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Date: 12/31/2004

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Drug use, strong language, female/female sex, male/female sex

Pairing: Janeway/Torres/Paris/Seven

Categories: Het, slash, bi-sexual

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Other Notes: This story is an answer to JuPiter Station Challenge #255.

Summary: After they've beamed themselves down to a newfound planet within the
Delta Quadrant, Kathryn and her away team sample an unusual beverage and fall
victim to its side effects.

Dedications: None so far.

Star Trek - Voyager: Blackout
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

You know, I was one of the junior officers of the space vessel known as
the Federation starship USS Voyager, which was under the command of one of
Starfleet Command's finest officers, Captain Kathryn Janeway, while it was
in pursuit of a rebel Maquis ship in a dangerous part of the galaxy, just
before both of our ships were suddenly thrown thousands of light years away
into the Delta Quadrant, where we all had realized that with much of her
crew dead, we've had no other choice, but to join forces with each other
to find a way back home.

Of course, no one else within the very corridors of Starfleet Command were
unable to figure out what type of problems the newly-merged Voyager crew had
gone through during their long journey back to the Alpha Quadrant -- until

It had happened on Stardate 4291955.49, which was exactly when Voyager has
started orbiting a newfound planet within the Delta Quadrant and had caused
a curious Kathryn to turn towards her bridge crew and say that she was
taking a landing party with her to survey the newfound planet and try to
make contact with its inhabitants.

And so, after she had left her second-in-command, Commander Chakotay in
charge of the ship, Kathryn had beamed herself down to the planet with the
ship's helmsman, Lt. Tom Paris, the ship's chief enginer, Lt. B'Elanna
Torres, the ship's resident borg, Seven Of Nine and the ship's morale
officer, Neelix.

After the beam-down, a small group of strangers had walked over to the
landing party with smiles on their faces and stopped themselves right in
front of Kathryn's survey party, just before one of them had taken one step
towards her and said, "Good day to you, Kind Strangers. I am Janar, leader
of this planet's high council. We wish you and your party to stay on our
planet and sample all of its wonderous splender with us."

Well then, after she had realized that it would be best to accept that fine
invitation than to provoke intergalactic war with a possibly violent spieces,
Kathryn had let out a smile and said, "Well, Janar. Since you're able to
insist, would it be okay for one of us to return to our ship?"

"Why of course, Kind Stranger. Of course," answered a smiling Janar, after
he had turned his head towards Kathryn, who had -- in turn -- turned her head
towards Neelix -- who was picking some unusual roots out of the ground -- and
said, "Neelix, beam yourself back up to the ship and let Chakotay know that
we're staying down here for a little while."

"Sure thing, Captain," said Neelix, after he had stood up with a small bunch
of the strange roots in his hands. "Oh, by the way. Would it be okay if I
were to take these with me to do some cooking with?"

"Of course you may, Neelix," answered Janar, after he had patted his gentle
hand on Neelix's shoulder. "May they bring flavor to all of your meals."

And so, after he had thanked Janar for the gift and his generousity, Neelix
had beamed himself back aboard the ship and met Chakotay and the ship's
Vulcan officer, Lt. Commander Tuvok inside the transporter room.

However, after he had told Chakotay that the planet's inhabitants were all
so friendly and allowed the others to stay with them for a little while, a
curious Tuvok had looked at the strange roots that Neelix has in his hands
and asked, "Neelix, may I ask where did you find such unusual plant-life?"

"Oh, I've discovered it on that very same planet," answered Neelix, after he
had handed it to Tuvok. "Janar said that I could have it. I was about to take
it to the galley to do some wonderful cooking with it."

But then, after he had looked at it and noticed some odd coloring on the
tips of the roots, Tuvok had looked at Chakotay and said, "Commander, I
would instead like to take these roots to my quarters for an analysis, for
there has to be a logical answer as to why they look like this."

"I agree, Tuvok. Make it so," said Chakotay, just before Tuvok had take
the strange roots to his quarters and he and Neelix had gone back to their
regular routines aboard the ship.

Just then, on the very next day, Voyager has recieved a sudden distress call
from the landing party, who had requested to be beamed back up to the ship
immediately, because something had caused each of them to suffer a massive
hangover at the same time.

That had caused a concerned Chakotay to order the transporter operator to
beam the landing party back up to the ship and into the sick bay, where the
ship's only holographic physician which we've known only as The Doctor had
started analyzing them for any signs of alcohol within their systems.

"This is quite strange, Captain. My scanners show that not one drop of
alcohol is within your system," said the Doctor, while he was giving
Kathryn a through going-over. "And yet, you look like you're suffering
from its aftereffects. May I ask how did it happen?"

"I really don't know, Doctor," answered a puzzeled Kathryn, after she had
placed her hand on her forehead. "All I know is that our minds had suffered
some sort of memory blackout."

Of course, after the entire landing party had finally got to feeling better
and leaving the sick bay to return to their normal routines, the one and only
question was still hanging over all of our heads: What happened to them on
that planet?

Sure enough, after Kathryn, Tom and Seven had returned to the bridge, we've
recieved a transmission from Janar, the leader of the planet's high council,
who had just wanted to know were the four of them feeling any better.

