Star Trek - Voyager: Bar's Closed (MF)
by Anonymous

For the third night in a row, she had not been able to sleep. Tired of pacing her quarters, she decided to get dressed and try the holodeck to relax. The ship was eerily quiet as she silently made her way through the corriders. I might as well stayed in my nightgown, she thought to herself. Arriving at the holodeck door, she was surprised to see it was still in use.

"Computer -- who is using the holodeck at this hour?" she mused out loud.

"Lt. Tom Paris." came the reply. She sighed, and put a hand on her hip.

"Computer, does the program running have a bar and a pool table?" she didn't want to crash in on anything new, but a good game of pool sounded relaxing.

"That is correct."

Satisfied, she passed through the holodeck doors. The bar itself was nearly empty, just a few hustlers gathered around the pool table, and the locals sitting at a table in the corner. At the bar, a figure with tousled hair and some sort of short robe sat with his back to her, talking to the older blonde woman tending bar. Janeway was curious, and walked quietly up behind him, until she recognized his voice.

"Tom Paris?" she was surprised to see him in this...outfit. His head jerked around in surprise, and she could see his hair was damp, and pushed up in curls over his head. He was wearing one of the robes from the gym, and underneath....well, nothing more than his swimming briefs. His goggles lay on the counter next to a large bottle of wine.

"Captain!" His cheeks flushed as he jumped off the barstool, and swiftly tied up the front of his robe. "I, uh, couldn't sleep, and -"

"As you were." She waved her hand at him, reassured that he was just as embarrassed as she was by this encounter.

"Well, thanks." He slid himself back onto the barstool, and gave her one of his boyish grins. He gestured to the stool next to him. "Care to join me? I was just going to enjoy this bottle of wine, but it would taste better with good company."

She nodded her head and sat down. Tom ordered the computer to eliminate the bartender, and she blipped out, leaving the two of them alone at the bar. Tom poured the wine with a flourish and handed her a glass. "A toast?" he asked casually.

"To what? Insomnia?" she laughed, raising her glass.

"To insomnia. The devil of the working man- won't let him rest to get his work done in the morning." He grinned again, and they both sipped quietly.

"Your father used to say that." she observed, smiling at him. "You know, you're probably more like him than you realize."

"Well, we've distinguished ourselves differently when it comes to Starfleet." Tom remarked lightly, but she heard the bitterness in his voice.

"Yes -- maybe you'd like to talk about that." She put her hand on his shoulder, and he sighed, then began to talk. They sat together for some time, until the bottle had been finished. Janeway became aware of a certain giddiness overtaking her- probably lack of sleep, she thought, leaning her elbow onto the counter and resting her cheek in her hand.

"We've been here so long, your hair has dried." She reached up and pulled at his blond curls. "Why do you comb out the curls? Your father--" She stopped and turned her head as a slow, sensual song wafted through the bar.

"What the --" Tom started, when the Gigolo sidled up to Janeway and slid his arm around her.

"I have requested our love song, so that we may dance together closely, and then fall in love." The Gigolo breathed heavily into her ear, pulling her off the barstool. Janeway looked at Tom and laughed, and Tom jumped to the floor and wrapped his arms around her, pushing the Gigolo aside.

"Sorry, buddy, but she promised this dance to me." he said, pulling her close, and moving in time to the music. The Gigolo snorted with disgust, but backed away, and retreated to his corner. Janeway followed his lead and put her arms up over his shoulders, smiling.

"One dance, Tom- then I'm calling it a night. I'm rather tipsy from not sleeping."

"Or perhaps the wine- that was one of the bottles I brought on board with me from DS9-glad to know you appreciate it." His lips were in her hair as he spoke, and she was leaning her head onto his chest. She didn't see the arch of his eyebrows as he spoke, or the smile on his face, but felt him draw her closer, so that their bodies were pressed together, moving slowly, and he began to move against her.

"Now, Tom, is that any way to dance with your Captain?" she teased, loosening his grip.

"It's the only way to dance with an attractive woman. You did promise me this dance, remember?" he said softly, and pulled her back, running his hands over her back and buttocks, lightly caressing her. His robe had fallen open again and she slid her hands beneath it, encircling his muscular waist, letting her hands feel the rippling of his muscles as he danced. A small sigh of admiration escaped her lips.

"A swimmer. I didn't know." she murmured, enjoying the feel of him in her hands.

"There's a lot you could find out about me -- if you want." He had a hungry look in his eyes that she liked, although she knew somewhere in her mind that she wasn't supposed to, and the tingling sensations in her body were becoming harder to ignore. He slid a knee between her legs and she let him slide her sensually along his bare thigh. The music seemed to follow their rythm, and she closed her eyes, feeling his lips behind her ear, on her neck, her throat.

