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Star Trek: Voyager - A Holodeck Visit
by Eridan ([email protected])

(F/F/F cons, anal, toy)

Seven needed to speak to Captain Janeway. While working in Astrometrics,
the former Borg drone had found something that would surely be of particluar
interest for the ship. If Voyager would remain on its actual course they
would soon stumble upon a large asteroid belt filled with useful minerals.
They would not have to trade this time but could pick needed supplies up from

The ex-Borg had serious doubts that the Captain would ignore this
opportunity. After asking the computer where the Captain was at the moment,
Seven had found out that Janeway wasn't in her Ready room but inside holodeck
10. Seven had been slightly confused, for it wasn't very usual that the
captain visited the holodeck while on duty.

So, Seven has asked the computer if anyone else was with her. And the
computer had answered that both the captain and Lt. B'Elanna Torres were in
the holodeck together.

If Seven remembered the current schedule right (of course she did, for
she had an eidetic memory), B'Elanna wasn't on duty right now. Perhaps the
captain had to speak with the half-klingon about something that was of

When Seven reached the holodeck doors, she found them unlocked and went
through. She stood in a large garden with high hedges, flowers, trees and a
few brids and bees flying around. But she wasn't able to find Janeway or
Torres. But a few hundred meters away she had spotted a gazebo. Perhaps one
of them would be there....

So, Seven followed the small path that lead to the gazebo. But suddenly,
she stopped as a loud scream echoed through the garden "YES, KATHRYN!
HARDER!" That had been the voice of Lt. Torres. And the words she had
uttered... Seven knew from her research that they resembled the words an
individual usually uttered while copulating with another individual. But...
Torres had mentioned Janeway's first name....did that mean that the captain
and Lt. Torres were having sexual intercourse? Wasn't Lt. Torres engaged to
Ensign Paris?

Seven was slightly confused. But she soon stepped towards the gazebo
again. She did not want to disturb them on one hand but on the other hand she
was...curious. If she would watch them while hidden somewhere it would not
bother them and Seven could collect more data on the doctor
had suggested.

Soon, Seven had assumed a position near the entrance of the gazebo and
cautiously took a look inside. Inside the gazebo there were just two pieces
of furniture: a large bed and a nightstand. On the bed, however, she could
see Lt. Torres as well as the captain.

The half-klingon chief engineer was positioned on her hands and knees
while the captain was kneeling behind her. Both were completely naked...
except the captain. The captain was wearing a special attachment. It
consisted of a leather crotch plate that was scured with small strings that
ran along the waists of the captain. The cotch plate itself had a metal ring
attached to it. And, secured with this metal ring, there was a stiff, long
stick, resembling the shape of a male penis - a dildo.

Seven knew that all these things together were called a strap-on and were
often used by women when engaging in sexual activities with other women so
one of them could enjoy the sensation of the penetration and the thrusts
though they both didn't possess male sexual organs.

The dildo was buried deep in the chief engineer's anus and the captain was
grabbing Torres' hips while thrusting her own hips forward. She thrust in and
out of the Lieutenant's anus very fast while at the same time she tried to
bury it as deep as she could inside of B'Elanna.

Both of them were breathing heavily and B'Elanna kept urging Kathryn on,
"Harder, Kathryn, harder! I want you deep inside me...."

After a while, the captain bent over and ordered, "Tell me what you

B'Elanna closed her eyes, then yelled, "Fuck me, Kathryn...fuck me hard,
fuck me deep! I want you to fuck me so hard I won't be able to sit for days!"

Kathryn smiled and continued thusting at a manic pace.

"Yes,!" The words came in a breathless
staccato that matched the captain's thrusts.

While watching, Seven suddenly became aware that her pussy was getting
wet. She knew that sensation. She had experienced it several times before
when she had the Doctor put it...masturbated.

Seven slowly slid a hand down her body and began to caress her own
throbbbing pussy through the fabric of her leotard. The other hand began to
caress her breasts. Soon, Seven's nipples were standing upright and were
clearly visible, though the ex-Borg was still fully clothed. Her hand began
moving faster and faster, rubbing her slit. And suddenly, she came.

She had been too enchanted by what was happening in front of her eyes to
control herself. Letting out a loud moan, she accidentally stumbled forward,
now clearly visible to the pair on the bed. Immediately, Kathryn pulled out
and the two of them were trying to get into a less compromising position,
though they knew it was probably too late.

The first one who was able to speak was B'Elanna, after she had recovered
from the shock of the sudden interruption.

"Seven! How did you...."

"The holodeck doors weren't sealed and so I didn't assume you were
engaging in intimate activities."

Kathryn sighed. "We must have forgotten to seal them. Now we got caught.
I think it would be the best if we'd go now."

But Seven answered, "Why? I am not by any means repelled by what you were
doing. In fact, I find it both interesting and...stimulating."

"Ha!" B'Elanna exclamied "You watched us, didn't you? Got off, didn't

Seven raised a brow, "I must confess, I watched your activities for a
while. And, if "getting off" means the same as achieving orgasm...yes, I got
off. I...came while stimulating myself."

"Caught ya!", B'Elanna laughed as she grabbed Kathryn, who was grabbing
her clothes and was attempting to get rid of the strap-on, by the arm. "Stop,
Kathryn. What more can go wrong? Why don't we simply go on and let Seven
learn something?"

Kathryn shook her head and tried to free herself of the half-klingons

"This is crazy."

