and planted a soft gentle kiss
right on Marnie's lips. Marnie simply moaned softly as she felt Katie's tongue slipped
into her mouth.

As Katie continued moving her tongue around inside Marnie's mouth, she untied Marnie's
bath robe and slid it off of her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Then she pulled
away and stepped back to take a look at Marnie's sleep wear. She shook her head as she
stared at herfor a moment.

Marnie: What's wrong?

Katie: That night gown just won't do.

Katie stood there staring at Marnie's yellow silk night gown for a moment. Then she
looked in the mirror at her own blue silk night gown. She reached down to her sides and
picked it up slightly at the hips and twirled around a bit. Then she had an idea. She
took the shoulder straps in both of her thumbs and lifted it off of herself. She handed
it to Marnie as she stood there admiring her beautiful body in her black silk bra and

Katie: Here, try this on.

Marnie: Why? What's wrong with my night gown?

Katie: It's kinky. Haven't you ever wanted to wear the clothes of somebody else you
were going to do it with during the act? Put it on.

Marnie took Katie's night gown and put it on the bed, and removed her own, then
put Katie's night gown on. Katie took Marnie's night gown from the bed, where she put
it when she put hers on, and lifted it over her head and put it on. Then she checked
herself out in the mirror again.

Katie: There. Much better.

Marnie went to the mirror and stood next to Katie and showed off.

Katie: Mmmmm mmmm mmm! Absolutely knock out gorgious.

Marnie gave Katie a look of, "Yeah right. Whatever." and turnedand went back to
stand at the foot of the bed behind Katie, where she was before.

Katie: I'm serious Marnie, you're beautiful.

Marnie: No, you're beautiful Katie. I'm ugly as they come.

Katie: Oh that's alright, with a little help from us, you'll come out of your shell.

Katie walked up to Marnie, put her arms around her and held her tight as she pressed
her lips to hers for a long passionate kiss, before she pushed Marnie onto the bed
as hard as she could. Marnie looked up at her surprised. But when she saw Katie
get on her knees and crawling towards her, she knew exactly what was about to happen,
and the feeling excited her so much, she couldn't stand it anymore. She began to
moan softly as she took her nipples between her fingers and began to play with them.

Katie finally reached her. She laid down next to her and propped her head up on
her right hand, laying on her side and just watched her as she played with her nipples.

Katie: Does that feel good Marnie?

Marnie: Mmmmmm hhhhh... Yes....

Marnie stopped and looked at her for a moment.

Katie: No no, continue. (Smiling) Don't let me stop you.

Marnie went back to playing with her nipples

Marnie: Does this turn you on Katie?

Katie: You bet it does.

Marnie: Oh fuck me Katie, please. I want you badly.

Marnie began to breath heavily as she closed her eyes and began to think of all the
things she has ever wanted another girl to do to her. And she got exacly what she wanted
when she opened her eyes again and saw Katie straddling her face. The bottom of her
yellow silk night gown that use to belong to Marnie covered Marnie's face completely.
The only thing Marnie saw now was Katie's black silk panty covered croch lowring upon her
lips. Marnie felt her night gown pull up, her panties pulled asside, and a toung sliding
deep into her pussy. She let out a scream of joy as she pulled the croch areof Katie's
panties asside and did the same. Both girls began to moan loudly as they made eachother's
wildest erotic fantasies come true.

I won't go into anymore spaciffic details about that night, however I will say, that
Katie's plan worked like a charm. Exactly what she thought would happen. By the next
morning of school, Katie and her friends managed to get copies of the tape they had just
made placed into each student's locker of the entire school. With personal messages to
both Sabrina and Marnie, telling them that if they ever showed their faces in school
again, their honor would be compromised and they would be remembered by the entire student
body as lesbo bitches.

Sabrina ofcourse didn't care. She convinced Marnie that if she didn't go to school
with her the very day after, that Katie and her friends would have won. So they went
to school, and to their surprise, nobody bothered them. In fact, they actually got a
few "Way To Go's" from a few students as they passed them in the halls. Sabrina later on
got a few laughs as she saw Katie get carted away by the police for indecent explosure, on
the anonymous tip from a young girl at the school that she was selling porno videos to
the students. As Katie was carted away, she looked at Sabrina and shouted, "I'LL GET YOU
FOR THIS OU BITCH!" Sabrina just smiled, closed her locker and went to her next class.

-=The End=-


This Story Is Approved And Sealed By Me



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