"Tom." she whispered, but said no more as his lips closed over hers, his tongue sliding into her mouth, teasing her into a small moan. She pushed the robe from his shoulders and ran her hands over his ribs, down the long muscles of his back, and slid them under his tight swimwear.

"Damn you, Tom Paris." she gasped into his mouth, "for doing this." She felt his lips turn up in a smile, and kissing him again, bit his tongue playfully. He took her and lifted her up onto the counter, and hastily barked out a few orders to the computer, so that they were alone in the darkened bar. He vaulted over the counter, landing lightly behind her. She turned to face him and slid herself down slowly, rubbing against him until her feet hit the floor.

"Something special back here?" she said coyly, as he reached around behind her. He gave her a sensual smile.

"Something very special- trust me." he said, and began kissing her slowly, bringing his hand back up from behind her. She felt something on her chest, and then a cool spray of water ran over her breasts, soaking her uniform, hardening her nipples instantly. She gasped in surprise and pleasure. His free hand massaged her through her wet uniform, and his mouth closed over her nipples, gently nipping them.

"You hold this." he pushed the hose into her hand, and then dropped to his knees, sliding her pants down with him. Taking her underwear deftly in his teeth, he removed them slowly against her moving, eager, hips, and the water trickled down over his head, curling his hair even more. She jammed the hose into the neck of her uniform and reached down to touch his tangled curls, but he caught her hands and placed them behind her, against the countertop.

"Keep them there." he choked, and quickly pulled her panties down so she could spread her legs for him. She threw her head back and closed her eyes, feeling his tongue tasting her wetness, darting in and out of her, teasing her into arching into his mouth, flicking her so lightly and quickly that she came rapidly, and loudly. He dug his hands into her buttocks, not letting her writhe away from him, moving with her until she stopped, panting, and then he pulled her heaving body down so that he could kiss her again. She ripped off the top of her uniform and tossed it onto the countertop. The hose swung freely into the air and hung over the sink, water running to the floor. She lay back into the rapidly forming puddle of water, pulling him on top of her, sliding her hands possesively through his briefs, hooking her thumbs and pulling them down just enough to release him to enter her. His first few thrusts were slow and gentle, and he pulled back as far as he could without losing her, then pushed himself slowly back in, enjoying the sensation, the look of pure pleasure on her face.

"You feel so good, so wet." he groaned, moving faster, feeling her hands running over him, exploring. She marveled at the feel of his muscles sliding under her hands, feeling his tension heighten. She caught his hips in her hands and slowed him down.

"You can't come inside of me, Tom." she whispered huskily. "I'm sorry."

He heaved a disappointed sigh of resignation, and clenched his teeth as he pulled out. They lay panting in the puddle, causing little waves to form
around them. He kissed her breasts and slowly brought his mouth up to hers,
catching her lip in his teeth.

"Let me take you from behind." he said hoarsely. She nodded her head and started to turn, but he began to pull her to her feet.

"Stand right there on that ledge, and lean over the counter." He pointed, and she rose, casting him an impish look, and did as he said. She turned her head back and saw that he again had the hose in his hand, and a wicked grin on his face.

"Tom, what are you doing?" she asked.

"This is going to be fun for both of us." he said, and wrapping his arms around her, directed the spray between her legs, causing her to jump back against him. He circled her with it front and back, until she was dripping wet.

"You hold this were you like it best, and lean over a little more." He directed. She inhaled sharply as he first entered her, and a small cry came from her lips. He kissed her back, whispering for her to relax. A few seconds later, the sensations were overwhelming her as the relentless cool spray splashed into her, and Tom began to move with more force. She whimpered with helpless joy, and moved her hips in a tight circle.

"That's it, come on." Tom panted ecouragingly to her. "I won't come until you do."

She was beyond answering, and could only gasp out his name as an orgasmic tide washed over her body, causing her to drop the hose and fall forward over the counter, sending glasses crashing to the floor. Tom followed her, thrusting himself deeply into her before cursing, trembling, and then laying himself over her spent body, his lean stomach heaving into her back. Water sprayed down over their quivering legs. They were quiet for a few moments, trying to catch their breath, not wanting to part. Tom reached out his arm and dragged a carafe over to them, and lifted it to her lips. She gulped thirstily, and watched weakly as he drank after her. He set it down tiredly, and gave her a quiet, almost tender, smile.

"Well. Here's to insomnia."


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