B'Elanna yanked her back and gave her a kiss before saying, "Why? Sex is
a part of humanity. Why shouldn't she study it on living and breathing
people? In addition, I am not ready to go now...I still deserve an orgasm,
don't you forget. And...doesn't the idea of fucking my ass and watching this
beauty fucking herself in front of us turn you on? I personally feel
incredibly turned on by the thought of taking it into my ass and watching her
bringing herself off."

Kathryn stood still for a moment. Seven could see that the capatin's
juices were still flowing down Kathryn's legs. Then, she said "Ok, 'Lanna, we
will try it. But if Seven feels uncomfrotable we will stop immediately, do
you get me?"

B'Elanna nodded, then got on hands and knees again. Kathryn quickly told
the computer to seal the doors this time. If anyone else had found them it
would have been a disaster and she did not want to challenge her own luck.

"Kathryn, put it back where it belongs...up my ass. You, Seven, please sit
down in front of me and, if you feel like it, masturbate a bit."

Seven did as it was instructed. Then, however, she asked "If I may ask...
why do you want the captain to enter your anal cavity?"

B'Elanna smiled as she explained "When you stumbled in front of our eyes
we already had had old-fashioned sex 2 times. Second, anal sex is something
I just love. Kathryn's not very fond of it but I just love to get an ass
full, almost more than getting fucked in my pussy. It is a matter of personal

Seven nodded, understanding what the half-klingon had said.

As Kathryn was about to enter B'Elanna's tight ass again, the captain
added, "It is also not always necessary to use a strap-on. Oral stimulation
can sometimes be more exciting than this."

Then she thrust her hips forward, driving the dildo all the way in, no
preparation. B'Elanna sighed.

"Oh, Kathryn."

As Kathryn began to pump the dildo in and out of B'Elanna again, Seven
quietly began to strip. She just had to do it again. The sight of B'Elanna's
beautiful face in the throes of passion and the sight of the movement of the was too much to endure it. When she was finished, she sat down
again, spread her legs and slid a finger between her moist pussy lips.

"Yes, Seven...fuck yourself" Kathryn moaned while B'Elanna whispered,
"Don't stop, me, please.....fuck me hard...fuck me like a

Seven added a second finger, then a third and while moving them in and
out of her tight snatch, her other hand began to fondle her huge tits almost
as if it had a life of its own. Soon, Seven came, but somehow it wasn't
enough. She still felt extremely aroused, so aroused it was painful for her.

B'Elanna saw Seven's agonized face and asked, ", Seven? Ah,
Kathryn...please, faster."

"I..I don't know...I think I need more...I came, but I can't get release."

Kathryn was the first of the two to get the clue. While she never stopped
fucking B'Elanna, she asked "Why don't we help her, Lanna? Seven, come closer
to Lanna's face. I think she'll be eager to help you."

B'Elanna sighed in delight as she thought about eating Seven out. It would
be wonderful.

"Yes, Seven...come closer, please."

Seven obeyed, curious about what was going to happen. However, she was not
prepared for the sudden assault on her pussy by B'Elanna's lips and tongue.
As B'Elanna began to swirl her tongue inside, Seven shrieked and then thrus
her crotch into B'Elanna's face. Her left hand found Lannas head and held it
in place while her other hand played with her own tits.

B'Elanna found out that she was loving the taste of Seven's pussy. It
tasted totally different from Kathryn's and if B'Elanna was right it had a
slightly metallic taste. However, it tasted like heaven and B'Elanna found
herself almost forced to go on and make Seven cum, getting more of that
delicious juice that was leaking out of her newfound lover.

Kathryn had closed her eyes and was now only holding one of B'Elanna's hip
while her other hand was busy between her own legs. Seeing Seven being eaten
by Lanna while pumping that plastic cock in and out of the half-klingon's
small asshole was almost enought to make her come.

And then the wonder happened...they all came at the same time. When Seven
let out a loud scream and bathed B'Elanna's face in her juices, the engineer
shook and spasmed as orgasmic shocks rippled through her, too. And at the
same time the captain pushed the dildo all the way in and cried in pure lust
as she also came. Her juices were running all over B'Elanna's ass and legs.
It must have been love.

In the end, they were all laying together, kissing and caressing each
other, being too satisfied and too tired to say anything. Until Kathryn
asked, " I hope you won't speak to anyone about this, Seven"

The Borg (who had been busy licking Janeway's juices off B'Elanna) lift
her head up and said, "I understand the need for intimacy and discretion
here, Captain."

B'Elanna was kissinng Seven's breasts but stopped for a moment and asked,
"Why have you come here anyway, Seven?"

"Nothing of importance, Lanna...or should I address you as Lt. Torres?"

"No, Seven. That would be appropriate if I was on duty...but calling the
person who just ate your pussy by her rank while off duty...sounds strange.
You haven't told me if you liked it, Seven..."

"I must admit that I lack the words to describe what I felt when you...
'ate my pussy.' It was...more than wonderful. I think it was beyond the
meaning of any word."

B'Elanna and Kathryn kissed Seven at the same time. "Thank you Seven. That
is a great compliment for me."

"It isn't a compliment, it is the truth."

Kathryn laughed, then said "I think we should get up now. Seven, you are
still on duty. So am I."

Seven nodded. As they stood up and began to dress, she asked the two of
them, "Can we repeat this activity in the future?"

Both of them smiled and said at the same time "I'd love to, Seven of


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