"As a matter-of-fact, Janar. The answer is yes," answered Kathryn, after she
had taken a deep breath and allowed a smile to appear on her lips. "The four
of us are feeling much better now."

"Oh, we are all so pleased to hear you say that," said a relieved Janar,
after he had wiped the sweat off of his forehead. "As for those roots that
Neelix had brought back up to the ship with him, please do tell him about
the roots, so that he could properly dispose of them."

And then, after Janar had signed off and Voyager had continued on her way
back to the Alpha Quadrant, Chakotay had taken the landing party's personal
logs and the results of Tuvok's analysis of the strange roots and began to
piece them all together into what had happened to the away team on that very

From what Chakotay was able to figure, it was after Neelix had returned to
Voyager with the odd roots that Kathryn, Tom, B'Elanna and Seven had decided
to join Janar and his fellow council members for a banquet that they've
prepared in honor of the away team.

"Well, Janar. We're so pleased that you've invited us to join you for your
feast," said a smiling Kathryn, just before she had noticed one of the
servers pouring an unusual beverage into her cup. "May I ask what is this in
my cup?"

"Why, it is Febru Necter," answered a smiling Janar, after he had pointed to
Kathryn's cup. "Just to let you know, we take some Febru Roots -- just like
the ones that Neelix had taken with him back to your ship -- and boiled them
in a large pot until the necter is ready to be served."

"Well then, Janar. I do believe that since it looks and smells like Apple
Cider back on Earth, I just don't see why we shouldn't give it a sip," said
Tom, after he had raised his cup, turned towards B'Elanna and Seven and
asked, "Don't you two agree?"

"Well, it does indeed have such sweet smell to it," answered a curious Seven,
just before B'Elanna had also smelled hers and said, "I agree with you,
Seven. It doesn't smell so bad after all."

Now of course, it had became quite unclear as to how many cups of the Febru
Necter that the away team had gulped down, but after they've gulped down the
last cup of necter, all the members of the landing party had started feeling
their heads spinning around and around.

"Janar, ...I'm afraid...that we don't...feel so good," said a woozy Kathryn,
after she had placed her hand on her forehead. "Could you us
where...we would to rest."

And then, after he had suddenly noticed that the Febru Necter has quite an
unusual effect on other humanoid beings, Janar had order some attenedants to
take the woozy away team members to a special hut where they would be able to
sleep off the effects of the necter.

But then suddenly, after the attendants had helped them on to the soft mats
and left the landing party to rest, a still-woozy Kathryn had looked at
B'Elanna, let out a small smile, placed her gentle hand on B'Elanna's thigh
and said, "You know, when I've first laid my eyes on you, my first instinct
was to fuck you right in front of everybody."

"Imagine that. I've been wanting to do the same thing to you," said a
giggling B'Elanna, just before she and Kathryn removing all of their clothes
and Kathryn had started licking all over B'Elanna's nude body -- all the way
down to her suddenly hot, wet pussy.

Just then, while Kathryn and B'Elanna were kissing and carressing each
other's naked frames, a woozy and confused Seven had looked at they were
doing and said, "Do not...understand...what they...are doing."

"Well then, Seven. Allow me to show it to you," a smiling Tom, just before
he had started removing her entire uniform and allowed her nude body to be
exposed in front of him.

Then suddenly, while Kathryn was also carressing her firm breasts, B'Elanna
had placed her gentle hands on Kathryn's bare shoulders and said, "Aaaahhhh,
yes! That's it! Do it, Kathryn! Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy
dry! Aaaahhhh!"

And then, after he had removed all of his clothes and placed his suddenly
stiff cock inside her suddenly hot, moist snatch, Seven had placed her hands
on Tom's bare shoulders and said, "Aaaahhhh! I still...don't understand...
feels different! Please....please...don't stop! Yes, that's it! Do it, Tom!
Fuck me! I want you to fuck me! Give me all of your input! Aaaahhhh!"

Then, at that very moment, they were all being to suddenly realize that
even though they were all under the influence on the Febru Necter, they
were experiencing something that they hadn't experienced with each other
before, for they were experiencing pure, untamed erotica -- and enjoying
every minute of it.

A few minutes later, after Tom had placed his stiff cock inside B'Elanna's
pussy and started licking on Seven's snatch, Seven had started sucking on
Kathryn's bare toes, while B'Elanna had started licking on Kathryn's pussy,
causing Kathryn to place her gentle hands on Tom's bare legs and yell,

And then, after they've started moving harder and faster and their lovemaking
has reached its final path to the Alpha Quadrant, the four newfound lovers
had cum and collapsed due to exhaustion.

And after they were all finally able to catch their breath, the three girls
had placed their heads on Tom's chest and the four of them had snuggled
themselves up to each other and fell asleep within their naked arms, just
before the effects of the Febru Necter had finally worn off and Kathryn to
wake up to the sight of her and the three other away team members naked and
in bed together without a single idea as to how it had came to be.

Well, thankfully for the rest of us, we were all spared of the effects of the
Febru Necter, for on the very next stopover, Neelix was able to trade away
all of the Febru Roots that he had collected for something that wouldn't make
act drunk and give us one hell of a hangover afterwards.



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