Krissy's notes: Recently on the PTF list, Janet (aka Jamelia) has
written a few very good, very hot PWP stories that she has termed as
"extemporaneous Treksmut". Well, I had to make an attempt at writing
one myself, and like Jam, couldn't write it by myself. *:) This was
composed at 1 am over a half-gallon of cappuccino ice cream and a bag of
animal cookies, so we are not guaranteeing that this will make one whit
of sense in broad daylight.

Rating: NC-17 extreme! Kids, take a hike! If the idea of P/T getting
it on disgusts you, stop here. We have warned you.

Dedication: To Jamelia for starting it all.

by Krissy Shelley
(with assistance from Audra Denning, Gabriela Mendoza, Emilia Cortes,
Marissa Donegal and Athena Linden)

She was tired--he could tell.
From across the mess hall, Tom Paris watched his beloved enter the
room. Her hair was a little out of place and her uniform slightly
rumpled, and he could clearly see the exhaustion etched into her lovely
face. She looked around for a few minutes before spotting him, then
headed in his direction. Upon reaching him, she slumped into a seat
next to him and rested her head on the table.
"Kahless, I'm tired," B'Elanna groaned.
Tom set a comforting hand on her shoulder and felt how knotted her
muscles were. Then an idea hit him. He rose, taking her hand. "Come
"I'm too tired to move."
"Come with me. I know a way to help you relax."
She gave him a tired smile and allowed him to help her up. Sliding
an arm around her waist, he led her to her quarters. Once inside, she
smiled again. "If you're thinking what I think you're thinking...."
"No, we'll save that for later," he murmured, kissing her softly.
"However, I do need you to take off everything on top."
She raised an eyebrow, Tuvok-like. "And what relaxing activity
requires me to be naked from the waist up?"
"A proper backrub, that's what."
"That's right--nothing more relaxing than that."
She shook her head and smiled once more. "If you say so." Slowly,
she began to strip off the top half of her uniform--first smock, then
jacket, turtleneck, tank top and bra, teasingly sliding each off, then
dropping each onto the floor in a growing pile. Next, she toed off her
boots and socks, then locked her gaze with his. "So, do I pass
inspection?" she smiled.
"Very much so," he said huskily. "Except for one thing." He slid
her pants over her hips and let them fall to her feet. "Those damn things
are so high-waisted and I need to be able to reach your lower back." He
trailed a hand along her waist before moving to shed his own jacket and
B'Elanna raised her eyebrows again. "Am I assuming you want a
backrub in return for mine?"
Tom shook his head as he kicked off his boots. "No, I just want to
be comfortable. Computer, dim lights by half."
The computer did so. "Now go lie down," he ordered with a smile.
She smiled back, then headed for her bed. Pulling one pillow from
the several she had arranged at the head of her bed, she lay down on her
stomach, resting her head on the pillow, one arm beneath it, the other
beside it.
Tom disappeared from her line of sight for a minute, then came back.
"Close your eyes and relax," he said softly.
She obeyed, settling into her bed. She felt his warm hands gently
rubbing her taut shoulders, then up to the base of her neck. His
soothing touch began to ease the tension immediately. She sighed
soflty, then jumped in surprise when something cool ran down her back.
"It's just massage oil, B'Elanna," he murmured. "Relax."
The scent of lavendar assaulted her senses. She breathed it in as
his hands spread it out over her back and shoulders. He really was good at
this. Sinking further into relaxation, she hardly noticed it when he
slipped her panties off and began massaging her rear gently. From
there, his hands descended to her thighs.
"Better?" he asked in a sultry voice.
"Mmm, perfect," she sighed.
She felt him pause briefly, then he shifted and began kneading her
thighs again. Unconsciously, she had parted her legs, so it came as a
shock to her when one questing hand slipped betweenthem and he pushed
two fingers up inside her.
"Ohhh!" she cried. Her back arched. He moved up behind her, one arm
encircling her small waist, the other hand continuing to caress her soft
folds. "You want it, don't you, B'Elanna?" he murmured huskily.
"Yes, oh yes," she gasped.
Removing his hand, he thrust deep inside her. She cried out in
delight and began to writhe against him. He held her firmly in place with
one arm wrapped around her waist. His other hand was busy manipulating her
clit as he increased the speed of his strokes. Soon, it became too
intense and B'Elanna letout a long shrill scream as her orgasm ripped
through her. Seconds later, he came as well, calling her name.
They collapsed, he atop her, both breathing heavily. Whispered words
of love were exchanged for several minutes before Tom spoke softly.
"Feel more relaxed now?"
"You need to ask, Tom?" she smiled, wriggling her rear slightly to
get into a more comfortable position, elicting a moan from him.
"So does this mean that I can give you a backrub again sometime?"
"Whenever you want, Hotshot."

Copyright 1998 by Ro, Audrina, Lursa, B'Etor, Rissa and Athene. We want
feedback!! Comments - [email protected]


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