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Paramount Pictures. I earn no profit from writing this story and I do not
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Note: This story happens in a parallel universe in which Kes, the young
Ocampa woman, was rescued from the Kazon and picked up by Voyager to serve
them as a sex-toy in order to help maintaining a decent level of morale. It
also happens before Seven came aboard Voyager.

Star Trek: Voyager: A Day In The Life Of A Slave
by Eridan ([email protected])

(MM/F, M/F, F/F, FF/F, oral, anal)

Kes awoke to the rocking of her body. Still, she was hanging in the frame
that stood in her quarters - which were always open, so whoever wanted to
could enter them. She always slept standing in the frame, ready for anyone
who would want to take her while she slept. She had gotten used to it. She
had had to get used to it since she had no bed and there were always men and
women who wanted to take her.

Though, every morning, as well as this one, her body seemed to end at her
shoulders. Her arms and hands were numbed by the aching pain that resulted
from holding her weight for so long. Her body was being pushed back and forth
against the bonds holding it, like a sheet in the wind.

Then, as her senses began to fully return, she felt that there was someone
behind her and something inside her.

As she became more and more awake, she realized that there was someone, a
man, pressed right up against her back. His hands were on the poles that held
Kes aloft and his penis was up inside her anus. She could hear the man's
breath on her neck as he pulled his cock back down the length of her anal
cavity, then rammed it back inside. Her asshole felt raw and open - as it did
every morning - and she wondered how many had been screwing it during this
night. More than three, she that was for sure.

He grunted again, as he threw his hips forward, pressing hard against her
body, putting more and more pressure on the bindings around Kes' wrists and
ankles as he pushed her body forward. Kes shook her head briefly, trying to
fully clear it.

The man was cursing: "My godness, I hate it when my shift starts this
late! Your fucking shit tunnel isn't tight enough anymore!"

As if she were responsible for that, he slapped her across the back of her
head several times.

Kes closed her eyes and tried to forget what was happening to her. She had
become quite good at that since this Starship named Voyager had rescued her
from the Kazons. She had been eternally grateful for that...until she had
realized why they had taken her with them. The captain of this ship, a woman
named Janeway, had come up with this plan. In order to maintain a high morale
level on the ship she had decided to give the crew something to entertain
them: Kes.

Within one week, she was introduced to any form of sex that existed. This
introduction had been very cruel from time to time. But still, even if her
current situation wasn't what she wished for, the Kazons had treated her more
brutally - though for a stranger it would be hard to imagine.

After that week, the captain had introduced her to the crew as the new
ship whore. She had even arranged a party especially for that event. For the
others, this party had been a great success and an outmost satisfying event.
For Kes it had been one of the most horrible gang bangs she had ever had to
endure. After that, Janeway had told the rules to a satisfied crew and an
almost unconscious Kes.

Every day Kes had to wander through the corridors, wearing nothing.
Whenever someone encountered her, that person was allowed to fuck her. To
make sure that no one was overusing her, no one was allowed to fuck her more
than twice in a row.

Thrice a day, Kes had to go to the bridge where her first move had to be
performing oral sex on the captain herself in front of all the other bridge
officers. Then they were allowed to use her.

When Kes had received more than three loads of cum in her face or on her
body she was allowed to bathe for 5 minutes. She was also given three huge
meals a day to keep her healthy.

Every night she had to step inside of the huge frame that stood in her
quarters and was chained to the poles above her head. This was the position
she had to sleep in. And every morning the holographic doctor of the ship
would visit her and use a muscle and tissue regenerator on her so that both
her pussy and her anus would be tight again when she had to go. The other
rights (use of the holodeck, replicator rations etc.) were for crewmembers
not for the ship whore.

By now the man behind her was rapidly approaching climax, though her
asshole was far from tight. She could feel the hot sperm jetting into her
ass and closed her eyes in humilitation. Then, she felt the man pulling out
his cock and heard his footsteps as he went away. Soon, the doors to her
quarters slid open again and the doctor went in.

"Good morning," he said, not wanting to be sarcastic, just wanting to be

If it were not for what he would do to her she would at least halfway
enjoying his company. Of course, he had taken advantage of her as well, but
he treated her fairly. He quickly examined her body, then pulled out the
muscle regenerator. Kes closed her eyes and sighed.

He would make her asshole and pussy tighten again. But this meant that the
next time when someone would want to fuck her it would hurt again. But did
she have any other chance? No. At least here she got regular meals and

At least here she did not have to live in the constant fear that they
might rape her again becasue she knew they would force ehr to do their
bidding anyway. But she wasn't really afraid of it. Because she had gotten
used to it. Ok, no one could get used to this constant abuse but since Kes
knew that there was no chance to escape she had learnt to shut herself off.
They could take her body but never her mind.

Kes shivered as the Doctor ran the regerator over her tender pussy lips
and immediately she felt her vaginal muscles contract again. The sore feeling
inside her pussy faded away. But she knew it would return sooner or later.
Then, the doctor stepped around her and spread her asscheeks. Soon, the cold
metal of the regenerator touched her exposed anal opening.

Normally, when the Doc had finished, he always released her from the frame
and went away. But this time she wasn't released. Her asscheeks kept being
spread by the doc's finger and soon she felt something else where the
regenrator had touched her. Something warm and hard.....

While a holographic cock only consists of pure light, the force fields
that surround it make it feel like a real cock. And soon, this cock was
pushed past her sphincter and then rammed deep inside her rectum. The doc
grabbed her hips and started to thrust his cock deep into her tight ass.

Seven whimpered in pain and closed her eyes.

"Looks like the devices are working...." the Doctor said, his voice full
of excitement as he pounded into her ass.

Another day for the ship whore was about to begin.....

End of part 1


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