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Star Trek - Voyager: Episode 1 - S-Space - Part 1 (f,m/F,F/f,orgy,fdom)
by Pussy Willow

Janeway stared out of the portal in her ready room. Its been weeks since she
saw her husband and she missed him. She thought of how he used to touch her,
how he used to cry out in pain when she sent the whip cracking across his hot
little ass. She remembered the lines the ropes would make when it intersected
with his pale skin.

She raised a hand up to touch a breast through her uniform. The nipple was
already hard and her touch sent shivers through her body. Now all the men she
had sex with ran through her mind as she got even more heated up. The admiral
she had sex with for a week to get the captaincy popped into her head as she
unbuttoned her uniform and let it fall to the floor. Her breasts jutted
proudly forward and she traced a nipple with her left hand.

She moaned low as the sensations came in through the memories. She sucked
on a finger of her right hand, pretending it was a cock as she pinched the
nipple with her left. She moaned more, louder, and arched her back.

She ripped off her bra and the rest of her clothes and left them in a pile on
the floor. She threw everything off her desk as she ripped off her panties.
Her nipples cried out for more as she climbed on the desk. Her pussy, which
she had been ignoring, teasing herself, became more demanding.

One hand pinched the nipple as the other made its way slowly down her body
to patch of red hair above her lips. She raised her legs above the desk and
moaned, bringing her knees upright. She gently stroked the outer lips,
avoiding her clit. She brought up her neck, a look almost of pain on her
face, and bit her lip, to watch her hand stroking herself, wishing someone
could be there to watch her.

The door chimed but she didn't hear it. She moaned louder as she slipped a
finger into her wet pussy, pretending it was a dick. She moaned louder. a
quick 'yes' and the door slid open. She wasn't even paying attention.
Instead, she slipped another finger into her wet pussy and began fucking
herself long and deep. Each stroke sent a wave of pleasure through her body.

Tuvok stood in the doorway. He watched her with the disinterested curiosity
of a vulcan. She had a nice body, but it would be four years before the
mating ritual was to begin. He could call upon his powers and arouse himself,
but he had pressing, urgent business.

Janeway's moans were louder now and she jerked her body in rhythm with the
three fingers now imbedded deep in her pussy. They were loud enough to
attract the ears of Paris from the bridge. He looked in the room from his
seat and got very aroused. From where he sat he could see the captain's wet,
wide open pussy exposed for his view. He watched as three fingers pushed in
and out of her cunt. She was dripping down her leg and it pooled a little on
the desk near her ass.

Tuvok cleared his throat and Janeway snapped her head to him. She looked at
him intensely but did not stop fucking herself. In fact, she quickened the
pace her fingers made in her pussy. She was about to have an orgasm - she was
on the edge. But she saw Paris watching from the bridge and did not want to
cum in front of him. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing her
have an orgasm.

She sighed deeply and pulled the fingers out of her pussy. She beat her hand
against the desk, but pushed her feet over the side anyway. With a quick
motion she was standing on the floor. "Close that door, Tuvok," she snapped
and sat in the chair. "What do you want?"

Paris looked pissed as the door slid closed, cutting him off from the view.
Janeway's breasts looked even better sitting down. Her nipples were still
hard and her pussy still needed some relief.

"We are passing through a region of space that is giving some strange
readings to the computers."

"That happens every week, Tu'vok. What's new?" Janeway asked. A hand idly
touched the nipple of her breast. Tu'vok slowly raised an eyebrow as he
looked at the breast.

"The holo-doctor thinks it may have a strange effect on what he called the
ship's 'libido'. Curious: what does that word mean?"

"Its from an old twentieth century psychologist, Doctor Freud. I can't
believe they never taught that at the Vulcan Science Academy. It means
loosely, how much sex people want."

Tu'vok raised another eyebrow and Janeway smiled as she realized. "Of course.
The rambling of a hundreds of years old drug addict would have no affect on a
planet of Vulcans. Anything else, Tu'vok?"

"Yes there was one more thing, Captain."

"Well, out with it already. I have... um... pressing business to attend to
with... uh.. Kes. Yes, Kes I think." She smiled and thought of the beautiful
little blond girl who was only a year old. Even though she had the body of a
full grown woman. She had probably never been with another woman before.
There were lots of things she could teach her. Her pussy responded to the
mental images before she knew she was even thinking them. Perhaps there was
something to this 'bizarre region of space' thing, she thought. It could get

"Well, Captain, I... uh... I miss my mommy still."

"Tuvok, we went over this in the first episode, remember? I said I'd get you
all back home. What more do you want from me?" She was pissed at him for
interrupting her beautiful fantasies of Kes. She noticed Tuvok was staring
intently at her breast. The nipple hardened a little more in response to what
they both were thinking. "Oh, okay. Come over here and kneel on the ground."
Tuvok did so and stared hungrily at her breast.

"I don't know Captain. It must be this new area of space, because I am
definitely feeling something strange."

"Just shut up and suck, Tuvok," Janeway said. She was getting impatient. But
she moaned deeply as he took the nipple between his lips and began sucking.
She felt sensations she hadn't felt in some time coursing through her body.
She would definitely pay a visit to Kes before the day was over.

And something more too. She decided she would run a holographic
representation of Freud and talk to him. Maybe he could give some valuable
insight as to what was going on.

Kes was waiting for Neelix in the lounge when Janeway came in. She noticed
there was something about the Captain. Her breasts were usually nice, but
today they looked even better. Hot looking, hard little nipples poaked
through her uniform front. Her hair was messed and sweaty but still the whole
package looked great to Kes. Kes was a mass of conflicting emotions. She had
never really been attracted to another woman, but the Captain today changed
all that.

Janeway came directly at her and put a hand right on her hot little ass. It
rubbed her leg just below the hemline of her litt skirt. For some reason, Kes
had not worn any underwear and she felt the cold draft on her butt, making it

She looked deeply into Janeway's eyes and arched her back a little. This was
the sign Janeway wanted and moved in to kiss her deeply. They stayed like
that a moment, their lips meeting passionately. Kes' body responded to
Janeway as she pressed against her. Janeway raised the skirt a little and Kes
gasped into her mouth, knowing that everyone in the lounge was getting a
great show. Janeway liked that and raised the front of her skirt too. Her
blond haired pussy came into view and people around the room started mumbling
to themselves. The men's eyes were fixated on that hot little blonde.

"Come, on," Janeway said, after breaking the kiss and pulled the Ocampa with
her by the skirt front. Ocampa just nodded and swallowed hard.

"What about.... what about... Neelix," Kes said as she followed Janeway into
the hall.

"Well, I wont be able to stand him there, but we can make a video for him if
you want."

"Yes," Kes said passionately. Janeway stopped and pushed her against the
wall. She ran a hand over Kes' body as Kes closed her eyes. Janeway reached
under Kes' skirt and felt her pussy.

"You're realy hot, aren't you? You love this, huh? Say it," Janeway demanded
as she inserted a finger.

Kes moaned and bucked against Janeway's finger as it penetrated her. Even her
pointed ears tingteled. "Yes, I love it," she said loudly. Janeway responded
by putting another finger inside her. "Oh, god," Kes screamed. "Don't stop!
I'm going to cum already! God, I can't believe it would be this good."

"No you're not," Janeway said and quickly pulled the fingers out of her
pussy. "You'll cum when I tell you to."

Kes moaned in frustration and fell back heavily aganst the wall. She closed
her eyes and thought for a moment about fingering herself down there. But she
had never done it in front of anyone, and didn't think she could. Escpecially
not for another woman.

Janeway opened Kes' blouse and let her breasts hang out. "From now on, we'll
walk like this. You're breasts are here for everyone to see." She pinched one
nipple and pulled Kes along by it. "Come on."

Kes moaned and followed her. Afraid that someone would see her but turned on
as hell. She would have let Janeway do anything to her at that moment,
anything. She was humialted by being led around like some bitch, by the
nipple. The humiliation was added to by the fact that her pussy was dripping
all down her leg.

They made it back to Janeway's quarters. Only a dozen or so men had seen
them, had seen Kes being led around by the nipple, had seen how turned on she
had been by it all.

She was bent over Janeway's bed, her head resting on it and her knees on the
floor next to it. Her legs were spread wide apart and her pussy was wide open
for Janeway to inspect. Her clit was swollen and sensitive. Every time
Janeway stroked her pussy, it brought her almost to the edge of an orgasm.
Every time, though, Janeway had stopped just before she could have one.

Janeway stood behind her, completyly naked too. In one hand she held a
holo-camera and aimed it at Kes' hot little cunt. "I want you to rub
yourself," she told Kes.

Kes closed her eyes and tensed up. From behind, Janeway could see her ass
clenching shut. She was afraid. Janeway reached over and brought her hand
down on Kes's ass. She flinched in pain and bucked against the bed. "You're
pussy gives you away, Kes. I can see you like it. Now do it."

Kes reached behind her, between her legs, and brought her hand to her pussy
lips. The first stroke almost sent her over the edge. Janeway saw this and
stopped her by slapping her on the ass again. "If you cum and I don't give
you permission, I'll take you back to the lounge, put you over my knee and
give you a spanking you won't forget. Neither will anyone else who will be
there. I may even call Paris down to watch."

She rubbed harder now. God help her, she liked it. She loved being made to
do things, naughty things. She started bucking again, this time in pleasure.
But she forced herself to slow down. She didn't want Paris to see her spanked
by another woman.

"With your other hand," Janeway said. "Spank yourself."

Kes sighed, but her pussy leaked even more. She brought her hand up in the
air than down hard on her own ass. The conflicting sensations of pain and
pleasure sent her over the edge and she began bucking against the bed. She
forced in four fingers into her pussy and fucked herself while she spanked
herself quicker and harder than she had been.

She screamed as the orgasm ripped through her and fell backwards over the
bed, her fingers still pistoning in and out of her cunt. She was totally
embarrassed by it all and remembered the camera was on and caught the whole

"Come on," Janeway said. She sounded angry. "Get up." She pulled Kes to her
feet by her hair and pressed the door open. As she guided Kes to the door,
she grabbed a rober for herself. She left Kes naked as they entered the hall.
Janeway put the robe on and activated her comm badge. "Lt. Paris, please
report to the lounge."

Kes closed her eyes and tensed as she wondered what would happen.


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